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この一日は大切なので、 ちゃんと楽しんで下さ~~い!!

恋しているレディとして、今年やっと会えたら、 キスしますよ!


恋に落ちたまま、 火で溶けていたように、 逝きましょうねー





“Happy Birthday, honey”

Hope you’ll always be blessed with an immense happiness~~~~~~*
Hope I will listen to your voice forever.
I am eager to meet you live at last.

Uncountable Chu~~~~*


Today is the day of the most beautiful and sexy vocalist/musician/artist/ person I’ve ever met! Today is haido san’s bday!!!!!!!

Since I am posting this only now, I may say that it was the longest birthday I’ve ever seen. I feel like I have written so many messages for him. 
But, he deserves them all, of course ^__^

So, how did hyde spent his birthday?

Well, I wanted to send him a message when it turned midnight, but I was not at home here (midday!), so I rushed home, wondering what HYDEIST bbs would allow me to post. I thought of just sending a kiss, but when I began reading it, I saw an avalanche of lovely messages. Then there I went, full of strength and enthusiasm!!!
However, I could notice on time, before I posted my message, that those messages direct saying “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” were all being deleted. Fortunately, I could realize it. So I changed my “Otanjyoubi Omedetou” into “BLESS!”. 
And after I posted it, I had to wait until I was certain I wouldn’t be deleted.Being deleted inside HYDEIST is alike being deleted by haido himself, ne. Actually, I don’t mind if he intentionally kills me metaphorically, but I do mind being literally deleted  (>__<) 

But I was happy to know he allowed the love messages. It’s good to see them there. When I read some of them, I thought, “Oh, it’s like me”, “I feel the same way”, “It was the same with me”. Moreover, I believe those kind of good wishes we receive in our birthday are mostly so full of love and wises of happiness that they are truly a treasure. 
Since I was a child, it seems I didn’t care much about the presents on my birthday, but I really cared about the day itself because I liked receiving the greetings. Now, when I receive my birthday messages in my orkut or emails, I feel really excited to read them and in my heart I feel reassured that I’ll have that happiness my friends and family are wishing me ~~~~*

But, why “Happy Birthday dear hyde” is not allowed, haido san?
I was wondering about it that day with a devilish smirk on my face.
Is it like saying “Merry Xmas”? Does he feel cutely embarrassed when he listen/reads the “Happy Bday” messages. Do you brush, haido kun?

Oh, How I wish I could see that!

Mitemitai na ~~~~

Well, actually, though I love the birthday greetings I receive in my birthday, I do avoid the “Happy Birthday to you” song! Why? Well, it’s terribly embarrassing, I think. “Oh, no, please don’t do it!”, I end up saying… The truth is that at the end of the song, I end up crying! It’s very embarrassing crying in front of people… I remember it always ended up happening in my school days. I was there listening to the whole class, then I looked at the teacher… everybody clapping hands …. And the tears were all rolling down! I felt touched and cried.

Embarrassing. The Birthday song must be really avoided!

But how did hyde san spent his birthday, I wonder?

Well, 1.29 was the Music Station day!!! We could see our dearest at the very day of his birthday and it was very GOOD!

About Music Station, the BLESS performance was fantastic, I think. All of them were performing it very well, feeling the sound, it seemed. It’s really wonderful seeing L’ Arc~en~Ciel’s performance! In addition, hyde was specially fantastic. His performance of BLESS was totally different from the performance I saw in MUSIC JAPAN. It was so full of energy and emotion that I could feel it inside my own heart and happily I began to sing along with him! It reminded a performance they did of Caress of Venus in Music station some time ago. It also reminded some other live performances I’ve seem of them along the years. Hyde san burning with the emotions in his heart seems to make me burn, too.


“Everything is for today~~~”

However, about the Music Station, I can’t help commenting the interview! 

Well, let's begin. When hyde was asked about something by Tamori san:

A question was sent to the MQ corner and a person named Sakamoto san, sent the following question:

"I have trouble getting up in the morning and I am always late to go to school. How do you guys wake up in the morning?"

Tamori san: "What about you , hyde san?"

hyde: "As for me, since my head doesn't work well in the morning, I choose my clothes the night before and let them at the bedside(*), ne. Doing so, I can sleep until the last second".

Female announcer: "Ahhh, I used to do that when I was a primary school student"

(*) (枕元に) makuramotoni= (on the bedside; on the other side of the bed)


Does anyone have a comment?
Well, I have to raise my hand here. Let’s understand better what he’s saying!

“I choose my clothes the night before and let them at the bedside ”

How dare you putting your clothes on my side of the bed, honey! I want to sleep close to you! And that must be in the same bed, of course~~~~* (*^___^*)

“Doing so, I can sleep until the last second".

I also don’t like this sentence. It should be:
“I prepare my clothes the night before because I want to stay in bed until the very last second I can”!
You can’t sleep until the last second! You can be in bed until the last second, but I assure you you’ll not be sleeping, honey. You’ll have homework to do during early morning!!!!


However, I may say that if such intense work happened the night before, after he prepared his clothes, then it’s just natural wanting to get up late, ne, honey. 
I can preserve your sleeping if that’s the case (^___^) So, the first part of the sentence can make more sense:

“…my head doesn't work well in the morning”

Of course, because we had a lot of homework to do the night before, ne~

Or, maybe not…..

Maybe, since there are so much to be done, we did homework the night before and more homework early in the morning.

No wonder your mind is not working fine when you wake up. You’re feeling dizzy, neeeeeee


Oh, I do get like this when I imagine him in bed!!!! 


I was full of strange thoughts during his birthday! 
Before BLESS performance:

Announcer: "Haido san has something that he wants to confirm with Kyouko san from BARBEE BOYS"

hyde: "Yes, that's right. She made me a SOBA promise. But she didn't get in touch. What happened?"

Tamori san: "Kyouko san , do you remember that?"

Kyouko : "Yes, my father has the hobby of making SOBA with his own hands and 

hyde kun said he loves SOBA. However, when I thought of getting in touch to make it, I was told that hyde kun was not in Japan"

Tamori san: "It was about when?"
(hyde is wondering when....)
Kyouko: "It was last year, after the HANAMI..."

hyde: "Yes, that's right".

Tamori: "Then, surely this year in the next interview..."

hyde: "I really wish her father makes it possible”

The SOBA promise must become real, ne, haido kun! Kyouko san calls him “haido kun”. It’s lovely.
By the way, hyde san is really a SOBA addicted, ne. Kawaiiiiiiiiii

As an omake,

I felt happy reading an entry in Daigo’s blog:
It says:

“And today 29th , January is

our God's

HYDE san's Birthday~♪

Once again, right at the moment it turned 00:00, I could send him his birthday email!

And so, HYDE san replied meeeee:

Sharply~~~~~I am happy

Really, Congratulations!!!!"

So, it seems he likes receiving his birthday messages. Kawaisugiru~~~~
However, I felt embarrassed now. I did send him a Happy birthday mail and even a gift (! What was it? ^__^) through HYDE POST inside HYDEIST. But it took me some time to finish it and when I could finally post it, it was already 30th!!!


So, in the message, I wrote that since he's loved world widely, because of time zone differences, he has the privilege of having a longer birthday!! 
That was my humble excuse!


By the way, at this same very day it is also my father's birthday!!! Once again, Happy Birthday, Daddy~~~* I love you.

And it reminds me my sister's birthday is getting closer. I have to buy her gift (^__^)

All of them are Aquarians, ne.

Does hyde san has the same personality of my father since they were born at the same day?

Well, I am a Scorpio but my ascendant is Aquarius.... I think we match, haido kun ^__^

What is his ascendant, I wonder? Geminy? Virgo?

When he answered he prepares his clothes the night before, I was like " I knew it!"
He’s a punctual, organized being, maybe...
Ummmm, I should hide it but, since it's the worst point in my character, it's better saying it now: 

I can never be on time!!

It's my revelation.
I've always had trouble with deadlines, getting on time to school, friends birthday dates, movie sessions, lives, answering emails etc etc.....

Will you hate me, haido san?

I am trying to adjust to the clock ever since I was a child. It's a matter of discussion here at home. My father and mother are always on time and I admire them, but it seems I lack this punctuality...

I wish I can learn more about punctuality observing haido san. ^___^

Teach me to get a perfect timing, haido sa~~~~n


What a day!


The photos I posted today are from different times, ne.

Before, in a comment here, I told a person that hyde’s look I like the least is when his hair really blond. But after saying that, I kind of felt guilty about it and went to my folder of haido san’s photos and paid much attention to those he were blond. After seeing many of them, I changed my mind: hyde san is also pretty sexy and gorgeous when he’s blond!

So, no matter what is the color or style of your hair, honey, my heart is always yours!

Oh, you know what? I got terribly excited right now! Too much honey in just one day. 

When I get this way, I get out of control. 

Let’s eat sweets…
… and don’t dare telling me “いけない”, honey!

Adult talk. Be careful!






(^__^人) 129ニョッキ~

Unconditional love~~~~*


☆*゜ ゜゜*☆*゜ ゜゜*☆*゜ ゜゜*☆*゜ ゜゜*☆*゜ ゜゜*☆*゜ ゜゜*☆*゜ 


Wednesday, 27 January 2010



Source: Original Article

Translated by the Lady of Flowers


L'arc performs enthusiastically the NHK's Olympic Games theme. 

"If we could replicate those deep emotions"

L'Arc~en~Ciel' s new single, "BLESS" was chosen to be the theme song of the NHK's broadcasting of The Olympics in Vancouver. The official video recording of this tune occurred at this very day (13th,January) inside the NHK Hall, , in Tokyo.

Before the recording, the 4 members, accepted answering questions from the press that was there covering the event. They told us their feelings towards The Olympics and also talked about the time the tune was being elaborated. hyde, who is the creator of "BLESS"'s lyrics and musical composition, was questioned about what kind of feelings are inside the song and he told us: "I think it is something very touching standing up on the stage of the dream you had been pursuing with all your strength since very young. We may say that there are really few people who could experience that very moment, so I composed it considering putting into lyrics such deeply emotional atmosphere".

In addition, he answered the question about The Olympics’ theme song, revealing something that happened when he was composing this tune: "Having in mind the sports, more than I had imagined at first, I made the tempo a little faster to sound as if I could feel the "wind”’.

Questioned about his first impression of the tune composed by hyde, ken commented:"I thought ‘Oh, hyde can really write such warm song, as well’. Since I didn't know which kind of song he would bring us and, since there was also The Olympics thing, I thought it would be a fast song. I was like "Ah, that's great, he also has such side in him", feeling relieved (laugh)". Regarding this, hyde replied promptly:"Well, just to let you know, I am a common person (laugh)".

Moreover, about his thoughts on being requested as the theme song of The Olympics, tetsuya said :"We received the theme and it was amusing getting the idea extracted little by little while we were reaching the goal. When I performed it, though it's a ballad and being aware of The Olympics, I gave my best not to make the bass have that rock-like oscillating feeling (laugh). When the conversation reached the topic about the arrangements, yukihiro told us his own feelings:"I performed it while thinking I could make a gentle and beautiful beat as the line that can be made on the surface by the figure skate"; tetsuya also added an opinin about it: “Since it’s an extreme honor having this song together with the video in which all the athletes play an active role, I dealt with the recording, thinking we could make a famous song that could replicate those deep emotions "

At the end, being asked about his observations about the games at the Olympics’ broadcastings, the name of the 15-years-old female athlete from the speed skate team, Takagi Miho, was raised, chosen by hyde, who said:"I wish I can watch it with considerably warm eyes. Even though I sang in "BLESS" about a long journey towards the achievement of a dream, I think there are also dreams that come true fast , right? (laugh). Furthermore, the video recorded at this very day is scheduled to be broadcasted in the TV programs related to the Vancouver’s Olympics at NHK.

During the official video recording, there was also the participation of the string instruments, in a magical atmosphere that gives the impression of a land of snowy fields.

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver starts from 2.12 (local time). It's scheduled to be broadcasted in NHK the opening and closing ceremonies, the figure skating presentation etc.

About the recording when they 4 finally got together after a while, hyde said:" But, nowadays, it's getting usual meeting after a long time (laugh) I was looking forward to know what each one of us has grasped during this 1 year and a half".

About The Winter Olympic Games, ken told us his dream: "I'd like trying to ride a bobsleigh with us 4 together" and, when asked "What if what you said was put in practice?", he gave us an immediate reply:"I ride it!".


"Though it was a while I was in a recording, I dealt with it naturally without having to make great efforts", said tetsuya.

About his past memories about the Olympics, yukihiro said:"In The Olympics in Torino, the performance that gave the golden medal to the participant of the figure skating team, Arakawa Shizuka, was splendid. Certainly, I want to try slipping on ice listening to "BLESS"'

Monday, 25 January 2010


Translated by the Lady of Flowers


VAMPS opens to the public their year schedule all at once! The first release is VAMPS U.S.A Live DVD.


This work, that will be the first work released in 2010, is a recording of the happenings during the America tour that took place last year. It's centered in the final live performance of the tour at Wiltern Theater- Los Angeles and the documentary video that covered the other side of the tour.

The compilation of tunes recorded in the live scene is planned to have 11 songs. It seems we will be able to enjoy carefully the full body performance of them, who involved the local fans in a vortex of wild enthusiasm.

Moreover, together with new work information, the plans of releases in 2010 and the live schedule were also opened to the public all at once. After the simultaneous release of what will be their 5th single in total and the Live DVD "VAMPS LIVE 2009" in May; there will be a new single in June and, closing this series of releases, it is planned to be announced an album in July, after about 1 year from the previous one.

Also, in the last third of June, crossing through about 3 months, a large-scale live house tour will be held. The tour has its beginning in Niigata LOTS, in 6.22-23, Kouchi- BAY5 SQUARE, Hiroshima CLUB QUATTRO, Zepp Tokyo, Zepp Sendai, Zepp Sapporo, Zepp Nagoya, Zepp Fukuoka, Zepp Osaka, being held 42 exhibitions in 9 venues, in total. Then, after the end of the tour inside Japan, there are also plans for the overseas tour that will exceed in scale the last year tour.

Last year, VAMPS developed their vigorous activity beginning with the 1st album "VAMPS", the wild Zepp Tour and the first live tour held in America etc etc. By now, taking into consideration the entire schedule that was announced, it seems that this year, exceeding last year, VAMPS will cause much more trouble to the music scene with their aggressive activity. 
HYDE (center of the photo) is about to be eaten by the beautiful woman and K.A.Z(on the right of the photo) stands by his side totally cool.



Sunday, 17 January 2010



I woke up and saw the light on. Actually, haido san even appeared on the web camera!! It was my first time seeing this. I could spot just a little (he was playing guitar) but I was very happy.

By the way, just recently I noticed the cage opens when the light is on. Baka Viiiiii!!!!

Courtesy No.107186 Author: HYDE 2010-01-17 22:52:29

I'm sorry for the lack of courtesy

For some reason, I really can't compose smoothly

It's probably the things of destiny

I'll try a little more


The camera is over

Until soon


Yesterday, I was late at night talking on Hydeist chat about the rules that used to be effective in the site. Previously, on that same day, I was talking in the chat again and the topic about people’s privacy emerged.

Well, I said I believe the individual’s privacy is sacred, so that’s why I don’t like celebrities’ gossip sites and whatever is based on rumors. Also, I don’t think it’s right scooping the private moments of someone else’s life just to have the knowledge of what this person does in his privacy.

In short, I treasure privacy. I am not a famous person but, even in my normal life, I keep safe the things I would never share with people I don’t trust. I may even say that I am terribly cautions on this matter. My character itself (even my Zodiac Sigh) is not likely to be opened very easily. Well, I may talk to everybody, (I am improving on that) but my depths and secrets is hardly shared. The sharing of dearest or sultry things is just for those I really care and trust the most. So, sometimes, people may think I am a mysterious person because I really avoid some private infos. It’s funny somehow, because people begin to guess and guess and they hardly get the right answer just per appearance. It’s really funny in a way.

Actually, my love is quite based in privacy & secrecy. What I give to those I love, I may not ever give to someone else. So, I make those I love very unique people. Even in minor details as words, gestures, allowances…

It must be the same with everybody. There are things we don’t want/ can’t share in order to preserve them.

On the other hand, later at night, I was talking about manners that are required by hydeist site. Many things seem to have changed along the years such as the loosing in some rules. The person who I was chatting and I were wondering why that is happening.

Well, things such as not sending birthday greetings or talking about your own feelings in the bbs… Oh, I am a hard breaker of all these rules, even though I read everything about the rules when I became a member!!!! I may say that being recalled about the rules made me a little guilty.

However, I was never erased by such comments. So, I prefer believing that the pureness of my feelings were somehow conveyed and taken as something good to be displayed there. And so are the feelings of the others fans.

I said to the person I was talking that people changes while they age. And the person replied me saying that there are things that won’t change. And I agreed saying that the important things would never change. These important things are our inner values and beliefs, I think. However, our uneasiness with some ordinary things of life does change, I think.

When I was much younger, it was hard to talk to unknown people. I was ashamed if approach me to talk, for example. However, I feel it as something very normal now. I got used to talking to people. Making new friends is much easier now. Some time ago, listening to others’ opinions about me would make me really embarrassed, but now I can listen to them. I can discuss about it. I am still not very used to compliments but I am working on that. I still hate to be the topic of a conversation!!! (By the way, that’s why it’s quite hard entering in the chat in hydeist. Being Brazilian, I am always having to answer question about me!!! It is quite embarrassing, I think, you know?)

Everything about human mutual exchanging is much easier, so I do believe things change while we age.

My point is that maybe hyde has also become more accustomed to his fans and his position of famous musician and that comments from fans are much more welcomed now. I also think that when we age, we become more compassionate because we are more mature and experienced. So, even if you hear a brat-like imprudent comment, you’ll reconsider it and maybe even look at it with condescend eyes.

Well, I also said that I prefer the site as it is now and hyde san as he is now. Well, it’s the normal thing, right? Loving things as they are in the present moment. If you can love the things, people as they are now it means they changed to better, ne.

Of course I always loved hyde as he is. He has always been a valuable person to me. Even in the past, even now.

I am also very happy to person I am now. I am glad to see what I am becoming as an individual. I hope I can be much more interesting in the future. If you really feel the life you’re living, you’ll fatally be modified by it. And that’s the step to our inner growth. I am proud of hyde san. He’s aged and I think he’s really much more interesting now. And I am sure he’ll be even more interesting 100 years from now ^___^

I hope I’ll be an interesting person, too.

However, the only behavior I should really change is the state of complete drunkenness I get when he’s around. (Oh, this person here is in love!!!). When I get to this high spirits by the drink of Love, I turn into a shameless perverted person!!!! The composed and soft and sweet way of speaking changes into pure fire!!!! The arousal is mortal. It’s like releasing the inner character that is only in my head who is the owner of my thoughts but that never goes outside… That ego we hide in order to be in harmony with society. It is totally released when I am drunken by passion. Ohhhhhh. What should I do? How can someone has such effect over someone else?

So that’s the point I must try hard to keep my privacy safe.

I have to control myself more and more in 2010!!!! I’ll be a very nice girl this year. Hyde san will be proud of me ^___^

Haido san, don't push yourself so hard. even if you can't visit hydeist so often, I'll be always supporting you. Your fans will be always thinking of you drealy, I am sure. Take it easy and remember always you're so much loved ~~~*

I love you as you are. there are parts I possibly don't know about you, but even those I am sure i can love ^__^

So, love may be acceptance, too.

Oh, that's a declaration, Viiiii!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Are you fucking READY????

Lots of happy news~~~~~~~~~~~~*



In addition,

Today was the recording of Music Japan that will feature L'Arc's "BLESS" first TV performance.

There's an article here

And there's another article here:

hyde is singing enthusiastically~~ *