Monday, 28 June 2010



I listen to it many times in a row. It's really a good song. Voice, melody, lyrics... It makes me desire to listen the whole album. So far, there are good songs. the complete work must sound amazing.

Probably next week, I can tell you how the album sounds live. I am really anxious to attend one of VAMPS lives here in Japan. I hope I'm gonna have much much fun.

You can listen to it here


作詞: HYDE
作曲: K.A.Z

フォトフレームの向こう 置いてきた場所は
色あせても 振り返ればそこにある

少年だった頃 駆け回っていたり
My way My way 怖さ知らず

Blowing in the wind
あの夏の匂い 封じ込んだ記憶

風をきるように 僕らはかけぬけた
どこまでもずっと 一緒だと信じてた

偶然を装い 会いに行ったりした
淡い恋心 君は今も変わらない

砕け散った 大人ぶったキスも
I can not I can not 諦めたよ

I go back in time
海が近かった あの風景へ

変わっていくけど 無くさない思いがある 

地平へと向かって それぞれの道を
次の人生へ 生まれ変わっても

風をきるように 僕らはかけぬけた
どこまでもずっと 一緒だと信じてた


Sunday, 27 June 2010



The way to spend an ideal summer is:

Naked in goggles!! (K)

Flirting with a blond lady, while drinking a tropical cocktail in a south island (H)


Thursday, 24 June 2010

@ hydeist



Niigata No.113346 Author: HYDE 2010-06-24 10:51:00

Thank you

Thanks to you

We had an incredible start

In the past, even though Niigata had a small population, for some reason,

a big crowd of people gathered in the lives!

That's the reason everybody came to Niigata.

But, since almost 10 years have passed, the city also became extremely adult (laughs)

But, this time Niigata was hot

Is it because the blood is flowing well?

I'll come back here again!

Keep your necks clean.

Appropriate No.113381 Author: HYDE 2010-06-24 11:22:29

It was easy diving since it (**the stage**) had the appropriate good height~

Zepp is higher, so it seems I'll be smashed up

Though I may say I feel like I was smashed up even now

I think that's maybe because everybody pulls hard

If I was lifted by you, I could go swimming until the back (laughs)

But the dive of the people in the audience is also a fast rolling

Is it fast because you'll fall down?

The present situation is dangerous ne

Because it will end up hitting the back of the head of the people in the front when rolling around (laughs)

It's good to be able to jump on you~

And since the past it's been completely enjoyable, surely in the front there's a hard thrust and
you can't dance in a crowded train,

so when the live doesn't get exciting and people get out collapsing, it's because there's no good thing in it, neh

But, thanks goodness, I'm happy people get excited in the back (laughs)

From now on, when you can't step ahead and a possible troublesome song is introduced,

Make sure to get some space from then on.

Morning bath No.113389 Author: HYDE 2010-06-24 11:26:31

I'm going to have a bath. I'll come back.

Even No.113419 Author: HYDE 2010-06-24 11:56:16


the front a difficult place to be, you have to be prepared~


Thank you for flowing on my back


I'll turn off the light

Thank you!


Wednesday, 23 June 2010



First day No.113219 Author: HYDE 2010-06-23 02:17:39

Ahh from now on, until the end of the year.... The long trip starts

Isn't "that" long?

After 8 months?


There will be many things that I'll forget~

When I'm on stage I'll remember ne

First Day No.113226 Author: HYDE 2010-06-23 02:22:17

Though I had plans of starting with no rushing,

It's really impossible

It's the first day.

Since everyone seemed to have enjoyed it, I was happy

From now on, we'll steadily advance more and more, so

Take a look

First Day No.113239 Author: HYDE 2010-06-23 02:35:21

That is, not having an acne all of a sudden under the nose is better, right?

I wonder if it's because I am a hentai~?

I think I'll coat it with an acnes campus gel

"campus" ... (laughs)


What new songs are we going to perform tomorrow~?


What about that〜


Maybe I'll think about it tomorrow

Good Night


Monday, 21 June 2010

日本にいるViii (第二日目)


In my 2nd day in Japan, I had my first walk around the city on my own. I chose going to Ikebukuro simply because there's a certain place there that is called the Otome Road, a fujoshi paradise without precedents, as I heard. Well, that should be my opening in this place: being with equals in the fujoshi so-called paradise. So, my destination was Ikebukuro.

Since I was full of self confidence since I could buy magazines all alone with my miserable Japanese, I thought that having a walk around the places was not a bad idea. And of course, all alone wouldn't scare me at all. And also, Japan is not exactly "abroad" for me since I've been fond of it for so long... So I thought and there I went on my trip to Ikebukuro.

The Bus

Getting to the bus stop which would take me to the near station. I could go walking or by bicycle. Everybody uses bicycles here to go to anywhere. There are places in the stations to place them. I'm talking like that because we don't have such system in Brazil. I know it's common in Europe, too. Well, in Brazil it's not common, so...  But since it was raining, I decided going by bus.

Well, there are some tricks to take the bus. I read in its headlights it was going to the station, but I confirmed with the driver and he was nice and said it was the right bus. Then I had to pay. You gotta be careful not to lose money in the bus. Everything in Japan is really controlled by machines. There are electronic machines everywhere talking to you. Offering you service and so on. I said you gotta be careful because depending on where you put your money (inside the machine) you may not get your change. You have to place it in the right place so the machine changes it in order you can get the exact value to pay the bus fee. Ohhh, I was happy the driver saved me at this.

Then, I sat and waited. As I said all the bus seemed controlled by this female voice that you'll find everywhere. Really everywhere. She says the name of the next station, ask you to be careful when getting off, tells you not to forget anything when you get to the final stop and, of course, thanks you for using "her" service. hahahaha it's quite funny.

In the Station

So, I entered a nice and beautiful station and there they were: more nice machines. I looked at them and tried to buy my ticket. But I was not sure which type it was. I looked up and saw a huge, really huge map of all the rail lines and stuff. JR Line is one of the biggest, I think, and it connects many many places. So in the map, there are many many places connected by some different lines. So how could I know what the correct ticket I could buy. So asking for info again. A man helped me. He was very nice. He looked where Ikebukuro was in the map and told me the correct ticket I should buy. Oh, but he also said I should make a transfer in Tokyo Station.

OK, OK. I was in one of those happy days. In such days everything seems OK and practicable.

There I went to take the train.

Inside the Train

Since I'm a foreigner, it seems I do show up while walking around. Everyone looks really right on my face. I wonder what they're wondering when looking at me. Maybe they're trying to guess where I'm from.

The Japanese people here are always in fashion. No matter if you're young or in an older age, fashion is all around. There are many trends. And they all dress neatly. 1940's and 30's seems In here. We can see girls dressed to work (almost in a costume accurately way) in light clothes, beautiful lace skirts, white tights (actually there is an infinity of tights patterns here), kawaii hats, hats with flowers on it, 30's hats a la Margritte Duras, panama hats etc etc (actually there's also an infinity of hats. I'm getting crazy here. Japaneses do wear hats. I mean everywhere. Because it's almost summer, maybe, and the girls are really afraid of getting sunburned, so...) And all those hats are very stylish! I brought some of my mine and I felt no ashamed of wearing them on the streets. Here in Japan (at least in Tokyo) you can dress anything you want and feel no embarrassment at all. It's really a wonderful place to get new ideas and to dress whatever you have in mind.

And the girls show so much their bodies!!! I was really surprised. Especially their legs. We can see girls here anywhere dressing really mini skirts like these. Though I'm a Brazilian girl, I think they show quite much. I was like "Oh, if I dressed such tiny skirts in Brazil, I'd listen so much flirting words from the guys that it would get hard to get to my destination". But in Japan, the guys seem they don't take much attention to those beautiful girls' exposed bodies. I thought it rather strange. Why they don't even look at them, I thought...

However, the guys do look into my face. When they look at me and notice I'm a foreigner, it seems they all get very excited and they get very gentle and charming... Actually, I think the Japanese guys very cute, charming and interesting. Observing them, makes me think it would be really good having a Japanese boyfriend ^^ 


Well, I went to a big electronic shop called Big Camera to buy an adapter to something I bought from Brazil. The plugs here in Japan are different from Brazilian plugs.

Well, I could do it. And it made me happy.

Then, the fujoshi Heaven.

In entered in the Animate. And yes, I saw some display of BL mangas right outside of the shop. So, I thought maybe it's here.

Then, I went to the floor that corresponded to Girls mangas, and the note said BL kei. Yes, I was in the right direction! Yeah!

And when I got to the right floor.... My eyes glittered with an indecent shimmer!! LOL I was in a Fujoshi Heaven. Animate is a wonderful shop. We can buy doujinshi there and tools to draw manga. Tones, pens, manga papers... Ohhhhh..... I took my time seeing and choosing things I wanted to buy. However, my prudence told me since it was only my 2nd day there, I should refrain from buying everything or I could put in risk my days in Japan. That is... I have to save some money to my spends the days ahead lol

So, I kinda went out running away from Animate. lol But I bought some BL mangas full of yummy stories~*

Returning home.

After exploring Ikebukuro in a rainy day, I thought it was time to get home, so I safely returned to the station and got to Tokyo safely but then everything went wrong.

I think I spend 3 hours in the trains. Since I was taking the wrong train to my place and didn't know the stations names, it was easier to get lost. And I did get lost. I asked many people for info but I was always taking the wrong train... And it was in the rush hour and the station was so crowded as were the trains.... Ohh!!!

But in the end, some nice girls drew a map for me and explained how to return to Tokyo station and how to get to Chiba.

I thanked them and got home safely. 



Sunday, 20 June 2010



The item I want to buy envisioning summer is:

Bikini (H)

Sunglasses (K)


Sunday, 13 June 2010




Apologies No.111204 Author: HYDE 2010-06-12 23:46:53

I wanted to finish the last adjustments in the sound of the album and say "It's done!", but by the time it was completed, I found out the art of the booklet was not at the same pace... So we discussed about it and the conclusion was postponing it- since we had no other options.
For you, who were really looking forward to it, I'm sorry.
Talking like a typical artist, it could say it’s because I’m not compromised with the production , but
It was merely a lack of planning.
Since I aim to make a work that you're gonna say it was worth keeping on waiting for it,
Just wait a little more, please.


Thank you (*) No.111266 Author: HYDE 2010-06-12 23:55:28

Thank you (*)
I can't really say anything else
only thank you

(*) Ookini. Osaka dialect. It means "thank you"

Yeah〜 No.111281 Author: HYDE 2010-06-12 23:57:31

We really made a good album
But I really wanted you to listen to it sooner~

Yeah〜 No.111308 Author: HYDE 2010-06-12 23:59:51

Somehow, I don’t have many good things, but
I'm happy I have all of you and this album
Really thank you

Something No.111359 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:03:20

It's like we're encouraging each other
Let's stay even more together!
As well as in order to run through this year.

Thank you No.111491 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:18:46

Today was the last day in the lodging house and everybody finished their work.
So the next stage is just going to Niigata and the tour will get started
This time, we had for the production of the album the same members from before, so the rehearsal for the live was also fast done
My diet doesn't include saccharine, but I am eating normally,
 so it feels like "it's not like that"... (*)
and it's not that hard, so
since I'm not doing the impossible, there's no need to worry about me
It's inevitable looking forward to being able to present a new VAMPS.

(*) He’s answering the fans comments, I think.

Well, then No.111596 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:30:17

May I drink~?

Then No.111655 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:32:30

To the last night of the lodging house and

〜 No.111699 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:33:39

To life~

If it's OK, would you please follow me

To life〜 No.111773 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:34:48

Cheers to life!!

By the way 111940 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:42:11

I am having a talk with the red-haired camera man about German
There's no one else

Ah No.112070 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:52:49

The drums came

Ka No.112083 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:53:33

zu looks like he’s fallen asleep

Hn No.112107 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:54:09

Everybody is drinking saccharine-free beer

Again No.112170 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:56:29

We're having a talk related to the police (laughs)
It's really grumbly...

I No.112208 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 00:57:54

am weak at beer so
I'm drinking kurokiri on the rocks

Agreement No.112274 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 01:00:22

We're just having such talk
about the police that won't come

Laughing No.112329 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 01:03:03

Such talk about a masked policeman

A lucky omen (*) No.112368 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 01:04:38

Is promising, ne

(*) because the date and hour in his previous message turned into "13 01:03:03"

hookup No.112401 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 01:05:45

Surely motor scooter aren’t the ones that will be caught
But I was said that since it's a Harley, it's helpless
motor scooters are not generally caught in the roadside?
But it doesn't have 30 kg, ne~

Now, together with 4 friends No.112421 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 01:06:45

I'm riding a Harley

In the talk about Harley No.112642 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 01:26:03

a flower is blooming, but
I'll turn the light off
Thank you
all guys

I got drunk No.112673 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 01:27:29

I think I've grown weak at it recently~
Night to you all
I'll come again, ne

Good Night No.112736 Author: HYDE 2010-06-13 01:28:43

Good Night, ne




June, 19th is commemorated the "Rock de iku Hi" (*). My song suggestion is......

"Yosaku" (laughs) (K)


"I picked "Yosaku"??" (K)

* ロックでイク日 (Rock de iku Hi) literally means "Day to pass way through Rock" or "Day to have an orgasm through Rock".

* Yosaku--->> here

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

日本にいるViii (第一日目)


So, this is my very first day in Japan!

The trip was long, of course, and I couldn't really sleep in the airplane (I watched movies such as Alice in the Wonderland and that movie Jim Carrey is Rodrigo Santoro's lover ^^), but I didn't have any trouble with time difference such as jet lag. It was very easy to adapt to the new timezone.

Well, the very first thing I had to do was to communicate with the misters of the Immigration. They were nice. I talked a little in Japanese and they comprehended me, so I was happy.

Then, I had to buy a ticket to the bus to go to another city. And I could do it safely. So, in some minutes, I got really confident about my stay in Japan.

So, since I had to wait like 2 hours until the time to take my bus, I had an urge to go to a magazine/bookstote. I asked to a mister where I could find one and he told me that on the 4th floor there was a big one. So, there I went. I also used this time to call my sister and say I survived the long trip. She asked if I was happy... I think I couldn't anwer her properly because there were tears in my eyes. I remember suddenly that all the sceneary had slightly changed... It's complicated to explain. But I was indeed happy I could arrive safely and that I was getting to find the right path and also that people were very gentle to me teaching me the directions.

There I went to a big magazine/bookstore. There was a nice young guy and I asked him where I could find music magazines (all this search was all about Haido san and VAMPS lol). And he was not sure if there was many music magazines, so he asked me if it was not girls' magazines I was looking for. I was like "Why should I" but I took his advice and took a look in the girls' magazines. they most about fashion, so it kinda interested me too. However it was not really what I wanted, so I entered the store and asked him again about the Japanese music magazines and, since he was not sure where to find them, he asked another person in the store. So she came and showed me some of the magazines and there they were:VAMPS on the cover of What's In! 

I bought it, of course. And began to read the 69Q&A that I wasn't able to read in Brazil. Of corse, I enjoyed it. 
However, as the time of my bus to the another city approached, I was feeling a little down. Maybe it's really a long trip and i suddenly felt tired. maybe it was the magazine I was reading attentively. Maybe the people around me waiting for the arrival of their dearests... The was this feeling of expectation that was suffocating me. 

Well, so it was the time to take my bus and there I went to Chiba ken. 

 In the way, though I was a little down, I saw a trunk carrying some cute cows and I suddendly was like "Ohhhh, cute cows" and my heart lighted a little. I laughed alone with myself at this one.

When I got home, I tried not to sleep right away to grow accustomed with the time zone and it was a wise choice. 

That was my very first day in Japan.


Monday, 7 June 2010



 Well, one of my dearest dreams has come true: I'm going to Japan!!!

 Before the trip, I was concerned about many things. Actually, since I've never been abroad, I was anxious about many things, specially because I was going to travel on my own. However, my parents help me a lot and friends gave me some will power and I made it ^^

So, my flight makes a stop in the airport Charles de Gaulle, in Paris. Since I had some time until my next flight, I took some photos of the airport. It has a beautiful architecture, I think. I took some photos and they look rather Concretism -like ^^ Art is everywhere here in my mind.

Oh, it was nice practicing some French, too. It's really a nice language. I chanced some money, so I could use the internet and send some messages, talked to my sister and bought some magazines and perfume ^^

Next time, I want to travel to Europe. France looks cool. I think it must be good spending some time there.

I remember I was quite anxious to arrive soon in Japan. But yet, I was quite nervous. It was like I was going to finally embrace all the things that mean so much to me. I was hoping and wishing for a bright moment when I stepped inside Japanese grounds. Well, I know having so much expectations is no good, but at that moment I couldn't help having them.

Oh, of course, I was also expecting to see my honey waiting for me at the airport and so we could have one of those romantic moments like seen in the movies.

Un,Un, such high expectations, ne, Viiii.

Then, heading to Nihon~*

Sunday, 6 June 2010



The thing I take care in rainy days is walking without getting wet in the rain.

I walk while avoiding the rain (laughs) (K)

I always make sure how deep is the water puddle (H)