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L'Anniversary LIVE ~初日~


EDITED 2011.06.05

Setlist and MCs are thanks to lovable 翡翠さん (Hisui san)!!

2011.05.28 L'Arc~en~Ciel 20th L'Anniversary LIVE

01.In the Air
02.Caress of Venus
03.Vivid Colors


04.the fourth Avenu Cafe
05.Natsu no Yuutsu -time to say good-bye-
06.Kaze no Yukue
07.As if in a dream
09.winter fall

- Everyone's winter fall-(yasu・安倍なつみ・武田真治・マオ・狩野英考・青木隆治・押切もえ・DAIGO・藤本美貴・藤原組長). A video with many famous artists displayed each one of them singing  a part of the song.

10.Garasu Dama
12.floods of tears

-Joke during Blurry Eyes-

13.Blurry Eyes
14.Lies and Truth
16.I'm so happy
17.Shout at the Devil


19.Milky way
21.white feathers



hyde--(h) tetsuya--(t) ken (k) yukihiro (y)


h: "We are L'Arc~en~Ciel!!!!!! Uhhhhhh!! Well,..... Be welcome to L'Anniversary!! 

20 years have passed. Ahh, well, "The rain is a stage effect, so.... There might be a rainbow appearing at the end. So we have come here to have fun with you~. Today, well, we’ll play the songs released until 1998.... It's kind of a day for the maniacs for L'Arc~en~Ciel, though.... Is that fine for you? (smile) Today, it feels that way, doesn’t it? It means that fairly 5.0000...5.0000  hard core fans are gathered here today, right? Well, your enthusiasm can be seen in your every details~ (smile) That's right? You've all been spending time together with L'Arc until now and that’s why you came here today, right? 

Certainly, when you listen to a song, it starts to bring you a lot of memories, doesn’t it? That’s the face you’re making~ (smile) Let's have much fun together today!!!Can we play it Aji Suta!!!Can we do it!!!! Then.... Let's get started...."

---During Blurry Eyes----

k: "(his butt is touched by tetsuya) Hnnnnn~ahhhhhhhh (gasping voice) After 20 years, you've come to touch a lot of things. Ah~ I wonder if I can tell it to you…. since I ended up remembering about it. 

Well, in the past, when we moved due to the TOUR by car, I used to feel very sleepy. I'd say "I'm going to sleep". Then, the member that was awoken would always say ..."Ah------!! No matter what’s up, you take a nap*!!! (*it can be understood as "even though it's erect, you sleep!!=P*)

Today we haven't had any.... any dirty joke yet. (smile) That’s because you could tell it just by looking at it. Come on, Come on~!! Like this, like this!!!! What? What was up?..... *What* was up? Well, well.......Let’s see…. Is everyone all wet? Oh, so you got wet!!! To which level? Until here? (**head**) Until here? (**chest**)Until here? (**waist**) There~? Until here!!!! (**between the legs!!**).... But, well, "what's up", you asked ME….!!

..... We're probably getting to become your spice, right? Yes. To the level of garam masala? Garam masala is quite soft so, maybe we're in the level of the nutmeg you put in your curry once a month? To that level? A bit more? Salt? Shoyu?.... Ajinomoto? (smile) We're getting to be to the level of Ajinomoto!!!!!! We're getting to be your Ajinomoto!!!!!! Well, then, how do we taste? I'm pretty sure you didn't lick us, ne~ (smile) Ajinomoto!!!!! Ajinomoto!!!!!! 

However, although I love Ajinomoto, I also really love bonito's soup (smile) Fufufu (laugh) You also like bonito's soup? What is L' Arc~en~Ciel for you? L'Arc~en~Ciel is your spice, how do you call it?..... Are you going to tell me what's the first letter it starts with? Ah? .... Well, without chatting… let’s do it this way.... This letter?.... (**he's making the letter with his hands**) Is it like a Y? (smile) Like an M? Such as a C?.... 
When you express it this way, you're also giving us your help~ (smile) What's L'Arc~en~Ciel to you? Wowwww~~~~~~ O? There considerably words that starts with "O"..... A!!! Next one? J ? (smile) It's Ajinomoto certainly!! (smile) 

Maybe if I return to the backstage, there will be a big quantity of Ajinomoto there~.... Then, I can sprinkle it over you, and do you~!!!!!!! Do you want to listen to the continuation? Do you want to listen to the continuation? How do you want to listen to the continuation? If you don’t say anything, I won't let you listen to it! How do you want me to play it? No!! Which way do you want to listen to? Ah--------!!! yukihiro san, help me please!!!!!"


t : "Fuuuuu~(smile) Nooo~... Everything I thought for the MC was said by ken-chan (smile) He said we thought of the very same things~(smile)"

h :"Is he lying? (smile)"

k :"What?.... Well.... He said when he wakes up in the morning; he's got an erection..."

t :"Nooo, it's not that. It's not that (smile) It was that part you talked about being wet"

h :"I liked it~(smile)"

t :"Yes, that part such as "Is everyone wet? Because of the rain, right? Where?" (smile). ken-chan, isn't it hard to finger your guitar when it's wet?"

k: "wet by the rain?"

t :"yes"

k :"It's easier to play it when it's slippery (smile)"

t :" You wanted to make me say that, but I won't (smile) No no no..... the MC after this song will be tough (smile)

ANATA".... And then I'll ask you "You're not going to make more of those dirty jokes?" Right?  (smile) 

You've truly gone a little bit too far~

Are you alright? You all came here today all stylish, perfectly dressed and with a wonderful makeup on, but something terribly big like this comes up!! (smile) This rain ... I'm sorry (smile) No, nothing will be ruined! You're all too beautiful for that. Fuu fuu (laugh) 

By the way, you all know the songs we've played until now?

Do you know all the songs? 

They're all of your knowledge? Do you know them well? That's truly great!! (smile) Did you come here with the lesson properly revised? It's also quite hard for us(smile) 

Yes, the fact is that  there won't be a repeated song in the both lives.... L'Arc~en~Ciel’s twenty-years  is not only once~ (smile)"

h: "yeah"

h: "Moreover, we always finish with "ANATA", right? ...... But we're still going to play more , ne (smile) Are you still alright, genki enough to continue? We're coming--------!! Yeah~----------------!!!!! Milky Way!!!"


h: "Hey!!!! Those feathers (**that came flying down during White Feathers**)....... Well~ the feathers.... ended up being flown by the wind. When I try to think about it, we did a lot of trial and error…. In the beginning, we tried doing it in many ways.... We put them in a basket and shook it to make them fly (smile) It looked awful (smile) They ended up falling down  in the beginning of the song!!  But we've become skilled at it... Does it feel pretty good in the rain? Yes. Well, until here it's been all as planned. Today.... I'll finish it without crying, it seems....

Lately, I've been moved to tears easily. The truth is that when I went out to get here by car today, I thought that everybody would be already here, rather wet.... But you were all waiting wearing raincoats (smile) You were quite cute.

The glowsticks you were using before were also cute and I wanted to keep on looking at you forever. Did you.... enjoy today? Well.... I included a lot of songs which lyrics have dark contents..... But are those all fine for you to listen to here today? When we play much of our early old songs, I get surprised thinking why there are so many lyrics that are so pessimist and dark (smile) Such as Natsu no Yuuutsu, ne, You might wonder "what has happened"? (smile) Yes.

But, as for the final song, we're going to play one that is a little more positive.... Ahhh, to finish, let's have a serious talk..... The entire revenue of the LIVE this time will be redirect as a donation. Unusually, I talked a lot with the members and..... we exchanged ideas and we got to this resolution and I thought it was a pretty good decision and rather expected from Laruku. I thought how great these gracious members are. 

Yeahhhhh..... I'm truly happy for being able to greet such day as this one today. Thank you so much. Even if might feel as impossible, if you don't advance forward, the aspirations start to get hard to visualize. So, I could greet today thinking that I could go forward with you. I'm really thankful that you came here even though it is raining. And thank you so much for all these 20 years. There's no rain that lasts forever. .... Listen to NIJI at the end, please".

----After the performance-----

t: "See you--------!!!"

Some of the photos are from natalie's article.




Tuesday, 24 May 2011



♬         ♫

A very beautiful website for the 20th L' Anniversary Live was launched today!!!

I didn't see the site until I got home and I must say I felt really happy with its layout~ !! It displays the rainbow, a nighty sky with shooting stars and right in the intro we can see the photos of those people who participated in the campaign that  L'Arc~en~Ciel's official site had done asking for photos from the fans ^.^ So we can see many smiling faces in the intro movie. 

Yes, I took a time seeing all the details of the website~ ^^

I also enjoyed the goods. I'm happy to see a new version of Larcan!! I still can remember hyde and tetsu introducing the Larcan in the tv show called Utaban some years ago~!! Well, I'd love to have the 2 versions of the T-shirts!! The Border and The Pass T-shirts are very cool~ . I also love the Tote Bag ^^ And I'd buy  the live Pamphet for sure :3 Well, I'd get crazy and take a considarable time choosing among them  if I were in the goods stand this Saturday and Sunday. I'd make the line get longer while blocking the way lol

This one is very interesting as well =) And I'd love to taste it~!!

L'Arc~en~Ciel x BABBI Collaboration Set

Price: 5,000 yen
 Set contains 4 gelattos produced by the members + card + original case + placemat + spoon

Produced by hyde     Strawberry Champagne
Produced by ken      Doubleberry (blueberry x strawberry
Produced by tetsuya  Pure Vanilla
Produced by yukihiro Double Chocolate (chocolate x choco chips)

In the site there are other sections such as Information with the stadium map. Access with info about how to get to the Ajinomoto Stadium. Jack Eyes still not available but that maybe will show scoops of the live in real time *__*. I hope~  

There's also L'Arcafe displaying the special menu with icecream, drinks, sandwich available at  L'Arcafe in the days of the show.

And a Special section that is available only for Le-Ciel members and that'll contain live reports and photos of the shows!!!!

I think all L'Arc~en~Ciel fans are very excited for the weekend to come fast. I think these two lives will be very very very special. Yeahhhhhh One of my favorite bands in the world is turning 20 years!! And I'm happy we live in the same age and we can celebrate this together ^___^

I want to be there~❀


Friday, 20 May 2011



It can be watched here!!!

And once again Haido san and L'Arc~en~Ciel save my day!!

Today was one of those days that I had to struggle with my other self not to believe the things she was telling me. In other words, I was starting to feel depressed when I saw the link that suddenly appeared among my tweets and which lead me to the path for the rainbow!!! ^.^

I knew someone kind would post the PV that had had its first preview scheduled to be aired in 2011.05.20 at 00:00~ That is today afternoon here in Brazil~ :3 And so, happily, I saw this very beautiful PV!!! I may say that I already love the song GOOD LUCK MY WAY. I do listen to it almost everyday early in the morning to start a good day~ And it's so vibrant and radiant that just the song makes me happy.

However, watching the PV had a plus~ because it's been quite a while I don't see Haido san, my lover ^^ And it's wonderful to see L' Arc~en~Ciel reunited again. So those 2 factors were already something that was making this PV so awaited ^_____^ 

My impressions on the PV.

Well, I love it!! It's dynamic and colorful and very connected to the meaning of the name of the band which is rainbow. And the rainbow for itself is something we can see after rain, so it somehow is a good sign for a better season, sigh for lucky days and a brighter future. It's what the compositions of Laruku represents for me too: happiness, dreams in my heart, hope. All these feelings are very well expressed in the images of this PV I think~ Actually it has some gorgeous images in it!! 

Especially Haido san's new style with black hair ^3^ Really handsome~

L'Arc~en~Ciel is commemorating their 20th anniversary of formation this year and it's marvellous seeing them making so good new pieces together without losing quality in their work.I'm very proud ~*



 Laruku is scheduled to make an appearance in Music Station!!

TV Asahi「MUSIC STATION」airing date: 2011.6.24 at 20:00~20:54

GOOD LUCK MY WAY single release information!!

The jackets are so beautiful!! (^______^)

Special thanks to Facebook friend~

The Blue sky jacket:

CD+DVD KSCL 1816 - 1817 ¥1,575(tax included)
<First Edition Specifications>

・Waku-waku L'Arc~en~Ciel stickers included(1 illustrated sticker out of 8 total kinds)
・Double picture label
・Limited Edition Jacket

The Sunrise sky jacket:

【Standard Version】

CD KSCL 1818 ¥1,223(tax included)

・Waku-waku L'Arc~en~Ciel stickers included(1 illustrated sticker out of 8 total kinds)
・Picture label
・Limited edition jacket

<Track listing>

1.GOOD LUCK MY WAY / L'Arc~en~Ciel
2.metropolis -2011- / P'UNK~EN~CIEL
3.GOOD LUCK MY WAY (hydeless version) / L'Arc~en~Ciel
4.metropolis -2011- (T.E.Z P'UNKless version) / P'UNK~EN~CIEL


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

遙かな虹を越えて GOOD LUCK MY WAY★



Yeah, "GOOD LUCK MY WAY" could be listened in the radio show "SCHOOL OF LOCK" today!!! I was not at home, but could listen to it because someone uploaded it in youtube =)

It's a wonderful song~ And the lyrics are very positive *___* I'm happy I can listen to this new piece from Laruku. I'll put it in my mp3 player and listen to more of it during the week, but I already love it!!!

Great work, L' Arc~en~Ciel~!!

The lyrics are from here

Thanks to dearest tekkichan for posting the link (^__^) and mixi friends =)

EDITED 2011.06.02


諦めきれない 立ち止まれないんだ


Good luck my way 信じる道へ

あっちこっち 駆けずり回って


Good luck my way 微笑みかけて


Good luck my way smile at me



This is my fast, rough translation~Hope you like it ^.^

EDITED 2011.06.02


I won't wake up from this dream yet, not yet
There's probably something waiting for us in the other side of this path
I can't give up and I can't stand still,
because there's surely, surely an answer there

But just as soon as I
Put aside what pulls me back
I'll desire to be next to your tender smiling face

I'll break into a run, straight ahead
and the blue sky that clears up will be dazzling to my eyes
Stirred up by the favorable wind,  the new journey begins
We'll be able to meet again someday!!
I'm going to the direction of tomorrow, with no turning back
Good Luck My Way I'm on the path I believe

It seems I have to drive myself into it or the answer won't appear if
I keep running around here and there
I won't regret surely, surely
I'll continue to advance
So we'll be able to smile at each other

Look at me, I'm not afraid anymore
Even if something happens tomorrow, it seems I can overcome to it
Because no matter if I stumbled somewhere on the way behind, I could make it and come

In the corners of the world that is in process of changing
I'm happy I could meet you
I couldn't put into words the feelings that were overflowing in my heart
When we meet again someday, will these feelings be much better expressed to you?
Good Luck My Way Smiling at me

I'll break into a run, straight ahead
The blue sky that clears up will be dazzling to my eyes
Stirred up by the favorable wind,  the new journey begins
We'll really be able to meet again
I'm going to the direction of tomorrow, with no turning back

Good luck my way smile at me

In the corners of the world that is in process of changing
I'm happy I could meet you
I couldn't put into words the feelings that were overflowing in my heart
When we meet again someday, will these feelings be much better expressed to you?

Crossing over the distant rainbow
Good Luck My Way I'm on the path I believe~


Monday, 9 May 2011



2 Happy things!!

From Natalie

L' Arc ~en~Ciel's New Single is going to be released!!


L'Arc~en~Ciel's new single has its name and date of release confirmed and the new song  that will also be the theme song for the newest Fullmetal Alchemist movie can be listened tomorrow in the radio program "School of Lock"!!! From the Natalie site it's said the single jacket and coupling songs will be announced later!!

I love this new photo. I love the colors~ L' Arc~en~Ciel feels like a bright blue sky for me. It makes me very happy all the time. The new single's name is beautifulミ★ And Haido san is showing his new short-black hairstyle there. Kawaiiiiiiii~ !!

I love you honey~

 From Laruku's MySpace


20th Anniversary 1st Single Release Confirmed!


2011.6.29 (Wed) Release

The Movie "FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Miross no seinaru hoshi" Theme Song



Sony Music Online Japan

And we'll be able to check it out  in the radio program "SCHOOL OF LOCK!"!!

I can't wait to listen to the full version. I remember I got to listen to a piece of it in the Fullmetal's movie Trailer but now it's all of it (^__^) I'm very happy we'll be able to listen to the newest piece by L' Arc~en~Ciel !!

"SCHOOL OF LOCK!" on TOKYO FM on 2011, May 9th    22:00~24:00

First presentation of "GOOD LUCK MY WAY" by L' Arc~en~Ciel



『VAMPS LIVE 2010 WORLD TOUR CHILE』 is going to be released!!!!!


*Roughly translated from VAMPADDICT mail~*

2011.07.13 Release!!!

A huge audience from all South America gathered massively in the live arena in Chile, the last country of VAMPS World Tour!!

In the live which excitement was to the point of crazy loud shouts  topping on the performance that was going on the stage and that started in the middle of a turmoil to the point of having the local police army summoned!!

You'll be face to face to the superb moment that was craved in the Music History!!!



Digipack:DVD(1 disk)

¥4,800(tax in)

*All the 20 songs that were performed during the live +
*A Video Document~

Available for preorder at HMV online store!!!



Yes. The VAMPS' Chile live that I attended will really turn into a DVD!!!! I'm very happy I'll be able to rewatch that wonderful live. Somehow, it's a wonderful thing being part of such big event!! I know exactly what they're saying about turmoil, police and loud crazy shouts~ That day was all crazy and sooo exciting ^^ There was a moment I really felt like I was in the middle of  REVOLUTION!!!

^.^ It makes me hurry with my live report. It's interesting, because even though my memory is so weak, I feel like I can remember all that day in details. It's one of my precious memories~**

But I hope I won't appear in the video =^_^=

楽しみにしています!!! 今日も最高でしたねー★凄くラッキーです!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011



This is a little piece from a rare book that was released around 1998 and talks about L' Arc~en~Ciel members' early juvenile days. This excerpt was translated from page 23. The scan is thanks to  Facebook community and the friends there that shared it.

I love the comment from the girl that says that Laruku's songs feel to her they're always talking about a bright future. I have the same feeling!! I always feel powerful and positively aroused to make great things when I listen to laruku songs ^^ 

Moreover, Haido san is my ideal type of man and he looks great with or without make-up ^.^

Translated by The Lady of Flowers

Chapter 1

hyde's Youth

"We'll try to interview the fans that couldn't enter to the show and are now outside the venue.

" The other bands when they're doing interviews to a magazine, they'll do anything to look cool, right? And this is totally different from how L'Arc~en~Ciel members are because their smiling faces are truly natural. I really praise such fresh and natural aspect in them". (16 years. Female. High School Student) 

"They have a lot of popular songs, don't they? Even though they're a rock band, they have a lot of compositions that feel to me like they're singing about a bright future and when I listen to those songs they seem to give me a power that ends up awakening my own willingness". (20 years. Female. University Student)

In addition, a female girl that calls herself a hyde fan said : "When he's on the stage, wearing make-up, he's splendidly gorgeous and when he's not wearing make-up he's also very cute. This hyde kun is close to my ideal type of man" (23 years. OL)

The 2 singles that were released this year got the number 1 position in the hit charts together. L' Arc~en~Ciel, the super band that was born in Kansai area, is from here on in season* for us".

(*) shun, a pun for seishun, youth, Spring time, Adolescence