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VAMPS2010ワールド・ツアー (and 南米- part II)


Source VAMPS MySpace



A few details...




(same weekend as the New York Anime Festival and New York Comic Con)


(Spain's National Day, a public holiday)






Ticket sales information coming soon, but each city will be announced at different times, so please check back often.


I am very happy that VAMPS is really touring around the world.  They're amazing!!!

I think there will be more places to be announced yet (maybe?)

I had a feeling they'd go to Italy, Germany... and

Brazil, of course.

But again, it's just partial details. So, since being positive had its effect once, let's all try that again. OK? ( ^______^)

I am so fucking happy.

I'm gonna fuck VAMPS more than once. More than twice.... Infinite times along the year~~~~~~

Dearest Year. Highest Year. Sweetest year. Craziest year. VAMPtastic year. Orgasmic year~~~~*

Chu----------- I do love VAMPS!!!!

I do love you, honey. It will be all year around falling in love!

This lady is very excited right now ^^

Oooopps. So many dirty words!

(^x^) 言っちゃったねー

THANXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (x10000000000000000000000000000666)

Sunday, 28 March 2010


The lie I want to tell in April Fool is...

"The new album has K.A.Z on vocals!" (K)

"Ookusofuki!(*)" (H)

(*) I am not sure of this one. Literally, it seems to mean "cleaner of the big shit" or "spreader of shit", but it sounds a little like "usotsuki" which means "liar".  He seems to be joking on words as a reply to "K.A.Z on vocals" lie.

Friday, 26 March 2010



Original article from here

Translated by The Lady of Flowers


Interview with hyde

excite: I think this is really a best work that could be done, in the whole world, by L’Arc~en~Ciel only.

hyde: That's it. There are probably other bands that all the members compose as well, but I think there are no bands that have lasted for so long until here. So, because of that, they really can't reach the point of making a best album compiled with the chosen tunes from the amount made by each member.

excite: It was designed to be a best album where the members selected their own
tunes, so when you were organizing the "hyde best", what kind of concept you followed to get to the selected tunes?

hyde: For the very present, the coupling singles are P’UNK~EN~CIEL's compositions, but our early days were different. And, in those early days, I was made into a
coupling agent many times (laugh). "I'm so happy" and "Sayounara" , included.

excite: A coupling agent (laugh)

hyde: Though, it's the same with "Anemone", somehow, I could say it is some sort of shadowy being. But, inside myself, I still think it's really a fairly good tune. I still think it holds the power to almost devour these title tunes. Because of that, I really wanted to shed light on these tunes that have a shadowy existence, though they're tunes I consider as being really nice ones. This time, that was my target. The people who became a fan recently, for example, those who don't know L’Arc~en~Ciel that much will listen to this best album that has such old tunes that are possibly not well known, so I wanted to feature those that can be called really good tunes.

excite: I see.

hyde: Though, of course I thought of including the title tunes and of including "HONEY" and "flower". Because I think these tunes were the turning point of L’Arc~en~Ciel. I mean, it was our trigger. I think they have become a "point" inside L'Arc~en~Ciel' s history, so I thought I probably couldn't leave them out.

excite: I was thinking if it didn't become a trigger for you, facing objectively the band L'Arc~en~Ciel over again after a while, as occurred after the single "BLESS", while you're doing activities as VAMPS.

hyde: That's right. Returning to L'Arc~en~Ciel again after a long time... I don't know if the word "democratic" would describe it or not, but that was the kind of feeling I got over again. For example, the whole time we were doing the arrangements, especially not having decided who would be in charge of it. The dubbing, of course, is mainly done by ken chan, though, since he is the guitarist. I feel as if the other bands have a more defined division of roles. Something such as "someone is in charge of this", "someone will do this part". But, L'Arc~en~Ciel has these 4 people who do compose music; certainly the charge shifts between each one of us.The person who takes the initiative changes. So, at those times, we have the members who feel like doing it, as well as the members who don't feel like doing it. As well as there are times we're vehement on something, there are times we're not. However, while we pay attention to our partner's needs attentively, we keep the balance. I mean, saying something like "it has to be this way!" without sounding like we're fighting. The prominent points of us being partners show up. I returned to L'Arc~en~Ciel, while I'm with VAMPS, and I felt this unique atmosphere...(laugh)

excite: Are you perplexed? (laugh)

hyde: Because of that, we, when a member say something vehemently, possibly, we'll respect what was said, trying to really make use of it as much as possible. Because of that, I step back a little and peer into it. So, even if the result is not what I had desired, if this person holds a strong idea, I think we'll be in a mood like "So, let's do it" .

excite: I totally understand.

hyde: So, in short, when I dig into it, I come to think "Oh, that is really L'Arc~en~Ciel". So, we won't confront each other and we'll respect the person who has the strong opinion. Because of that, in those very moments, we change. This is a band that we can't see its bottom. To put it the other way around, I think there lies the interesting point in L'Arc~en~Ciel.

excite: As for the special gift DVD in the First press edition of the best album, which comes with the variety quiz show "The LarQuiz" where the members themselves become the respondents and answer a quiz about L’Arc~en~Ciel.

hyde: Yes. I really thought of that. I thought that this DVD should be surely all about L'Arc~en~Ciel. And I thought a lot that in the very atmosphere of this quiz show, L'Arc~en~Ciel should appear on it.

excite: ...that means...?

hyde: That while the quiz is on course, there won't be something like "ME! ME!". Usually, in quiz shows, as it advances and you get steadily tense, you go deeper and deeper into it, right? However, when it's not like that, you've got L'Arc~en~Ciel (laugh)

excite: This best album, "QUADRINITY~MEMBER’S BEST SELECTIONS~" will be released and after that, the live performance in Japan of the "TOUR 2008 L’7~Trans ASIA via PAIRIS~" that visited 7 big cities of the world will become the live DVD "TOUR 2008 L’7~Trans ASIA via PARIS~" and it will be released. This live performance in Tokyo took place in June of 2008.

hyde: Very soon, it will be 2 years since that. The passing of time is really fast~.

excite: As much as time passes, I think you get able to watch objectively L’Arc~en~Ciel’s stage, but how did it feel like? Watching L'Arc~en~ciel's lives after so long.

hyde: Yes, it was extremely good. However, saying "surprisingly" is misleading (laugh). The time while we're doing lives, I didn't know anything about it at all, but surely watching it when it's getting close to complete 2 years, such as in the edition of the videos, checking of the DVD...It was honestly quite tiresome, because I kept on checking a lot of DVDs (laugh) I was busy, so I was like "Will I do it now?". I think it was in the interval of the filming, but, when I realized it was so interesting, I ended up unable to stop it. It's a little strange being me who is saying this, but I ended up moved because I think it was a great nice live. Of course, we gave our best to the production aspect, but I thought that the performance was amazing good.Too good that I almost ended up moved to tears.

excite: Isn't it the very first time that hyde talks to that extend?

hyde: Possibly, yes. At that time, ken chan said:"We're making an extremely good live". He kept saying that it's because the performance was extremely good and everyday was quite amusing. I kept on thinking "Hu~~h". I almost felt like "Ah? But hasn’t it been always like that?" However, watching it objectively this way, checking it, I realized that while thinking enthusiastically, "Ah~~, there was something like that~".

excite: I think there are only a few bands in Japan that performed in Tokyo Dome more than 10 times. And in addition to that, I'd explain that if I say it's because you have history.

hyde: That's it... Surely, as for the entertainment, I think it looks good in an atmosphere of big scales.I mean L’Arc~en~Ciel. I think it’s a band that fits wide places. “I wanna watch L'Arc~en~Ciel in a big venue and besides, I think there are few people who wish seeing this band in a live house”, the other side think this way. In short, I already think it's probably because L’ Arc~en~Ciel has become a band of such scale.

【hyde best】

1.I'm so happy
7.In the Air
Music all composed by hyde
Mastered by Ian Cooper(Metropolis,LONDON)


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

It's an usual thing


Route 666

作詞:hyde 作曲:hyde


乾いた排気音 真っ赤な彼女の

明日へ 向けて まわれ
夢に 踊れ 砂漠で
the roses! fall down! then crush!
It's an usual thing
help me! help me!
she screams out
you wanna come along on ...

傍観者のゴシップ そびえる Canyon de chelly


明日へ 向けて まわれ
夢に 踊れ 砂漠で
the roses! fall down! then crush!
It's an usual thing
help me! help me!
she screams out
you wanna come along on ...

明日へ 向けて まわれ
夢に 踊れ 砂漠で
the roses! fall down! then crush!
It's an usual thing
help me! help me!
she screams out
you wanna come along on ...

It's just a random thought, not a review or anything alike, but...

I have to say how I love the P'UNK~EN~CIEL version for "ROUTE 666", called "ROUTE 666 -2010-"!!!

I listen to it almost everyday. This harder version is wonderful. The sound is crazy. tetsuya's voice is amazing in it. Really amazing!!! However, the T.E.Z P'UNKless a little wonder, too. The sounds are fantastic. There are some crazy stops that make me very exciting. Maybe that’s it. This one is surely an exciting tune. 

I think very interesting how the BLESS single seems to me like 2 different singles in one. That is, because “BLESS” and “ROUTE 666 2010” have completely different music lines, though both are terrific works.... L'Arc~en~ciel is awesome, no doubt!!!!! I think people will go mad listening to “ROUTE 666-2010-“ live in 2011. It's so powerful~~~~*

“乾いた排気音 真っ赤な彼女の 悲鳴をかき消した”

“help me! help me!
she screams out”

And the lyrics are soooo sexy, ne. Definitely, I’d love to listen to this version in a live.

P.S. I am still incredibly happy about VAMPS in South America. I am soooo happy I'll finally see the man of my dreams~~~~~~* And we'll jump together. And I listen to his voice soooo close.


Enough, Viii! Or you'll end up saying dirty words over again!


Monday, 22 March 2010



Sources Myspace and facebook!!!!


..VAMPS LIVE 2010 WORLD TOUR final confirmation just in!

In addition to




North America,


will also be stopping in,

South America!

Details coming soon...

午後 11:22


Our dream is coming true. Hope everyone is as happy as I am right now.

Hyde, we'll fuxxxxxxx a lot!

That's my promise (^_____^)/



Sunday, 21 March 2010



I wonder if when the graduates see the companies ‘new employees, for example, they feel it's spring (K)

Because spring is always the period I'm doing recording, I keep on thinking wishfully, while eating SOBA: "Oh, how great is Spring......Hanami(*) is really nice" (H)

(*) Cherry Blossom viewing.


Friday, 19 March 2010

I'm so happy with love


Hyde's entries have been making me really happy nowadays.

When I heard he was recording in the U.S, I found myself in a rainy afternoon scratching while following the thought “What is he doing right now?”. And I ended up drawing this.

Even though he’s sleeping, his thinking of music… I drew him wearing leopard’s print pajamas. The reason is mainly because he seems to like leopard print and to make the draw have a feeling of Rock in it… Because, I’d prefer him sleeping naked. Oh, well, I’ve already talked about that here… How repetitive I am!!

Well, his last post at Myspace and Facebook is really cute. I am posting it here ^___^

2010.03.18 at 12:15am

Summer time starts today.

It seems that I have lost an hour, somehow.

It seems correct that we have lost...

Does that mean I slept an hour shorter that usual?

I don't get it -

Maybe. I never had this experience before.

Mr. Summer Time... now, I understand what you meant.

It's another sunny day.

There is a blue bird that always comes and perches outside my window,

holding a twig protectively...

My recording is running behind schedule steadily~ 

Drum recording completed the day before yesterday.

So Arimatsu looks a little bored now.

Now, I see him drive by on a six-by-six buggy outside my window.

But, I don't have time to play with him.

Well, I think I have to go write poetry like the devil.


Yesterday, after reading this post, I drew this one to send to a friend. I don’t think she would mind if I post it here…

While I was drawing, the elements were getting together somehow. There are some elements found in this post like the blue bird and the reference from the entry’s line “I have to go write poetry like the devil” that is so powerful that can’t go out of my head. Such a hansome devil, you are honey~~~~~~.★

Also, his holding a cute pen. It suddenly became a Panda, like the new single ^__^

I’m looking forward to listening to all these new compositions and I surely want to hear more and more from the devil.

Thank you.

oh, I really could thank you forever~~~~~~*

for all the happiness and inspiration.

何これ? 告白なの?

Sunday, 14 March 2010



Source here

2010年03月12日 - 金曜日

This just in...

We now have confirmation that VAMPS WORLD TOUR will be making stops in





More information coming soon...



Yes, yes, yes no South America again (T_T) 

But, as –J san has been emphasizing in VAMPS’ Official Facebook page, we must keep  being positive! The list is about the places they have some confirmation that they be able to hold concerts there, so maybe South America is still pending this confirmation, so it’s not on the list yet.

I am positive about VAMPS coming here, at least to one country. I am sure if they come, the party will be amazing. And if they come once, possibly they can come more and more in the future ^__^

My hopes are high~ I am really glad and pround VAMPS will tour in so many places. It's so cool!!!

Talking about VAMPS in South America, I have to write about a dream I had some time ago (maybe in the end of last year… I am not sure). It’s about VAMPS’ concerts here in Brazil!!

Well, I woke up in the morning and I remember I went to read the newspaper while I was drinking my usual coffee (with powder milk ^^). I took the entertainment/arts part of the newspaper and when I unfolded it… A huge one-page promotional photo of VAMPS told me they could make a presentation here!!!! I was very happy and excited seeing HYDE and K.A.Z so close, in the newspaper ^^ But, after the instant arousal, I began reading what the ad was saying and it said that there would be a contest where we had to vote which band we’d like to see. The choice was between VAMPS and…. NIRVANA!!!!!!


I remember I was shocked, paralyzed with this hyper chance. I remember I thought (in the dream) that it would be very hard to choose because I wanted to see HYDE soooo much. I love him. But NIRVANA was a must-see because, after all, Kurt Cobain was dead, so seeing him live was really unexpected!!!!


YES, I was conscious in the dream that Cobain was  already dead, so that seemed to be the reason I was so divided about whose live I’d like to see. I even remember, thinking “Oh, it can’t be really NIRVANA. Maybe it’s Foo Fighter or a kind of reunion, they’re calling NIRVANA…"
By the way, I never attended a NIRVANA’s live as well as HYDE’s, so… I was really at a loss.

But I woke up without making the choice… Of course, I’d prefer VAMPS to come than NIRVANA!!!!


Somehow, this dream came to my mind because of HYDE’s messages at hydeist and the list of the continents. At the end of his messages in hydeist, HYDE questioned where was the city they are recording the new works. And he kind of gave hints about the place, right. So, people are trying to guess where it is. Because he said “kotae ha itsuka”, I kind of guessed it would be Seattle, because it has slopes, country area, a big tower and because it was where VAMPS had their fifth live last year during the U.S.A Tour, so this became my guess for now. And, since it’s a musical area, the cradle of grunge, Cobain came to light on my mind and so came this dream ^__^

Well, let’s keep being positive about South America. We’re passionate people, but we must use reason and wait for more info. And show our love, excitement and support over the whole project that is this World Tour ^^

I am happy and very excited about everything.

By the way, for people from Brazil that visit this blog, I opened a topic in the VAMPS Facebook discussion board. It’s an official board checked by the band, so please write your messages there. Hope they can see there are nice people here in Brazil who really admire their work.

(Falando nisso, para quem mora no Brasil e visita este blog, eu criei um tópico no site do VAMPS no Facebook. Por ser um site oficial, visitado pela banda, eu gostaria muito que mais e mais fãs brasileiros se juntassem lá para mostrá-los que somos pessoas sociáveis e amáveis que realmente admiram o trabalho que eles têm feito.

Well, that’s it.

Let's GO! GO! GO!


ohayou No.108652 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:15:57


How about you?



is on course

It's not a good omen...

(*) In Japanese, cremation is “Kasou”. He seems to be referring to the light on, in the website, maybe

usa (*) No.108654 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:20:32

I'll be doing recording in U.S.A this month~~~

The schedule is favorably getting tighter, but

Today, it's the first day off I have and I came here~

I went to a place where I’ve been wanting to go since before~!

(*) usa may be read as “憂さ” (melancholy). But it seems to mean “U.S.A” here

Hey No.108657 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:23:02

Long time and no see, shie

The case is that

After eating breakfast, I went toooooo!


"This slope leads to where~~ ?"

A meeting hall (*)that leads me to where I always wanted to go


It feels great (*)

(*)Kaikan . It seems Hyde is playing on words all the time during these messages. Here,he uses the word "kaikan" which sounds like "meeting hall" and "orgasm" or "It feels great".

The fact is that No.108659 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:26:58

I steadily went climbing the slopes nearby~

Doing that, when I looked down the vast landscape

The habitual studio looked small

Indeed~ ...


Behind the lodging, there's something

Alike to that thing in Hawaii, high up in the sky,

there's something there that looks like a huge telescope!

What may that be?




Wow, yes

Let's go up

Hey No.108664 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:32:30


That’s it

Moreover, I think that when you climb it, a great view is awaiting you

As I do it (**I can see**)

Another people's houses(*)?


such enormous gates open, so

when I quietly entered them through

then, the hard-faced police appeared somehow saying "invasion...",

so I was caught and I ended up being taken to the police for home-invasionnn~.

But, since I am totally kidding about that,

By this way, I penetrated them through. (*)

(*) He’s saying that peeping from the above other people’s house is easier and safer than invading them, since he could be caught by the police.

(*)”侵入して行きました”. (*^^*) Dirty thoughts…

Hey No.108675 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:37:20

From 香江sarriくるみぱん--

I’ve already called your name! So bad (laughs)


When I go, timidly

There was a house, but

As I kept going,

Ignoring it,

The sky

Errr, but the landscape spread so vastly!

It was spread everywhere, everywhere and I could see Japan at distance

Because today was a quite beautiful day

Oh, but it was likely to be someone's property, so I promptly turned back and climbed up a different sloping road.

So No.108686 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:44:46

The next sloping road is a darken place surrounded by all kinds of trees

I go rapidly climbing it 

foward and foward

Though it's a precipitous sloping road,

I go



huuuge shit on the way






If I guess by the size


After walking for a while, 

the landscape opened up to me

I go


In such time, 

I suddenly recalled the guys' talk

It’s said that behind these properties, a dreadful huge dog is on the loose without its owner...

nami (*) 1212 No.108688 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:46:28

What was that, worries(*)?

(*) He's answering someone called nami 1212. He plays on words once again. nami is close to nayami = worries

So No.108700 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:50:37

But the walking person was saying that this is the base’ something

Frightening dog

Though he seemed to be named like Kattouburyuu

According the person of this enormous base, a big enough dog is on the loose without its owner,

so, while I was thinking what should I do if I was attacked, I heard "he's back"

Oh, but

wherever I look

this shit

It's not a dog

as well it’s not a cat

nor a frog

it was extraordinarily huge

It's really a horse

So No.108730 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 15:58:20

Intelligent nami.

But I go

Forward and forward

I go





Forward and foward

and then,


again the opened gate isssssssss

To be continued

peru No.108754 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 16:02:26

s the damage of the earthquake of your town all right?

I worry.

That’s it No.108793 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 16:12:15

Intelligent Moe

Maybe that is really so.

It's in accordance with its image

However, this time the gate had security cameras (ka-boom!)


I go

foward and foward

When I go


At the end of the road without any structures

I could see the sky that looked like a magnificent scenery

When you come to the top of the slope, you can't get back home without seeing the landscape, right, ladies?


I go, getting closer to see the opened up landscape 

1 step

1 step

1 step

the next moment!!

"Urrr~..." , the groaning voice typical of a dog

I continue, step by step

Ending up turning back...

However, I didn't even look at its figure

Ah No.108810 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 16:15:13

It was Chile

My mistake


But No.108837 ???: HYDE 2010-03-11 16:21:29

I don't know

The dog said to me "Uuuu" and

I turned back, so

I don't know what kind of thing it was


However, I think that maybe, he was a dog of approximately 3 heads

And of approximately 3 meters high!

No way, absolutely.

That way,


while I was beautifully avoiding 

the shit fallen on the ground

With the mixed humming voice, I headed to the studio.

It's really helpless No.108880 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 16:28:12

So, Kyazu sama appeared in a 6 wheels buggy and gallantly passed me by


when I went to the studio, the "person on drums" was relaxing in the verandah 
 on a reclining seat.

Since he has the image of someone who is always playing around in his free time with the person that plays the bass 

I asked him why he was spending his free time like that

I thought that maybe because he has no car, he can't go to where he wants to

Since it was a guess, I didn't ask him anything after that

And then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and then and thena nd then and then and then and then and then this No.108909 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 16:33:26

Everybody gathered together and

We went out to play around by car

Since it was a place we went during the tour, we didn't feel like doing a sightseeing, but

We unexpectedly passed by a famous place and ate some specialties


We went to a musical instrument store,

And ate some Korean food and returned home

That's how it felt like No.108963 Author: HYDE 2010-03-11 16:40:13

I'm already worn-out

I'm going to sleep (laughs)

The work is kinda advancing and I have no doubt it will be a great work!

Look forward to it~

Well, the problem

Where you think this city is?

The answer will be someday (*)

(* )Kotae wa itsuka. Maybe答えは五日?

The answer is the fifth? Where are you honey, after all. My guess has change to Seattle, though.

Nowadays, I am unable to access hydeist (T__T) Oh, how I miss spending nice time there. Hope I'll get access to it over again soon...

But I felt really like a lucky girl today,ne. Well, so it seems ^^ I could see the light on before going to work. And I even could read  his messages.

もっと授業が取れたら、 早く進めるよ。でも、上手くできたって感じ~♪


It’s really good to see honey soooo talkative. Have fun while recording, haido san ^^



What I want to give as a return gift for White Day is,

500 yen (laughs) (H)

Pocket Money (laughs) (K)


Wednesday, 10 March 2010



Translated by The Lady of Flowers
Original Article here


The contents of the DVD "TOUR 2008 L'7~Trans ASIA via PARIS~" that L'Arc-en-Ciel is going to release in 03.31 was revealed!!

This work is a video recording done in 06.01 at the Tokyo Dome live, during the tour that was held in 2008 in 7 cities of the world, "TOUR 2008 L'7~Trans ASIA via PARIS~".
Their world view was freely seen in the set list, centered on the tunes made in the 2000s.
Besides the 23 tunes that were displayed in the DVD, there's also the video with a selection of MCs that were done in various places. The trendy drama “Love Story wa makuai ni" (** The love story is between the acts**) that was shown in the lives between the intervals and starred by Ishida Jun'ichi, arousing interest among some fans, will have all its 4 chapters included in the DVD.

「TOUR 2008 L'7~Trans ASIA via PARIS~」 list of contents


02.Pretty girl
03.Caress of Venus
06.Sell my Soul
07.get out from the shell
09.My Dear
11.永遠 (Eien)
12.forbidden lover
14.Killing Me


01.Feeling Fine 2007
02.HONEY 2007
03.NEXUS 4
04.Driver's High
07.星空 (Hoshizora)


The drama series shown in the live intermissions "Love Story wa Makuai ni", Chapters 1, 2, 3, Final.

* First Press

Special package and L'7 Sticker


Isn't it beautiful the jacket of the DVD? Another beautiful one ^__^ I am very excited about the contents of the DVDs... Oh, MCs collection  (<-- Hope we'll have a similar collection in VAMPS DVD, too (^___^))and the drama. I was really eager to watch that. drama. People said it was lovely. Mitemitai~~~~ I am happy they included in the DVD ^____^

In addiction, VAMPS announced the release date of their new single and the awaited “VAMPS VAMPS LIVE 2009” DVD!! 


2010.05.12 (Wed) Simultaneous Release!

5th Single "(Title not confirmed yet)" 
1,500 yen

6,660 yen


Sunday, 7 March 2010



I'll predict what I'll be doing in the middle of March.......... Recording. hahaha (H)

Mine (prediction) was also recording (laughs) (K)


Thursday, 4 March 2010

熱く! 激しく! 狂おしく!


It’s been a while I don’t write about manga here.

Yesterday, I read the new chapter of the Finder Series by Yamane Ayano sensei. I am very happy the story is once again being serialized in BexBoy Gold. At last, after an enormous interval, I’ll be able to read about how Asami and Tabaka’s relationship develop after the disclosing of their true feelings seen in the whole “Naked Truth” ark.

I was very happy when I read the last chapter of Naked Truth because Takaba behaved exactly how I had been expecting him to since the beginning of this series. I don’t like the reluctant “uke” type very much and I always could see Takaba was terribly “moved” by Asami’s ways of “approaching” him, so I really wanted him to turn from the predicable “嫌だ! 止めろ!” (Idon’t want it. Stop it…) ukeish lines to a more audacious and condescending “もっと、もっと!気持ちいい~~” (“More, more. It feels good~~~~”) hahahaha

Yes, it was like that in the last chapter of Naked Truth.

Kind of passive aggressive uke!? Maybe…

Actually, Naked Truth was all about making clear Asami and Takaba’s true feelings, ne. Fei Long kidnapped Takaba and took him as captive to Hong Kong, defying Asami to go there and fetch Takaba if he wished to see him again. This is a central point in the story because in the past, Asami didn’t rescue Fei Long when he needed, even though they were lovers at that time.

However, against all Fei Long’s predictions, Asami returns to Hong Kong once again after years just to rescue Takaba who, in the loneness of his prison in Hong Kong, finds himself missing Asami’s presence. Then, at the end of this ark, we can see Takaba accepting to himself that he likes Asami and that that’s the reason he always lets him take him any time he wants (!) On the other hand, Asami shows Fei Long and Takaba that he is not a cold-hearted selfish man who is only interested in his own business, but someone who can act imprudently moved by passion and who is able to love.

I’ve been a reader of the Finder Series since its release, I think. In the past, I even translated chapters and was active in discussions forums… As an expert reader of BL mangas (*^__^*), the story is rather predicable, but it’s pretty fun, too, because the characters + art are wonderful!

Well, so after the last chapter in Hong Kong, everybody is waiting for a turn in their relationship, since they know each others’ feelings now. But, we also know each one of them has completely different personalities, so seeing them adjusting a life together will be much fun.

By the way, this new ark is called “Escape and Love”. I do hope there will be more “love” than “escape” from now on ^____^ Specially if it’s “Rabu Rabu”

Oh, Viiii, you’re such a shameless hentai!

Well, the fact is that I enjoyed reading this chapter very much. How I missed the Finder series. Moreover, Yamane sensei’s art is once again very beautiful and accurate.

Takaba returns to Japan after being rescued by Asami. However, he runs from Asami’s hand at the airport to meet his friends. Then, when he returns home he finds it empty of his belongings: someone took all his possessions leaving just a key to an apartment. But the message says “Asami” (of course!!). Terribly annoyed by the situation, Takaba goes to the address left with the key, wondering if Asami is trying to say he wants them to share a life together (Ohhhh). Getting inside the apartment, he gets to the conclusion Asami is (unfortunately) not there, so he begins to wonder how it would be like if they do live together. I laughed a lot here, so I HAD to make a post about it ^__^

Scans by Serena daragon@ livejournal and Yamane-Ayano's community. Thank you~~~~*


Takaba: "....Aren't you here..... Asami......"
"That's what it seems"


Takaba:"Ah , the detection of my belongings...!"

Takaba: "... And they’re just these... But, compared to the things here, they may be modest..."

Takaba: "But it doesn't give him the right of taking them as he pleases!"



Takaba:"But this apartment is surely located in an expensive area and it has large and nice rooms..."

Takaba:"Does Asami want to make this simple me a bird in his cage this much ...?"

Takaba:"When I come to live here, I wouldn’t have to worry about the rent, or about feeding... Such worries would be finished. Could I live such life...?"

(Thinking thinking)

Takaba:"Asami, wake up. It's already noon"

Takaba:" I made you breakfast, so eat it"
Takaba: "There are only sunny-side-up fried eggs. I won’t let you make complaints”


Takaba:" What do you want to eat for dinner? I am better at cooking dishes made with meat"
Takaba:"Have a nice day"

Takaba:"Welcome home. You came too early. It's still 2 am. I'll prepare you a bath"




Asami:"Today, I'll have the best dinner~"

Takaba: "Ah........!"



Takaba:"Take me to the bed..."

Asami:"I'll love you kindly right here"


Takaba:"What kind of life is that!!"

Takaba: "No way I'll be a man's lover!!"

Takaba: "By no means I'm gonna be supported by him and live an easy life!!"


hahaha What's all this? Collective unconscious’ fault? Since I don't believe in coincidences … (*^__^*)This part is so much alike my wild thoughts about living together with Haido san~~~Kyaaaaa ^__^ Surely that would be a nice everyday living!

Also, it doesn't seem that bad being Asami's lover, Takaba!! All you described sounds pretty fun~~~* If I were you, I’d say “hai, hai, hai” to Asami right away.

I’m looking forward to the new chapter, sensei~★


Wednesday, 3 March 2010



What should I say? They all look incredbly cool and the cover song "I will Rock n' Roll" sounds veeeeeeery nice in Laruku's style. Yes, I do hope it will be released soon ^___^

You can listen just a little bit more of it in the omake videos found in the Pepsi's website. By the way, this campaing is really interesting, ne. I loved the "Got To Be Real"'s song choice, too ^__^

Moreover, hyde's voice is just precious, ne. I LOVED listening saying "Yappari, kore ga suki" ("Of course, I love it!"). This part is just to die for (X__X). I replayed it many times over. I was totally stuck at it.... Oh~~~~~~~~

Also when he says :"LOVE pepsi NEX", there's no doubt his pronunciation has improved immensily. Soooo cute.


The Interview~~~~

"Please, tell us the reason you chose this song"

tetsuya: "I think it represents a rock band; moreover, I think this tune is simple and has impact, so we chose it".

"Was the recording hard?"

yukihiro: “I play the drums innumerous times for recordings, but this time, I was done with just 2 times, so it was nice”.

"How was the shooting like?"

hyde: “I may say I could do it quite smoothly while I was incited by the director. In other scenes where I had to perform, I didn't feel nervous, but I think I felt a little bit nervous at the scene I am drinking.

"Give us a final message"

ken: Please enjoy the new Pepsi NEX and the CM. It’s a good message, right?

LOVE pepsi NEX

The making of