Monday, 30 August 2010



Today was a nice calm day. I used the Sunday to watch some PVs during morning and to take some photos. Here in Brazil it's supposed to be Winter, but I think it's almost completely gone, since we're having warmer days with shining sun. Sometimes, it's quite hot, too. Yes, it seems Spring is coming. I can listen to her footsteps ^^

Last week it was soo hot that I could not help thinking of spending some time on the beach looking at the sea. I'd like to live close to the sea. Somehow, looking at the beach and the sea always makes me happy. Actually sunny days can always make me happy~~*

My dog, Joli, was waiting for his bath. I don't think he likes sunny weather so much because it means he will possibly be bathed~~* Ganbare, Joriii.

It was taken around 11 am. My cat is often sleeping during morning. Actually he's almost always sleeping. That's what cats do. He likes sleeping on the washing machine~~*

Shiii, don't wake him up, Viii!!! *careful, careful*

He wants to keep on sleeping but I interrupted him. Sleep dear~~* Have nice cat's dreams.


Sunday, 29 August 2010



When I was a child, when it was August, 31st(*), I used to think:

"What will be, will be" (H)

"Isn't there anyone who would let me copy your homework? No~?"(K)

(*) 08.31 means the end of Summer vacations. Children have summer homework meant to be done during their vacations =(


Tuesday, 24 August 2010



As HYDE san said SAMSARA needs no lyrics...




HYDE thinking before the live in Fukuoka... What are you thinking about, honey?

HYDE and K.A.Z going to do shopping. It seems they were looking for leather jackets.

Ohhh, Japan streets. Seeing this photo reminded me of some days I had in Japan. Natsukashii~~~*



Sunday, 22 August 2010



My suggestion for a song to listen while driving in summer is
Inoue Yousui's "Shounen Jidai" (K)

Atomic Swing's "STUCK ON WORN OUT RHYME" (H)


Saturday, 21 August 2010



At first let me talk about tonight's festival “Jack in the Box” that was also broadcasted through Internet *___* I felt very happy knowing I could watch it. I felt like I was at that happy day of VAMPS FREE LIVE in Roppongi. That day was a very special day for me, by the way. I felt very happy feeling the energy of so many fans gathering together to watch VAMPS~~ * And waiting until the show, though I was somehow very drowsy, was quite amusing. I may say I enjoyed all of it~~ w

Well, so, with all my cells recalling the VAMPS FREE LIVE day, a glow of pure enthusiasm came to my eyes when I heard I could watch it live!!! Then, rushing to the link, I confirmed how true it was. Since all L’Arc members with their solo projects had performances confirmed, many Laruku fans were gathering at the chat while watching the video, including me ^^ Actually, talking to the fans and sending messages during the broadcasting is real fun. During the excitement we end up saying some nonsense but I guess that’s OK if no one is offended. I remember at some point talking about BL and I’m not even into J-rock BL. Well….

I could listen to some bands I didn’t know. There are cool bands in Japan, definitely. In the first block, I watched it with some curiosity. I could see a very excited audience. It was really great. They synchronized their headbanging amazingly. It was kinda contagious. I wished being in the live. Then, there was also a karaoke time where people from the audience could get on the stage and sing their favorite famous hits.

Since I knew the L’Arc members were almost in the last part of the festival, and since it was really late, I went to bed while the band called SID was performing. However, I heard the other day that hyde took part in the kyo’s live playing guitar *__* Yes, I lost honey’s performance there :-(

However, when the new day began, I could watch the end of ken’s performance and watch a very nice performance of sads. 

Then when VAMPS finally began its really really awaited performance, everybody was rather excited and crazy. K.A.Z san entered the stage playing his guitar on the runaway, walking in the direction of HYDE that was also playing deviously his own guitar. I loved seeing the moment of their eye contact and the sudden HYDE’s cute smile  at him that somehow broke the tension of that guitarists’ duel that seemed to be All of it during some minutes, while VAMPS were performing LOVE ADDICT~* Ju-ken was also very good and teased a lot the audience.

The Set list was small but it’s always very good listening to VAMPS live. No need to say I remembered MY live when I COULD REALLY listen to them live. Trust me: they’re amazing ^_______^

During LIVE WIRE, a very hot performance, HYDE sang together with Paul and the song sounded quite interesting.

HYDE:”Tanoshinderukai? Kimochiii?”

Viii: \(^__^)/ ”Ha------i!!!!”

However something very very special was about to come at the very end.

Translated from here.

Member list

vocal. yukihiro

guitar. antz
guitar. kishi
drums. yasuo
manipulator. hiruma

Set list

1. enmity
2. daze
3. violator
4. let's dance
5. violent parade

"And then the air changed completely (Becky performed before Yukki) and the next to appear on the stage was acid android.
On July this year the awaited new album “13:day:dream”was released and, since they're in the middle of the preparations for the lives in Budoukan this November, their vigorous performance ended up being rather expected. In the middle of dazzling lights, "enmity" started when yukihiro raised his hand. Violently, the hardness of the sounds go striking you mercilessly. In the following, "daze" started. Even among the people in the back of the floor, we could see them shaking their heads crazily. Then, at "violator" there was some flickering fire on the stage and at "let's dance" yukihiro sang in the runaway that connected the audience to the stage which was surrounded by many Kobushi Magnolias. The last one to be performed was "violent parade". Throwing out the microphone which provoked a loud sound, yukihiro got down the stage. Until the very end, they enchanted us with such stimulating performance.

Member list

Guitar. 中村佳嗣
Guitar. 室姫深
Bass. IKUO
Drum. 山崎慶
Mani. 岸利至

Set list

3. Roulette
4. lonely girl
5. Are you ready to ride?

And again, the air changed completely. The next one to enter the stage was TETSUYA. Immediately as the light on the audience ceased, the floor turned into a carpet of pink light from the glow sticks! The first song was "LOOKING FOR LIGHT". TETSUYA rolled the microphone stand while standing at the monitor and was playful at MUROHIME SHIN (G). From everything was sprinkling a pop aura. In addition, at the MC, he unbelievably introduced themselves twice playing a joke: "Good Night. We're AKB48. .... Oh, no, it's wrong. We're Dong Bang Shin Ki". After this, during "Roulette", he tried to roll the tower following the audience and, during "lonely girl", he got very excited since the intro. The last one was "Are you ready to ride?". A couple of dancers dressed in suits, the "Bananaman Brothers" also entered the stage and carrying a placard, they created a rise of calls & responses of "Oh!"and "Yeah". Just having finished their 1st tour, TETSUYA let us satisfied with the taste of a good coordinated band.

Member list

Vocal. Ken
Guitar. 白田一秀
Guitar. 中間英明
Drum. JOE
Keyboad. 秦野 猛行
cho. TOMO

Set list

1. Blow
2. Stray
3. Down
4. solitary stroll
5. T.P.I.T.P.

The next act was Ken's. When "Blow" started, Tomo (Chorus) agitated some clapping hands for him to dance. The next was "Stray". Each one of the players individually, Nakama Hideaki (G), Shirota Kazuhide(G), TAKASHI (B), Hatano Takeyuki (Key), JOE(Dr) produced with all their mighty a sound full of quality and since Ken also raised his singing voice, on the stage it was like a battle.

By the way, during the MC he said "I did a lot of barbecues but I'm still hungry! Is everyone hungry? Eat up something!". If we’re at one of his lives, we turn to a faintly mood different from the universe of the tunes. At the last one "T.P.I.T.P", lead by Tomo's hand, RagBaby entered the stage ! (The audience also danced following RagBaby chan!). Furthermore, all the tunes were from the mini album "The Party" that was released some time ago and we could know the latest Ken mode. 

Member list

Vocal/Guitar. HYDE
Guitar. K.A.Z
Bass. Ju-ken
Key/Mp. JIN

Set list


At last, as we were getting closer to the end, the long-awaited VAMPS entered the stage. During the intro of "LOVE ADDICTED", K.A.Z (G) suddenly appeared in the runway to the stage. In addition, at "ANGEL TRIP", during the chorus, the audience at the floor began to agitate their towels round and round. Then, when Ju-ken (B) guided the hand clapping, HYDE sexily teased the fans asking "Are you having fun? Are you feeling good? Because if you don't raise your voice, I won't know if you're feeling good or not!", heading then to the Shampoo cover "TROUBLE". At the end, a happy guest came! HYDE invited Paul from 44MAGNUM saying "May I ask you to sing together with our boss?" and they sang Motley Crue's "LIVE WIRE"! It was a live that seemed it had lost all the self-consciousness of the weight of being in such festival while making of it a party.

Probably the last part was awaited for many people. Always with many exciting surprises, the MDC ALL STARS! First of all, Tatsurou from Mucc and Mao from SID appeared and sat down on the stage, showing us a relaxing talk. While stimulating the audience that was obviously exhausted, they called first the 3 members of Mucc and the 3 members of SID. Then, while those 6 people were preparing the instruments, lots of the members of the bands that had performed entered the stage.
So, when Mao shouted "Happy 25th Anniversary for Danger Crue!", Paul said "This also means we're also commemorating our 25th anniversary. However, a band will soon commemorate their 20th anniversary. It's L'Arc" and, returning the comment with a smile, hyde said "Thank you". Then, when Paul said "That's why I think it's quite boring always performing a lot songs from Magnum.......",the audience exploded in a big shout of joy, as if anticipating something! And, then "READY STEADY GO" started! Then after that, a splendorous mike relay was done and in the end, hyde even put his arm around Paul's shoulders and they both sang enthusiastically! Moreover, with silver tapes faintly falling on us, the long feast was finally brought to an end.

...... So we were thinking when the place became dark once again. Then, one by one it was projected into vision the news that said: "Restarting "L'A HAPPY NEW YEAR!" MAKUHARI MESSE International Convention Complex  9-11 2010.12.31 (Fri) 24:00"..... Yes, that's right, L'Arc~en~Ciel that is around 2 years and a half without holding lives has one confirmed at last! Once again, a big shout of joy arose. It's sad that the "JACK IN THE BOX SUMMER 2010" came to the end, however the end of the year holds a lot of amusing things waiting. This year, I'm sure many people will get home holding tight in their hearts these lingering warm memories. Again, this festival itself seems to have increased in quality, as a festival, surpassing last year. Today we could listen a lot to the main rock present in the solid part of the Japanese rock scene. While looking forward for the next developments after this "JACK IN THE BOX SUMMER 2010", let's first meet before in Budoukan in the upcoming end of the year!"


L’Arc~en~Ciel is coming back!!!!!!

The preparations for the 20th anniversary are already being developed. It was announced that they’ll do a kind of countdown live to welcome their especial year, welcoming with us the special “L’A HAPPY NEW YEAR”~~~* 

It’s really moving thinking of L’ Arc~en~Ciel’s 20th Anniversary as well as the end of VAMPS activities for a while. It will be sad since it’s been 3 years of hot lives and being together with a band that has grown immensely after every new work. Their latest album “BEAST” is wonderful!! It’s even better than the also very good 1st album “VAMPS”. And all the tours in Japan and abroad… many many things have happened during the time I’ve been following VAMPS works and lives. So it’s really something personal as well. No need to say I’m gonna miss HYDE san during VAMPS and all VAMPS’ members and all the lives and goods and tunes and hot and dangerous MCs… everything!!! However, looking ahead and moving ahead means I’m gonna celebrate the 20th anniversary of a very dear band for me. L’ Arc~en~Ciel also means a lot for me. It’s something really really really especial in my heart, so, since it’s their anniversary, it MUST be well commemorated. Somehow, I think that the joy of seeing such splendid band once again reunited will comfort and dismantle any feelings towards missing VAMPS. I’m gonna enjoy what L’ Arc has prepared for L’ A HAPPY NEW YEAR and for 2011 with all my heart~~~*

But I can’t help imagining how emotional the midnight of the NEW YEAR’s EVE  with such live will get. Oh, having a dearest band, singing dearest songs, being one with people that’ll be holding in their hearts feelings similar to yours and also feeling all the love around overflowing during their performance will surely be something to keep in the heart forever.

I want to go!!!

More info: here and here

By the way, the new photo in their website is just toooooo cool, isn't it. They look quite fashion~~*


Sunday, 15 August 2010



If I made a yatai(*) in a summer festival, 

I'd make a truly frightening mansion with ghosts (H)

I'd really like to sell yo yo with water(*) (K)

(*) yatai. It's a shop stand common in festivals.
(*) mizu yo yo a balloon filled with water that children like to play with.

Sunday, 8 August 2010



The aspect of summer that I can't forgive is...

Mosquito (K)

It's too hot! Tokyo is really extremely hot (H)


Sunday, 1 August 2010



Original Interview from excite Music

Translated by The Lady of Flowers \(^__^)/ <( YES! I'm back~*)

It's an album that seems to be like "the strongest life-form"

Having the singles "DEVIL SIDE" and "ANGEL TRIP" released some time ago in succession, VAMPS showed once again the peculiarities of the strongest rock bands. Finally completed, in their new album "BEAST" they go from rock numbers (**harder tunes**) that overflows the live feeling in them to beautiful medium numbers (**hard ballads**), having recorded inside it a truly wide type of compositions. Having it's origin in their vigorous lives, HYDE and K.A.Z , owner of such extend of powerful sound, talked here accurately about the process until the completion of this work and about VAMPS activities from then on.


exite: While the new album "BEAST" has this feeling of live concerts in it, I also thought it's a work that has lots of musical trials. First of all, when did this work start?

HYDE: From last November. Surely I began this work while I was excited about it, but (laughs), unexpectedly, I couldn't really compose. In practice, I began to put it into shape from around January.

excite: In a previous interview, I listened to you saying: "We'll gather the demo tapes together and make it". This time, what's the impression after listening to each other's tunes?

HYDE: Last time we had a stock, but this time we started from a state of nothing, so it was like: "Very well! You've really done a very good tune!"

K.A.Z: While the recording was getting closer and because we still didn't have any substantial material that could be listened, we were both sending this aura of "Don’t ask me if I've composed a new tune!" to each other (laughs) From then on, the first he ask me to listen was "DEVIL SIDE". Having this suspicious and thrilling atmosphere, I got fairly pleased with it.

excite: I've heard you went to San Francisco and New York, in the USA, for the recording.

HYDE: We both like the raw sound, so we were planning to record in USA since the very start. Also, the engineer we were desiring to work with is American and we were planning to work with him from the beginning until the end this time. Then, we started recording in San Francisco.

We were thinking of refining what we recorded in USA in Japan but, at some point in the middle of the process, we added New York as well and recorded everything abroad, with the exception of the singing part.

excite: What is specifically different when recording in USA?

HYDE: When we're out touring, the sound that resounds from the same amplifier we used in Japan is different when we’re in America. Besides, I think the ability of the engineer was probably the biggest this time. 
The recording goes on while he puts up ideas during the process as someone who plays a computer game. It's a fantastic original way of doing it that I've not really seen in Japan.

K.A.Z: There are also great differences in the order of the recording. Generally, we record the drums, then the bass and guitar one at its turn, but this time we recorded in a different order: drums, guitar and bass.
When we recorded the guitar first, the range of the sound was also broadened and then the sound making got much smoother. That was a discovery.

excite: As for the overall work, I think it's become a sound with a certain naturalism. HYDE san, while you were adding your singing to it, what kind of things were you thinking about?

HYDE: The stance was the same as always, but the point I was concerned the most was the English pronunciation. More than the difficult words when we listen to it, I was defeated by the subtle parts that would make me think "Is this no good?"

For Japanese people, such sounds as the "R”,"L" and "TH" are really difficult to pronounce, right? But he got stuck at the phrase of REVOLUTION that says "STEP IT UP" and because of it, he sang that only part innumerous hours (laughs)

excite: Especially with the recording done in USA, you must be really aware of that. The 2nd and 3rd songs that were used as singles "DEVIL SIDE" and "ANGEL TRIP" are included in the album. Even though being in accordance with this work, I think this contrastive world view such as "DEVIL" and "ANGEL" has become its axis. However, have you envisioned this since the beginning?

HYDE: It was really by chance. We planned releasing 2 singles and the first one we'd completed was a tune with an atmosphere that suited to be called "DEVIL SIDE". And I thought if that was way it would be, then the next could be ANGEL. If the first song was a "cat", the next one would be a "dog", probably. That was more or less my sensation about it by that time (laughs)

excite: And what comes to the sound, the contrast of the "light" and "darkness" has also become fascinating.
K.A.Z: Since HYDE has the vision, he indicates me the direction in the title of the songs. I suck at such point, so he gives me his hand to help me. When the tunes were lined up, I thought it has a good balance.

excite: Together with the Rock n' Roll live feeling that overflows in it, "PIANO DUET" and the last song "MY FIRST LAST" etc, the album has the type of tunes that makes us listen to it attentively. In the overall, the album has become a work with a certain undulation.

HYDE: I thought about which is VAMPS concerts: dancing or listening? Because when you keep on dancing, you can't explode. The mountain and the valley are necessary. Because of it, I think it would be better having this extend of valley in the album.

excite: What was the particular reason for you to decide to name it with the title "BEAST"?

HYDE: In the first place, because I thought it is really a great and awesome album. Then, I wanted to express loudly in the title something that meant simply "GREAT!" But, translating it straightly it'd become "GREAT" which sounds bad (laughs). That way, I kept on thinking and decided for "BEAST" having the image of something that looks like "The strongest life-form ".

excite: Surely the word "GREAT" expresses this album, then it's really appropriate. This piece carries such freshness. Have you thought from where came this savageness that seems like the uncivilization of a specie present in it?

HYDE: I think that might be the good point of each one of the tunes. Originally, the singles had a concept, so I decided for "DEVIL SIDE" and "ANGEL TRIP", but I feel that if I had no concept at all, I still could make any of the other tunes into a single. I mean that when I say it's really a great work.

excite: "GET UP" is also likely to be very exciting in the lives, it wouldn't look out of place if it was a single. As for VAMPS' style, I think that you seem to be developing something "pop while it’s wild at the same time ", however when you overlap the live and the album, what's the feedback?

HYDE: Last year we went on tour and we did lives of different shapes, but we understood that whichever kind of shape it'd have, it would suit VAMPS' lives. Then, we both began to start to think what kind of thing we could do for next. For example, there's this child called VAMPS and I think her image clearly seems to be saying "I want you to let me dress this cloth this time" or "I want to become this kind of person". It's an album done after I could see the character called VAMPS, so I think we'll certainly be able to display the real worth of it during the tour that'll cross over this second half of the year. 

It's an album that is easy to imagine myself saying something such as "If we play this tune in open-air, it might feel really good", or "It seems to be exciting to do it inside an arena".

K.A.Z: If we put it into practice, I’ll still think they're all exciting tunes no matter what kind of venue they’re being performed. If we perform indoors, or outdoors, I think we’ll always have another different way to enjoy them and I'll be happy if people could enjoy each one of them as they please.

excite: Well, it is also being announced that VAMPS situates 2010 as the one culmination point . What kind of year will it be for VAMPS?

HYDE: I've been running so fast in an uproar along last year and the current year, but in the next year, the events for L'Arc~en~Ciel's 20th Anniversary will go on, so I'll become unable to do the open activities as I'm doing in VAMPS right now. Of course, the 2nd chapter will keep on advancing underwater, but I won't be able to be doing such hot activities on the surface to the level I've been doing until now. For this reason, this year we're intended to plant in everybody this being called VAMPS. With this much vigor, we're gonna make it.

K.A.Z: We have new tunes and we're going on tour together with the second album and because I'm absurdly looking forward to it myself, I want to leave a strong impression. Being told by the listeners things such as "When's the next!" or "Isn't it completed yet!?" makes me want to tease them. And this year, I want them to have a listen of this album no matter what. Because even though it's a "BEAST", if you tame it, it'll turn into a pretty thing (laughs)

excite: The live house tour starts from June, 22th and the lives will continue until December, 7th and 8th at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Could you please say a message to those fans who are looking forward to enjoy your live performance?

HYDE: I think we've made an album that is like a bible that will certainly make you burn in the lives. Even though there's nothing special in the live venue, there's no doubt that if you just listen to the album and come to the live, you'll be able to enjoy it as attractions of a theme park. Of course, even though you listened to the album and felt it great, the display of its first real value is really the lives. This album is a written invitation from us, so I want you to come to the lives without fail.

K.A.Z: You open the menu that says 1st album, 2nd album and if you come to listen to a certain single tune, it’ll gonna appear in the course of the lives (laughs) Let's enjoy them together in the venue!


'My new-favorites" Ranking

They'll introduce us to their number ranking of what has been in their minds recently and what they've been obsessed with.


1st: Motsunabe

Lately, I'm into motsunabe, I unconsciously end up going to eat it when I get some time (laughs) I haven't eaten much of it until recently, but when I try to eat it over again, I think it's delicious. Moreover, I'm happy it's healthy, ne. Since I am working out my body right now because of the shows, I really think it's just good.

2nd: Hormone

Though I was completely frank about the number 1, when I went to a yakiniku restaurant yesterday, it was because the hormone was really tasteful. More than what we call food texture, I like when it has sweetness. I had been eating dishes such as beef ribs, roasting meat etc until now, but recently, when I eat some piece of it, I've come to feel satisfied. Just when I was thinking what I should do about it, I think the savior that appeared to me was the hormone (laughs)

3rd: Imoshochu (**Patato Shochu**)

I don't drink a large quantity of it, but recently, among beverages such as "kurokirishima" and "Imo shochu", I've come to like the potato flavored brands. As "My new-favorites", I feel like I'm alternating from wine, to Japan'sake then Shochu in a circle. I choose sake to go with food, but there are lots of healthy dishes that suit shochu. But this is also related to motsunabe and hormone.


1st: Vintage Guitar

Once I have it in my hands, I end up obsessed with it. It's different from a new thing and it also has that something that makes me have strong feelings thinking about how many people pursued her until now.... It's also interesting how it makes a unique sound if I play it. Among the ones I have now, the oldest one is probably a Gibson of 1957. In the past, I bought the SG that I loved but it was originally white but it stayed under the sun and was becoming yellow. I looked for it abroad, but I couldn't find it. However, for some reason, I found it in Osaka (laughs)

2nd: Alcoholic drink
Recently, I thought if whisky could be also good. When I was brought to a bar by a friend, and drank Macallan I thought it was too easy to drink. I think it feels much nicer drinking about 2 glasses of it and finishing without drinking too much. Then after, though I don't see it very often, raw wine ( wine which doesn't pass for the filtration nor heating process) is also very tasteful.

3rd: Aroma

In mornings after being drunk for 2 days, when I wake up, I light an incense/candle and it feels so good. It's like it can welcome a refreshing morning, because I calm down. It also can make me refreshed when I am very busy. In my birthday, HYDE gave it to me as a present, but such good called "Magic Ball" that clean the air with aromatic oils is produced.




August, 7th is The Partner's Day. If I were to say a word to the other
member, I'd say........

"Well, let's go to the sea" (K)

"Since I'm going there, K.A.Z come here" (H) (*)

(*) "K.A.Z come here". I think it means he wants to kiss him before leaving~*