Thursday, 30 December 2010

素晴らしき一日でラッキー★ Part 1


I have to say: It’s a Perfect Day!!!!

I woke up kinda late from my usual (probably because yesterday was full of activity~w), had my breakfast, played with my cat and went to my computer to know about the news.

Then, the excitement inside of this single day burst open!!!

L’ Arc~en~Ciel has a twitter account!!!! 


Thinking about this isolated event wouldn’t be as exciting as when we remember how exciting has been this life of full twitter activity during lives, TV shows, radio programs, net live broadcasting, to collect info and all the intense world wide interaction. VAMPS twitter and all the twitter accounts related to the band are one good proof of how full of joy one can be after clicking that innocent “following” button. I have my issues over Twitter because it doesn’t store very old data, but I do love how useful it is in fast connecting people and sharing information and feelings.
So, foreseeing a flood of close interaction that may come, I felt very exciting over L’ Arc~en~Ciel’s twitter account. I hope all their Laruku fans can share their love and expectations over the 20th Anniversary commemorations through it…

…Following the L’ Arc 20th Anniversary commemorations, I also got to know that there’ll be a net streaming and twitter coverage in the day of 2 great events: L’ Arc performing “BLESS” in Kouhaku Utagassen in NHK channel and the countdown live that will officially open the commemorations of the 20th anniversary which is called “L’ A HAPPY NEW YEAR” ^^
You can see the countdown to the USTREAM in L’ Arc’s website!!

Oh, it’s about to start!!!

About the USTREAM, it was said by @OISHI_MASAHIRO :

Translated: “*Attention* It's not a hook-up during the live! The UST x Twitter is meant to celebrate with the whole world the 20th Anniversary and getting excited together”

And he even posted in English!!

@OISHI_MASAHIRO 【Attention!】(cont'd) There might be some surprise, so make sure to stay tuned!"

"there might be some surprise”!!! What surprise, I think…. And yes, I can only think of something about a World Tour!!!!!

OMG!!! Is this my chance to see my adored band, L’ Arc~en~Ciel live???!!! And more important than anything, am I going to feel all the happiness of being in Haido san’s arms again??? Oh~~~~~it may be only hope right now but I believe wholeheartedly it will come true ^^

YEAH!!! It’s a very Happy Day!!!! For me L'A HAPPY NEW YEAR has already started *__*

…But my day was only starting….


Sunday, 26 December 2010



As for the New Year's Eve,

I'll look back on the year that passed (K)

Every year I say "It was so fast~~" when I look back at it (H)


Saturday, 25 December 2010




 Merry X-mas!!! I wish we can all live in a world of peace, love and brotherhood. I wish good can flourish in every heart. I wish I could embrace you all now. Much happiness from now on, I wish you all~*

These two are also wishing us all Merry Christmas (*^__^*)

from VAMPS twitter

★メリークリスマス☆ ハイドサンタ 24 Dec

(Merry Christmas ★ Haido Santa )

★Merry X'mas by K.A.Z     25Dec

I'm not inferring they spent X-mas together, though. Well, maybe they did. Whatever. I love Haido san!!!

For those who don't know, Haido Santa is Haido san's personification during X-mas season. He writes things and signs as Hyde Santa. Like the blog entry last year I translated here where he said he wanted to eat the tights of the female bird (!! However, he played the bird this year wearing that gorgeous outfit in MStation during X-mas Eve, so... ) and these twitter messages above. Sometimes, he even dresses like Haido Santa. I think it's cute~* I always wished him to appear in my room and give me something. Well~ so this is Haido santa.

This was sent for me by a friend. It's her view of haido Santa, ne. I love it. I think she based Haido Santa in Dumbledore?? Nice choice~*

However, this work depicts another aspect of Haido Santa: his naughtiness!!! This Haido Santa looks like a hentai!!! WTF!!! This is X-mas, honey chan~* Everyone knows about your naughty ways already. What are you intending to do with your hands there~ Behave yourself, it's Xmas~* Family is coming for lunch and here I am writing about a perverted version of Santa!!!

Ah, it's helpless. I love Haido Santa~And no one dare to tell me Santa San doesn't exist!!! I trust in him wholeheartedly.

Lots of kisses for you all!!





Thank you lovely yuiku san for the transcription of the show (*__*) During my excitement, I can swear Haido san said he loved soba and sweet things hahahaha


Tamori: "Have you faced any self-challenge this year?"

hyde:"Well, I ended up getting fat. I got really fat in the beginning of the year. And I came to think that I couldn't return to L'Arc that way, so I started a diet based on lack of carbohydrate and saccharin. Though I couldn't include sweet things nor carbohydrates, I was in good health/ shape"

Tamori:"Was it effective?"

hyde:"Yes it was, as much as possible"

Tamori: "But do you have a predisposition to getting fat?" 

hyde:"Yes, I really do. When I'm left alone, I'll end up getting fat"

Tamori:"I really didn't know about that"

Tamori:"What do you want the next year to be?"

tesuya:" Next year, we'll be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of our formation, (**clapping hands**) so the band will be also turning 20 years-old, so I really want you to meet this adult L'Arc~en~Ciel".


It was very exciting watching the MStation Super Live with other Laruku fans from all around the world ^^. We were all talking through twitter and I had a great time *_* Too bad, during Laruku’s performance, the transmission failed and we had to count on keyhole program which was overloaded, making me only listening to what was going on T_T I got really pissed off that time. Fortunately, the show was uploaded on youtube some time after~* I’m grateful. L’ Arc~en~Ciel performed 2 wonderful songs: Winterfall and Ready Steady Go~~*

It’s good to see L’ Arc returning to their activities. Though, I have an impression that if it wasn’t for the 20th Anniversary, Haido san, at least, would still stay side by side with K.A.Z san ^^ They’ve built a strong link during these years, ne~ Well, Haido san is a successful artist and he can say he has 2 successful bands. That’s something really impressive, ne. K.A.Z san has to understand that Haido san can still find some time to go fishing with him from time to time. But if the schedule tightens up too much, what they’ll do? Maybe some phone calls or emails to keep in touch. Oh, poor K.A.Z san T_T

Well, but I’m changing topics, it’s L’ A HAPPY NEW YEAR time!!! And Laruku did great on MStation!! They looked and sounded gorgeous~* Haido san dressed a very fashionable piece, ne. He looks very fresh and genki. It’s like time makes him better and better. Better and yummier~* It’s quite amazing. Maybe it’s only happiness that makes us that way. I’m happy for him. He danced all over the stage and looked veeeeeery cute blond with that hairdo ^^ I loved his black feather scarf~ He looked like an angel with black wings~* And quite girly sometimes. Very fancy, too. His voice tone was also beautiful. I don’t know if the transition to Laruku mode is easy or not. But I could still feel some VAMPS tone on his voice. Some eager to make it sound more aggressive, intense maybe. I mean during Winterfall. Winterfall is quite a soft slow song, ne. Haido san, don’t refrain yourself!! If you want to make it in a more intense/aggressive way, faster I guess it’s OK. You can’t really know if it’ll be OK or not if you don’t try it ^^

Or it was just me melting together with his voice?? Well, I sang along with it all the time~*
It was good to see tecchan, yukki~and kenchan all together ^^ Next week, it’s L’A HAPPY NEW YEAR live!!! I really want to go~*

I liked the interview as well, but I think hyde was not really talking about getting fat~w!! It can’t be because he’s never looked fat at all~ We all know they were on a diet. Not only him but all VAMPS. The whole year. He said, if he’s left alone, he’ll end up getting fat. Oh~* Let me help you with it, Haido san (^_^)/ We can exercise together. YEAH!!!

And I am very interested in what tecchan said about adult Laruku. Yes yes yes “adult” might make me think of more openness on the stage, more contact with their fans, more human touch, sexiness and things like that but listening to that also made me remember how great they are!! They’ve done wonderful works along their career and they have a huge musical background. So, more than anything they can do on stage (and I’m sure the lives are going to be spectacular) I’m more curious about their sound. As I always say here, I love KISS. For me this album is perfect. And after loving it, I always wondered what could come for next. They did great lives and released many works in their solo projects. I’m sure they spent some time on their own and did things that gave them some pleasure. I hope they’re coming back full of self-energy and creativity. When we have energy and creativity we do things with love and it never becomes a burden even if we have much work to do. I hope they enjoy commemorating their 20th anniversary. And I’m looking forward to it with much expectation and curiosity to know what adult L’ Arc~en~Ciel will sound like.

And so that was my X-mas Eve morning. During afternoon I did a big cleaning on my bedroom T_T I think it got out of control at some point because I was veeeeeeeeery exhausted during midnight!!


Sunday, 19 December 2010



If I were to give a Christmas present to the members, it'd be a reindeer!

They'd probably get angry (laughs) (K)

Santa Claus! But he's an old mister (laughs) (H)


Sunday, 12 December 2010



Original live report was written by 翡翠さん @mixi. Thank you so much Hisui san for your great work (^__^)/

2010.12.08 - VAMPS TOUR 2010 at Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Before the live

HYDE san entering the venue~~ *

HYDE san's pet~~ * (** Is it one of the teletubbies?  ¬_¬**)

 Rehearsal now~~ *


K.A.Z san's present check time~~ *

At Yoyogi, before opening the gates, I was in the crowd, taking a commemorative photo. I've come from a violent shot (^_^)/ Too bad it was rather dark~~(cry)


The gates were opened~~~~!! (note) It'll get dangerous if you run!!

 It's 20 mins to the actual performance. This is the appearance of the backstage at the moment.

The venue feels like that while waiting the live~~ *

We're almost there. The tension in the guest seats are also MAX~~ *

The last live at Yoyogi started~~ *







14.Lucy in the sky with Diamonds(Until the middle)


14.Lucy in the sky with Diamonds(From the middle)






HYDE:"Hi~~~~~Let's enjoy the last one!! Let's make many times over so we won't forget anything!! Let me see your habitual crazy face!! You're cute..."


HYDE: "Let's come together.... Let's go to Paradise.... forever... Together, for all the eternity.... Eternally.... With all my heart.... I love you...."


JIN:"Ladies and gentlemen present here at Yoyogi Gymnasium. Good Night. At last, the long-lasting LIVE comes to its final today. Today seems like a challenge while it embraces every feeling of all the members....

By the way, I don't have this way of speaking of a ghost host habitually... Since I dare saying my normal way of speaking is not quite rockish, I changed a bit my speaking tone, but..... I thought of trying to use my usual tone of chatting at least for the last day.................... Yes. For instance, I'm Saito JIN~~ w I'm sorry for this plain voice instead of that other one with a feeling of tension I used to put on it~w

Errrr, I'm very grateful for these 3 years that you let me enjoy a lot as VAMPS' support member. Awhile ago, I asked to a staff to search this info .... and the number of the VAMPS' lives is really impressive.... In the year 2008, we had 49 lives. In 2009, 59 lives. In 2010, 75. In total, they count 183 lives. The case is we’ve made such an splendid number of lives!!! Besides, when we include the rehearsal and the training camp days here, we can have the true feeling that we really stayed a long time together ~w

I often feel very embarrassed and can't tell things right on the face, but.... Thank you VAMPS!!! And....Thank you ADDICTS!!!! Well, .... The LIVE is soon getting to the second half.... I think it's getting to the end.... Then, VAMPS' Ladies and Gentlemen, before you press on me with more (*searching for words*) questions all at once, fu fu fu..... hahahaha..... (JINsan's bitter laughter)"

HYDE:"I'm hungry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! I'm hungry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! The craziest person here is gonna feed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!! Where are you!!!!! Where are you!!!! At the standing area~~~~~~~~??? At the Arena~~~~~~~~~~?? Let's hunt together!!!!Let's HUNTING!!!!!!!!!"

- During HUNTING -

HYDE:"May I keep on doing it? May I keep on doing, doing it? ~~w Where is~"

- Teasing before TROUBLE -

HYDE:"Ohhhhhh~ Ohhhhhh~Hey hey hey, Tokyo!! Today... Get crazy!!! You all and we all, let's get crazy!!! Let's go to a nice place together!!! Because I'm going to lead you to a nice place!!! Please, listen to what this older man is saying~~* Because I'm gonna take you to a nice place~ Do it!!Do it~~~~~~~~~!!! Do it~~~~~~~~~!! Are we making, Yoyogi? I hate when it's only half-hearted words. Do it~~~~~~~!! We won't have it in awhile? Do you understand?Do you know about it? Do it~~~~~~~~!!

I'm telling you to save money. I'm telling you to save~~~~~!!! Spill it all out from that so-called hole. Are you following me? Will you let out a higher voice just a little? Come on come on come on....................fu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ww More, more, more!!!! Yoyogi!!!! Do it!!!! Do it !!!! Yoyogi~~~~~~!!Do it~~~!!! Waaaaa!!!! Let's come more!!! More More More!!! Because if you let out your higher voice, I'll end up coming!!! Wow~~~~~i!!! x 8"


HYDE:"Come on Arly!!!"
Arly's Solo. In the big LED screen, it was written HAPPY BIRTHDAY. When the solo finished, the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song was sang in a chorus---→cake.

HYDE: "Well, ....Congratulation. Happy Birthday. Ah, you’d better not eating it~w well, there you go!! (*Arly blows the candles*) Tell us some words...."
Arly: "Well,.... To be frank, you receive the schedule of what would be done in this live, right? I was aware of it quite a long time before, ne. Well, it’s an enormous happiness being able to celebrate my birthday in front of this huge crowd. Well, though it's my birthday today, I was watching the camera in the entrance in the monitor before and it seems there are people whose birthday is also today, so....Congratulations for you!!!! And Congrats for me as well!!!"

HYDE:" Which means ..... Don't bring a birth day to the last day. Ah, he's not listening.... OK. As for your birthday. Let's drink together after here!!!
Sooooo, you all, don't save regrets!! Can I make it!! Because today is our last day together!!! Please, go crazy!! Can I make it?! Since I want to make it an intense night, I need your help!!! Help me!!! Come on!!!!! Lucy!!!!!!!!"

- The hook-up before REVOLUTION –

Instead of K.A.Z, a golden frog doll. HYDE lip-synced it saying: "K.A.Z? Ah, there? Come". K.A.Z enters on the stage and while playing a little with the frog..... HYDE (makes it) kiss K.A.Z's cheek.


Ju-ken: "Yeah~~~!!! Tokyo yeah!!! It's getting to the end. It was also very enjoyable for me. I may say I had a great experience..... Ohhh, the earthquake? Somehow, I've really received various great things as a present from God.... As a person, as well as a musician. I received 2 dear brothers I can reverence:.... HYDE san.....K.A.Z san.... 

Though we're the same age, Arly who is like a brother and sister I can rely on....And, after me, holding me back is the bad drunk lady (?) JIN san.... It's really a great joy being able to be part of this team. Thank you, truly!! Now I used the word "team", but it’s not only us. It's also the staff that are always supporting us as well. That’s how I feel..... Of course, I feel the same about everybody that nicely came here today..... I also feel the same about the VAMPS fans, the ADDICTS from all over the world that for some reason could not be here.... I think this doesn't consist only of us. If this feeling continues, since we're all Team VAMPS.... Let's meet somewhere again. Thank you~~ !!"

HYDE: "Hai. Hai. Hai. Hai...... There’s already just a few left by now, but first of all.... Let's have fun!!! Before, your voice was greatly high, right? May you let me listen to it once more?......................Fu.........!!! So, if you can do it, you really can do it. Because I won't forget you all..... So, listen to MEMORIES, please".


K.A.Z:" Errrr.... This year, we've done 75 lives and we've also toured around the world.... Errr..... We could only really get this far because of you all. I'm truly thankful to all the staff that supported VAMPS in the shadows... Thank you!! Really.... You're all very nice people. Somehow, HYDE almost cannot find time to sleep and stays up making plannings, designs, ne..... Soon... it will be over. .... Everyone, please, in the end, make yourself good memories, have fun and get back home. Let's meet again. Thank you..."

HYDE:"Huum~~ Make it a little brighter, please (**the illumination**). It's dark. Hey!! Then, I’m supposed to say some words as well.... It really seems that during these 2 years and a half I abandoned myself making all the things I wanted to do as a child. All around the world, ne.
Though we've made a lot..... Thank you so much for following these VAMPS!!! Well, I think there's no one who got to this point in 2 years and a half. It almost feels very surprising having this resume (**the amount of lives they've done**) in only 2 years and a half. Somehow, I know I'm really reaching to the depths of you. Even if I tell you it's your vibes, it's really that vibe there, but I'll reach it. No matter if I’m doing this here, or if I'm doing this in a small place, the sensation doesn't change. Surely, I know such connection is rare to get.....Feeling this way about us... Thank you. 

VAMPS (**the band**) was enjoying it while she kept going… Because of that, ... I asked you to wait for us in the entrance because I also wanted to meet you so much when we were entering the venue~w It was terribly enjoyable. I think we're not just fan and artist, we're friends.... When you're not excited, the concert doesn't come up~w Let's make it again together, LIVE.

Until then, keep on saving a lot every way, please. Are you OK with that? Because we're both addicted to VAMPS~w Well..... You tell me a lot "Thank you", but.... Actually, that's my line, so thank you!!!!!! Thank you all, ne. Well, since something here is getting damp...Do you want to try going crazy with me? Ahhh, here I go!!!! Tokyo!!!!!!!You told me to let everything out!!!!!I'm going to explode!!!!!!! Here I go, Tokyo!!!!! Tokyo!!!!!! Here I.......go!!!!!!!!!Tokyo!!!!!!! Well, KAZ kun, let's come.....?"

- After the end of the performance -

HYDE:"Thank you----------------Tokyo!!!!!!!You're all fantastic..... So, that's why I'm coming back here again. Until then, wash your neck and wait for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yoyogi's last  hunting~~ *

Everybody looks like they're all having much fun today~~ *

 The birthday of ARIMATSU san was celebrated on the stage( ´ ▽ ` )ノおめでとうございます♪


 Yoyogi's STOMP is not ceasing to resound ( ̄▽ ̄) ~~ *

MEMORIES!! Now the 1 page of memories is engraved  (*^^*)

It's a fairytale-like world now~~ *

We're in the last song.  It's been intensely exciting until t  he end (^O^☆♪

 The Last LIVE at Yoyogi finished safely. Even though it's finished, the big excitement of the audience is not ceasing~~

 This time, at Yoyogi, we received flowers from many people. Thank you.

 Flowers, thank you (2nd time)

Flowers, thank you (3rd time)

And we received a lot of flowers that could be seen, decorating the stand!

(on the note with the flowers) Celebration~From HYDE  to the Young Ladies

Having the collaboration of everybody, this tour was a success!

On the Yoyogi's stage. The scenery seen by HYDE san from his place on the stage!! It felt like that when he was looking at you (^。^) For now, finished with the venues, we closed the curtains!

Well, I'm very happy for VAMPS activies this year. Those guys did really great. They've been working quite hard since New Year, as far as I can remember!! Also, they successfully released a veeery good album, BEAST, which is really impressive and even better then their 1st work. I love this album, actually. They got a wonderful balance in the compositions and the quality of their sound and richness is undeniable. I'm happy I could listen the band twice live. It's amazing, really. And the lives are fun and very exciting. HYDE san and K.A.Z san did great with VAMPS and surely ARIMATSU san, JIN san and Ju-ken san were necessary parts of it all, making their mixture possible, contributing with their experience, art, music and friendship ^^

I think I feel just like Haido san said about the end. Time has passed and I didn't feel it. I remember I got to know VAMPS returning to HYDE san who sweetly healed some wounds in my heart whispering in my ears with that voice of his_ the only one I'll ever love_ the songs of L’Arc’s KISS album, making me remember what true love sounds like. 

So, returning to his arms, I've met VAMPS. Hopefully. And while I was writing many posts about them, the closer I got. And further I went. I've become a hydeist member and got to know Haido san a little better, reading his posts, interviews and talking to his fans ^^ By his words in the MCs, I knew his naughty tricks, charms and preferences(^^) Then, at a certain moment (I think I may say that. Yeah, it was somewhere while getting closer to his sexiness) I began to see through the artist, through the person I got to know in a magazine that I was used to admire as a muse. Somehow he became real to me.

In this process of becoming real to me, I think I’ve also become more mature as a human in different fields of my life. He inspires me even more now and I admire him deeply. Sometimes, when I see the powerfulness and the vitality in the way he makes his imagination alive, putting into shape his ideas, I feel very inspired and full of energy to do the same myself about certain aspects of my life, work and everything. Lots of people think that doing beautiful artistic things are just a matter of having the touch of Beauty and some inspiration but it's not. Putting art into practice requires sooo much physical and mental effort from the artists. It's a really hard work and, before anything, a matter of perseverance. So, I've learned with Haido san during these 2 years and a half we spent together with VAMPS: 

1-to have perseverance over my projects 2- to believe anything is possible 3- real love exists 4- God looks after all of us 5- we're all part of God and we're magically connected no matter how far we are 6- it's important to have dreams and fight to make them come true 7- a sound may vary according to the country your are ^^ 8- we don't have necessarily to leave our child side as we age 9- Japanese is beautiful and trickery 10- ame to muchi is only good when I'm receiving ame~~ * 11- once sexy, always sexy 12- Haido san's male body is very inspiring 13- Santa Claus exists~~ *


So, love has bloomed intensity to that level that makes me feel that it could never really get to an end. Because, as I've always believed, good things, the things that makes us happy will never end as long as they live inside us. Such things last forever. 

I may say I touched one of my biggest and most cherished dreams this year. I feel very lucky because when I was in Japan, the familiar, loved voice and the sounds I heard were from him. I went to VAMPS concert and, by that time, I felt I was not crazy for loving so deeply.I felt happiness, excitement, love and the fusion was marvellous.

Together with all the great moments I had there in Japan, helping to construct this nice warm feeling of happiness I feel every time I recall my time in there, there is that incredible crazy night. He was there with me. And all his band was there with me. And all these 12 years made sense.

No, Haido san, for all you've always given to me, it's still I who have to thank you. Thank you a lot. I love you. I’m very happy we could exist at the same era~* I hope you keep on putting into practice anything you get in this precious genius mind of yours. I’m looking forward for beautiful things in the future~*

And thank you all VAMPS members. You do know how to make good music~*

VAMPS made such a great job making a wonderful tour in Japan and in many countries overseas. Many people were very happy joining their lives.

Personally, I feel very satisfied. BEAST tour was wonderful. I came a lot with Haido san.  I got crazy amd shouted with intense joy. I let out my higher voice and danced, jumped and enjoyed it all with no regrets~* I loved the tour. I don't feel sad because they'll do a pause in their activities because I'll also enjoy L'Arc~en~Ciel commemorating its 20th anniversary and I do feel they must be a little tired because they worked a lot in 2010. I feel happy because it was an amazing year!!

I’m looking forward for more good works by VAMPS in 2012, though~

I'll be waiting to be bitten once again.

But VAMPS still have the 「VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST -FINAL DINNER SHOW-」that will be held in Hokkaido.Furano, land of VAMPS’ memories, where surprises that exceed all the previous OFF KAI done until then will meet everybody. This event is restricted to VAMPADDICT members and their guests.

I want to attend it ~


 Team VAMPS~~ *

HYDE san having a date with yasu san from Acid Black Cherry!! (as if the Halloween Party wasn't enough!!)




December, 12th is Kanji's Day. If you discribed yourself in only one character (kanji), it would be...........

Monkey (猿)  (K)

Buddha (仏) (H)


Monday, 6 December 2010



Hyde san was online in hydest this afternoon (dead of night in Japan). He talked about the BEAUTY and the BEAST live that happened at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in 12.05. In VAMPS twitter, HYDE san said he'd love to try walking over the audience and that it'd be easier since only the boys (beasts) were supposed to be in the 1st floor and the girls (beauties) in the 2nd floor. To achieve such thing , there must be mutual trust, ne.

Actually, he really could nicely walk on them, as you can see here.  =D


Worn-out No.119293 Author: HYDE 2010-12-07 02:38:13

It's been awhile I last felt as exhausted as yesterday...

I think anyone else could probably collapse... laughs

But,it was an extremely pleasant feeling of exhaustion ...

The previous day, I got over excited thinking and couldn't sleep and since I was busy with the arrangements of the stage and some other things, the string of my mental tension was probably cut.

Arigatou No.119324 Author: HYDE 2010-12-07 02:49:57

It was because of you all who believed and came with me that the live was a success.

Again in the next time , I hope I won't betray this trust you put on me.

You were all totally awesome. The vamps' fans are cool.

When you pass by one of our gatherings again, do come to see us!

Good Night    No.119438 Author: HYDE 2010-12-07 03:19:24

I'm looking forward to being able to see you tomorrow, too!

See ya (*)

(*) Shitarana