Thursday, 7 August 2014


Thanks to the lovely THERE IS NO COLOUR for the transcript of Haido san and K.A.Z san's comment for FM-NIIGATA
The actual voice comment with Haido san's lovely talking voice can also be heard at the link above :D


Translated by The Lady of Flowers



※2014.08.06 - VAMPS(HYDE&K.A.Z) radio comment



HYDE「Listeners of SOUND SPLASH、Mana san (host) Good afternoon。This is VAMPS' HYDE and...」

K.A.Z「This is K.A.Z。(H:I am Kyaaazu)」

HYDE「Ohhh、I can say Niigata is like our hometown。Actually, I am always coming to Niigata」

K.A.Z「We go there a lot, specially in Winter。」

HYDE「Specially in Winter, well, to do snowboard. I've also gone there this year already. To Naeba. Also, I go there because Niigata has a very tasteful Japanese sake」

K.A.Z「That's right. And the rice~ The Japanese sake, as well... And also because it is unexpectedly close to the ocean, so the seafood is also great" 

HYDE「 I would like to go there again... Yeah, since we are VAMPS, today~ what about asking KAZU kun's favourite female type to go there with us? (laughter) w"

K.A.Z「Haven't you asked her last time as well? 」

HYDE「I asked her last week, I guess w」

K.A.Z「It was last week really (laughter)。」

HYDE「I did ask her last week, but today, I'll ask her a different thing。“Which do you prefer, indoor or outdoor?」

K.A.Z「There are really these two ways。But my ideal is~、well, I really love outdoor~」


K.A.Z「Yes。But, anyway, since I am this chubby,I am becoming an indoor person (laughter) 」

HYDE「But you were quite into fishing and snowboarding, you really love your outdoor hobbies !」

K.A.Z「That is right。」

HYDE「The same with skateboarding。As for me, I feel like I am an indoor person who is coming to get accustomed to outdoor 」

K.A.Z「You will get used to outdoor, I also would like to go camping...」

HYDE「Yes yes yes 。Feels like I can't go at all! However, by the time of middle school more or less... I used to go camping everyday!」


HYDE「It may sound kinda extreme but I may say it was really everyday. Because I really went camping with this kinda energetic spirit. That time was already really fun!  」

K.A.Z「hmmm yes。」

HYDE「Sleeping outdoors、it was really like living outdoors. I was even scolded once (laughter)!」


HYDE「I was around the 6th year of middle school, it was while I was camping out (laughter)」

K.A.Z「She will think you are like an animal w」

HYDE「I think I was asked "Are you a dog?" (laughter)。I really loved being outdoors that much. I am changing!」

HYDE「 That is it. VAMPS is releasing our new single called GET AWAY / THE JOLLY ROGER in 8.20. Well, since it is our new single in a while, we made tunes you can scream, fired up with energy. Surely, I want you to listen and listen to it! 」

HYDE「Carrying this single in hand, we'll hold an outdoor live in Niigata! Entitled BEAST PARTY、we'll hold it in 8.23 & 24 at Echigo Hillside National Government Park, in Nagaoka city. So, I really wish you can all come and bring up your family !!」


HYDE「That is it, this was VAMPS' HYDE and」



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A lot has been happening the past months. I was awaken.

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