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~~ FROM HELL~~ 2nd Day- You Spin me Round~♪



*Mr Marikku (Magician)


*Tsuchiya Anna

Set List

04. IT'S SAD





Anis: Woman from India
Ali: ???


HYDE: Peter Burns (DEAD or ALIVE's vocalist) (Kyaaaa--- Another androgynous guy *^___^* This is Fujoshi Heaven. Not HELL~~~*)

You Spin me Round

K.A.Z: American Indian (*^__^*)

(I really gotta see pictures of him. For some reason I can only think of Village People and YMCA!!!)

Ju-ken: Frankenstein (** Cool**)

Arimatsu: Pink Panther (** Kawaii**)

JIN: Mozart (**Artistic**)



Anis:" Today will be awesome!! We'll kick ass. Yesterday was pretty cool, but this one will surpass it, right?"

Anis:"we are a little way too excited, we'll end up gasping for air, don't you think? (Puffing and panting)

Audience:( laughs)

Anis:"Ah, Namaste~~ (putting his two hands together as if praying). Do you like nama?(** "Do you like doing it in natural". Pun in a very nasty way**)

Audience: (Bursting into laughter)

Anis:"You all look great, you know? Have you come from home dressed like this?"

Fan: "I came~!"

Anis:"I wanted to see you changing (laughs)"
Fan:"I’ll take it off!"
Anis:" That's OK, I won't force you to undress"

Audience:"Bursting into laughter)

MC 2

Ali:" All your costumes are great. Really great!! You all look wonderful!!!"


Ali:"Ah, we'll also have a Halloween Live, will you come?"

Fan:"I'll go~~!"

Ali:"Tomorrow, we'll also do a Halloween in Shibuya and, if it's possible, come and play with us, please"

Ali:" In the place here where the goods are being sold is also selling the tickets!

Ali:"And, after us, you have Mr. Marikku!! That'll be amazing. How will it be like? So, then, I'll pass to the old lady"

Audience :( Laughter)

Anis :"(looking discontent) I am not an old lady!".

Audience :(laughs)

Anis:"People in the back (seats) may not be able to see it, but (my costume) is glittering, and I am quite into it~. I even pierced my nose because of today"


Fan:"That's a lie~~!"

Anis:"Why do you say something such as "lie"?"


Anis: "But it's a lie. So, next to the eyes, it's also glittering ( he has rhinestones in it.** So cool**). I must be really into it. And there's also my nails (showing the nails to the audience)".

Anis: "Ah, I grew it long because of today. Ah, this is true"


Anis:"Well, then, the next song is the last, so, get excited for us!"



* Mr. Marikku

He's a magician and performed a magic show!!!

The reporter says he performed magic tricks using a board, guillotine ( one fan went to the stage to be a helper), he also used knives with the head covered by a sack, used a barrel, teletransportation of a person etc ( He also asked a fan to go to the stage on these)...


HYDE was since the beginning sounding like a lady. (** Traces of Haiko chan ^___^**)

HYDE:"The girl's tone of Anis ended up coming to me~~"

HYDE:" Let's have a look in the members' costumes!!"



HYDE:"JIN chan is Mozart? Ju-ken is Frankenstein and K.A.Z is an Indian"

HYDE:"(looking at Arly's Pink Panther) You're too cute~~~ (Arly bended his neck cutely)"

HYDE:" Before, when I touched Arly's dick, he got mad at me" (** Whaaaat!! On the backstage (*^O^*)**)

HYDE:" Next year, I think I'll also dress as a stuffed toy... "

Audience:"Don't do it!"

HYDE:"Why not?"

Audience:"You're already too cute!"

HYDE:"Ookini". ( "Thank you") (** Chu~~~**)

HYDE: But, it's really cute. Really cute" (** I wanna hold Haido in nuigurumi mode!!!**)

MC 2

HYDE:" (Looking at K.A.Z) (the ornaments) are waving by the wind~~"


HYDE:"Why is K.A.Z kun dressed as an indian?"

K.A.Z:" Well, I couldn't think of anything, so..."

HYDE:"Ah, that's right!! I've been doing this for some years and I am getting out of material"

Fan:"It's not like that!"

HYDE:"Somebody said "Tarzan"( laughs)"

Audience: (laughter)

hyde:"Your secret plan is so obvious (laughs)" (** hahaha so obvious!!!!**)

HYDE:"Take a look at my costume (laughs). I really thought about this print (of the costume) (laughs)"

(he's wearing an eyepatch on the left eye)

HYDE:"Wearing an eyepatch, I can't see much (laughs) It's really hard to see"

Audience:(Bursting into laughter)

HYDE:"I can only see your faces. What costumes are you wearing?"

Fan:"Eroporisu" (**Erotic policewoman**)

Audience: (laughs)
HYDE:"It sounds like puroporisu (** propolis**) , ne. It seems to be good to the body"
Audience:(bursting into laughter)

HYDE:"(about the band of HYDE's costume) There are lots of photos on the walls of the backstage, among them, there are lots of suggestive things. There are things I could say 'Oh, this one is pretty hard (laughs)~~~~, but I am glad it is this one (the costume) (laughs)"

HYDE:"The 80's are my youth"


MC 3

HYDE:"I am really hungry~~~! I am so hungry~~~! Let's get crazy in the second half of the live, too! "LET'S HUNTING"!"


Everybody, except Mr Marikku sang SWEET DREAMS (by Marilyn Manson), including Anna Tsuchiya.

Anna:" These (pointing the members' costumes) are awesome!!"

Anna:(pointing to another person) This one is also great! Waaaa(laughs)"

Audience: (Laughed by the innocent way of her speaking)

In the sequence, 'Lucy~" by The Beatles.

In the middle, Anis began to throw candies that were inside a basket~~~*


Friday, 30 October 2009

~~ FROM HELL~~ 1st Day- Love Missile F1-11 ~♪



Translated by: The Lady of Flowers

Compilation from fans' live reports. Thanks to the Mixi VAMPS' community~*



*MONORAL * Wakeshima Kanon *VAMPS

*Entering the venue, it was all decorated like the world of the movie "Nightmare Before Christmas".The ceiling had Christmas' illumination. The stage was as in ruins. And it had the name VAMPS in neon. The BGM sounded like Disney's Halloween songs.


Set List

4.Perfect Gold

*MONORAL was the first to perform.
*This is how they look like. Photo from here.

(**kyaaaa~~~~I love saris. Anis looks cute wearing a sari ^__^**)


Anis:"Do you like doing it nama? If I drink, I do it nama" (** he is making a pun with namaste and nama= raw, in natural, live...)

* It was said he was acting like a girl in his gestures and expressions.

Anis:"I did eye make-up and became this person. It's tough being a woman and having to do this everyday. Guys are lucky".

Ali:" Next 31st, in Shibuya, MONORAL is also doing a Halloween live, so if you couldn't get tickets for the live here, go there, please".


*MONORAL finished their presentation.
*It’s said that while the stage was being prepared for the next attraction, Einou Kano san came to entertain the audience just like last year. By his MC, it is said that it seemed he was invited by HYDE this year, too.

~ Wakeshima Kanon ~

She was dressed in Gothic Lolita's fashion, looking like a doll. It seems she had a nice performance, playing cello.


* Kano san reappears on the stage and entertains the audience.


*The long-awaited VAMPS finally appears on the stage. Each one of the members enters the stage as his name is announced and the respective BGM of his character is played.

*JIN san is Bach! His hair is all curled, just like the musician.

*Arimatsu is a Gremlin!!

*Ju-ken is the Mummy man from "Kaibutsu kun". The reporter said he was all wrapped up in bandages and it was hard to recognize him (laughs) But his movements were undoubtedly Ju-ken's (laugh)

*K.A.Z is Black Jack!!! (** I think it was a very accurate choice. They even look similar**)

*HYDE is... with an orange hair, a black painting on the face and a leopard printed mantle over his clothes... He is dressed as the vocalist of the band "Sigue Sigue Sputnik"!!!

He looked cool~~*

To have an idea how HYDE looked like, there a very cute draw here. It's from this site. ^^ I still wanna see photos of Sigue Sigue Haido san~~

* The reporter also said he looked really cool~~* (** Mitemitainaa. Where are the photos for this one, honey???~~~**)

Set list


*The reporter said the climax began since the very first song. And that the audience was in High Voltage!! There were rumors HYDE seemed slightly drunk and his tone was rather languid and rather sexy. It seems he was in a really good mood~~~*

MC 1

H: " It's Halloween~~!! Have you come cutely dressed up?"

H:"As for us... JIN chan is.. Bach? Right? Why don't you try playing something by Bach?"

--> JIN san plays the intro Cha ra ra~~n

H:"... This one is by Bach? It's 'Dripping milk through the nose'" (laughs) (** "Hana kara Gyuunyuu= Dripping milk out from the nose" refers to Bach’s Toccata and Fugue**)

H: "So, Arly is a Gremlin. That!! Isn't that lovely? He walked outside dressed like that, but did you see him?"

(** some people said they saw him ^^ **)

H:"But he was said (when he was waking out there) that he was not Arly!! (laughs)"

H:" Ju-ken is... a bandaged man. I don't know who he is (laughs) But, that seems quite hot"

H:"K.A.Z kun is Black Jack!! I want to play doctor with him~~~" (** Play with me, honey!!! I'll be the doctor (*___*)/ **)

* K.A.Z smiles~~*

H: "As for me... I wonder if there are people who know him? Though it's a bit old... It's a band called Sigue Sigue Sputnik"

Audience: "We don't know it"

H:" Do a research, pleaaaase"

Audience: "Yes"

H: " Do a research, pleaaaase" (in a louder voice)

Audience: "YES (laughs)"

H:" Yeah... We'll have a lot of fun... Because Ju-ken is drinking something quickly, ne"

* While he's talking, Ju-ken and him points to each other at the same time, very friendly~*

H:" Most of the people here can attend only today's live, right. I am sorry~ There were just a few tickets... Next time... we'll do it in a bigger place... maybe"

H:" Well, then, starting from K.A.Z's awesome guitar, I GOTTA KICK START NOW!!!"

*The reporter said that if compared to ZEPP TOKYO, the place was smaller and HYDE was really close to everyone.

* The audience was all excited jumping and having fun

* During "DEEP RED", in the verse "Yubisaki ga furetara~", HYDE touched his lips with his left index finger. The reporter says this gesture was cute, or, better saying, sexy!!! ~~~* (** Kyaaa~***)

* K.A.Z's technique on the guitar also looked rather fascinating, according to the reporter (**^__^**)

H:"Do you play with me~~?" (**"Issho ni utatte kureru?" Oh,no!! You're gonna kill me, Haido san!!**)

H:"Your voice is so loooooow!! I wanna it sexier!!!" (** "deeper deepening going deeeeeeep~~ Kou... ii no?**)

* During TROUBLE

Ah, ah Oh, Oh ~♪

H:"Let out your SEXY voice~~~*"

H:"Motto...." (** "More" <-- Kyaaa *___*)

H:"Come on, louder!!"

H:"Are you a virgin?"

H:"Give me more.. a louder voooooice!!!"

H:"Boys, let out your SEXY voices, too~~!!! Because I also like that"

* HYDE's grasping voice is dangerous

MC 2

H: "It's sooooo hot. It makes me wanna undress"

Audience: "Take it off!!"

H:"... I don't undress this easily (laughs)" (** Undress for the naughty doctor here, sir (*____*) **)

H:"But, if you do it, it's OK for me to do it (laughs)" (** Yeah. Naughty doctor & Naughty patient. Let's pla~~~~y, Haido **)

H:"Who is the hottest here?"

Audience: Arly!!!

H:" That's it!! (laughs) If it's hot for me, it's even hotter to Arly... Right? So, I won't say it's hot. He looks like he can't even see what is ahead, wearing that. Even so, he plays the drums"

H:" JU-ken also looks like he can't see what is in front of him"

* So he begins to talk about the audience's costumes...

*At some point, HYDE seems to be concerned because K.A.Z is not around. He looks here and there..."

H:" What? K.A.Z is not... here!!"

H: "Oh~~~~, K.A.Z~~~~"

*When he said that, K.A.Z came rushing. (^___^)

H:"I'll talk during 2 minutes, so it's OK, everything is alright"

H:"Monoral was really great, right. It seems it's the first time in the year that they felt like shouting, is that so? (laughs) Because it's often quite slow~~~ly... (laughs)"

H:" And Kanon chan. She's cute~"

H:" I saw her on the net and I got taken by her, so I asked her to perform here. It's the first time I saw her live, though". (** Should I erase this part??**)

H:" I felt like asking her for a date..." (** What???? How dare you!!!!???? No more sweet words from now on!!! **)

H:" Something is smelling..."

* He turns everywhere trying to guess which smell it is...

Audience:" It smells like Shuumai..." (** Chinese meat dumplings**)

H:"Yes, the smell of Shuumai"

H:"Somehow, while I am chatting with you, I think I am getting hungry~~!"

H:"Who is the craziest person here????? Lets HUNTING!!!!"


Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams
The Beatles' Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

* VAMPS' members were the first to enter the stage.

* HYDE and JIN san came holding a candle each.
* Then, the next was Kanon chan
* Then, Monoral

* HYDE appeared just wearing the transparent net-like black blouse that was under the leopard printed coat. It was possible to see his chest and nipples (^x^) (** I think this net-like blouse is fairly good. I would like to see HYDE wearing this sort of thing again <-- I'm supposed to sound cold here. Do I?? ^^**)

* The first song was Marilyn Manson's Sweet Dreams.

* It's said HYDE's voice was audaciously throaty.

* Sparkling papers came from the above.

* When Kanon san was singing, Anis appeared coming from the back, holding something in his hand.

* Anis gave it to HYDE... They got closer and he KISSED Anis' temple (** The area between the cheek and the forehead**)

* HYDE san was also smiling


H:"Anis, female clothes really suit you. You're beautiful~~"

A:"Do you think so? Thank you"


A:"Arigatou" (in a whispering voice together with a smile, in cute coyness)

H:"Well, then, at the end is Lucy~. Will you guys sing with me?"

H:"Come on, Lucy!!!!"


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... the trick


主人になってからまだ一年じゃないんですが、 毎日超嬉しいです。 沢山のイン
フォがある面白い国ですね。だから、 いつも興奮させて、どうもありがとう★


HYDEIST's anniversary!!!! I didn't know about it. I just knew because of the comments in the BBS. It was funded in 2001.10.17!!! So, let's congratulate this wonderful site~~~*

I was really excited by all the amusing things we can get through this site a long this year. Hope I can be a member forever!!!

By the way, I missed the congratulations messages from the other overseas fans... Come on, girls~~~~*

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Kyaaaaaaa~~~~~~ HYDE san is so fuc-ing cute & sexy at this issue of CD Data!!!! I wanna have this magazine now!!!

I was just reading some reports of the VAMPADDICT event of 10.14 in Tokyo and there HYDE and K.A.Z had to answer a question about what the other would be if he was a sweet. So, HYDE san answered K.A.Z would be a sakuramochi (Japanese sweet); kinda because of the smell and K.A.Z said HYDE would be a Mont Blanc because of his hair (which is curly as in the photo, I suppose) and because Mont Blanc feels like a sweet for adults.

Then, what else can I say??? (And I have to say it!)

I wanna eat Mont Blanc!!!!!

I eagerly wanna eat Mont Blanc everyday~~~~~~~

I wanna taste its unique sweetness while being seduced by its adult fashion.

Everyday, ...

Oh, I am excited over the idea of eating Mont Blanc...

I want Mont Blanc NOW ~~★

Those are from here.

All VAMPS songs will be available at the karaokes of this store.



Sunday, 11 October 2009



Happy Birthday, K.A.Z san!!!!!

Thank you for the great tunes and all the hard work along the year. Hope we can meet soon in a live!!!!
And thank you for being a nice friend for our beloved HYDE~~~*

Keep on being this great musician!

Have a nice year.



Sunday, 4 October 2009



While I am waiting for MUSIC JAPAN…

I have a thing on words. I believe words are our magical spells. Most of people use words deliberately, not caring for the meanings they carry or their power. Words can heal a person. Words can kill a person. Words can make you fall in love…

Before there was the proper writing as we know today, drawings were a way for people expressing their feelings, ne… So, drawings are also a kind of writing expression, ne. And, though they don’t have the melodic powerful magic of the reverberating sound of the voice, they have the handwriting of the person who did it. Handwriting is also something as personal as the voice itself, I guess.

Last Friday, I felt terribly happy. What made me that happy? Well, I woke up in a leisure sunny day and went to my computer to see the news. I went to Hydeist, of course, and I saw that the Paparazzi section was updated!! So, I clicked there and the very first picture there was the lovely kuma chan (cute bear) drawn by HYDE for Pati Pati!!!!

"This extremely pretty bear was drawn for us by HYDE. Yeeees!!"

The number 25 is because of the 25th anniversary of the magazine.

(I have to post it here. Sorry~~~~~~)

When I saw that kuma chan for the first time in Pati Pati, I felt over excited because it was too cute. I instantly made it into my profile icon, as seen on the left of this blog. Just too cute and drew by HYDE himself, ne. I may say I have a thing on cute things, too. Especially when the cuteness comes from a certain person. (*^__^*) Well, I do like to see HYDE’s drawings, so seeing the picture at HYDEIST itself had already made my day~~~~*

However, that day was the day of MUSIC STATION’s VAMPS performance. And I was amazed that it got at Youtube so fast (Fortunately!!!). It was a sweet presentation, full of beauty and tenderness~~~~~And, in the end, the kiss on the microphone!!! chu~
So, I had another peak of happiness just at the beginning of that Friday. I was rather happy then~~~~*

However, at the end of that day, more was to come! I had another peak of cute tender happiness, again caused by my dearest! Just because of a cat!!! Which cat?? HYDE san’s cat, drawn at the end of MUSIC STATION. Hahaha Somehow, it looks like my cat… HYDE san likes cat?? Me, too!!! In the verge of sympathy and a heart filled with warm feelings, I could not resist looking carefully at the drawing. The cat has a red ribbon around his neck…. Red ribbon means… I know! I know!

And it reminded me a dream I had recently (around 1 month ago!) of HYDE san. That’s definitely something that made my Friday into a wonderful Friday.

For all the happiness you bring to my life, honey… Thank you!! Chu---*


Since I believe all the good must be rewarded, I am posting some drawings I did recently.

Chu~* scene from MUSIC STATION... I could not resist hahahaha

2 of those I sent to a friend but I don’t think he would be mad at me for posting it here…
Sometimes, when I am doing nothing in the computer, I just begin to scratch something and, somehow, when I look at what I am drawing… there he is!!!! That must be the power of love, working on my actions… ^__^ How come you’re everywhere, honey??? The truth is that my days are filled with him and his music, voice, words… I may say I hear HYDE’s voice everyday. Because everyday I listen to L’ Arc or VAMPS, or HYDE or all of them. I was thinking about it sometime ago and I may say that HYDE’s voice is rather familiar to me. Rather familiar and rather adored!


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy Birthday to you~♪



Today is Techan's birthday!!!!!

So, an enormous...




Be always veeeeeeeeery happy~~~*


Friday, 2 October 2009


Sources: VAMPADDICT info e-mails + Laruku MySpace


10.04(Sun) NHK World Premium「MUSIC JAPAN」(23:30~23:59)



"JACK IN THE BOX 2009 SUMMER DIGEST" Broadcast on NHK WORLD "J-MELO" Confirmed!

Digest version of "JACK IN THE BOX 2009 SUMMER" comes on TV!


Monday October 5th, 8:30 AM - 8:59 AM (Japan Time)

*NHK WORLD is NHK's international broadcast service.

Viewable in about 180 regions and countries.


10/10(土) 22:00~23:50
CS Fuji TV NEXT「VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A. -at the Fillmore New York-」

In addiction to the New York live that was the kickoff to the VAMPS's U.S.A.Tour, a valuable exclusive interview, videos that give a large coverage of the tour and much more will be broadcasted.




VAMPS first event restricted to the Fan Club members, "VAMPADDICT", has its date confirmed!

The event this time, which is VAMPS' first, may let you take a peep at a VAMPS's profile never seen so far. According to VAMPS, do expect a new alternate current of style!!!

10.05 (Mon) ZEPP NAGOYA
10.07 (Wed) ZEPP OSAKA
10.08 (Thu) ZEPP OSAKA
10.14 (Wed) ZEPP TOKYO
10.15 (Thu) ZEPP TOKYO

Details at VAMPADDICT website, inside member's page.


VAMPS LIVE 2009 U.S.A Document Photobook date of release confirmed!!

In the summer of 2009, a totally close coverage of VAMPS, that went on trip to America due to the U.S.A Tour. From the East Coast to the West Coast, they endured a trip quite alike to a road movie. And over there, VAMPS behaved like you've never seen before ...

Release: 10/31

HMV link

Just looking forward to everything. VAMPADDICT is really close. What alternation in profile they are talking about? I'm terribly curious.

I am looking forward to MUSIC JAPAN and J-MELO as well. That's a pity Fuji TV is not available here. Really sad about that. By the way, the text on the Fuji TV website is quite good!!!

Ah, this is the message that was in the website of Water Aid. I had no chance to post it here before...

"It's an honour if people like us are being useful to someone else. We'll put all our strength on that" (HYDE)

" We were looking forward to Water Aid. If we can be useful to all of the people who are suffering, using what we like to do, I think we'll end up putting more effort on the live~"(K.A.Z)

That's great that, even though they're very busy, they find time to be useful and help others, ne (*^__^*)



Thanks to dear razzberi39@livejournal, nepenthes59@livejournal for the scans and harisenpower@splinder for all the great work at info. Much kisses for you~~~*


From What's in- September issue
Translated by The Lady of Flowers

This work, that will be released after the end of the tour, is a re-cut single from the album "VAMPS".A ballad that was strongly pushed out much more by the longing of someone dear than by sorrow. In which is expressed the feeling of gratitude towards the fans that laughed and walked together during the long tour. And also a comment about the DVD that is enclosed with the single.

Interview and text by Mori Tomoyuki


It's probably an immersion in the memories of the tour and also our feelings of gratitude as if saying "it was very enjoyable".

_______ Following the U.S.A tour, you’re breaking into the Arena tour. What about the feedback?

HYDE (below as H): The contents of the concerts change every time. When we were in America, it was " Vs. the American Way" and after that, at USJ (Universal Studios
Japan), we’ve made crowded lives in a mood typical of a festival. In Arena, Budoukan or anywhere else, it is not just simply changing the songs' order; it is also because the atmosphere on the stage is completely different.

K.A.Z. (below as K): Naturally, the way we'll present ourselves and also the way we'll play will change just by the fact we'll perform in a big venue.

H: But, of course, we've been doing the preparations since a long time before. But, there are plenty of things that concern us, making us wonder if a certain matter is OK or not. However, I hope to express straightly the stylish portion of VAMPS's aesthetic sense in Budoukan.

_______ I think "SWEET DREAMS", which was made into a single cut this time, is also a strong point at the present VAMPS lives.

H: That's right. I planned from the start doing such single cut at this timing. Look, during the tour last year, I said that the next single would be a ballad, right? But, when I tried to start the year, I was like "I really have no ballad to be the first release in the beginning of the year".

_______ It was the timing of "I GOTTA KICK START NOW", ne.

H: Since I had said I wanted to release a ballad, K.A.Z composed it for me with great efforts, but there was no chance to release it. However, I thought the timing after the tour is over is extremely nice. It's probably an immersion in the memories of the tour and also our feelings of gratitude as if saying "it was very enjoyable".

K: Because now, when I listen to "SWEET DREAMS", I remember the America tour. When the Arena tour finishes, I guess we'll have much more different feelings, won't we? The acoustic version is also very nice. It feels quite mature.

_______ The beauty of the melody stands out, ne.

K: Originally, I made this song having the image of warm feelings and pleasant feelings. However, its basis is surely "a ballad in which you can firmly feel Rock".

_______What about the lyrics?

H: Maybe it feels like thinking of the person you love, while you’re travelling. I think it also has what we could call a song. Because it spontaneously became a "good-night" song as I began to write it, even though I didn't have that in mind at first.

_______I see. And the fact is that the tour of this year will have its ending in a live at the Battleship Missouri (taking place in 09/13,in a live on board of the Battleship Missouri Model).......

H: Ehh, we've launched an agreement.

_______ (laugh) After all this, how is it going to be?

H: After the Halloween in October, we'll be at work, heading to the next album.

_______ Ohhhh! Well, so the case is that we can also expect a tour next year?

H: Yeah, for sure!


This time, the DVD that is enclosed in the single contains the PV that makes full use of the documental videos recorded during the U.S.A tour!
We asked the opinion of those who saw the finished video & the filming episode.

"I wanted to make a PV with a documentary touch, so during the U.S.A tour, everywhere we went we were always with a camera. Having absolutely no direction, I think it shows us in our more informal posture. There were also dangerous videos that I absolutely couldn't show to people, but those are cut (laugh). The more we are in a delightful mood; the more melancholic feelings will also emerge. I would say this is that kind of PV". (HYDE)

"Images of the lives in America are also included, but the audience in those venues also had an incredible power. There were even people that kept waiting since the previous day and I ended up worrying if they were in physical conditions to do so. Various memories revive in my mind as well, when I watch this PV. (K.A.Z)

The Rock Ballad that directly reflects our intimate sound

A melody line filled with a pleasant melancholy; lyrics that describe the emotions of loneliness of the moment of falling asleep; the arrangement in which the strings of a solemn atmosphere melts together with the band sound that kept its thick heaviness. This song, a re-cut from the 1st album "VAMPS", is a rock ballad that directly reflects our intimate sound. The number 2 contains the newly recorded "SWEET DREAMS- acoustic". In accordance with an organic arrangement that emphasized the piano, it gets masterly accomplished in it the esthetic; HYDE's vocals that unleashes a voluptuous mood; K.A.Z's sound performance that let us feel the beauty that is very close to madness.

Thursday, 1 October 2009



A comment of VAMPS at Oricon-TV. Basically, talk about SWEET DREAMS release and HELLWEEN~~~~ I am looking forward to HELL quite a lot. I can't believe one year has passed since lovely Sally and sweetie bride almost killed me~~~~* What we'll be able to see this year during 3 days locked up in HELL? hahaha


Another video. This time at So-net . Check it out here.
Thanks to hydeist friends~~~*

From VAMPS Web Site

*~~~HELLOWEEN LIVE 2009~~~*

2009.10.29- VAMPS/ MONORAL/ Kanon Wakeshima
2009.10.30- VAMPS, MONORAL and more...
2009.10.31- VAMPS/Kyoharu/BREAKERZ

So cute~~
Now I go to sleep. I wish I have "SWEET DREAMS- unplugged" with my darling !!!
hahahahaha I think the acoustic PV got the impossible: it indecently knocked out the shower scene!!! Oh no~~~I have so much to say about these PVs... Next time, next time.