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The amusing point in Halloween is...

Being able to wear a costume (K)

The point where it seems I got lost in the Wonderland (H)


Thursday, 28 October 2010



Event: HALLOWEEN Party 2010 (Day 1)
Venue: Kobe World Kinen Hall

LINE UP (2010.10.27): BREAKERZ, SCANDAL, Acid Black Cherry (ABC) and VAMPS~*

Set List 


Real Love




Murder Licence
罪と罰 ~神様のアリバイ~
Black Cherry
cord name【JUSTICE】


Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds


Black Cherry(HYDE)
世界は踊る (yasu)



They were dressed as the group AKB48 (in red school uniforms. Something as seen below)


MAMI: Hair like Minnie.
It seems the 4 members together were dressed like little demons, dressed in those typical Halloween costumes.


They were all dressed in samurai costumes~~*

Source: @YUKI_Snowman_XX

Hmmm, it reminds me of Otomen ^^


HYDE→ a beautiful Gothic Lolita

Some sketches from the fans that attended the live~~* The costume seems gorgeous, ne. I’m crazy to see the photos *__*

by @young2netさん

by  @nanahappyさん

by ふかみ まとしさん

by Naruse

by  lInaxxxdolly

by @ichi666xxxさん

K.A.Z→ A glam rock singer. Something alike Imawano Kiyoshirou san.

JU-KEN→ Avatar

Arimatsu→ Sulley from Monsters, Inc

JIN→ Nemesis of the game RESIDENT EVIL.



Translated mainly from the wonderful post from 2011 20th L'Anniversary World Tour(仮) 

★Generally speaking, it was yasu. I have to start saying that everything in the first day was yasu. MC "I watched the VAMPS rehearsal yesterday right in the front so I think my love miracle is happening here". In the encore, Hyde san sang Black Cherry (ABC song) and during the part in the lyrics that says "Put it inside" started a give and take such as "HYDE...release yourself, please" "Insi...Insi...Ah, I can't tell it" "Come on, inside? In the head?" etc etc as if something taken from some BL Drama CD!!!  (**kya~~~~~ **) .

He was in full bloom during ANGEL TRIP. He also got a fan and was  very happy at the side-stage, totally in high spirits. This Halloween was entirely yasu's.

Hyde san made an appearance in the karaoke contest that was open to anyone in the venue. He sang Black Cherry dressed in a costume like The Boondock Saints.

The costumes exhibited in the Hospitality Area look like they’re alive(photo by @ryou_dearly) 

During the encore, sat close to Ju-ken dressed as Avatar, SCANDAL looked somehow distressed by his presence wwww

Together with the encore, it seems the live finished around 23 o'clock, having more than 4 hours.

I'm worried about a typhoon in the weekend. But, if I can see Hyde dressed as a girl, I won't mind any typhoon or anything else!!!


I'm terribly excited to see photos~~*

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

MEMORIES, BL delirium and Halloween Party


VAMPS's 7th songle "MEMORIES"!!

VAMPS has confirmed the release of a re-cut single. In the DVD enclosed  there will be the PVs of "MEMORIES" and "PIANO DUET" which were recorded during the current tour overseas , and  a new version for both tunes!!


2010.12.15 RELEASE!! 

XNVP-00025/B(CD+DVD)¥1,500(tax in)
XNVP-00026(CD)¥1,000(tax in)

Pre-orders HMV,

 Source: VAMPS Official Site

I'm very happy because both tunes are very dear to me. MEMORIES reminds me of the time I was in Japan and Piano Duet reminds me of some nice moments I had in the very beginning of the year.

I don't know why though.... Somehow, when I listen to MEMORIES, it always comes to my mind a BL story. Really. If I could do a BL PV, I'd use MEMORIES in it!!! The lyrics talk about first love and how powerful and free it makes us feel. I love it. And when I picture the lyrics I have this image of boys riding on bikes during the sunset, walking on the beach and taking photos together. There's definitely a BL aura in it =D
Then the Halloween Party!!

It was announced that the three lives of the Halloween Party will have a karaoke contest called 「HALLOWEEN PARTY 2010×JOYSOUND×UGA From "KARAOKE" to the "STAGE"!! The attendants will sign up at the venue before the live and during a fixed time for each of the both venues they'll be able to sing the chorus of any songs of the artists that will perform in the Halloween Party at that day. Then, the person who achieves the best collocation will be able to play in the main stage in front of all the huge audience!! It seems that not only the ability of singing (kashouryoku) will be taken into consideration but also the ability to dress up (kasouryoku) ^__^ It seems it will be fun.

The contest will be held in a special area inside the venue called "Hospitality Area" which will also have an exhibition of the past costumes used in the lives and information ^__^

And its official website of the event has been updated!! I love the goods. I want a key case^^ And under the guide map there are the map of the venues and precious Q&A about the live for those that will attend. 

I like it ^^ Such things are really useful for someone who's attending for the first time or who is coming from afar.

Talking about Halloween,

Since everybody is making guesses on how are going to be the costumes this year, I 've made myself some Photoshop images just for fun ^^ 

The costumes for Hyde's Holloween are always very glamorous, ne. Last year were superb!! The expectations are high ^^ I think there will be guys dressed as girls again  *__* Maybe Hyde san will be a cute maid and will offer his "services" to clean our house. Or  he'll be a devotated num or a compassive nurse who is eager to heal us with her medicines ^^
Or maybe he'll be the passionate writer who has as a hobby collecting toys and whose stuffed bear, called Suzuki san, has become an icon in the Fujoshi World. "Usami Haido sensei"!!!  hahaha If so, I'd dress happily as Misaki kun, though I wouldn't be that reluctant ^^
I used  as inspiration for this one "Takumi kun Series- Nijiiro no Garasu" movie. It links well with my talk about MEMORIES having this vague BL aura in it (^^)

HYDE san: Hayada Takumi "Takumi kun"
KAZ san: Saeki Giichi "Gii"

"ねー、 ぎ~★"


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In October, 30th we celebrate The Day of the First Love. If I express one word that reminds me of of my first love, it would be......


The fish I let scape was a big one (*)(H)

(*) It means something like realising the person that you dismissed was actually a treasure.


Thursday, 21 October 2010


Shanghai No.117265 Author: HYDE 2010-10-21 02:45:44

I'm going tomorrow~♪

I'm really looking forward to it because it's the crab season in Shanghai!

The event ended up being cancelled  for this time but

we'll do the lives as planned♪

It's OK for us since there are fans waiting, but

the present situation is not good, so I think the fans that are going from Japan
should think carefully

From my part, I really can't say much but that

Hydeist's national anniversary day No.117286 Author: HYDE 2010-10-21 02:58:32

was it really~~?

I'm not up on that, so

I don't know about it


9 years?

Really awesome!

Many things happened~~

I've been supported by you all

no matter if you're an old lady or an old mister or a brat

because you're my especial group of friends

the fashion in music and entertainment is huge

I think they're people that will lose interest and separate, but

I'm very happy because you've been walking together with me along all this time

From now on, I think the style won't change, but

be kind to it, please

Ha~~~~~~i No.117301 Author: HYDE 2010-10-21 03:07:16

It's really fine.
Because I'm taken care by many people (laughs)

Well, I have some preparation to do, so

I'm going to turn it off~~

Good Night

See you later---

Because of some recent news on the politics affairs between China and Japan, the event that VAMPS would hold there was cancelled but the lives in China for the VAMPS World Tour will keep on as planned. The fans were worrying about the lives and so Hyde san comment about it. 

I hope the shows in Shanghai will be amazing~~~~* And everybody will have much much much fun there ^___^ 

Too bad I couldn't see the light on over again. Our timing is the worst nowadays, dear honey chan!!!

★And Hydeist commemorated it's 9th anniversary last Oct, 17th~~~~* Happy birthday, hydeist ^^ Keep on being this special place★

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EDITED 2010.10.27

Pays: France 
Date: 16/10/2010 
Lieu: Espace Grande Arche 

Raison: Parce que Paris est très belle et romantique, et ils veulent boire de l'amour~
Objectif: Manger des femmes françaises ~~

Well the last two is just my imagination running wild again. But it's simply because I'm being seduced by French language. Doesn't it sound very romantic, Haido san~~* 

**Before the show*

Promotion video~*

It's a report in French filmed during a Tokyo Zepp live~~* This one made me remember the live I attended~~*


As always, JIN san let us know a bit about what was going on in Paris~~*


"I arrived in France! It's 3 o'clock in the afternoon and the temperature here is 13 degrees. I came from Spain in a single flight (^^) The time difference between France and Japan is the same as in Spain: 7 hours".
14 Oct

"Now the promised Arc de Triomphe. It's big and it won't get crowded (^^)"
14 Oct

"Good morning. Paris is cloudy. The temperature is 10 degrees. It's 10 o'clock in the morning at the present time. It's cold. We had Japanese food yesterday It's the 3rd time we ate Japanese food during this tour. I was thinking that this time the syndrome of Japanese food abstinence wouldn't appear but I can't help thinking that when I eat Japanese, I feel it's earnestly delicious(^^) The time to return home is drawing near. I wonder what am I gonna eat when I get home? (^^)
15 Oct

Now, this is the promised Eiffel Tower.
15 Oct

"Now it's my free time (^^)  I'm at the Orsay Avenue now".
15 Oct

"I'm at the Place de la Concorde where Marie Antoinette was executed publicly"
15 Oct

"Then, I'm going to visit the Orsey Art Museum. It's prohibited to take photos inside the building so I'm gonna stay in silence for a while".
15 Oct

"And then this is the glass pyramid in front of the famous Louvre Art Museum."
15 Oct

"At the Sena River while looking at the Notredame cathedral in the distance! It was raining~
15 Oct

"By the way, the Orsey Art Museum was extremely good(^^  . All the famous works were disposed in a row such as those by Gogh, Millet, Renoir, Monet, Degas, Seurat, Gauguin, Lautrec, Klimt, Rodin etc etc! It was surprising seeing the famous Gogh's portrait that way in 3 dimensions! I'm happy I went there. It's  already very cheap just paying 8 euros for those I mentioned, ! "
15 Oct

"Unexpectedly, this is Sento kun that kept on giving his best on the world's stage. Even so, he's not a character that suits Paris(^^;;
16 Oct


And the site ~listen the world~ made a live coverage through twitter!! It seems there will be a full live report in the future~~* 

@listentheworld Dlyan

VAMPS Live in Paris 2010: Live Coverage !:
15 Oct

"Going to VAMPS' live ! It's rainy here, I hope it'll be Ok".
16 Oct

"The show starts in 1 hour".
16 Oct

"(Still in the train ..., almost there)"
16 Oct

"Here is it."
16 Oct

"Arrived at destination !"
16 Oct

"Fans are gathering here."
16 Oct

"According to a staff member, the show will be a bit delayed".
16 Oct

"(In the queue)"
16 Oct 

"Finally, the queue start moving".
16 Oct
16 Oct

"About 45 min late now".
16 Oct

"Off during the live, videos are forbidden".
16 Oct

"The live is over, please wait few dais for report".
16 Oct


  **On the Stage**                                                                                                        

Set List (Thanks to あいの☆L'20th★さん @ Mixi ^__^)





16.Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds



A very nice and interesting live report can be read here!!

Excerpts are from lovely nagaokagetora ~~* live report

"There were already 33 people there in the tunnel in front of the closed entry of the Espace Grande Arche. Most of them had slept before the venue and some were still sleeping when I arrived. A french girl with a list came up to me and explained to me that the first people (I think the first sixty) would get a number to make sure they will keep their spots in the line until the concert. I didn't quite work out in the end xD, but anyway I got my number 34 and sat down in the tunnel with my blanket because it was pretty cold in the morning."

"The first person I saw was K.A.Z. who took his place in front of us. I know a lot people came only for Hyde, but this concert convinced me again that Kazu is such a likeable guy, really. He cames across as so calm and concentrated on his guitar playing, only with a few friendly smiles from time to time. Sure he does some action in between, spins his guitar, moves around on stage, but somehow when my view on Hyde was covered by heads I really enjoyed looking at him xD. And he looked back at the audience with his calm and concentrated eyes. I had to force myself not to stare too much into his face because I thought he would realize it LOL. He really did an impression on me. He wore black trousers, I think 3/4 because when he put his foot on the amp I could see his leg tattoos a bit, then I remember a loose long sleeveless shirt with a net shirt over it, black, I forgot what was printed on it, then he had silver necklaces on and of course the typical Kazu hair. I could see his arm tattoo quite well also. His whole outfit fit him perfectly I think.

When I could see through the heads again I saw Hyde coming on stage. His blonde hair looked like it was cut a bit recently? I don't know, but he wore it really nice and styled with a bit of volume, but not too wild. Then he wore blue jeans with VAMPS printed on the backside, a black open shirt and a silver necklace with many crosses on it. Furthermore he wore some silver bracelets and I think they were with these crosses as well. His mike stand was covered with roses.

Ju-ken came with something long and black, a coat I think, and with his V cylinder on. He looks tall 8O. I couldn't see too much of Jin, I only saw he had his hair geled back and Arimatsu had some plain bright shirt on I think. Most of the time I only saw his head behind the drums anyway ;-)".
 "The sound quality was perfect I think. Hyde's microphone could have been louder at times, but maybe that's just me. I think the audience could nearly sing along each song and especially when the faster songs came everybody jumped and cheered. Hyde changed the microphone stand every once in a while and went to K.A.Z' microphone which was nice because then I could see him better :-), my place was definitely a K.A.Z place, not a Hyde place. But *when* I saw Hyde I caught only cute or funny things. Of couuurse he was doing his tongue licking thing that is supposed to be sexy, but somehow... the word of the evening for him FOR ME is CUTE or FUNNY. During hunting he stuck his tongue out several times like a doggie, it didn't look too sexy to me, I had to laugh xD. But the best part was Revolution. Right from the start he had these particular rhythmic dancing moves, I don't know how he wanted them to look like, but when we shouted "bang on stomp everybody" in the middle he improvised some "la la la" singing in between and me and Helen just had to laugh. A long with this dancing "style" it looked so funny and cute. I want to adopt Hyde, really. Later he gently took off his shirt (NO, not stripper-like like Gackt - like our decent little Hyde does!) and put it on the floor to put his guitar back on. It is really strange, but during the concert, no matter how "wild" Hyde acted, I had the impression that he is actually a very calm and reserved person deep inside. There were these moments in between songs where he just nodded and smiled a bit and looked so... polite xD"

"The concert lasted around two hours, maybe a bit more, but it passed by so quickly it's hard to believe. But one thing is sure, it was worth the waiting".

"Next time, if there will ever be a next time, VAMPS - bring twice the amount of merch with you and bring AT LEAST TWO stands of merchandise with you. Queueing AFTER the concert sucks ;-). One more remark: the Japanese (?) guy at the merchandise stand was such a nice and friendly person, please keep him!!! It was already so late and people were pushing again like crazy but he stayed calm and friendly and smiled. Nice guy, really!"

There's a very intimate live report by lovely adasama on her blog. Check it out~*



"Good Morning. The western World Tour part was completed. I could feel in this World Tour the difference in the reaction of each audience of each country and I realized the way of excitment and speed of adaptability etc that we see only in Japan. Moreover, I also realized that when I'm on a diet, I won't miss the Japanese food~w I'm going back to Japan temporarily.

17 Oct

That's it. Now I'm waiting for some fan videos (hopefully) and the MCs in French~~*



Reportage sur le concert de VAMPS du 16 octobre 2010 à Paris
Carregado por Mangaworldtv. - Ver os últimos vídeos de musica em destaque

Hyde san looks terribly sexy *___* And soooo cute talking in French~~*

Thursday, 14 October 2010



EDITED 2010.10.14

Country: Spain
Place: Sala Apolo, Barcelona

Phrase of impact: "De puta madre! Tengo hambre. Quiero comer Españolaaaas!!"

**The moments that anticipated the show**

2010.10.11. It was K.A.Z san's birthday!!!

The fans send/ wrote him many Happy Birthday notes. I did it in hydeist bbs ^^




Thank you so much for giving your best while working on the BEAST and making this awesome album. Thank you for taking care of my Haido san being a nice friend and good musical partner  ひよこ
Keep on doind nice compositions and enjoy the whole year happily~~*

He left a message about it on his blog and commented about being in Spain.

"★"Thank you so much. Really" for congratulating me for my birthday. We left New York in the evening of 10. 10, on the local time, and we arrived in Spain on the 11th in the morning! However, because of the time difference, I didn't know when exactly I could start saying it was my birthday, I knew it was the day because the emails I received from everybody started when it turned the 11th in Japan.

My birthday was doing some sightseeing around the city going to the Gaudí's buildings and to the Sagrada Familia while we were riding on a double-decker bus ( London bus).

Oh~that was a masterpiece!! I think my mouth was open while I was looking up to the above. It's like I can't get tired of it even if I keep on staring it forever~

One of these days, I'll post the photos of the places I visited.

It's an immense happiness being able to receive congratulations from all the members and the fans. I'm gonna keep on growing mature in order to be able to send you great music always~! Arigatou! THANK YOU! ★"


A video of the fans waiting to enter the venue and the transcription of it =D Hope my Spanish doesn't suck much. I gave my best anyway~~*

Translated by The Lady of Flowers

"Updated 13/10/2010 at 09:09

Victor Giralt Jonama

The rock singer HYDE, vocalist of L'Arc~en~Ciel, one of the most internationally renowned Japanese bands, played in Barcelona on last Tuesday evening. He had a concert at the Sala Apolo with his band VAMPS which was created two years ago as an alternative project.

He and the guitarist named K.A.Z are hugely popular in Japan where they fill larger stadiums. In Barcelona, they have a reduced but very devoted audience, formed especially for girls~*

Translation of the transcription of the video:

"The first females in line were already there since 3 in the afternoon. We're talking about the girls because, even though there were adult men in the audience, there were mostly outrageous but very young girls, some were teens. There's a strong reason to justify it, though:

"We've come to see Haido once again. We love him. He is very handsome. And we want to support him, so he'll come here more times"

Some of them were Japanese fans and others were from Spain but they were dressed as if they were Japaneses. This is the esthetic called "visual kei". It reminds the teenager psychopath from the movie Kill Bill, however, in Japan, this fashion is connected to the rock culture.

"I dress up in a very especial way for the concerts"

The security guards of the show said that the teen audience are far way more dangerous than those audiences with an appearance ruder. The reason is the hurry to get a good spot closer to the stage. And they also said that yesterday, it was small the number of those who were not teenagers. At 8 o'clock sharp, the beloved HYDE and K.A.Z appeared on the stage.

K.A.Z has been for years the producer of HYDE in his solo projects, parallel to L' Arc~en~Ciel, the veteran Japanese rock that has 20 years of huge success in Japan and U.S.A thanks to the English present in their lyrics. Two years ago they decided to join forces and start as VAMPS.

This is the first time the band visits Europe and Barcelona is the only city they played in Spanish territory "

** On the Stage**

From the post of VAMPS International forum "REPORT BARCELONA"

Thanks to Also san~~*

Setlist (some songs might be in a different order such as Vamp Addicton) :

Plug in
Devil Side

-Hyde MC-

The past
Get up
Piano Duet
Vamp Addiction
My first last
Jesus Christ

-Hyde MC "Tengo hambre"-

Angel Trip

-Hyde MC-

Live Wire
Sex Blood Rock and Roll


-K.A.Z MC-

Love Addict
Midnight Celebration

"They talked 99% of the time in castellano. The words that HYDE repeated the most were: "gracias" (**Thank you*),"tengo hambre"(**I'm hungry**), "quiero comer españolas" (** I want to eat Spanish girls**), "puta madre" (**Fuck**).

When they appeared on stage to play the Encore, we started to sing Happy Birthday to K.A.Z who got really surprised. he smiled all the time and thanked us.

Just after that, when K.A.Z started to sing the intro of Love Addict (the longer version they do quite often), Jin started to play the Happy Birthday song on the piano and Hyde started to sing it and we followed him.  K.A.Z made an MC at this moment to thank us.

After this, when the Encore was going to restart, we began to acclaim K.A.Z, singing local party/booze songs and they got extremely surprised at us(Hyde tried to sing the "oeoeoeoe" without the microphone, looking at K.A.Z with an expression of "we are like goats" :) But it seems it went well for them ".


Some videos:

(バースデー  Happy Birthday, K.A.Z~*)

Hyde: "De puta madre. Tengo hambre. Quiero Comer Españolas. ¿A quién me comeeee? De puta madre. Quiero comer Españolas.¿A quién me come?  ハート"

Hyde:"It's fucking good. I'm humgry. I want to eat Spanish girls. Who I'm gonna eat? It's fucking good. I want to eat Spanish girls. Who am I gonna eat? ハート"

And this one is soooooo ハート達(複数ハート)


Hyde: "¿Estais preparados? Hacemos el amor~~"

Hyde:"Are you ready? Let's make love~~~"


Bíen, tengo hambre tambíen T_T


Sunday, 10 October 2010



EDITED 2010.10.14

Well, and so they went to New York for their last concert in the US for this year (I think).

  *Before the show*

HYDE's Diary: HYDE san wrote a very nice entry about being in New York~*

" Vampire in New York

I am looking out of the window at skyscrapers.

They have impact as this town is crammed with many buildings and those are higher than ones of Tokyo.

It’s five o’clock in the morning.

It’s still dark.

I still have a jet-lag.

So, I can’t stay up. I fall asleep before midnight like a kid.

Yet I wake up early in the morning, I feel my body still drowsy from lack of sleep~.

But, there is not much I can do to fix it.

Because I will be at Europe next week, then this time will be the afternoon there.

So, I’ll just leave my feeling as it is.

Today, we are going to do some promotions. I will have some interviews and appear in public for an event.

I haven’t done any sightseeing in the town yet.

I’ve been concentrating my thoughts on things like our Halloween event and so on since we arrived here at night, the day before yesterday.

Maybe, I’ll take a stroll to Ground Zero when it dawns.

Tomorrow is going to be the last day of our North America tour. It is so quick.

Some fans are coming to see us from outside the country and waiting outside the venue days before.

Some fans are bringing a lot of excitement to our shows.

I am so grateful to them.

Without their presence, I cannot receive energy.

Truly, thank you so much.

How many times did I come to NYC?

I remember once we pushed to block off the streets to shoot a music video.

There are many people who come to NYC to do work, to give the finishing touch on their CDs.

My partner also worked hard here in the latter half of our album recording.

I’m not sure when I can come back next time.

So, for tomorrow, I’d like to achieve our live performance that can make our audience still feel like they want to come back to see us again in ten years time.

I heard that X JAPAN is going to play the same venue as VAMPS, the day after our performance. What a coincidence and honor!

People say that Morrie-san is also coming to see us. Awesome!

It’s getting light outside.

New York, this city emits so much energy.

I feel this city may suck out people’s energies if they don’t have enough vitality to be here.


Now, I’ve set my heart on sucking the energies from this city".

A photo of the city by Ju-ken.

He said Arly and him watched GORILLAZ at the Madson Square Garden at night.

JIN san also did some sightseeing too. Here are some photos from his twitter.

Carnegie Hall

"Central Park now. This is a huge park in the very center of this city. Just as I'd expect from America. It is a country of contradictions (^_^)

 "The Metropolitan Art Museum now. Those who love "Gallery Fake", end up coming here every time (^^) But today I won't enter the museum~ w"

"In the middle of a transfer now. At the beginning, it's scaring and difficult, but when you get used to it,  it's the fastest way of transportation in N.Y (excluding the helicopter w)

In the meanwhile, VAMPS attended a panel at the New York Anime Festival~* HYDE and K.A.Z answered questions from the fans!!

Here are some photos of the festival~*

Flier of VAMPS concert~*

And some videos~~~*

There's a little report about VAMPS Panel here and very nice photos of the NY Anime Festival~~ *

"But one of the highlights of the day arguably had to be the Q&A panel for VAMPS. Rabid fans waiting for Hyde and K.A.Z. while they were stuck in traffic. They were foaming at their mouths to get the opportunity to ask them some “appropriate” questions.  Even before the duo arrived, havoc had already commenced. As their manager was giving out some free tickets to their concert at Roseland Ballroom, fans stormed the stage. Eventually a handful of them had to be turned down.

When the duo arrived fans were ecstatic. Their questions ranged from what kind of gear they use on stage and who they would love to perform with in the future and to what they liked to eat in New York (And for your information Hyde is currently into Korean food where as K.A.Z. quietly stated “bagel” which brought the crowd to tears). A question revealed that this current tour was inspired by their previous tours. They’ve looked at past shows which helped them realize what they could do better and what they want to do for the fans. They’re always pressuring themselves to write and perform better each time.

And one surprising question asked was if they have ever done anything “illegal.” Which their manager responded that they shouldn’t talk about that. Even though Hyde admitted to having shoplifted a Van Halen record.
On the other hand, K.A.Z. told a cute story about when he was a young child that he once went to the ice cream store and put his head inside the bucket containers and ate till he was full and plump. The crowed like that one.

Lastly, they left the crowd with a motif for their show tonight.

Hyde said “I wanna see you get crazy!”

A comment about the panel from lovely vegetapr69 at the VAMPS International Forum

"One of my favorites was when a fan asked about illegal activities...and KAZ mentioned stealing ice cream cones from supermarkets [we all screamed for flavors *-*] he was even embarrassed for admitting it.

Not to mention about the nickname thing...I was so close to scream
PONYO at KAZIcon_cool

But I missed to see
Ju-Ken, Arimatsu or JIN, I though that we would see them when I saw the other table...oh well..."

** On the stage**


Finally the day of the live.


Entrance in the venue. It's a good video. The girls sound hyterical and HYDE san looks so cute giving his sign. Nice hat, too ^^

and another one. We can here an hysterical, but happy male fan calling for Haido~~~*


There was a live photo report on twitter during the live. Too bad the photos didn't showed the stage pretty well. But we can see the huge excited crowd in the photos~*


VAMPS' rehearsal


VAMPS ROSELAND BALLROOM !The venue is already heading to the climax!

【VAMPS NY】15 minutes to their entrance on stage!!


more photos...


At the hotel now. From now on we're gonna celebrate!! 


(A taste of the performance)

"I want to eat crazy Americans~~~~!! Let's HUNTING"




And JIN san's impression on the live here

"The N.Y. concert finished safely (^^) The place in US where I feel the audience voice  louder is here in this city. Being the city of the show business, I wonder if maybe that's why they know pretty well how to have fun... From my point of view, I have much to learn. Well,   then  I'm going to the party (^^)"

and the opinion from someone who attended the live.

"That's right. It was amazing. It was freaking amazing. My dad was extremely excited. He loves going with me to concerts, and he really enjoyed the "BEAST" album, more than the last one. His favorite song was "REVOLUTION" at the live. So cute. Icon_heart Got there at like four p.m. Talked to a few fans on the line. My friend and her mom won the karaoke contest, so they took off, and came back with signed posters and a big grin on their faces. (Mom was way more excited. Hahaha.)"


"Kaz's MC killed me. He was so shy, but he was so cute. I wanted to crowd surf up there and pinch his cheeks. Ari's hair was very very wavy. I liked it a lot! Jin was like FLIPPING BURGERS back there, yo. He was rocking out on his keyboards. I was like "holy crap". Ju-ken has a like for rose petals. considering the fact that he chubby-bunnied a bunch of them, and then spit them at fans. Yum.

Hyde's little suggestive dancing was hilarious. Cute. Man, that was sexy, yo."



everybody: "WHOO!" (It's an American thing...)
hyde: "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"
everybody: "WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"
hyde: -puts hands on his hips- "Iiiii can't hear youuu~...."
everybody: -pitch of screams begins to sound like we're all in a slaughterhouse-
hyde: "I'm... very very hungry."
everybody: "WAAAGH!!! AAAAAAAAH!!"
hyde: "I want to eat.... I want to..... Mmmhh~... eat... CRAZY AMERICANS!"
everybody: -fangirl screaming-"

and so that way, they ate by huge bites the Big Apple~~*


in English

VAMPS rocks New York! (Photos by Takayuki Okada) – Concert Report by Mimi – 

Live Report: VAMPS NYC 2010

 "That night, he wanted to eat us".

in Japanese

HYDE にインタビュー (Interview with HYDE)

VAMPS NYライブに行ってきた! (I went to VAMPS NY live )