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Ah No.105468 Author: HYDE 2009-12-31 13:53:49

It's already New Year's Eve?

Whatever No.105486 Author: HYDE 2009-12-31 14:04:08

I was composing music and doing other things, and while I was spending my free time on that,
It ended up becoming New Year's Eve....
The truth is that I've just started composing some tunes, but I've come to think...
I’d rather show up...

Though I am always thinking (of you)

Though I am composing for VAMPS...

Hnnn~ time is not enough...

Unexpectedly No.105521 Author: HYDE 2009-12-31 14:21:04

I really ended up making some time for Laruku's activities
Well, probably it's K.A.Z who's doing a lot for us
Since this Laruku's tune is a theme song, "impathy"(*) plays an overwhelming part.
Up to the present, even if I watched the players in a game, it meant nothing to me, but I’ve come to feel touched
Just in the decisive games

But maybe that’s because I was thinking of them the whole time while I was producing (** the tune**)
even though we haven't met at all.

Ah No.105529 Author: HYDE 2009-12-31 14:24:36

Up to the very present, I thought it was "impathy" (*)...

it's "em" (*), ne...


(*) The correct word is “感情移入” ("kanjyou inyuu") which means "empathy". However he misspelled it as "感情輸入" (kanjyou yunyuu) which is something like receiving/importing feelings. So, I translated the misspelled word as "impathy", using the prefix "im" as in the word "importing"

Thank you, honey, for showing so much empathy  (^__^)

Putting that aside No.105555 Author: HYDE 2009-12-31 14:34:52

Up until now, when I am composing a theme song, I keep in mind the whole time the main object that will appear in the lyrics, so
I end up trying to feel emotionally involved with the image of the heroin and cast that I never met before, which already differs from the director’s image

However, I probably don't think about the other side (** I think he's referring to those who will see/listen the final product**)

Ah, but
When your tune touches the emotions of others, it's possibly embarrassing...

Putting that aside No.105587 Author: HYDE 2009-12-31 14:48:41

This year turned into a deep, thick year with VAMPS

I think it was 1 hot and amusing year

Next year I really want to make good use of the things I gained this year

Laruku's activities will be in intense vigor the year after the next year, so, as VAMPS,

I want to make next year a year with no regrets

I wonder how far I can go~

Because I am saying such thing, there's no time to waste

I really don't want to lose to anyone in quality


I'll run for a while

Well then No.105619 Author: HYDE 2009-12-31 14:55:17


I'll compose for a while, ne

Today I'll leave the lamp turned on

The reason is for you not having feelings such as "come here soon", "you're neglecting us"

Have a nice year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR No.106258 Author: HYDE 2010-01-01 00:30:00

Happy New Year

Best wishes for this year

... I was sleeping

It passed away

the year

It passed away


Year comes, Year goes 

Did I miss it?

Did I miss it?

It can't be

The whole Japan is cheating on me?

Cheating me?


It's not cheating, ne....


All of you

I'm not much good at anything,
but please be kind to me this year, too!

Lights out! No.106270 Author: HYDE 2010-01-01 00:33:27

Even though it's a little late
I think I'm gonna eat some soba
See you

Thursday, 24 December 2009

メリクリ~『クリスマスにはトリのもも肉を食いたいのじゃ! 』


This is from HYDE's mobile service. It was nicely sent to me today. And, since I do believe happiness must be shared...



Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!
I'm Santa.


Oh, I think you don't believe it...

It's dirty!

Ohhh, it’s dirty!

That heart is dirty!

The heart of the one who believes is ground down by the wave of the big city, just like ground glass

It becomes completely unable to see what is in the other side!

It is afraid of being hurt and it probably can’t believe in people because it wants to protect itself

What is inside there?

What is in the other side then?

Is there happiness there?

The happiness one gets with such heart of ground glass is not real happiness!

It's like listening to music in an MP3, it's like driving in simulators in training institutes,

It's the same as doing things wearing gloves!!

A certain philosopher called Thomas Fuller said

"It's better having a female bird tomorrow than having one egg today" ka-boom!!

Ho Ho Ho Ho

You probably already know...

I'm not talking about that story of which came first the chicken or the egg!

I wanna eat the flesh of the thighs of the bird in Christmas!!

And then make the heart puuuure puuuuurely, (**<--- Pay attention to the sound of it “pyuu”**)

If you stroke it, it seems really rewarded

... hnnn, I see

You really gave me a good smiling face now

So, it was probably good

Those who believe in Santa are saved.

Ho Ho Ho Ho!

Hou~ Ho Ho Ho!

I told you to shut up!

I am Haido!

Ho Ho Ho Ho

Are you struggling to be a good girl?

Well, this year is almost in the end, but with this head mixed up, unable to do nothing,


Can I go?

Can I finish it?

Next year there will be L' , however, VAMPS will be in full throttle, absolutely, it will be the YEAR limit! (**VAMPS zenkai, zettai, genkai YEAR**)

As a first chapter, I should tell you to keep together during the year (*)

It continues next year!


(*) だいいっしょうゆうべき一年を見届けてくれ

(**For me it sounds like: make sure to Keep closely together during the evening year!!** )

↑↑ It seems I haven't been a good girl during the year, all my mind (just it?) is corrupted by YOU!!!


↑↑ Oh, I wanted to say those words. It’s men’s way of talking. Since I read a huge quantity of BL mangas this year. The guys talk like that in them. This way of talking keeps on my mind.
And haido uses some similar construction. I am think dirty things. Real dirty things.


イかせてくれて、 どうもありがとう

More dirty things...

A Happy Merry Christmas for you all~~~~~~*

Monday, 21 December 2009

『 みんな気持よさそうに寝ていた姿が印象的』~ Hurry Xmas part 2


From magazine Pati Pati's January issue.

Many thanks to dear Nephentes59 for the scans.

** Some parts I could not read because of the resolution of the scans. I am sorry... Hope you enjoy anyway ^___^**

Translated by The Lady of Flowers

VAMPS- Looking back over the year 2009- Q&A

Q01: Think back upon the year 2009, please. What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

HYDE: Shanghai's crabs
K.A.Z: The days we were recording until dawn. The live we did on board in Hawaii while feeling the night wind blowing on us

Q02: What turned you on the most in 2009?

K.A.Z: It was the production of the album~!

Q03: Your first album "VAMPS" was released in June. Now that you completed the "VAMPS LIVE 2009", what are your impressions towards this album?

HYDE: It's a nice album and I thought the next work would probably be difficult, but I could see the way to do the next album by doing the tour.

K.A.Z: Though it's the first, I am happy for getting to do the tour with an album that I was totally involved with. And it was also very good that it turned into an album that appealed the fans.

Q04: What is the image of the members that impressed you the most in 2009?

HYDE: (** can't read**)
K.A.Z: By the time of the America Tour, it was quite impressive the image of everybody sleeping looking pleased, while we were crossing the desert by bus,

Q05: What was the album that you listened a lot in 2009?


Q06: What was the thing that you ate a lot in 2009?

HYDE: Squid
K.A.Z: Soba

Q07: What was the thing you drank a lot in 2009?

HYDE: White wine
K.A.Z: Black tea and herb tea.

Q08: Was there anything that you experienced for the first time in 2009?

HYDE: Performing in the deck of a battleship
K.A.Z: Going to Hawaii

Q09: Can you say what kind of year was 2009 for VAMPS?

HYDE: "Rising". I woke up.
K.A.Z: The year was quite busy , but I was very satisfied. It was VAMPS’ birthday of 1 year, ne.

Q10- Tell us your predictions, concerning VAMPS, for 2010, please.

HYDE:"Receiving". I'll sublimate.
K.A.Z: It's possible that I'll become more of a bold guy ..... In various territories.

Sunday, 13 December 2009



This should have been posted one week ago!!!

 The Sunday Sports video is very nice, too. Snow looks like milk, ne. And the scenes of the athletes match the song quite a lot. I felt moved somehow T__T Is such a long way one journeys to achieve a dream, ne. The way is long but the happiness of the very moment of having it in hand must be glorious~*

“BLESS” is really beautiful and it’s surely very nice seeing all Laruku together after so long, ne. Oh, so wonderful.

I was not at home by the time of MUSIC JAPAN, so I had to record it. Where I was, I couldn’t help myself of being concerned if my recording at home was OK or not. So, when I got back and finally got to watch it, I really felt relieved and extremely happy. It’s L’Arc~en~Ciel!!!!!

By the way, that recording scenes were marvelous, ne. It is surely not only this person here who felt this recording a little dangerous. “Dangerous” in the very nasty way, I mean. Was I? As if!! Of course not!! ^__^v I know you, girls ^^

I loved seeing hyde adjusting the distance of his lips from the microphone.... Is it what makes the voice sound like oscillating? I love it. 

It is also quite erotic, ne. Don’t divert, Viiii!!!

Coming to think of it (<---I am talking about music), although it’s an old thought of mine, I do think it’s an immense prerogative when you are not a native speaker of the language of a song. I mean, as for songs in Japanese, though I may know what the singer is saying, I still can obliterate completely the meaning of the words and stay just with the sounds of the tune and the melody of the singer’s voice. This way, there’s only the instrumental, the melody of it; hyde’s voice and its melody. Everything is purely music. The world of the sounds.

Of course, an experienced ear will be able to recognize and appreciate the sounds, even the melody of the vocals, without being disturbed by the meaning of the words.

Moreover, doesn’t it look like we have more accurate ears to foreign music than to music in our language? It may be scientific proved, ne. Being incapable of apprehending the lyrics, intellectualizing them, your senses are amplified to the other aspects of the composition, those things you can apprehend without any language knowledge.

So, since hyde is an exceptional singer and poet, of course you’ll lose part of his pieces of art if you don’t pay attention to his lyrics. However, since he’s a wonderful singer as well, I think it’s impossible someone being apathetic to his singing. So, you’ll have a very nice experience both ways, I believe

What lead me to that? Well, I don’t have much practical knowledge about music. But I do appreciate music, so when I hear, read musicians talking about the process of making music and so on, I try to pay attention just to the sound to understand what they’re talking about. Then, I notice that it’s easier doing that obliterating the lyrics. And its quite easier doing it when the song is a foreign song.

When the new album of Placebo was released, I felt its greatness. “Battle for the Sun” is a wonderful work in my opinion. So, I tried to compare it to “VAMPS”, another good work. I remembered some interviews of hyde and K.A.Z talking about their music has no differences from western (Amerian, UK) music, so I tried to compare both sounds having that in mind. And it was amazing. There’s no difference indeed. The quality and elaboration of the sounds are quite similar. So, ever since I’ve been paying more attention to what is in the “background” of the tunes. It’s always a rich experience. The singing voice and its melody becomes clearer when I try doing that.

It’s like closing our eyes to feel the wind.

Why do we close our eyes to do that?

Isn’t that to keep the concentration just in the sensations of feeling the wind? Isn’t it easier getting that doing this?

It’s said that blind people amplifies their other remaining senses to compensate their blindness.

Maybe it’s the same.

Some time ago I let a friend listen to EVANESCENT and he liked it. He said it sounded like Cranberries and Muse.

So, he showed me an alternative Brazilian tune and the first comment I made was about the lyrics. Only after sometime concentrating, I was able to comment about the music itself.

What is the point I want to make? I think just natural Japanese bands having so many overseas fans. Overseas fans may not know Japanese but they can apprehend the music in a more accurate level faster. Not knowing what the singer’s voice is saying, makes it easier to recognize its beauty, variations and the melody it makes as much as the quality of the sounds in the tune.

In painting or any visual art, it's also the same. In order to appreciate the textures and colors and lines, sometimes you have to put aside the iconography,the figures, the level of reality of the figures and so on. Because it may divert you from other aspects of the painting. However, no work of art will be fully enjoyed if you don't pay attention to all its parts, ne.  The complexion of a work relies in the complexion of its parts.

I want to enjoy music deeply more and more~★


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

『俺の初恋はスタローンです』~ Hurry Xmas part 1


Otonafami 2009.08

Pages 68 & 69.
Thanks to My Seventh Ciel for the wonderful scans~~~*

Translated by The Lady of Flowers

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ What kind of thing were you addicted to when you two were kids?

K.A.Z: "Cutie Honey". Isn't that a little embarrassing for a child? When she did her transformation (**cutie flash**), I didn't know where to look and wondered if that was something I was allowed to watch or not (laughs) “Oh, she’s about to transform, so should I go to the toilet or, maybe, should I try to look away...”. The best feature in TV series such as "Kamen Rider" or "Ultraman" is the combat in the end, right? But, Honey is different. The best moment is the transformation scene! She's a bit different if compared to Mine Fujiko from "Lupin III", Honey had much appeal and I liked her. We could be friends.

HYDE: As for me, well, it was "Zombi/Dawn of the Dead" (George Andrew Romero directed version). Later, the thing I couldn't forget was probably "RAMBO". I had a blast the first time I watched it. "This one here is a man's movie!”,I thought. To start with, there are no girls. And, they camp on the mountains, don't they? By that time, should I call that "camping"? Well, I loved camping without the camping equipments. So, because of that, it had a strong impression on me when Rambo ended up doing anything using only his knife. That survival knife was something that all of my friends and I carried with us (laughs) It has a case in the handle. We used to put there things such as medicines, fish hook, thread, adhesive bandage and wander around the mountains of the neighborhood. My first love was Sylvester Stallone (laughs)

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ Did you go to the movie theater to watch it?

HYDE: Yes. Even now in my life, "RAMBO" is the movie I've seen the most in the theater. I passed by the theater many times, but I was not in the movie age rating, because I was a brat, so I couldn't even just enter there, watch it 1 time and leave. However, I ended up being allowed to watch "Evil Under the Sun” that was being exhibited at the same time.

(** I think he entered the movie theater allowed to watch “Evil…”, but there he went to watch Rambo ^^**)

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ "Cutie Honey" and "RAMBO" are quite the opposite.

K.A.Z: I also built a secret base to play (laughs). I covered the site of a house in construction with veneer. In my home town, there was nothing but mountains and I always went to swim in the lake.

HYDE: As for me, or I was drawing with everybody or I went to the mountain and build a fire. Getting down the mountain, there was a river crossing the valley. I made coffee with this water and it was delicious. However, when I followed the upper stream of this river, the color of the river was getting more and more dangerous and, while I was thinking that it was strange, the filthy water from the drainage of a golf club was flowing down. “I drank coffee made with that water and it was delicious”, I though.......

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ You had stomach trouble, didn’t you!?

HYDE: For some reason I don’t know, I was totally OK!

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ Nowadays, what are you into?

K.A.Z: What am I into? Aroma? I really love citric smells. And, smells in which I can feel Summer. Though it's not an aroma, I love Coppertone's smell so much. This is possibly a scent fetish.

HYDE: Ah, I have scent fetish! I love the scent of the beings I love.

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ Of the beings you love.........?

HYDE: For example, such as from a pet dog, from a person, I love the scent from the beings I love.

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ Ahhhhh, I got it! Even if it stinks?

HYDE: Yes, yes, it's OK if it stinks, so I'd say: "It's stinking~ it's stinking~"

K.A.Z: You're such a pervert, just it.

The first album has been released, but tells us about the tunes we can feel the chemical reaction of you two.

K.A.Z: Possibly you can see that in all of the tunes. Whichever I point, it will still be something I couldn't have done on my own. We put into the tunes the components that would affect the senses and omit what is unnecessary, so we have something characteristic of VAMPS created.

HYDE: It feels like talking through music.

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ Do you have any phrase on your mind about the part done by your partner?

HYDE: Such as “no way that’s impossible”?

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ A positive one, please (laughs)

HYDE: “’SWEET DREAMS’ is really a famous tune. I just knew it would happen, the lyrics are great!”

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ But, those lyrics are HYDE's.........

K.A.Z:” I want to perform "SEX BLOOD ROCK N' ROLL" in a live soon. This tune is driven by urge’. (laughs) “The guitar is very good”!

¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ It turned out into mutual self-applause. (laughs) How do you feel about the tour?

HYDE: We'll assort various types. For example, I think the live set of the beginning of the live house tour differs completely from one day to another. The structure is totally different, so I really think just looking at that set is something worth seeing. I think what happened in the lives so far is already on people’s memory for their whole life, even if they see it just once. As well as for the people who never attended. Then, when the live house tour finishes, we'll go to America and I wish to make it also an all standing just like an arena live, though we'll have an Arena Tour in Japan this time. If I speak in extreme terms, an all standing that you see in a big arena. I think there are a lot of people that haven't seen it yet, so just feeling such festival atmosphere is really fun, isn't it? Of course, I think our performance on the stage will not be the usual as well. The attendants and I keep in mind this is a show, this way, it's not just coming to watch it. We think you’re able to taste the feeling of entering in another dimension.

KAZ's First Love 

Anime "Cutie Honey"

It's a heroin anime from the original work by Nagai Gou, broadcasted from 1973 to 1974. The protagonist, Kisaragi Honey, fights against the crime organization Panther Claw. Honey appeared half-naked in the innumerous apparitions of her transformation scenes and caught all the boys' hearts.

HYDE's First Love 

Movie "RAMBO"

It was released to the theaters in 1982. It's an action movie, starred by Sylvester Stallone, playing the main role. It depicts the struggles and the unending suffering of John Rambo, a returning soldier from the Vietnam War. Its original title is "FIRST BLOOD".

Thursday, 3 December 2009

♪ Everything is for today~♪


Words & music : hyde
Arranged by L'Arc-en-Ciel, Hajime Okano and Daisaku Kume

Translated by The Lady of Flowers

Your dream is coming up to you now,

From delicate hands, heading to the distant horizon,
It has been running up to you since long before.
The beginning is a small pace

Advancing step by step,
If you turn around, you’ll see a long path of footprints
Even though it may look tangled, it goes straight ahead
You have come a long way
Everything is for today

Your dream is coming up to you now; it is glittering in front of your eyes
The snow that is like falling petals blessed you 

You glanced the glorious season goes by
Breathing white,
though sometimes you also strayed

The scenery is tensed up in profound silence
The palpitations are violently resounding
And the overflowing thoughts welcome the occasion
Everything is for today

The chimes reverberate to the skies, announcing the moment
Blessed be you who will spread your wings and fly away

You'll kick the vast land and embark in those feelings
Your heart is just one in which happiness, as well as grief are all packed together

Your dream is coming up to you now; it is glittering in front of your eyes
The snow that is like falling petals blessed you


Tuesday, 1 December 2009



I am very happy. Wonderful news to bless the end of the year. I am looking forward  to this new tune already (^___^).

From MySpace:

NEW SINGLE “BLESS” Release Confirmed!

NEW SINGLE “BLESS” Release Confirmed!

Also Confirmed as “NHK Vancouver 2010 Broadcast Theme Song”!

2010.01.27 Release

【Limited Version】CD+DVD “BLESS” Music Clip Included

Limited Jacket KSCL-1550~1551 ¥1,575(tax incl.) 
Regular Version】KSCL-1552 ¥1,223(tax incl.)

From the CD Japan site:

"Single release from L'Arc-en-Ciel featuring theme to NHK Vancouver Olympic 2010 and P'UNK-EN-CIEL plus orchestra version of "BLESS." Limited edition includes DVD with music clip (subject to change)".


From Natalie

"A comment about the reason why NHK chose Laruku:" They're artists who are supported widely, beyond gender and age; they also had the strongest point, being able to transmit the sport's excitement and fascination through their unique expressive power".

It seems the long-awaited tune will heat up immensely this year's fierce fight. This"BLESS" is scheduled to be broadcasted 12.06.2009 in NHK's "Sunday Sports" as well as in "MUSIC JAPAN", so let's check it out!"

MUSIC JAPAN??? This week??? Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! However, there's nothing about it in the MUSIC JAPAN's homepage

I'll check it out anyway!

NHK's 「Sunday Sports」 2009.12.6 (Sun) 22:35~23:24
NHK's「MUSIC JAPAN」2009.12.6 (Sun) 23:40~ 24: 09

↑↑↑ Clarifying ^^

From here  

"It was decided the theme song for the broadcasting of the Vancouver's Olympic Games in NHK.

The artist chosen was L' Arc~en~Ciel. 

The tune's title is "BLESS" and music and lyrics were made by hyde. It is a yell of blessings to all the players that will appear on the scene of the Winter Olympic Games.

The recording of this tune was done a few days ago and the 4 members of L'Arc gathered together after so long. Some scenes of this recording will be presented this week in MUSIC JAPAN. And we'll be able to listen a little bit of the tune.

The 4 members of L'Arc are expected again in Music Japan in the beginning of the year to perform "BLESS", so, please, look forward".

From here

"A very important day is like a tip of an iceberg.
Enduring years of hard preparation,
being supported by lots of people
and finally reaching "that very day"...

It's "BLESS" because I want to congratulate such people".

Question to hyde san who made the composition and lyrics.

*What is the thought present in the title and in the message of the lyrics?

"I think the moment of being in the Olympics is something very important and very precious to the athletes. However, "that very day" is like the tip of an iceberg, after years of hard preparation, finally being supported by a huge number of people; I wanted to give shape to that deep emotion of finally reaching that moment.

The title "BLESS" means "shukufuku suru" (** blessing, praising, congratulating**), but I made this tune, putting into it the desire of congratulating the athletes that walked a long journey and all the people who kept staring at them".

*In the process of composing and writing the lyrics, what was the thing you were most careful about?

"In "BLESS", the atmosphere of the song is hard to be transmitted just by following the melody; I think I made a delicate tune. Just because of that, it was difficult to know how to express the delicate nuance present in the lyrics. Throughout the tune, I want you to feel this same feeling that blesses all the athletes that step into that moment that takes place just once in 4 years".

A brief preview!!!!!


Words & music : hyde
Arranged by L'Arc-en-Ciel, Hajime Okano and Daisaku Kume



You have come a long way
Everything is for today

君へと夢は今 目の前で煌めいてる


Everything is for today

空へと鐘の音が 時を告げ鳴り響くよ

想いを乗せ君は今 大地を蹴る

君へと夢は今 目の前で煌めいてる

By the way, tetsu----> tetsuya. 

But てっちゃん is still OK, ne ^^

And ハニー is still hyde& HYDE ^___^. Don't change your name, ハイドさん, please. I do love it as it is. 

Oh, a marvelous way to begin the Xmas season \(^_____^)/ 


ああ、すごく嬉しいな~ (*^____^*)