Monday, 24 June 2013

07.07 VAMPS LIVE 2013 Live Viewing in Brazil!!!


This time it's VAMPS Live Viewing in Brazil!! I was very happy to know about it. Actually, it's been an intense week full of wonderful news such as Amano Yoshitaka x HYDE collaboration turning to be an art exhibition with works by Amano sensei's depicting his view on both haido's angel and devil side; the teaser of AHEAD PV; Haido  and KAZ promotional photo that can be viewed in VAMPS official site (as seen here, on the left) where they're portrayed as real vampires with all the BL aesthetic included (I could sign that photo. Thanks, honey~ >_< Of course, I want to bite you myself!!...); all the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS Japan 2013, including red carpet event, nice outfits, interviews and the performance of AHEAD/REPLAY, the new tunes by VAMPS. Along with all these good news, by Friday noon, I knew Brazil would have the Live Viewing as well!! 



To Japan and the World 「VAMPS LIVE 2013」 Live Viewing for 2 Straight Nights Confirmed!!

On July 6 and 7, 「VAMPS LIVE 2013」 held in ZEPP DIVER CITY TOKYO will be distributed by Live Viewing Japan in theaters both in Japan and around the world.
HYDE(L’Arc~en~Ciel)and K.A.Z(Oblivion Dust)formed one-of-a-kind rock unit VAMPS in 2008. In commemoration of their long awaited single 「AHEAD/REPLAY」 releasing on 3rd July (Wed), the band will lay siege to ZEPP venues in 5 cities, holding 23 live performances over a period of several days. Make no mistake, tickets to this Premium Tour sold out on the day the sales began.
VAMPS’ unparalleled charisma and uncompromising sound along with their overwhelming performance can be seen on the big screen.
<Live Viewing Venues overseas>

◇6th July (Sat): Japan / Asia
Japan, China (Hong Kong), Taiwan (Taipei, Hsinchu, Kaohsiung)
◇7th July (Sun): Worldwide
Japan, China (Hong Kong), Taiwan (Taipei, Hsinchu, Kaohsiung), America (Los Angeles),
Spain (Barcelona), Germany (Berlin), Singapore (Singapore), Thailand (Bangkok), Indonesia (Jakarta)、Mexico(Mexico City)、Brazil (Sao Paulo)、England (London)、France (Paris)

<Live Broadcast Worldwide>

Title「VAMPS LIVE 2013」 Live Viewing
Date & TimeSaturday, 6th July 2013 from 19:06 in Japan Time
Sunday, 7th July 2013, 19:06 Japan Time
VenuePlease click here for the list of the movie theatres.
For more ticket information, please visit the website of the participating movie theaters or our
official facebook at
*Please note that tickets in Taiwan could be only purchase at FamiPort FamilyMart. Please visit Vie Show home page for details".

I'm very happy! I've just bought my ticket. The theater exhibition is in Sao Paulo at the same place it was L'Arc's. I'm very excited to attend it. It's like going to the live somehow. I'm sure it will be an enjoyable event. I'm already thinking about outfit and all ^_^

Então, se você quiser participar deste grande evento, acesse a página do UCI aqui e clique em comprar. É possível escolher assentos. O show é o que ocorrerá em ZEPP DIVER CITY TOKYO!!

Well, that's it. I'm sure it will turn into a big event. I am truly happy I can attend it and talk about it here. It seems to me I've traveled a long journey until being who I am now. I am glad I've survived. Thank you, honey. 

VAMPS EVENT and LIVE 2013 website is now open!! It has stylish design~ I can't wait for all the hottest news >__< by the way, don't you think Haido san gets hotter and hotter along the time? So sexy~