Saturday, 26 February 2011



Thanks to Facebook friends ^^, I've finally watched the episode 21 of the anime Bakuman where we can see Haido being the seiyuu of himself!!

We can also listen to EUPHORIA (Japanese version) in a live that is definitely very similar to BEAST 2010 lives. We can even see a poster of it (^__^)

And Haido san is a perfect seiyuu. I may say his voice sounds slightly different but no doubt it's honey's voice~~ Very cute.

It's an old dream I had of listening to Haido san as a seiyuu (voice actor) of one of my BL stories~~ !! It's good to know he could do it easily, though he said in a interview it was quite hard being a seiyuu, but the result is wonderful. So, congratulations, Haido san~~!!!

And though I've watched some episodes of Bakuman, I haven't watched all the sequence. I don't know much about the character Koogy. It seems he's been trying many things during his life, even music, but he's stopping his musical activities because he's aiming at being a mangaka!!

Well, but what really made me somehow all smiling deviously was the way he talked with haido san. I mean for my fujoshi mind... Well, I may say I felt those lines between them quite BLish~~

(^__^) Hai, I love it!!!!!!!!!!


H:"素晴らしいライヴだった。 プロデューサとして誇り思いよ~コージ"



H:"It was a wonderfu live. As a producer, I feel very proud, Koogy"

K:"Ha, ha Haido!!"

(^__^)/★\(^__^)" HI 5

H: "ここで待ってる"

H"I'll be waiting for you here"

K: "にゃ~必ず成功して帰ってくるよー"

K:"Nyaa, I'll surely have success and come back home~~"

Kyaa~~ You can watch the raw episode online here.


Friday, 25 February 2011



L' Arc on Brazilian TV!!!!!

Today was epic.

I'm very happy I read the news yesterday that L' Arc~en~Ciel would be in a Brazilian TV in a report about the 20th L' Anniversary!!! 

The TV show was a couple of hours ago and it was even broadcasted world wide through live streaming!!!

Very very cool. No need to say how excited I was. This is an old dream~!! Really.

The report was very good. I thought they'd show some images of VAMPS show in Chile but they just mentioned it. But we had REVOLUTION PV on the screen~*

I'm very happy with all the commemorations around 20th L'Anniversary. I wish I can commemorate it in a show as well.

I think I'm going to start some special prayers for that *____*

(^人^) Kamisama, onegai. I've been a good girl.

I've translated the what was said during the TV program about Laruku. Here you are. Hope you enjoy it~.

Translation by The Lady of Flowers from the Brazilian show "Leitura Dinâmica" shown on Rede TV in 2010.02.24 on L' Arc~en~Ciel.

Host: "They're one of the greatest names in the Japanese rock scene. L'Arc~en~Ciel has no limits to shock, enchant, make music, decipher and make much success anywhere they reach, including here in Brazil".

(Shutting from the Sky)

Host:"L' Arc~en~Ciel. This is the name that has been rocking out the Japanese rock scene for 2 decades and16 millions of albums sold!!

Dune versed about death, individuality, freedom and love, but their visual kei looks also drew the attentions, making the members to be seen as emotional characters, detached  from the sober and traditional Japanese society.

(The Forth Avenue Cafe)

And with the album True it also came the success! More than 1 million copies of the album was sold and the single "The Forth Avenue Cafe" was one of the tracks used for the anime "Rurouni Kenshin".

(Driver's High PV)

Ark and Ray were released simultaneously and Driver's High had the flavour of a super production .The single and albums were very well received.

(Ready Steady Go)

In the new century, the group has come back as an important name to Japanese rock and Smile brought us "Ready Steady Go" that shone as the track of another anime ,"Full Metal Alchemist"

(Killing me)

Awake, the 10th album of their career, was one of the best sellers of the group. Killing me, a huge success. The PV even shows a skate park and its surroundings!!

(Daybreak's Bell)

Kiss is their latest full length album. It was released in 2007 and the band was elected the Best Group in the history of the Japanese rock that year. The single "Daybreak's Bell" is included in the  themes of the anime Gundam.


The Brazilian fans still couldn't have the opportunity to see L' Arc~en~Ciel's show yet. At least, the vocalist hyde had been in South America before. He performed in Chile last year with the band VAMPS".


And since all those animes were mentioned, no need to say how excited I am over the next episode of Bakuman where Haido san will appear~!!

Just a teaser.


Now I can go have some sleep~ May we all have good dreams.

Good night. chu~


Friday, 18 February 2011


Text translated from here

20th L'Anniversary Year! The strongest of the best albums!!

L'Arc~en~Ciel is commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the band formation in 2011.

It's out the strongest of the best albums in which is compiled in 3 disks the musical trajectory of one of the monster bands that Japan has boasted to the world!!

Besides the hit singles everybody is familiar with, the innumerous well-known tunes in which we can feel the members' musicianship are a must-listen! This time in this work, it's also included the tunes that were released in their indies period and that have a firmly rooted popularity among the fans. Certainly, it will become the first L'Arc's all times best. And it's also included the cover song 「I Love Rock'n Roll」that’s being released for the first time !! All the songs are completely remastered.


1. Voice
2. Floods of tears
3. As if in a dream
4. Blurry Eyes
5. In the Air
6. White Feathers
7. Vivid Colors
8. 夏の憂鬱 [time to say good-bye]
9. I’m so happy
10. flower
11. さようなら
12. Lies and Truth (“True Mix”)
13. 賽は投げられた
14. Caress of Venus
15. “good-morning Hide”

1. 虹 (Album Version)
2. winter fall
4. Shout at the Devil
5. fate
6. あなた
8. 花葬
9. snow drop [ray mix]
11. Pieces [ark mix]
12. Driver’s High
13. 真実と幻想と
14. Sell my Soul
15. いばらの涙

2. finale
4. get out from the shell
6. 瞳の住人
8. New World
9. 叙情詩
10. AS ONE
11. Link -KISS Mix-
14. Pretty girl
15. I Love Rock’n Roll


There are two wonderful sites with info about L' Arc and interviews where each one of the members are talking about the release of the TWENITY, 20th L'Anniversary and their music carrier~ As far as I've read, they're pretty interesting~ I'm gonna give my best to make some translations from these sites. Hope I can do it.

★ excite MUSIC
★ Natalie


The TWENITY box containing the 3 best albums and a DVD will be released 2011.03.09

TWENITY BOX  (DVD restricted to the first-press edition) 3CD+DVD

Special design BOX + pompous booklet + music box included ( It's randomly included one among these songs: flower, Anata, New World, MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM)

* Promotion valid as long as it lasts the stock.

And if you're still not teased enough to buy TWENITY, there's one more add to the urge to have such wonderful Laruku’s best collection!! That is this promotion!!

"20th L'Anniversary year  campaign". The releases during 2011 from the Ki/oon records, L' Arc~en~Ciel,
TETSUYA will come with 1 seal sticked  on it. We have to collect 4 seals and send to the draw. The premiums are said to be "20th L'Anniversary' year special goods" which are divided in three categories: 

2000 people  - "Silver L'Arc" level prize.
200 people   - "Golden L'Arc" level prize.
And 20         - "RAINBOW L'ARC" level prize.

Dearest Nanani san at her Livejournal made a wonderful translation of the rules to participate in this campaign. 

I think it's also a very exciting thing to know that there are no restrictions such as "only Japan residents". So, after the tweets in foreign tongues during the starting live L'A HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the expectations towards a possible world tour, it's good that everyone that loves Laruku can participate in this campaign. I'd love to win the Niji prize~

And what makes me even more amused over this campaign is that to participate in the draw, you have to stick the seal on a post card and send it to Laruku's office!!! Oh~ sending postcards reminds me of my teenage when I used to send letters a lot, including Laruku's fan letters~ (^^) It's a very nostalgic feeling, my heart is filled with a warm feeling when I heard about it. I think that those people that follow Laruku's career for so long and that whenever think of the band feel the heart warmer as if caressed by a very special and dear friend, will surely feel some nostalgia while writing the address in the post card. I'd remember the time I used to write letters to friends and to Laruku as well.

(Viiiiiiiii, actually, they were all love letters addressed to Haido san!!! )

I really love the fact you have to send post cards. I think they'll receive many many many beautiful post cards from all over the world. 

(** counting my coins**)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

素晴らしき一日でラッキー★ Part 2


*This entry should have been posted in 2010. 12.30 that was when the events I mention here took place. However, I couldn’t finish the translation by the time, so, thinking that it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought it would suit the date properly. Much love for all of you~*

(...) The second lucky part of that day was getting to know that the new and last chapter of one of my favorite BL stories was out!! I felt really happy because I was looking forward to reading it for quite a time. Then, I avidly started reading ^^
I’m talking about the last chapter of the Finder Series arc called “Escape and Love” by Yamane Ayano.
I have to say I really loved this chapter!!! I love Asami and Takaba when they’re together, especially in the inspiring *cough cough* hot love scenes that Yamane sensei draws so well. Hai hai hai as expected for a last chapter, there were delicious hot scenes that satisfied the assumed Fujoshi here (^__^);
I love the way Asami and Akihito are getting closer and closer. I love how they’re achieving intimacy. And, considering the end of this arc, since they’re finally living together, I’m looking forward even more to reading the next chapter of the new ark!!! Hope it’s released soon ^^

What can we expect for the next chapters? I think Takaba has finally fully realized he loves Asami, he loves being together with Asami and being embraced by him. He has also realized that even though Asami assumes a possessive posture towards him as when he says “You’re mine”, he lets open space to Akihito decide what he wants. So, it’s not that Asami takes him merely as a thing he can play anytime he wants just like Takaba used to think. And, it’s quite clear that Tabaka won’t stop doing what he believes or risking himself for the passion of his job even though it’s against Asami’s will. And Asami seems to be more flexible about it.

I’m also very happy because the rabu rabu scene in the kitchen was superb. We got Asami san saying that he’ll be gentle and tease Takaba as much as he pleases!!! Asami is such a seme~ And, on the other hand, Takaba has finally turned from the reluctant uke to the audacious uke by saying “motto motto fukaku~” He’s grown, ne. And As they know each other, it seems to be reflected in sex as well ^^ It’s really an adult series, ne~

However, I have a feeling, the focus will slightly turn from the dangerous mafia underground to the everyday Asami’s life? Lol It’ll be fun seeing Akihito on the way of Asami’s home intimacy~ And those things that happened on the sink may happen in other rooms of his house~~~Kya~~~there’s more interesting things to come!!!!

The one thing I’m very curious about Asami is that he never seemed to worry about Akihito getting into his private life. I mean he’s been trying to get Akihito closer for quite a time. But, then, his personality is quite serious and mysterious and he deals with the underworld but yet he doesn’t seem to care to show off to Takaba. Is that contradictory? I don’t know…. Asami is a curious character to me because he has such calmness in him that looks like he can handle any situation and everything is under control. He even looks wiser. Maybe it’s because he’s older and he knows a lot from people’s behavior. Anyway, I wonder how deep Takaba can get inside Asami and if Fei will ever be discussed by them.

By the way, poor Fei. It seems his chances with Asami are totally gone. I like Fei. He’s a nice character. He’s very beautiful and his background story is very interesting. I used to think they’d form some kind of threesome. But looking the state of the story, it’s clear he has no place in their relationship. But he clearly said he’d return…. I wonder how’s gonna be Fei Long when he appears in the series again.

The comic of “Escape and Love” will be released in 2011.04.09 and it’ll be called “ファインダーの情熱/ “Finder no Jyounetsu” (The Finder’s Passion).

And, something that made me really happy that day happened. While I was on twitter in frenetic exchange of messages. Yamane sensei replied 2 tweets I sent her~~ Kyaaa, hope it’s a good omen for my BL activities this year. I want to rule the BL world in Japan~~~~*

Translation: Lady of Flowers
Thanks to everybody in the Yamane Ayano Livejournal community

Takaba: It's just like Asami says.

Finally the last chapter of the adult series.

Takaba: "Unconsciously, I end up getting to this place"

The shaking Akihito will pick up the scoop or Asami....!?

Takaba:"-----I can't be apart from Asami......"

Takaba:"But..... is it OK...?"

Takaba:" keep on dancing this way inside Asami's hands without doing anything that I have to do-------"