Monday, 18 July 2011



I'm still waiting for my VAMPS LIVE 2010 WORLD TOUR CHILE arrival here!! Of course I've already seen some promotional videos in the internet of it but I'm hardly trying my best to avoid the spoilers as much as I can while I wait for it :D Though I might say the biggest spoiler is myself: since I was there last year,in Chile, in the marvelous November, the 6th. 

I really went there!!!!

Ahhh~ Of course, my memories are all here in my heart as one of my dearest treasures, but I am happy to remember that day as I read all the interviews about it. And I am sure more of that moment will come to me even more vividly when I watch the DVD!!!

Kyaaaa~ I hope it comes to me soon ;___;

It's been a while I last translated Haido san's interviews and this one is very good. I hope you enjoy it~ It's amended in some points but I hope Haido san won't mind~~ I really enjoyed doing it, I hope you'll enjoy reading it as well~!!


Source: excite music
Translated by: The Lady of Flowers

Interview with VAMPS

" I want you to see how Rock devilishly makes people go crazy"

excite: the album "BEAST" has been the first album from a Japanese artist to score the 4th position at the sales charts in South America. Do you think about which points in VAMPS made such successful acceptance possible?

HYDE: I may say it was because the staff gave their best and motivated us. VAMPS also have a lot of lyrics in English and I also wonder that maybe it might be because all those people in South America felt close to us musically.

excite: About the live in Chile, we have the feeling from the video that the success was so intense it could almost be called madness. Tell us, please, about your thoughts on those days such as when you arrived in Chile or any episode (such as about the fact that there were 1500 people waiting for your arrival)

HYDE: Many people came to welcome us at the airport that day. Doing a live in Chile was for itself a total gambling. When VAMPS were touring in North America, there were also a lot of people from South America that came to the shows. Even though I had the feeling there were a lot of fans in South America, I could only know for sure if we went there because there are a very few people that go to South America. When I got to the venue, I saw some local fans that had been waiting at the venue since around 5 days before. When the tumult, that was enough to summon an armored vehicle, started I thought if it was happening a rebellion outside.

It came a request from the police to hasten the time of the opening of the gates, so even before VAMPS appearing on the stage, there were already people that had collapsed because of the hyper excitement. I also had a talk with the members saying: "Today's live won't be a trivial one".

excite: Which kind of feelings you had during the live?

HYDE: The screams were so intense and loud that they even made me think if I wouldn't be made into pieces there on the stage. Since the very beginning, the situation was of high excitement, so when the SE started playing, I could listen to all those screams of joy that seemed to me like an explosion. They made me a little deaf, though. During the live it was the same, though I had done some changes previously, I was quite surprised by the extreme response I was getting from the audience. I thought: "This audience is enjoying our rock quite genuinely, no matter the gender. I felt that the people from Chile have an extraordinary way to express their emotions and that they seem to understand and face music with an open mind, without prejudices or anything like that.

excite: Then, please, tell us your thoughts about the time immediately after the end of the live.

HYDE: I had in mind undertaking all that excitement and do a perfect performance. I thought by that time, "I accomplished it today".

excite: What about a good memory of Chile? Tell us about the other enjoyable things you did with the exception of the live.

HYDE: I mainly drank Chile wine and ate sea food, ne. On the way back to Japan, in a restaurant at the airport, I had in my menu the degustation of tortilla chips which is like cheese fondue and that was absurdly delicious.

excite: In the live DVD, it's quite impressive the great number of people in the audience murmuring the songs to themselves together with you. Were you surprised by anything in the reaction of the audience?

HYDE: Those people being carried in someone else's shoulders; the people that were carrying a flag of their countries on the 2nd floor and the things such as the bras that came flying to the stage when the audience got excited were quite impressive.

excite: Talking frankly, what's the highlight in this DVD?

HYDE: Though we have the illumination, we don't have other special effects in it. The interesting point about VAMPS is that the special effects are already the performance itself. I want you to see how Rock devilishly makes people go crazy, ne.

(only to excite music) What has made you excited recently?

HYDE: I got excited by the horror stories I heard while I was drinking with friends and it felt chilly. This is also eco, ne.