Thursday, 31 March 2011



There's a message on the earthquake and tsunami that occured recently in Japan in VAMPS website. Haido san and Kazu san wrote about their feelings towards the disaster (;.;) 

I believe all prays reach the skies. And such words full of feelings are the most effective medicines for such times. They do heal and agitate our hearts to help. 

I am also still praying Japan can turn back to peacefulness soon.

I translated their messages.


About the earthquake and tsunami in the north-east area in the Pacific Ocean 

I’m praying with all my heart the people who passed away will rest in peace 

... And I’m praying that, even if only one, many souls can be saved

I’m praying for this sadness to end.


My sincere prays of recovering for all the people that are victims from the earthquake and tsunami.

The most important thing now is to help those in the areas that were struck by such disaster. I’m praying that there won't be more damage than what we've seen until now.

Let's cooperate doing what each one of us can do.

Let's all harmonize our efforts in order to make as much as supplements as possible to reach those people as well as the assistance from the rescue teams.

I pray that we can regain our smiling faces soon, so we will stop shedding sad tears.

.......I'm praying.....



Saturday, 26 March 2011



Some thoughts before going to bed....


Since the earthquake and tsunami disaster, I've been checking the websites before leaving to work. I go to hydeist and send haido san's my morning kiss warmed by hydeist's gentle light. Then I check some news and, seeing the world and my dearest is safe, I go to work relieved. 
It's been like that since the disaster in Japan. That day someone told me about what was happening when I was at work and I felt terrible worried...
Today, while I was sending kisses to honey, I read in their official site, L' Arc~en~Ciel made a very nice comment about the victims from the Quake and Tsunami in Japan and the 2 lives they'll hold in May in Ajinomoto Stadium as part of the commemorations of the 20th L' Anniversary.

The message was skillfully translated by dearest Nanani san and I'm going to post her translation here, so their message will be spread =)

The original message is from here.

And the translation was published here.

"We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to all the victims affected by the Tohoku-Pacific Earthquake, and offer our deepest regrets for the many irreplaceable lives that have been lost.

We have focused our energies on finding something we can do to help the disaster victims and to assist the recovery efforts as a part of the great circle of support now being extended.

As previously announced, we, L'Arc~en~Ciel will be holding concerts on May 28 and 29 in Tokyo at Ajinomoto Stadium.

The concerts will proceed as planned. However, we wish to inform you that we will be donating the entire proceeds of these shows as charity to assist the disaster victims.

Furthermore, please be advised that we are looking into ways to ensure the safety of all of you who will be joining us at this venue, and also into methods of dealing with a possible electricity insufficiency.
We will be focusing our efforts into these matters with full consideration of current conditions.

We will continue to seek ways to help the victims, and to be of assistance to all those who are offering their own support.

May the area recover as soon as possible,
and may the intentions of all people everywhere transcend barriers to reach it.

and all staff"


They said they "will be donating the entire proceeds of these shows as charity to assist the disaster victims"!!

That's a really generous thing to do given the circumstances!! I felt really happy and proud for my love for L' Arc when I read these news today. 

I think that commemorating the 20th anniversary of Laruku is surely something very happy to everybody but now another meaning was added to it. 

I've always seen L' Arc's works as positive, deep and treasurable. Their works have always chanted my dreams. Pieces of art very delicate and beautiful that express feelings, emotions, situations in a so hearty, passionate, truly and compassionate way. Their works are very human, full of our human feelings. 

Mixed together with all the feelings their famous compositions arise in different ways in the heart of the people, inspiring them in their own lives, making their living more colorful and guiding them in the directions of their goals, now it seems to me all this will be extended to something much bigger because it'll help reconstructing a country!! 

We can’t avoid natural disasters. But we can all keep together and reconstruct and fight for the land we love, those we love, the truths we believe. It seems to me that in our time we’ve come to be more and more able to help and assist those in need. Donations are much easier now to reach their destiny than in 80, 300 years ago, so it seems to me that all the technology does help and the concept I used to hear in class that the world is smaller now is actually right.
We can’t avoid such natural disasters and their consequences but we can practically soften sorrow by helping. 

So, I think it’ll be a marvelous live those 2 lives in May, full of what Laruku has from their best naturally: vivid dreams, happiness, tenderness, energy, passion, vital power and much hope for the future. They’ll rebuild what is need with rainbow colors~!!

I want to help too!!


There's another iniciative started by QUINTILLION QUIZ.


Each click on the video will turn into 1¥ to the Japan Red Cross in support of the Quake and Tsunami Victims in Japan. It's a good way of helping Japan now and it's also a very good song!!!! =)

Every small effort shows a warm and gentle intention that'll surely help =)

I wish the japan I love will be completely recovered soon and people will retake their everyday lives in safety. And the manace of nuclear disaster will be over.


The other news about Laruku is that L' Arc~en~Ciel will have a song as the theme of the new Fullmetal Alchemist movie that'll be released in 2011.07.02 and which is called 「鋼の錬金術師 嘆きの丘の聖なる星」 (Fullmetal Alchemist- The sacred star of the Milos). We can listen to a little bit of it in the official trailer of the movie!!!

This girl (涼 san ) wrote in her blog the piece of the song she could listen from the PV and it's like this:

「真っ直ぐに駆け出す 晴れ渡る青空は眩しい
追い風に煽られ 新しい日々が始まる
いつかまた会えるよ 振り返らずに明日へ向かう
you fly my way 信じる道へ」

""I'll run off straight
the blue sky that refreshes me is dazzlingly and the favorable wind stirs me up
New days will start
One day, we'll be able to meet again!! With no turning back, I head for tomorrow
you fly my way to the path of believing"

Beautiful lyrics~!!!

Monday, 14 March 2011



I'm praying for Japan to be a peaceful place again soon. No more threats of tsunami or earthquake nor nuclear accident. I pray there won't be more victims and that the population can live their lives peacefully.

Japan is very special to me. It has always made me very very very happy and it's the place I'd like to live in and where I was the happiest. It's also my honey's motherland. I love all of it.

My heart prays for safety.


Sunday, 13 March 2011



Just a little No.121128 Author: HYDE 2011-03-13 18:04:22

I'm going to let the light on to make you all feel warmer

I wish we'll soon return to peace

Dark night view No.121156 Author: HYDE 2011-03-13 18:26:52

The view of the night landscape that was beautiful is also quite dark now

The people in Tokyo are really collaborating as well

Light No.121167 Author: HYDE 2011-03-13 18:40:14

I knew we'd be told to save eletric energy

I mean I'm giving my best in each aspect.


Friday, 11 March 2011



Earthquake No.120817 Author: HYDE 2011-03-11 15:11:13

I am safe

because I entered under the desk

See you No.120966 Author: HYDE 2011-03-11 18:55:55

Lately I've been concentrating in the recording and stuff.

I'm rehearsing for tomorrow~♪

Hn~ It's h.a.r.d

I wonder if there will be doraemon today~

Well, then see you later

Please, I want you all to take care.


I hope everyone in Japan is fine. I got very anxious when I heard the news about the earthquake at work. Two friends came to me to tell me what happened and I still didn't knew about it. I got very concerned, so I prayed to everyone to be safe (*^^*) When I got home and opened the computer, I fast went to honey's arms to know if he was okay. So I knew he was and he let the light in hydeist on for a long time last night. I'm very very happy haido san is safe and doing recordings. Surely he's in the middle of a great work. Other VAMPS members also commented they're doing fine and all L' Arc members are surely doing well.

(By the way, tonight I dreamt Laruku will held a live in Brazil for the 20th L' Anniversary!!!! The dream was perfect and I felt very happy to know I could go to their lives ^^)

Well, natural tragedies are really terrifying but we have to be stronger and helpful and do everything possible to prevent accidents, injuries and victims. 

God bless you all in Japan and whereabouts.