Friday, 30 September 2011



A couple of days ago, I saw a certain photo that caused me contradictious reactions. The photo was posted in someone’s facebook but it was spread and reached my tweeter!! So, in the middle of my sleep, I thought of checking my TL when it suddenly popped up!!!!

The photo I am talking about is this one:

And it was originally posted in the Facebook of Aki, from the band SID at this post!!

Yes, it’s a cute photo, I know~ I love such natural shots of Haido san where I can see that his natural look is as beautiful or even more beautiful than those seen in the magazines~

On the other hand, that Aki person is almost biting my honey while they're singing sharing a microphone!! Haido is smiling cutely, probably trying to concentrate on his singing *_* And that guy is holding him tight!!!!!! No, he’s my honey and you’re not supposed to be holding my honey so dearly and seeing his smiling joyful face ;__; Listen carefully, I am the one who should be taking him to karaokes and giving him fun :3

Ohhhhh!! Is that the so-called yaoi? Am I seeing a BL evidence or something related or is it male friendship real and that’s the proof? He’s actually holding my honey and almost biting him ^O^

Is it necessary to share the same mic while in a karaoke?
I don’t think so.

Was it an intent to get closer to my dearest or what!!!???
And why is the mic a golden one? Is it a terrible reference to that certain Japanese word or I’m just seeing too much?

Should a girlfriend stand obediently seeing her boyfriend so close to another person?

Was that talk about snake and chick a preparation for this?

Honey, you CAN’T be this close to anyone but me \(;__;)/

I hope they’re not drunk. Honey gets easily strange when drunk ~__~ know~
Am I being punished for being an ardent Fujoshi?
I don't think so but...

That Aki guy even confessed his feeling to Haido san!!! Following the photo, it was written very affectionately:"I love you HYDE!!!"

!!!<---- I was taught that exclamation marks often empathize emotions, so, since he put 3 in the sentence, he must be 3 times emphatic on what he's declaring!!!!!!!!

Okay, maybe they're close friends and since they had a great time together, he let it out~

Did I say "a great time" +.+!!

The fact is: I’m jealous.

I’m sorry, dear. I’m imperfect and rather possessive. Though it’s a wonderful photo, I can’t feel totally happy by seeing you with another guy that way. I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself, though. I’m happy you’re healthy, but…. But…. BL is against meeeeee!!! 

And right now, I feel like bitten by my own dog :3

Well, I need to put myself together and calm down, I know.
But what suddenly crossed my mind when the words karaoke, haido and BL crossed my mind was the image of us singing together, as a couple (!!)  BL themes at the karaoke. 

The one I’d pick right now would be Sekai de Ichiban Koishiteru from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi anime~*

Haido san, if you want to experience a BL romance, I can be your partner!!! 俺は頑張るよー


Wednesday, 21 September 2011



Setlist (thanks to Lさんat mixi's L'Arc~~en~~Ciel's community)

04.the Fourth Avenue Cafe


05.Lies and Truth
09.Kaze no Yukue
10.forbidden lover


13.Blurry Eyes


17.X X X
18.Caress of Venus




Thanks to はんななさん at mixi for the original wonderful live report~:D


It started with Haido san singing NIJI a capella.


hyde "We're L'Arc~en~Ciel. We're turning 20-years old!! We've become adults!! I'm happy I'm allowed to enter in a lot of shops now. Marine Messe Fukuoka is... such a long name, so may I call you Marin chan? Marin chaaaaaaaaaaan!!Mariiiiin chaaaaaaaaannnn!!Is that alright, Marin chaaaaaaan!!"


ken "Are you doing fine? Fukuoka is a nice place but I don't have pleasant memories of it. Last time, I had a terrible diarrhea" (**it seemed he was talking about the norovirus infection**)

ken "My belly was aching terribly, so I had a massage, but it was aching so much that my back was also starting to ache. I was thinking of going to see a doctor the next day, just in case, then I went to bed, slept and when I woke up in the morning.... Ahhh, there it was!! I thought I had had my period coming(**he had a heavy diarrhea**)"

ken "So, I asked a staff to buy and bring me a napkin fast. If I used a diaper, it could be noticed, so I opted for a napkin. However, it's not to place it directly on the place of the sticker, you really have to stick it to your underpants".

ken " The doctor gave me a vague diagnosis. Many things could cause me that. I think it could possibly be that infection that was in vogue, being spread everywhere. So, I placed the napkin and did the live. The next day, I had to go to Korea, but if I slept in the plane, I could have it coming again. So, I used the napkins in the airplane as well".

ken “You all put on a napkin to embark in a plane. I'm teasing you~!! I know that right now there are girls here using a napkin~, right? "It'd
mortifying if it's only me who has it coming. Let's all have it coming together. We can let it come. Come!!”

hyde "Then, that's why the next song.... is getting difficult to be introduced....Really hard. HONEY"

--- during Blurry Eyes----

hyde" Marin chan.... you're violent..."


audience "I want to enter (in your orchestra)"

hyde "Dame" (**No**)

hyde" I composed it with such shameless feelings. Because I'm an adult! It was quite pleasant looking at the ladies during the shooting for
the PV. Yukki, however, was playing with that snake the whole time. She’s (**the snake**) really pretty, ne. I'm also fond of snakes so this also has snake pattern (**pointing at the mic stand**) , my nails too. But I couldn't touch that one...."(laughs)

hyde "But snakes do eat little chicks. Chicks... they're friends, right? It's prohibited to eat a friend, I guess... So, is Yukki going to raise it(**the snake**)?"

Laughing, Yukki couldn't answer.

hyde "But I think Yukki looks like someone who'd raise a snake"

(looking at ken san)

hyde "And what was that talk about napkins and diarrhea? It was totally unnecessary...." (laughs)

hyde "The next song will be the last. Let's sing it together. ANATA"

… and all the Marin chans sang it in a big and high chorus.

Thursday, 15 September 2011



I’ve finally watched the PV of L’Arc~en~Ciel’s new song: XXX!!!

I have to say I was looking forward to listen to L’Arc’s new tune since I’ve heard about its performance last weekend during the 20th L’ Anniversary’ s Saitama lives. By the way, what I’ve heard so far is that both shows were amazing~!!! I could only watch wonderful scenes from the TV show Mezamashi TV :3 but I have a good feeling 20th L’Anniversary celebrations will bring me huge happiness~

So, after being amused and teased by the divulgation of the cover of the new single that depicts all 4 Laruku members languidly laid on the floor while hyde is about to eat a golden apple,

today I’ve finally watched the music video and listened to the wonderful XXX (which has to be read as “kiss, kiss, kiss”, as Haido san taught us during his MC in Saitama). The other way to call it is “chu chu chu” as I’m already used to do.

I’m kidding XP

Well, I want to talk about the PV for XXX.

It’s really beautiful. I love the art concept and also the visual effects on it such as the image treatment and the photography. They’re stunning~!! I love all the glittering and sparkling in it and the fairy atmosphere. The whole party scene reminded me of the fairies’ party I saw in one of the first episodes of the new season of True Blood.

However, the concept is a bit different. The elements in the PV reminds me of the crucial biblical moment when Eve eats the forbidden fruit after being allured by the snake, shares it with Adam , starting the original sin which every human born after them will bring as a mark of that first sin against God’s order.

So, in the PV we have the white slithering snake showing up at the banquet that is being held.

Lots of beautiful girls are dancing freely lead by L’Arc~en~Ciel’s tune. However, in the middle of it, we have Haido san who is dressing a distinctive white suit surrounded by roses and deviously beautiful with his new hairdo. He’s dancing and singing. By his movements and his suggestive tongue, I took him as the personification of the snake.

So, L’Arc could be there actually alluring the girls to eat the golden apple.

On the other hand, the white in haido san’s suit could be just the sign to show us that the dimension where the party is taking place is actually Heaven, where people let themselves go freely while enjoying L’arc’s great sound.

Then, the L’Arc members are shown detached from the party, dressed in black, dancing and singing on the bottom of the golden tree. Maybe that’s to emphasize how they’re in the role of the snake itself.

So, in the highest of their excitement and attraction to what the snake and Haido san is alluring them to do, the girls start to eat the golden apples and start to enjoy the party in a more sexual way, maybe. It surely has a very subtle sexual tone in it, though.

Then, the a girl allures ken san about the golden apple and as the party goes, we get to the moment where Haido san also eats it~*

Then, as the biblical story tells us, the corruption approaches and leaves its marks. All the people wakes up in the same place of the banquet but without its glittering nor sparkling lights in something that possibly is the depiction of reality, much darker and tangible. They look as if unaware of what happened. As a proof of everything that happened in the banquet, however, is a “XXX” mark in their arms. Everybody has it as all the humankind is born with the original sin. And then, we see haido san that is there. He shows us his mark which is the same as the one seen on the girls, with the slightly difference that his is in his eyes. While the girls carry the mark of what happened in their bodies, he brings it in his soul~ kyaaa that’s surely very meaningful!!!

I love that ending. I love the whole PV.

When I saw the photos with some scenes of it, it reminded me of Jojoushi PV, another astonishing promotional video by L’Arc. However, this one is pretty different, I think. Maybe it’s not as innocent as Jojoushi somehow.

As for the song, I think it sounds a bit different from Laruku’s previous tunes but since L’Arc has many colors and most of their compositions are quite unique, I’ll possibly be in love with it in a couple of days, as always. It has such catching sound and I already love the lyrics from what I could pick from listening. Nee~ It’s been a year that I’ve been missing Haido san deeply but it’s good to see the beautiful result of his hard work. As far as I remember, they’re recording since the beginning of the year. They’re working hard and the result is a great piece.

Thank you once again, Laruku. Haido san, I love you.


Sunday, 4 September 2011