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VAMPS WORLD TOUR has started!! I'm very happy~ I'm running another site on Tumblr exclusively dedicated to VAMPS WT, please check it out!!


I am gathering all the info there because it's somehow easier to arrange all the images and videos. It's mainly an appendix to my lovely blog~ Hopefully I'll regain my verve to write and share thoughts on the web openly again. Well, anyway, it's good to make posts and it's good talking about something that is really making me excited nowadays. I enjoyed each performance of VAMPS in Japan this year and I'm having great fun following the World Tour which already had a stop in Barcelona and is now in Paris. Of course, I'd love to be in Europe right now, together with Honey, showing some more approachable support ... Well~ I'm really looking forward to meeting Haido san pretty soon. Let's hope for Chile or Brazil!! Peru is also a hot point in the bet~ ;)

Fingers crossed!!


9.28 [Sat] Barcelona (Spain) @ APOLO
10.1 [Tue] Paris (France) @ OLYMPIA
10.3 [Thu] Berlin (Germany) @ KESSELHAUS
10.6 [Sun] London (UK) @02 ISLINGTON
10.7 [Mon]London (UK) @02 ISLINGTON


Ticket link: BERLIN (GERMANY)



12.4 [Wed] Los Angeles House of Blues (Los Angeles)
12.8 [Sun]  Roseland Ballroom (New York)

Tickets: LA: http://concerts.livenation.com/event/09004B2AE72897BD

And tomorrow is the live in Paris!! Have a wonderful live, VAMPS!! Haido, Je t'aime beaucoup~ ❀

À bientôt ^^/


Thursday, 15 August 2013


VAMPS had their long-awaited BEAST PARTY at Yamanaka Lake, in Yamanashi prefecture during 08.10 and 08.11. I had been excited about it ever since I saw this beautiful banner at VAMPS EVENT site.

I've heard new versions of some songs that seem to be part of VAMPS's best album SEX BLOOD ROCK N' ROLL that will be released soon were performed during the PARTY. Also, Ken san also joined the party on day 2 and performed together with VAMPS I'm so Happy and Honey!! I want to listen to both tunes live~

I'm gonna try doing a live report based on some translation from K.A.Z san's diary and VAMPADDICT live report~ Hope you like it.

From K.A.Z official website

Translated by The Lady of Flowers

2013年8月12日 21:36


The 2-days Party at Yamanaka Lake has ended~
These lives will turn into good summer memories

During the 1st day, the temperature started rising and it was pretty hot~ I wonder if everyone was alright there? 

During the 2nd Day, even though we were wondering if we could do the live because of a sudden rain with thunders, by the time of the opening the rain stopped and, after the rain, a rainbow appeared.

The stage was all slippery and wet because of the rain but thanks to all our staff, we could start the show safely.

"Thank you very much"

The tension was pretty high because the excitement during the 2 days was considerable~
In addition, DAIGO and Shinpei from BREAKERZ came to have fun with us as guests during the 1st Day,
During the 2nd Day, KEN chan from L'Arc, that performed with us last year by the time of the Laguna live, made his entrance on the stage bringing his Bon Festival gifts. We were able to spend an awesome, enjoyable time together!

At the end of the live, we finished up with beautiful fireworks and so we could finish safely our 2nd day of Party.

I am really grateful that could have such hot live and spend 2013 summer together with you all.

I will hold dear the memories of the time I spent with you,having Mount Fuji  and Yamanaka Lake in the back.

『Great work~ Thank you ☆』


Monday, 24 June 2013

07.07 VAMPS LIVE 2013 Live Viewing in Brazil!!!


This time it's VAMPS Live Viewing in Brazil!! I was very happy to know about it. Actually, it's been an intense week full of wonderful news such as Amano Yoshitaka x HYDE collaboration turning to be an art exhibition with works by Amano sensei's depicting his view on both haido's angel and devil side; the teaser of AHEAD PV; Haido  and KAZ promotional photo that can be viewed in VAMPS official site (as seen here, on the left) where they're portrayed as real vampires with all the BL aesthetic included (I could sign that photo. Thanks, honey~ >_< Of course, I want to bite you myself!!...); all the MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS Japan 2013, including red carpet event, nice outfits, interviews and the performance of AHEAD/REPLAY, the new tunes by VAMPS. Along with all these good news, by Friday noon, I knew Brazil would have the Live Viewing as well!! 



To Japan and the World 「VAMPS LIVE 2013」 Live Viewing for 2 Straight Nights Confirmed!!

On July 6 and 7, 「VAMPS LIVE 2013」 held in ZEPP DIVER CITY TOKYO will be distributed by Live Viewing Japan in theaters both in Japan and around the world.
HYDE(L’Arc~en~Ciel)and K.A.Z(Oblivion Dust)formed one-of-a-kind rock unit VAMPS in 2008. In commemoration of their long awaited single 「AHEAD/REPLAY」 releasing on 3rd July (Wed), the band will lay siege to ZEPP venues in 5 cities, holding 23 live performances over a period of several days. Make no mistake, tickets to this Premium Tour sold out on the day the sales began.
VAMPS’ unparalleled charisma and uncompromising sound along with their overwhelming performance can be seen on the big screen.
<Live Viewing Venues overseas>

◇6th July (Sat): Japan / Asia
Japan, China (Hong Kong), Taiwan (Taipei, Hsinchu, Kaohsiung)
◇7th July (Sun): Worldwide
Japan, China (Hong Kong), Taiwan (Taipei, Hsinchu, Kaohsiung), America (Los Angeles),
Spain (Barcelona), Germany (Berlin), Singapore (Singapore), Thailand (Bangkok), Indonesia (Jakarta)、Mexico(Mexico City)、Brazil (Sao Paulo)、England (London)、France (Paris)

<Live Broadcast Worldwide>

Title「VAMPS LIVE 2013」 Live Viewing
Date & TimeSaturday, 6th July 2013 from 19:06 in Japan Time
Sunday, 7th July 2013, 19:06 Japan Time
VenuePlease click here for the list of the movie theatres.
For more ticket information, please visit the website of the participating movie theaters or our
official facebook at http://www.facebook.com/LVJ.ENG
*Please note that tickets in Taiwan could be only purchase at FamiPort FamilyMart. Please visit Vie Show home page for details".

I'm very happy! I've just bought my ticket. The theater exhibition is in Sao Paulo at the same place it was L'Arc's. I'm very excited to attend it. It's like going to the live somehow. I'm sure it will be an enjoyable event. I'm already thinking about outfit and all ^_^

Então, se você quiser participar deste grande evento, acesse a página do UCI aqui e clique em comprar. É possível escolher assentos. O show é o que ocorrerá em ZEPP DIVER CITY TOKYO!!

Well, that's it. I'm sure it will turn into a big event. I am truly happy I can attend it and talk about it here. It seems to me I've traveled a long journey until being who I am now. I am glad I've survived. Thank you, honey. 

VAMPS EVENT and LIVE 2013 website is now open!! It has stylish design~ I can't wait for all the hottest news >__< by the way, don't you think Haido san gets hotter and hotter along the time? So sexy~


Monday, 20 May 2013

LIVE REPORT!! 20th L’Anniversary L'Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR 2012- Osaka


Hisashiburi~ It’s been a while since I last wrote here. Last post was written during Haido’s birthday!! Today’s also a commemorative post!! It’s passed one year since I attended the USJ Live of 20th L’Anniversary L'Arc~en~Ciel WORLD TOUR~ !! 

I travelled a long way from Brazil to Japan~!! It was a wonderful trip, actually. And, on top of that, I could share this moment with honey~ It was a wonderful live, in a wonderful day. At that time, things were still too messed up in my heart I couldn’t fully embark on the Heaven’s Drive as I was meant to, but I think last year was a decisive year for some huge transformations I had to get through in my life. Let’s say if I was a butterfly, when I went to Japan for the first time, back in 2010, and my naïve eyes saw Haido on the stage- all sexy and beautiful- for the first time, I could say I was inside a thick cocoon, then. This cocoon gradually started to crack down as I listened to the intense music honey made. The vibrant emotions he got from inside the soul within that shell during the VAMPS TOUR in Chile made it crash down more and more. I knew some changes were to come not only to my body but I knew my inner self would be terribly modified to adjust to a whole new life. I was scared, of course. Even though I denied it, I was terrified!! Why? Because I felt myself really in love and it was so fucking good I could only think it was unreal. I didn’t want it to be unreal but to certify myself about it, I would have to get out from that comfortable prison I used to call parent’s home, motherland, the safeness of the ignorance. Changing means to be awaken and aware of the surroundings and of myself. Then, during the USJ live, I was not in a shell anymore, I guess, but I was still a larva, a baby. I was still impotent, dependent and unable to fly away to where my heart demanded myself to go. Even though I still couldn’t decide for myself, I think life already existed more consistently there. That was the victory! Unconsciously, I asked a time to grow up, a time to mature. That time I spent in Japan was my turning point. Along the process, Haido protect my sleep and sang beautiful lullabies for me. He nurtured me with love and caress. When I wake up again, I want to find myself in his arms and he can kiss me deeply. I want him to feel me more human and coherent to my feelings next time ^^; It was a long way!! I do feel like a survival. 

I think honey and the people that followed my blog might have thought my love for everything that surrounded haido and his world had vanished away together with my madness, my distrust and denial. However, I felt hurt to be apart from everything I love the most. It was a time of choices; a time for detoxification . I was healing to love you more openly. I learnt how to accept love. It was a big lesson!

So, as I couldn’t write a live report while I was in Japan and when I returned to Brazil I felt so confused I couldn’t even think about it, I am happy I feel healthy enough today, one year later, to write how great and how happy I felt to be in USJ, joining the 20th L’Anniversary party and supporting honey, my forever love, and L’Arc~en~Ciel, one of the greatest bands in the world~ I hope you can enjoy my recollections from that day ^^


  I arrived in the Narita Airport, in Japan, on the 18th, May. It was already evening, so I went to a hotel close to the airport. The next day, I went to Osaka~


I was rather excited to be in Japan again and especially excited to be in Osaka where Haido san was~     :-) My heart was probably beating so fast. I arrived in Osaka around afternoon. I bought something to eat and decided I was going to use the next day to see a bit of the local facilities and landscapes during the morning, then, around noon, dressing up and heading to USJ!! I woke up earlier that day to write a letter to him but I still had to find a nice gift wrappings to decorate the souvenirs I brought for him from Brazil ^^

  I stayed in ShinOsaka. It is a very nice place. It's peaceful and looked like a place to live.



 ✿ During my walk around the city, I saw many people who looked like they were also preparing to attend the L'Arc~en~Ciel's live. Groups of fans dressed with tour goods, that cute tour tour bag or the band wristband could be seen anywhere around, especially in the whereabouts of ShinOsaka Station. It was very exciting seeing them gathering, though they also made me a little concerned about the time. I still had to have lunch, finish packing my gifts and dressing up~

✿ After finally return to the hotel, have my obento eaten and take a shower. I started packing my gifs while dressing up. I may say I had a different intention for my outfit. I think the hurry and some unnecessary restraint made me choose a safe outfit, so I gave up on my blue wig and my highest heels (totally necessary for lives!!). It was not my first time but I always have to remember myself to really dress as I had ! I ould think the only time I darely dressed what I intended was in Chile. I didn't feel like "Oh, I should have worn my wig or I should have put that accessory" etc. Then, there I was with the white dress I wanted (even though it had no butterflies on it as I wanted it to have), a red bolero that I should have worn out during the live (which I didn't) and high heels as seen in the photo above. It was a cute outfit. I was inspired by the BUTTERFLY cd jacket. So, as soon as I was done, I took the gifts and head straight to the ShinOsaka Station. I was so late, I think I had about 1 hour to get to the USJ, do the procedures of my ticket, buy the tour goods, find my seat and watch the other fans gathering to the show!! "Hurry, Viiii!", I told myself.

Luckily, Japan is fantastic when it comes to transportation.The trains are fast. They arrive on time and it is easy for you to find your destination. I thought it quite easy, I knew I wouldn't have time to get lost, so I concentrated on getting on the right train as soon as I could. since USJ is a touristic place, I guess, it had orientation marks all over the station so it was easy to get to the right plattaform :D And as soon as I got on the train, I could only guess I was in the right train because it was crowded of Laruku fans all dressed with some kind of tour goods. It does help identify the audience of the live. Seeing them makes me always end up feeling at home somehow. It happened in VAMPS shows as well, even though I was wearing nothing in particular that could show I was going to the live, I felt happy and sympathized to all those people who were having fun going to the live of the same band I love. Even though I was from another country, even though it was my first time, I felt the overal feeling and enthusiasm was somehow the same and it always make me feel welcomed. 

✿ I felt really happy when I entered through the USJ entrance. The music, the sunny day, all the attractions it has made me feel happy I could enjoy the park next day (purchasing the L'Arc~en~Ciel's live ticket would grant us with the opportunity to enter the park on the day of the concert or the next day. I chose for the next day).

✿  When I was inside the USJ, it amazed me the amount of people that seemed to be going to attend the concert. It was like the whole USJ was basically full of Laruku fans. Too many people. "It is going to be a huge concert", i thought to myself. And I was relieved the seats were numbered! I asked a staff where should I go to exchange my webticket for the real ticket. So I went to the place designed by the gentle staff and I was received for some gentle ladies, speaking English perfectly. A girl was being instructed on how to procedure about the visit to the park and so on. The lady talked to me some random stuff and asked my papers to print my ticket. It was so fast and she showed me the way to the concert.



Set list:

Thanks to Shi no Hai

01. いばらの涙
04. Killing Me
06. wild flower
08. C'est La Vie
11. Driver's High
13. shade of season
16. 未来世界
17. Pieces
18. X X X
19. NEXUS 4
20. Link
21. 虹

(01. Ibara no Namida, 16. Mirai Sekai, 21. Niji)

 I'm posting the MCs translated by L'Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team)

01. Ibara no Namida

-hyde MC-

h: "Tadaima-! We’re back Osaka!!! L’Arc~en~Ciel have come back!! Erm yes, we’ve come back from touring the world – we crossed borders with our music. It was amazing everywhere we went – so make sure you do just as well Osaka!"

h:"I guess we won’t be seeing each other for a while..."

 audience: eeeehhhhhh!!

h: "We can’t help it, according to the schedule it’s like that! So today, make sure you all have an amazing time - give everything you’ve got! Osaka! Let’s go crazy today Osaka! Are you ready Osaka!? O! O! Killing Me!"

04. Killing Me
06. wild flower

08. shade of season

-advert for Mukimpo Banana chips-

The advert apparently looked like one of those Apple adverts/presentations, with a white background showing pictures of bananas, and a white person (apparently called Mark Smith lol) presenting the chips, saying things like “The unwanted skin has been peeled and removed” and “It’s hard” LOL. I’m not sure if the innuendoes were intended…but I’m sure they were!

Finally, the words “Mukimpo chips”. Simple but effective!

On the way to the substage: Elmo was on a roll again today! It was Elmo, hyde and tecchan, and Cookie Monster, yukkie and ken-chan on the other wagon. Elmo went to hyde, kissed and hugged him! Dancing around. Then he went to hug tecchan from behind, trying to shoot with the Mukimpo gun together! Apparently at one point, the wagon jolted a little bit because it went over some wires, and hyde ran straight to Elmo as if to say “are you alright?” LOL.

09. C’est la vie

 (before the song apparently hyde shouted “OUI C’EST LA VIE!!!” in a hard-rock voice (like properly shouting) – some of the audience were like “what?” because they couldn't make out what he said, but then as the track started, were like kyaaaaa!!!!! I bet!!)


On the way back from the stage, it was the other combination, with yukkie, ken-chan and Elmo on one wagon this time – and man was yukkie having fun! They were apparently dancing together, and then yukkie and Elmo were standing there with the same pose, leaning over the edge of the wagon shaking their heads from side to side, and then Elmo suddenly kissed yukkie on the cheek! And to retaliate (?) yukkie made a peace sign with his hand and started shoving it in Elmo’s mouth, SMILING! Lol how adorable! And then yukkie, Elmo and ken-chan joined hands and did a can-can style line dance (LOL).


-ken MC-

k:"Tadaima*ko-!" (NB Here we go again with ken and his filth! This pun he uses between the word ‘tadaima’ and ‘ma*ko’ has the meaning of ‘we’re back’ and ‘pus*y’. SERIOUSLY ken!) 

k:"We’re back from touring the world! Everywhere we went, I bought souvenirs for the members and we went places".

k: "In Hong Kong, hyde contacted us saying “I’m planning an open top bus tour, so let me know if you want to participate” so I rang him saying I wanted to come. yukihiro-san was there too (looks towards yukkie, yukkie nods). And since hyde was organizing it, I expected that he’d hired the bus exclusively, but he hadn’t, and there were normal people – like normal madams on the bus too. And what did hyde do? He was on the top of the bus, with his arms out like this (does pose, arms stretched wide), you know, like the Titanic pose. Maybe to celebrate the 3D re-release? Then, someone noticed that it was hyde, but the madams probably only thought “it’s PROBABLY hyde” and weren’t sure, but they were like “but wait, this must be a rare occasion, it must be!” and started taking loads of photos of hyde, who was doing the titanic pose, looking like he was going to do a dive into a swimming pool or something. What was that about? (to hyde)"

hyde: "It felt good"

ken: "what, having your photo taken?"

hyde: no, it felt like I was flying

ken: Well indeed you were flying! Anyway they were taking loads of photos, so I’m sure they’ll turn up somewhere and you'll see it. yukihiro-san was looking rather tired at that point – were you tired or not well? (to yukkie, who shakes his head) No? You were having fun? (yukkie nods smiling) He was having fun! So hydee (NB yes he called him that) was doing this arms spread pose and yukkie was like this (rolled up in a ball) like “don’t look at me!”, avoiding having his photo taken. It was a strange journey. We spent our free time doing things like this!

k: "At the beginning of the world tour, my shoulder hurt really badly. Because of golf. It was so painful I thought I couldn't sleep. I didn’t tell anyone because I thought I’d be told off… it was painful to play the guitar, but after a while it was better! These days I play my guitar not to show off my skills, but, more like, to absorb the atmosphere – to feel the wind almost. I can feel a good wing blowing today – and I use that as power to play my guitar".

k: "Anyway, since it’s becoming dark, I will end my MC here, and I think it’s time to carry on! What do you think?? Are you ready?? Let’s goooo!!!! DRINK IT DOWN!!!"

15. Driver’s High

16. Mirai Sekai
18. X X X
19. NEXUS 4
20. Link

-tetsuya MC-

t: "WASSHOOOI!!! WASSHOOOI???? WASSHOOOI!!!! Ogenki--??? How are you all??? Gozonjiiii---- (Do you know???)?? (audience: Gozonji-!) What do you know?? (LOL tecchan!) Ogenkiiiii????? WASHHHOOOIIII???"

t: "Did you guys like the Mukinpo chips advert??? Woooo!!!! Do you want to eat my bananaaaa??? Nice catch (to audience)!! Or do you want to suck my lollipoppp??? You want to carry onnn??? You still up for it Osakaaa??? Let’s gooooo!!!!!"

-hyde MC-

hyde: "Yaaaay! You’re all beautiful. Yes, beautiful. You’re all cute. Erm, did you guys go on the roller coaster? I advertised it loads in the MC yesterday – you guys went on it right?? (looking at members)"

ken: "After hearing what you said yesterday, and because the ride stretches over our dressing room, I gave everyone on it a wave, but no one noticed! Probably because they’re all too busy screaming!"
hyde: "you said yesterday that you weren't scared, but you ARE scared, aren’t you? I bet you were scared!"

ken: " …well obviously!"

hyde: " (laughing) But really, it feels cool when you’re on it. When you hear “callin’~”.
hyde: "Osaka…so we’re in Osaka today. L’Arc were formed here, 20 years ago. At first we were even doubtful that we’d go to Tokyo… (looking at tecchan) we thought no, it was too early to head to Tokyo. But now look, we’ve even been to Jakarta. I saw some people at the back who looked like they were from Jakarta. I think they were really from Jakarta".

hyde: "Wherever we went, everyone’s smiles were the same. Even if they were people of different nationalities, their facial expressions were the same. They looked really happy. Really cute. The thing I love to see most is to see people crying, like “they’re here~~!”. It makes me go “Aww you’re crying. Yoshi yoshi (word used when you pat someone on the head)”.

tecchan: "If you say that, everyone will start crying from now on".

hyde: "Er no, that would be disturbing (LOL hyde!). But no, it gives me power, really. Everyone supporting us for so long, nothing makes us more happy (apparently at this point he teared up a little)".
hyde: "So it was a brilliant tour. It’s amazing that even after 20 years, there are new things to discover. There was a period when I thought that there was nothing left to discover, but there was actually plenty more. The band continues to surprise me. It makes me wonder what will happen after 30 years. It makes me wonder… we’ve become a band that’s loved all around the world. L’Arc~en~Ciel were truly loved everywhere around the world. Thank you for all the love you’ve given us. Thank you. This is our final song, Niji".

21. Niji

hyde:  “Thank you Osaka! Ookini (thank you in western dialect) Osaka! We’ll definitely be back!”

Tecchan came back to throw his bananas in a Cookie Monster T-shirt today, and even threw some bananas to the audience who were leaving early and had started to leave the venue. How sweet! And at the end, tecchan grabbed hyde’s floppy hat, wore it on his head, and then pretended to throw it into the audience, but didn’t, saying “hyde would tell me off!”. LOL I'm sure he would!



Haido is the cutest and hottest man on Earth! L'Arc~en~Ciel's live is awesome!! I loved the whole show and enjoyed it immensely from the beginning to the end~ /^^/


It took me by surprise~ I loved listening to it live in that perfect day. Haido san was so cute dancing and jumping with Elmo. I was like "Ohhh let me hug him!!". Even though they were not so distant of my seat, I'd check the details on the amazing huge screens that were installed around the stage. So, I could see how cute Haido san was performing C'est la Vie~ and Revelation.

The hottest Driver's High

All the structure built for the live was amazing. The special effects were breathtaking!! I loved the flames exploding so hot during Driver's High!! I really felt excited every time the chorus came. Then a hot breeze blew on my body~It felt so goooood~ I was like 'Wow sugoi!!' but then I wondered how was Haido san feeling being that close to the flames. "Honey, be alright there!!", was my feeling while I was dancing and jumping during "Clash!! into the rolling morning. Flash!! I'm the coolest driver's high~'

Special Effects

The special effects were fantastic. I loved everything I saw happening during their performance. Beautiful butterflies flying all around; beautiful images on the screens; flames rising to the sky; fireworks; flowers blooming colorfully and so on. It was a huge amount of spectacular information that made us all captivated, creating a wonderful explosion of sensations on me. Really amazing!! Especially, the feeling was even enjoyable because it was in that open area where we could also flavor the changes of the landscape as the time passed. I had a wonderful afternoon that day and a beautiful night~ 

Nakanaide to itta kedo...

Pieces started as beautiful as it is. Haido's performance was amazing. All the band was amazing during the whole show. I think at a certain moment during the performance, I just realized how precious it was for me to be there. How long I waited. As Haido sang his lyrics I saw that very moment when I first saw him. How seduced I was by my first look on him. How I could never forget him. How much he has made me happy all along since that first gaze. How I followed him. How strong my feelings were. How much it took to be standing there. How much I grew up and how that music, that voice those notes are essential to the very intimate of my soul. I felt happy. I felt granted. However, I was felt the weight of some past decisions and together with all happiness, came to me a terrible feeling of "What if I failure again?". Feelings of fear. By that time, I still hadn't realized how I had to deal with some past problems, really past problems that were so dark that at that moment could eclipse even the biggest happiness. I was the happiest that day but my lingering sadness couldn't allow me to enjoy it to the most. Could not allow me to embrace it with all my soul as my heart were shouting at me to do. I felt unable.Undone. Unprepared to let it all overflow even though I loved so much. Even though the passion and fever were the highest!!

I cried. I really cried. And as I cried I felt all the love. I felt how I love that man that was singing there to me. How I love his voice. How I love his gestures, his smile. As he sang about dying and desiring love remains, desiring love for his loved ones, I thought how I want to spend seasons with him. How I don't want to lose him. And I could just cry.

I think recalling that very moment now, makes me realize how trapped I was by my mind, by myself, by the past. I am free now to pursue love and I feel happy I can see it through a positive perspective. I'm happy I can finally enjoy life and not feel guilty by overwhelming pleasure. Thank you Haido san, you've been very important for me. You're the love of my life, definitely. I accept it and I'm happy it's you~





 "Amazing show. I loved the flames. I could only think I wanted to burn and melt!"


"L'20 L'Anniversary World Tour was amazing. I loved following the news about their Laruku performance on each country they visited. It was a great event. I am happy I could be part of it. I was also happy as a banana to be part of the show".


  "I felt really happy I could meet honey. He was the cutest on the stage and the sexiest. I wish I could hold him during C'est la Vie. I also enjoyed the MCs and all the naughtiness. He's pretty naughty as hyde but I must confess I love how he goes to the climax as HYDE in VAMPS. Whatever it is, I want to have a great live soon"


 "It was sooo beautiful. I loved those cute butterflies and all the goods. I felt united"


 "Attending a live of L'Arc~en~Ciel was a dream that came true. Huge band. Wonderful musicians. Talented Haido. L'Arc~en~Ciel is awesome!! I had a great time in USJ that day. The live sound is great. All the members play fantastically and the audience is amazing. Great band. Great show. I wish for more 100 years of big success and great tunes and lives!!~Happy Birthday!!"


  "It was really sad there were no shows in South America where L'Arc~en~Ciel is so loved. I hope Haido san who came here for VAMPS can come again. It's good to attend a live of such integrity, capacity, art, talent and professionalism. No wonder why they could celebrate 20 years with so wonderful attitude and power. Congratulations! And Thank you~!!"