Thursday, 23 February 2012

LE-CIEL FANCLUB MEMBER ONLY LIVE -Yokohama Arena, 22nd and 23rd Feb 2012


Yesterday, L'Arc~en~Ciel had their first live of 2012!! It was an exclusive live for the Cieler's members (fanclub members) that was held in Yokohama. Today is the second day of live. I've just read a wonderful translation of the MCs the LArc members had during the show and they made me really happy!! I've realized it's been a while I don't post MCs here. Since the L'Arc~en~Ciel's 20th L'Anniversary WORLD TOUR is about to start, I thought these MCs and setlist are good to heat us up to the upcoming events~!!

*Haido san must sound very good singing that enka song~
*Haido san has a special way to conduct the talk. I think it's very interesting having all of them talking and interacting somehow.
*I heard the goods sold out yesterday and one of them is a pack of marshmallows :3 They're really interesting, I've seen some pics.
*Beautiful paper butterflies flew all over the Arena. It must be really beautiful~
*Haido san was dancing, jumpy and looked very happy~


02.Caress of Venus
03.the Fourth Avenue Cafe


hyde: So everyone here is a member of LE-CIEL right? What if you’re not a member? (Audience: That can’t be!) No, that can’t be. If any of you aren’t members, you deserve punishment. Like...erm...sexual I’m just joking (laugh) sorry (laugh). Like smelling eachothers’ shoes... it’s embarrassing for someone to be sniffing your shoes, right? But our relationship is like that... Today, we want the atmosphere to be like that – like you’re at home (Note: this word 'at home' in Japanese sort of means family-like, comfortable, homey, cozy etc). That’s what tecchan said. This year has just begun...actually no, I guess it’s been a while since new year (laugh). We just released our first album of the year (Audience: we bought it!!) Of course! I’m sorry but as FC members, of course you’re going to have to buy it!...having said that I’m sure some of you rented it (laugh). Erm, so we want to play some tracks from BUTTERFLY too today. Are we ready LE-CIEEEEL?? Ok, so let’s get started with Bye Bye (laugh).

04.Bye Bye


hyde: Speaking of Yokohama, it’s that song. ‘Yokohama~, tasogare~’ (Note: this is a famous enka (old-style Japanese pop music genre) song by Hiroshi Itsuki – which is one of the most famous songs about Yokohama). That was the only bit I could sing, so I looked it up on youtube and listened to the whole thing (laugh). (Audience: sing itttt!) ‘Ano-hito- wa itte itte shimatta-‘ (hyde sings in enka style’) it’s like that. That was Mr. Hiroshi Itsuki (laugh). (Note: if you’re interested, this is the song: )

07.wild flower


hyde: When I was a kid, I wanted to be Kamen Rider (Note: famous Japanese suited tokusatsu hero – he rides a bike or something if I remember correctly!). (Audience: You can be Kamen Rider!!) Er, no (laugh) I don’t really want to be him now (laugh). It doesn’t particularly make me happy even if you guys tell me I could (laugh). I wanted to be inside that suit. Nowadays the guys who play the hero are all handsome and cool, but it used to be Takeshi Hongo (Note: actor from the 70s - not particularly handsome)...not that you guys are old enough to know him (laugh). tecchan, what did you want to be?

tetsuya: Me? I don’t know... (Audience: BANANAAAA!!!) Eh? What? A banana?!?! I do have a banana (laugh). All boys have a banana! Me, when I was a kid......actually, I probably shouldn’t say this (Audience: eeeehhhhh???) ... well, when I was a kid, the kids who used to be at the urinal next to me used to look down at mine and go “WHOA!” and look twice... they used to be shocked (laugh).

hyde: ...So what did you want to be in the end??? (laugh). Ok, so ken-san?

Ken: You know when junior-high school kids and high-school kids used to walk to school with text book in hand? You know, before exams and stuff. As you got older, the text books used to become bigger, and there were more subjects... I didn’t want to be like that when I was a kid. I wanted to stay in primary school. Also, I was a very tanned child. When we used to take photos I was so tanned and dark that I looked like I was the only one in the shadow. So I really wanted to be a pale child when I was at primary school. A pale primary school kid. Neither of these dreams came true.

hyde: eh? So you wanted to be a primary school kid (laugh)?

ken: Yeah (laugh).

hyde: I see... what about you yukihiro-san? (hyde hands him the microphone)

yukihiro: I wanted to be a Gundam (Note: yes, he does mean the robot anime ). (Audience scream and laugh very loudly) I wanted to pilot the Gundam. I wanted to be a newtype (Note: ‘the next stage of human evolution’ state in Gundam universe) and look into the future.

hyde: That’s a rather realistic child (laugh). But you must have known that you could never be a gundam right? (yukki- nods). (Note: from here, imagine hyde laughing like crazy whilst telling this story)Actually, yukihiro-san, don’t you...hahhaaaha...before you go to bed...hahahaha...before you go to.....bed...hahahaaa... imagine you are piloting the gundam...hahahahaa????? You said that ...hahahaha...if you imagine that you're piloting a gundam when you can’t sleep, you can get to sleep...hahaha...what the???... You’re so innocent...!!! I tried it but it didn’t work for me (laugh). I kept on being too reaslitic... Anyway, here is ‘Mirai Sekai’.

08.Mirai sekai
09.X X X


ken (21st Century MC): LE-CIEL! LE-CIEL! You know that’s the first word of French I ever learnt. Actually no, L’Arc~en~Ciel was the first (laugh). Do you guys really read the fan club magazine!?I read it too, from your guys’ perspective. Which part do you read from first? The Q&A? That’s useful so you should really read it. What else... hyde? hyde’s diary?? I don’t talk with him that often so I find out about hyde from his diary! Like “Oh~ so that’s what hyde’s up to... How does he remember that??”. Do you guys enjoy reading someone else’s diary? Does it feel good? Do you want to know more? Like what our favourite food is? Or our favourite colour? (Audience: we want to know!!!) We used to get asked about our favourite colour in magazines all the time.

hyde: Really? ...ah yes, yes we did!

ken: I used to listen to the answers of the other members and think their favourite colour was cooler, so even if my favourite colour was yellow, I’d say PURPLE! I thought purple was cooler. Whilst thinking ‘Do I really like purple...?’. What’s your favourite colour now, hyde?

hyde: brown.

ken: Brown ??? When you think of brown you only think of one thing... Apart from that, there’s more things to read nowadays. Like ‘THE HYDE’... everyone asks me if I’ve read it on twitter, but I don’t dare! It’s terrifying! Yukki-san is always playing with Evangelion in the magazine... (Note: of anime fame). But you wanted to be a Gundam when you were a kid? Now, do you want to be an Evangelion? (yukki- nods). And what’s your favourite colour?

yukki-: Blue.

ken: Blue? But Eva is purple (laugh)! tetsuya-san... You do some intelligent stuff in the magazine. What is it you do? You meet people who you wouldn’t normally meet. What's your favourite colour?

tetsuya: Satsuki Midori. Shirt Kimidori (Note: This is probably the most difficult thing to translate this time – Satsuki Midori is a famous Japanese actress/singer. Her name ‘Midori’ means green in Japanese. ‘Shirt kimidori’ means ‘lime green shirt’. Tecchan is playing-on words here, as ‘Satsuki’ sounds like ‘Shirt-ki’. Sorry, that’s a really crap explanation! But in my defence, apparently ken-chan or the other members didn’t really understand the joke either!)

ken: So you like lime green? (kimidori)

tetsuya: Satsuki? Midori? Shirt? Kimidori! (insisting that they understand!)

ken: What? Is that a riddle??? (see, he doesn’t understand!)


ken: Aaahh I see (sounding like he doesn’t understand)...... SATSUKI-----??? (Audience: MIDORI-) SHIRT----- ???(Audience: KIMIDORI-) SEVENTH---??? (Audience: HEAVEEEEEN!!!)

13.Driver's High


18.NEXUS 4


tetsuya: (Quietly) Hellooooo! How is everybody?? I’m sick!!! I’m not feeling so good and I’ve sort of lost my voice... (Normal tone) CAN YOU HEAR ME??? The other day I went shopping with my niece. Hand in hand. She’s in her first year of primary school, and when I asked her ‘Do you want to go shopping with me?’ she said ‘Yes!’ But when I asked her if she wanted to go on a date she said ‘Nooo!’ (laugh). She had a bit of a cold and was coughing, so since we were holding hands I think I caught it off her (laugh). ...Erm, what shall I talk about? Is this enough?? (Audience: eeeehhhh???) Erm... oh yeah, did you see the live goods? Ken-chan’s (Note: the salami that he designed) is amazing (laugh). Surely it’s too big?

ken: Heehee! Initially it was much smaller, but I felt a bit disappointed so I asked it to be bigger (laugh). I had a choice of lots of small ones or one massive one, so I asked for the big one. But I have to admit, it is a little large (laugh).

tetsuya: Which would you guys prefer??? (Audience: the bigger one!)... what are you guys saying!? ......hyde told me to do a sensible MC today...

hyde: Do whatever you please (laugh).

tetsuya: Haha! It feels strange when hyde says ‘Do whatever you please’ to me! Yahooo! You guys know? Oh that reminds me, have you guys heard Bobby singing CHASE (Note: Bobby Ologun is a Nigerian TV personality/comedian often seen on TV. He sung his own version of CHASE on the radio which was hilarious coz it was so bad! If you are interested: ) It’s terrible! He can’t sing! None of it is right! Well.. you can see it on youtube if you want (laugh).



hyde: (panting) This song is tiring (laugh). Erm... how many years since LE-CIEL was created?

tetsuya: 17..18 years.

hyde: 18 years. Who was here from the beginning? (Some of audience raises hand) Who joined recently? (some of audience raises hand). I see.. Thank you very much. Both cases make me happy. After 20 years, a child grows into an adult, an adult into a middle aged man, a middle aged man into an old man. (Audience: what about you hyde??) I don’t age. If I worked in a maid cafe, I’d say ‘I am eternally 17’...cringeworthy! (Audience: kawaiiiiii (cute!)!!) Yeah, I know, I’m told that often. I’m told that often!! After 20 years it’s normal for a band to become a bit conservative, but we’re off on a World Tour... it’s like what the hell (laugh)?! It’s going to be hard work for everyone including the staff, but we’re going to come back after evolving into a band that you guys will be proud of. A band that you guys, who have watched us for 20 years, will proudly say ‘Aren’t L’Arc cool??’. Look forward to our return!



The L'Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team) is doing great translations!! If you're interested to read more, join the group, please. It's also a helpful way to get updated on the UK show and L'Arc~en~Ciel's information. **whispering** "The HYDE is also being translated there~"!!