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素晴らしき一日でラッキー★ Part 2


*This entry should have been posted in 2010. 12.30 that was when the events I mention here took place. However, I couldn’t finish the translation by the time, so, thinking that it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I thought it would suit the date properly. Much love for all of you~*

(...) The second lucky part of that day was getting to know that the new and last chapter of one of my favorite BL stories was out!! I felt really happy because I was looking forward to reading it for quite a time. Then, I avidly started reading ^^
I’m talking about the last chapter of the Finder Series arc called “Escape and Love” by Yamane Ayano.
I have to say I really loved this chapter!!! I love Asami and Takaba when they’re together, especially in the inspiring *cough cough* hot love scenes that Yamane sensei draws so well. Hai hai hai as expected for a last chapter, there were delicious hot scenes that satisfied the assumed Fujoshi here (^__^);
I love the way Asami and Akihito are getting closer and closer. I love how they’re achieving intimacy. And, considering the end of this arc, since they’re finally living together, I’m looking forward even more to reading the next chapter of the new ark!!! Hope it’s released soon ^^

What can we expect for the next chapters? I think Takaba has finally fully realized he loves Asami, he loves being together with Asami and being embraced by him. He has also realized that even though Asami assumes a possessive posture towards him as when he says “You’re mine”, he lets open space to Akihito decide what he wants. So, it’s not that Asami takes him merely as a thing he can play anytime he wants just like Takaba used to think. And, it’s quite clear that Tabaka won’t stop doing what he believes or risking himself for the passion of his job even though it’s against Asami’s will. And Asami seems to be more flexible about it.

I’m also very happy because the rabu rabu scene in the kitchen was superb. We got Asami san saying that he’ll be gentle and tease Takaba as much as he pleases!!! Asami is such a seme~ And, on the other hand, Takaba has finally turned from the reluctant uke to the audacious uke by saying “motto motto fukaku~” He’s grown, ne. And As they know each other, it seems to be reflected in sex as well ^^ It’s really an adult series, ne~

However, I have a feeling, the focus will slightly turn from the dangerous mafia underground to the everyday Asami’s life? Lol It’ll be fun seeing Akihito on the way of Asami’s home intimacy~ And those things that happened on the sink may happen in other rooms of his house~~~Kya~~~there’s more interesting things to come!!!!

The one thing I’m very curious about Asami is that he never seemed to worry about Akihito getting into his private life. I mean he’s been trying to get Akihito closer for quite a time. But, then, his personality is quite serious and mysterious and he deals with the underworld but yet he doesn’t seem to care to show off to Takaba. Is that contradictory? I don’t know…. Asami is a curious character to me because he has such calmness in him that looks like he can handle any situation and everything is under control. He even looks wiser. Maybe it’s because he’s older and he knows a lot from people’s behavior. Anyway, I wonder how deep Takaba can get inside Asami and if Fei will ever be discussed by them.

By the way, poor Fei. It seems his chances with Asami are totally gone. I like Fei. He’s a nice character. He’s very beautiful and his background story is very interesting. I used to think they’d form some kind of threesome. But looking the state of the story, it’s clear he has no place in their relationship. But he clearly said he’d return…. I wonder how’s gonna be Fei Long when he appears in the series again.

The comic of “Escape and Love” will be released in 2011.04.09 and it’ll be called “ファインダーの情熱/ “Finder no Jyounetsu” (The Finder’s Passion).

And, something that made me really happy that day happened. While I was on twitter in frenetic exchange of messages. Yamane sensei replied 2 tweets I sent her~~ Kyaaa, hope it’s a good omen for my BL activities this year. I want to rule the BL world in Japan~~~~*

Translation: Lady of Flowers
Thanks to everybody in the Yamane Ayano Livejournal community

Takaba: It's just like Asami says.

Finally the last chapter of the adult series.

Takaba: "Unconsciously, I end up getting to this place"

The shaking Akihito will pick up the scoop or Asami....!?

Takaba:"-----I can't be apart from Asami......"

Takaba:"But..... is it OK...?"

Takaba:" keep on dancing this way inside Asami's hands without doing anything that I have to do-------"

Takaba: "Whose fault is this?"

Asami:"----- That's not mine"

Asami:"You're merely doing fruitless efforts alone"

Asami:" What about accepting it?"

Asami:" You're mine... Don't defy me"

Asami: " Doing as much as you can to act almost as if you didn't want this"

Takaba: Even though he tells me I'm his possession, my current self does nothing about it

Takaba: "You're ... You're kidding...."

Takaba: I felt from the bottom of my heart it was disgusting when I was almost fucked by that guy called Sakazaki

Takaba: During that moment, I remembered Asami...

Takaba: I know it's serious, but..... I.....

Takaba: I can only seek for Asami's caress--------

Asami: (on Takaba's nipple) *kiss*
Takaba: "Ahh, Hnnn"

Takaba: Nnnn
Asami: (opening the zipper)

Takaba: "Ahhh, Asami....."

Takaba: "Ahhh ahhhh Ahhhh"

Takaba: "Hnnnn"


Takaba: I'm always..... exposed--------

 Takaba: Nooo


Takaba: "No~"

Takaba: Asami---------

Asami: "Today, I'm gonna do you gently"

*Rubbing on something slippery*

Asami:" Taste it slowly...."
 Takaba:"Haaa, haaa"

* in and out*

Takaba: "Ahh, hnnnn"

Asami:"You've been teased by my fingers"

Asami:"I think it'll excite you..."

Takaba:" Aaah aahhh"

*in and out*

Takaba:"Ahhh.... Asami..."

* bang* *bang* bang*

Takaba:"Ahhh ahhhh More, more,..... deeper...."


Takaba:"Hnnn Ahhhhh"

Takaba:" Hnnnn"

Asami:"Ahhh ahhh ahhhhh Hnnnn"

Takaba:"..... I surely won't surrender"
Takaba:" no matter what this time to you...."

Asami:" If you're determination is this strong, then do as you please"
Asami:" It's fine if you try to do what you were thinking"

Takaba:"What?! Is that OK?"

Takaba:"However, I'll only retrieve the gun. And then I'll give it to you".
Takaba: !

Takaba:"But that man wants to get you ...."

Asami:"Do you really think he can do anything to me?"

Asami:" such rat "


Takaba:What's this Asami's composure....

Takaba: Why the hell am I seriously concerned...?


*Asami wakes up because he listens to something*

Takaba:" Ah, Asami. You woke up!
Takaba:"I'm preparing our breakfast♪"

Asami:" What's happening?"
Takaba:" Look, look at this!! When I broke the egg, there were twins~ I'm really lucky★
Takaba:"I'm... I'm gonna do anything: cooking, laundry, cleaning...."

Takaba: " So, let me stay here until the heat from the rumors ceases...!"

Takaba:" I could keep my job but I've still been followed by the fans of Aichan and I can't go back to my house..."

Asami:" Tea"
Takaba:"Tea! Yes, tea!"
Takaba: If I want to leave, I can leave....
Takaba: No matter what adversity I may face, I'll strongly keep on living here......."

Good luck, Akihito!! Until the day you become a honorable man that can surpass Asami!!

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