Monday, 26 December 2011



Haido Santa went through my chimney just in time to make a mess and leave me a lot of big happy presents and some surprises. 

L'Arc~en~Ciel’s new album is called BUTTERFLY and it is to be released in 2012.02.08

L'Arc's new album will have 11 tracks, including the new tunes "bye bye", "shade of season", "wild flower" and "Mirai Sekai".

P' UNK IS NOT DEAD will be included in the limited edition of BUTTERFLY as a bonus CD.

The dates for the final lives of the World Tour were confirmed!!

L'Arc~en~Ciel is going to Hawaii for 2 lives!!

Haido san is going to release his autobiography,"THE HYDE". It was announced he’s going to make his real name public!! In addition, he’ll tell some of his point of views about things.

⑦excite's interview on the CHASE release





02. X X X
03. Bye Bye
06. shade of season
08. wild flower
10. NEXUS 4
11. 未来世界

1- The day began today with the promise of the streaming and so I was thinking I could watch the Laruku members giving the final touches to the new album. Only those who have purchased CHASE, laruku’s newest single, and who have received it on time, could use the access code that was included in the package of the single to get to access the streaming at USTREAM. I tried to persuade some of my laruku friends to give me the code, but my persuasion didn’t work out as I had expected. Even though not having the access code it was pretty enjoyable waiting until the streaming starts. We talked about haido san’s things and all :3 I really had a great time there.
Then, when the event started, I got to know it was actually a final audition of the whole album, so we could get to listen to all the eleven songs included in the album which was revealed to be called BUTTERFLY ^.^

Some said it’s quite gay. Maybe it is but it’s actually a beautiful name, I think. Actually, considering Haido san’s lyrics and how butterfly often connotes in the Japanese poetry universe, I think it might be related to Death. Maybe since the album is going to be released in 2012 and it’s said it will be the end of the world, L’Arc thought it would be a nice name. After KISS comes death!! Well, surely a butterfly that will lead someone’s soul to the other world is something rather mysterious but the butterfly image also depicts something feminine and ethereal, even erotic. Those are also constant elements in Haido san’s lyrics and also elements felt in Laruku’s songs. Maybe the meaning Death is represented in all the possible relevance of the term such as in “passing away”, implying a sexual connotation; a real death of the body, death as renovation etc. Butterfly in western poetry often holds the meaning of transformation, renovation to something beautiful since first you have a larva that after a natural transformation, miraculously turn into a beautiful butterfly.

The jacket of L'Arc~en~Ciel's latest album CHASE

is a very beautiful illustration, by the way. Looking at this illustration, I felt it very erotic putting it together with the title of the single, CHASE. It reminds me VAMPS latest single BEAST as well. I looked at this illustration very puzzled actually. The wolf looks like Haido somehow. His arms have some kind of form around them that makes me recall his tattoo. On the other hand, the woman in his arms looks like Haido as well!! Her long colorful hair reminds me his hair extensions, the look he had for the 20th L'Anniversary lives. Well, it still intrigues me. If that's as I say, then it could be seen as some kind of Narcissus's scene. Maybe the Beauty, chasing her Bestial figure, found her Death. Or maybe it's just someone with a bestial look in contact with his inner beauty? Or maybe the Beast chased Beauty and ended up killing her on the hunting? Well, the colorful dress of the woman seems to be involving the Beast, so maybe the scene depicts the enchanting that such beautiful delicate figure can provoke on the bigger brutal beast. In another perspective, I could also analyse it as the masculine side towards his feminine, delicate side. Or, most probably, taking it as the representation of the word CHASE, since the wolves and animals in general are always those who are chased, the jacket tried to show the inverse of it by being the BEAST the one who got the human as a prey.

Anyway, that one, I think, is such a good art work, since by looking at it, made me think of so many things. No matter whichever is the former meaning of the cover, all its power of provoking its viewer's imagination, makes of it such a great art work for this jacket.

L'Arc~en~Ciel have great jackets for their albums and singles, by the way. I love them. Most of them are really amazing art works.

Anyway, not diverging a lot from the initial topic, I'm really happy over BUTTERFLY's release. I'm sure it means a lot to the members releasing a new album after 4 years and 3 months from the release of KISS, a perfect album, in my opinion. BUTTERFLY has great hits and great new compositions. I'm sure everybody will love it and it'll be another huge success~

I wonder if the new songs will be included in the upcoming lives, including the World Tour? I hope so ^__^

BUTTERFLY's new tracks

They all sound great. I loved listening to Bye Bye. Actually, it reminds me of my college. It was really hard saying Bye Bye to that university life. Shade of season is also very beautiful. Wild Flower is also one of my favorites. And Mirai Sekai is touching. It recalls me Miyazaki's anime and Shizuka no Umi de. By the way, I love Shizuka no Umi de!!!! I think it sounds like a love story between the moon and the astronaut that visited her ^__^ I think I've never commented about it. I think it's so lovely.... Again, I'm diverting, Mirai Sekai sounds like a lullaby and is all beautiful.



01. 夏の憂鬱 [SEA IN BLOOD 2007]
02. 花葬 平成十七年
04. Round and Round 2005
05. Dune 2008
06. I Wish 2007
07. Promised land 2005
08. HONEY 2007
09. Feeling Fine 2007
10. ROUTE 666 -2010-
11. milky way 2004
12. metropolis 2011

I think it’s a wonderful present!! P'UNK~EN~CIEL 1st Album 『P'UNK IS NOT DEAD』will be a bonus CD for those who get to buy the first press of BUTTERFLY. I really love some of the compositions that comes in it such as Route 666-2010, Round and Round 2005, metropolis 2011 etc

I’d love to attend the finals. As for the present situation, I want to attend all the lives!! I’m happy for Osaka~ They had a great time there!! I still can't forget the Mashmallow talk~

I want to go to Hawaii as well. Since VAMPS live, Hawaii is in my mind as a good route to a nice vacation on the beach. That time, haido san entered the pool and the sea was sooo blue~ I loved the atmosphere!! I’d like to go and attend the live dressing a bikini *___* That would turn into a lovely summer~

One of the lives is only for Cielers~

お--- イっちゃったー☆

Haido san's first autobiography will be released in the day of his birthday!!

I felt really worried when I read these news about Haido san releasing an autobiography. I knew he was going to release a book in 2012 but I could never imagine he’d reveal his real name in it :3 I’m worried if this info after being made public will bring him any harm. I know he’s been keeping his name private, part for the fun and taste for mystery that he has, part because it’s a good way to keep his personal life disconnected from his artist’s life. Haido san is a very gentle man and very sensitive. If he is so sure he has to reveal his name, he has my total support!! I could have loved him forever by simply calling him Haido~ However, it’s true that some things become necessary after some time. I’ve always dreamt he’d tell me his real name in our first date and it would be my privilege. But he wants to make it open to the public, I support him. I guess I’ll be able to certify his real name, which is a crucial point.

I think it's a kind of present. He'll let the one he loves, know his real name~ waku waku~

I think even after calling his real name, I’ll still keep on calling him Honey, Honey chan and Haido san, especially.

I can't wait to read this book~ I'm here to help in anything I can to transmit his feelings~

In addiction, the photo above is the cover of the book, I guess. I love it so much!!! It's so fashionable and Haido san looks gorgeous and somehow the shot is sooooooo sexy!! *_____*

In his book, along with the revelation of some of his secrets such as his real name, birthplace etc, he'll also talk about his vision towards music, women, existential questions etc. The book is ordered in 26 topics, which one for one letter of the alphabet. 

 I want to read and penetrate in Haido's life now~  

 excite "The musical work that was accomplished by the fusion of the talent of 4 artists"

There's a very good interview with all the Laruku members in the excite music website about the release of the latest album CHASE~!! Excite always have great interviews.

From Haido san's interview:

Excerpt Translated by The Lady of Flowers

"excite: You made the album while you were touring, but very soon you'll be able to see it in its completed shape, right?

hyde: That's right. Since half of it is formed of singles, I think it'll turn into a very catchy album, but the other songs that were not singles ...For me, I have the impression there are a great number of songs in it with a real tactile feeling. Something like folk music? That's why grown-ups, adults like me will think it is a really great album when they listen to it.

excite: A "real tactile feeling"?

hyde: Yes.Some time ago, I had left the lyrics of a certain song somewhere in the office. Then, after seeing those lyrics, JIN chan ( keyboard & manipulator for VAMPS) seemed to have been moved to tears. "Ah, you understand? I'm also like that. I can also cry a lot just by the lyrics of a song", I felt. Since there are such kind of songs in the album and besides, I think I could really write lyrics that made me think"Ahh, just the lyrics of this composition are already nice~". I think you'll feel really good". 


The full translated interviews of the four members were translated by  L'Arc~en~ciel UK Fans Unite (English Street Team)  and can be read here.


There will be a second Roentgen Night, this time in Naeba, in Niigata. 
It'll happen in Haido's san's birthday and also in the day of the release of his autobiography, "The HYDE" .

The live is an acoustic one and the setlist is all the album Roentgen!! Last time, it took place in Furano, this time it'll happen in Niigata. And since it's also the day of the release of the book, there'll happen some special events. And it's also said the attendants will be able to enjoy it until late at night :3

I want to spend Haido's birthday with him in a gorgeous hotel~ (^.^)/

Naeba Premium Hotel



Well, for now, those were the gifts Haido Santa left this year~ Thank you for the  nice X-mas!!