Sunday, 28 February 2010



Yes. I like his photos, too. he's been improving more and more. I'd like to have the fish-eyes lenses, too.

Some weeks ago I received my VAMPS Official Calendar. It took a lot to arrive because I ordered it, choosing SAL as shipping choice, so it too all this time to reach me. But that's OK. It is very cute. It comes in a fancy black box and it has a very nice size. Actually, I love its size. before I ordered it, I was wondering that if it was a big wall calendar, I couldn't use it.

So, I became really happy it's a small calendar. I felt the same when I received the VAMPS U.S.A Photobook. It also has a perfect size. It feels like seeing a real photobook. And, for what concerns the shipping taxes, it became a wonderful order.

Hope there will be more cutely sized photobooks by VAMPS in the future.

The "VAMPS MEKURI" is formed of different photos of HYDE and K.A.Z, displayed
alternately, every week. In the back of each photo there a saying of HYDE and K.A.Z. I want to translate them every week from now on (^__^)

The scans I am using are from Gabychan's livejournal. Thank you, dear (^___^)v

(K)= K.A.Z


The point that makes me envious of girls is,

They're able to live a whole life without having to work, when they make it right (H)

What point is that.... Being able to ride in the women-only train car? Oh, definitely that(laughs) (K)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010





It’s decided to be put into practice during a period, until the day 2010.03.24, the "VAMPS CHANCE" which is the opportunity of winning extravagant prizes.

This "VAMPS CHANCE" is a special plan for those who, by filling a subscription from a mobile web site, will be granted by a lottery varied privileges named: “GOLDEN TICKET”, “SILVER TICKET”, “BRONZE TICKET”!! They are "TICKETs" with extravagant contents that give you the opportunity of winning invitations for the Live Tour; meeting VAMPS in person, handshaking and having a sigh on your favorite things. Moreover, the attendants will necessarily win something from all the members: an "Unlimited" TICKET ♪

A similar plan is scheduled to be enclosed in the 5th single and the LIVE DVD "VAMPS LIVE 2009", both scheduled to be released in May, as well as in the 6th single, scheduled to be released in June!

Moreover, together with the “enclosing plan”, by the time of release of the 2nd Album, scheduled to be released in July, it will happen something that has to do with these 5 works put together. When you’ll get the 5 works together and fill in the subscription with the ID that comes with the "VAMPS CHANCE" that will be enclosed in these CDs, DVDs, a special VAMPS' DVD, fully loaded of treasured scenes (article not for sale), will be won by 666 names in a lottery. Certainly, getting this terribly rare, inevitably unbeatable DVD is a challenge!!

*The period of the preorder of the articles depend on the circumstances, so we ask your understanding in advance if the preorder closes earlier than estimated.

*Concerning the CD/ DVD, the special privilege/specification etc depends on the circumstances, so we ask your understanding in advance if it ends earlier than estimated. (Excluding the permanent privileges/ permanent specifications)

Set list



*This VAMPS CHANCE is based on the preorders of any site, I think....
*The 5 works are: VAMPS LIVE 2009 USA DVD,  5th single, VAMPS LIVE 2009 DVD, 6th single, 2nd Album.
*666 names will be granted
* Special privileges seem to concern the category of the ticket, depending if it is a Golden, Silver or Bronze.
* Specifications/ methods seem to me to be related to the "Unlimited ticket" received from the members. Maybe it's some kind of "permanent" treat you can use during the tour... I am just guessing, OK ^^

----> Raise your hand your hand if you want these extravagant tickets:


----> Raise your hand if you want special privileges and special treats from VAMPS during the tour.


Let's get even more excited to work hard to be able to afford all this!!!

---->Raise your hand if you  agree with the mister in the restaurant calling VAMPS Rock Stars:


Nice Rock Stars, ne ~★

Yeah, I am very very very excited right now!


Friday, 12 February 2010



Original Article here  
Translated by The Lady of Flowers



The songs selection of L'arc-en-Ciel's best Album that will be released in 3.10 「QUADRINITY ~MEMBER'S BEST SELECTIONS~」 has been announced.

This work is the “member distinct best album" which has each one of the 7 songs (number associated to the name of the band that depicts the word "rainbow") chosen by each one of the four members among their own composed songs since the past. Each individual indicated a name of a mastering engineer and conducted the whole re-mastering, making this an obsessively meticulous best disc.

The chosen tunes are abundant in variety: from big hit singles, songs from albums that are famous to the fans until those rare ones that are almost never performed. It's an art work in which

you'll be able to flavor fully each one's individuality and extensive talent.
The DVD that comes together with the First Press CDs has a recorded variety quiz show, "The L'Arquiz" that reaches 63 minutes with all the members. The face of the members while challenged by difficult questions just like a real set of a quiz show is a must-see for the fans. 

There are shops that already closed the reservations for this release, so let's hurry and pre-order it!!


Disc.1 hyde best

01.I'm so happy
07.In the Air

Mastering: Ian Cooper (OASIS, XTC, Hotei Tomoyasu etc)

Disc.2 tetsuya best
03.Time goes on
06.Link -KISS Mix-

Mastering: Tom Coin (Utada Hikaru, DJ SHADOW, Byonce etc

Disc.3 ken best

04.Coming Closer
06.the silver shining
07.虹(Album Version)


Disc.4 yukihiro best

01.a swell in the sun
03.drink it down
04.get out from the shell -asian version- world

Mastering: Ted Jensen (GREEN DAY,ALICE IN CHAINS, Norah Jones etc)

The Live DVD 「TOUR 2008 L'7 ~Trans ASIA via PARIS~」 will also be released in 03.31.

A scene from "Larquiz". In the moment they're curious to know what kind of question will be proposed.


I am very happy and anxious about the Quadrinity release!!!!!

I love the new photo on the L’Arc-en-Ciel’s homepage. They all look wonderful!!!! I felt a terrible hunger for painting. I need to paint!!!!
I was teased and inspired so early in the morning. That’s great!!!

What about the selection? I was wondering what that would be. I wanted to write a post with my guesses but I had no time to do so…. I am very happy with all the selections, though. And The mastering engineers’ names makes me wait for a high-quality music sound, ne. 

That’s L’ Arc !!!

The Quadrinity jacket is wonderful as well!!! Beautiful and very amusing. A house of four rooms is exactly what this very band means, right? L’ Arc is surely not a band of one star but a superb band with 4 talented members and that’s probably one of the reasons they have so many good songs and a high-quality sound. They’re the best!! You are The Beatles of my age, in my opinion ^___^

And this image of a house of four rooms also has a symbolic/psychological depiction, ne. If the house was a human being (or the band as an alive individual), the four rooms could be their distinct egos, living all together in harmony, because it seems to be a happy house by the picture. In this house it’s possible to coexist four distinct tastes which can be felt in the house decoration, like the windows different styles and mail boxes different colors. It seems that protecting this organized structure is also important for the house inhabitants, since there’s a fierce dog outside the house; this also shows this house is valuable and loved by those who live inside it~~~*

The front door is red. Maybe it’s because it’s a house like those seen in England or maybe because their entrance is love and passion…  (or its like the movie “The Sixth Sense” and it’s there to make us aware something abnormal will happen inside it!!! I’m joking ^__^)

Were they conscious about all this when they chose this image, I wonder? Am I putting too much meaning where there’s just an art picture? Wonderful picture, anyway!!!

A structure with four distinct personalities, faces, talents, special abilities, different functions, purposes…. It’s like The Trinity itself. Well, the name comes obviously from it, right? I also like the photo on the laruku homepage.  They're dressed in different styles, maybe to remind us all their art history??

hey’re like fashion saints ^__^ Hyde san is holy hot saint for sure!

Should I kneel? 

Will you, please, show me the way that leads to Heaven?



The hyde best song title order is very intriguing…

It makes me very happy ^__^

Oh, somehow all this reminds me a post I am eager to white since I’ve began writing this blog. It’s a post about subliminal messages. I hope I can write about it soon. I have collected different materials to do so ^^

Laruku, I love you yeah yeah yeah !!!!