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SWEET DREAMS...「僕が帰ったら、 もう離さないよ! おやすみ」

That's to die for!!!! What a voice~~~~~~


UPDATED~~~~* Thevideo that was here was deleted :-(

En Français. Complete talks!!!!


Dive to Blue!!! (*^__^*)

It was chosen by Nakata san and he said it's because he liked it since High School but, even though he wanted to go to karaoke to sing it, he had no friends to go with him. So, when he entered in the university, he began to go to the karaoke alone to practice. And he always chose Dive to Blue to sing. So, Tamori san asks him if he has already sung it in front of anyone. So, he says he performed it in front of 20000 people as an encore at Yoshimoto live. He said that even though he had no friends at the karaoke, he had to sing it in front of 20000 people. And then he turns to HYDE saying that he's there today and everybody calls HYDE "master", so HYDE says :"Thank you. One day, let's go to a karaoke together~*". Nakata san said he was extremely happy because he has loved him for 10 years~~* Very nice story, ne.



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Pure white ashes No.102086 Author: HYDE 2009-09-06 23:44:48

I've burnt out

Yesterday, the live was good, typical of a last day

It's perfect when you get to balance the wildness and the serenity, and
it had such feeling

The problem was that maybe it got hotter than expected?
I don't sweat very often, but I was dripping...

The audience was also over excited, so it seems it will be a nice DVD
This time, different from the last time, we plan to make it with a beautiful and clean image

You're probably happy, right?

There are still some lives left, but because from now on they will be of a particular type,
I feel as if the tour is over.

As if it was long and short at the same time...
The summer of 2009 is over

I'm really thankful to the
people who came and even to the people who could not come

Thank you, really

Our timing is terribly awful these days, ne, Haido san. But I am happy anyway. Thank you honey~~~~*

「より深く深みへと沈む」~♪ Part 4


The Final Day- Nippon Budoukan - 2009.09.05

Set list



11.Life on Mars?





MC (Before COSMOS)

H: "Tokyo!!"
H: "Tokyooo!"
H:"Let's go!! Tokyo!! Let's come!! I am gonna let the whole thing out!!
Let's come together~!!"


H:" Hey, today is the last day, so don't save regrets~~~!!! Leave all your
regrets behind, Tokyo!!"
H:" Aren't you hungry? I'm gonna eat~~... I'm gonna eat~~... I'll really~ gonna eat ..."
H:" I'll start eating from the most crazy person~~~!!! Who is getting crazy the most???? Naaa!!!! Let's go hunting together!! Let's HUNTING!!!!"


H:"Yeah, I am really grateful to everyone of you. Thank you very much. I am also grateful to the staff and the members. Thank you all...."

(At this moment, HYDE, even though being spotted on the screen, got closer to it and...)

Chuuuuuuu (**kiss**)


H: "In place of saying words of gratitude, give me much more from you, please.Can't you, Tokyo? Can't you~~~? Let's come together!!... Don't come first!"

H:"Let's go crazy once again~~~!!!"

(Saying that, he gets closer to the camera and...)

Chu chu chu chu (** Oh~~~~~~ CHU!!!**)

* It seems HYDE had really a kiss expression. Seriously as if kissing ^___^ So, watching the DVD, we'll be able to see how HYDE looks like while kissing. Oh, such a tease~~~. I wanna have it now on my hands, the DVD ^^**)


H: "Thank you, Tokyo!!!!!! I'll come back here again!!!!! Until then, wash your neck and wait for me!!!"

The MCs were short but HYDE said the day before that they would be rather cold. There were lots of cameras. It seemed they were recording for the DVD!!!!!



* K.A.Z was skillfully playing the guitar... HYDE approaches (**Oh~~ **)
* He gets closer to K.A.Z and stops by his side. He leans his chin on K.A.Z's shoulder
* But K.A.Z has no reaction to it
* HYDE tries caressing him with the cheek and tries shaking the head
* But no reaction
* At the end, HYDE presses his lips against K.A.Z's cheek and...

Chu~~~~~~ (*** A kiss demon *____* ***)

* The person who is writing the report comments that Anis had leaned over(to receive the kiss), but K.A.Z seemed indifferent. So she wondered if it's because he's used to receive kisses from HYDE (** No~~~~~I am jealous**)

* HYDE seemed very happy, smiling all the time.

*Then, during "Where's my lamb" part, HYDE and K.A.Z were face to face and they saluted with a high five

* During IGKSN, in the part "Not in a nasty way", HYDE waves his both hands in a kawaii manner, as if saying (no, not in a naughty way)

* There were sexy moments of all the members
* During SWEET DREAMS everybody lighted their LIGHT MY FIRE good and it looked amazing and very moving.


(** Our already dearest DEEP RED, responsible for the most fan service and deep dreams as well **)

* The members are spotted on the screen inside a kind of rounded hole of spotlight and tthis made them look rather sexy
* the image seems like looking through a peeping hole
* It looks like that peeping hole in Heaven's Drive PV
* It feels like a show that naughty adults came to watch (** DVD now!!!!!**)

* But today, they had a black light for this adult show ( it was often red lights)
* HYDE's eyes were glittering like a sexy vampire
* The reporter says it seemed that today was a show of vampires for naughty adults!!! (** I am in anguish now~~~~ Vampire show!?**)
* Hyde was languidly looking above to the camera, which gave him a over sexy look
* His index finger of the right hand was rubbing the tip of the mic
* The palm of his left hand was stroking the handle
* As if it was a fragile thing, the palm of his right hand caressed in circles the tip of the mic (** Dame!!! That's a BL scene, haido sa~~~~n!!!**)
* At the end, he touched his lips with this index finger (** MY KING!!!!!That's really a BL scene, no doubt. How does it taste, haido san????**)

Here's where my father will ask my mother:"That's what she likes?"

Oh, mommy and daddy, I am sorry. I am really playing some real bad game~~~*


hahahaha No kidding!!!

Thank you VAMPS and all the ones involved. It was a great tour. A wonderful tour. We can see that from the live reports and interviews. The DVD will be great. I'll keep it in a safe place not to fall in innocent hands (hahahaha) Just on the naughty ones, neeee~ That is to say... MINE!!!!!

I am looking forward to the Halloween now and everything ahead.

Thank you! It was a great work. You made my winter enjoyable, which is such a big accomplishment.

I hope I can write my own live report next year about my experience with VAMPS in South America. Hope I can share my point of view about the lives in Brazil. I am really looking forward to that day.

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"SWEET DREAMS - acoustic"'s first on air presentation!!!

The new single "SWEET DREAMS" (coupling "SWEET DREAMS - acoustic") to be released in 09/30 is scheduled to have its first on air presentation!!

09/30 (Tuesday) 25:00~27:00

Tokyo-FM/ JFN "Yamada Hisashi's Radio Limited DX"


In "CDTV"'s New Song Express (Shinkyoku Express), the PV of "SWEET DREAMS" will be introduced!

09/05 (Saturday) Starting 24:58

Very short but already a tease. I wanna watch it so bad~~~~~~


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濃い時の途中で (笑)

The final day of the festival No.101863 Author: HYDE 2009-09-05 03:46:43

At last, tomorrow will be the last day

It seemed long and short, something complex, but there's no doubt the days we had were dense

The next one will be in 2010? ... Something awesome...

I appreciate all of you who participated.
Thank you
For loving someone like me

Tomorrow I'll burn out to make the experience of this tour something valuable
Let's make a legend together

And use the penlights without any reservations, ne. Sweets show efficacy in dark moments...?

Well, then

Good Night


While I was posting here, my honey was online at Hydeist. But I am truly happy just to see the blood-stained letters, so... Oh, I was also happy to read the "Konna ore wo aishite kurete" line~~~~ 超可愛いハイドさん★

Tomorrow live will be awesome for sure, ne. Hope everybody have a great time.

"Sweets show efficacy in dark moments...?"

There will be sweets to the audience in the end of the performance??? Or, maybe, he's talking about the Halloween live after the tour is over??? So mysterious Haido. I am looking forward for tomorrow.

Ah, by the way. Today I saw Haido getting down the stairs at hydeist again. It's something that happens if you stay with the Club Masquerade window
open for a long period, ne.

It's like this

Well, I've seen him quite often, but it never occured me to click on that. But today I did it and this is what I got.

It says:


The Creator of HYDEIST.

His curse is love and respect. His revelation is made through blood-stained letters.
Time of appearance: After sunset"




「より深く深みへと沈む」~♪ Part 3


This live report made me so happy that it could make my whole week, even very tiresome, become all bright~~~* ハイドさん大好きですよ!!!

Thanks to the wholeVAMPS Mixi community + hydeist members for the reports and thoughts.

Mostly of the report is from her. If you can read Japanese, take a look at her live reports. For me, it's almost embararssing how our hentai point of view looks similar. She must be a BL lover, too, for sure. Really similar. And it's a fortunate thing because, otherwhise, I could not know that my dream came true. Thank you for the report, girl~~~*

VAMPS LIVE 2009 at Nippon Budoukan. 2009.09.01

Set list



11.Life on Mars?





MC (before COSMOS)

H:"Tokyo, it's been a long time and no seeee~~ (** Hisashiburi~**)"

Audience: Welcome home~~~! (**okaeri**)

H:" I'm home~~~!" (** Tadaima**) (After saying that, HYDE kissed the microphone, making the 'chu~~~~' sound) (**kawaii Chu~~**)

H:".....How long has been since we last been here, in Tokyo? It's really been a long time, right?"

Audience: What...?

H:"..... Since Halloween?"

Audience: What!!!!!!!????????????

H:"making a puzzled face) Hn, it's not that long? So, I'll not make the live today, OK?"


H:"(making an expression as if thinking deeply) Hn, I did a live in October last year.... Halloween was the last one, wasn't it?" (Then he was making a face of uncertainty)

(Ju-ken began to make an expression as if saying 'Is that true?')

H:"Hn, that so?" (Looking at K.A.Z in accordance, but K.A.Z kept in silence, just smiling)

H:"We performed in Tokyo?"

Audience: Yesssssssssssssss!!!!

Ju-ken:(laughing, while pretending puzzled) "Big brother, is that true?".

JIN san was with a bitter smile on the face. K.A.Z was still just watching, smiling.

H:"(As if worried, while laughing) Lots of things happened and I end up forgetting them!"

H:"And it's also because the tour is very long... There were many things. This tour began in... June??"

Audience: May~~!!

H:"Ah, in May... (laughs) Ah, I’m hopeless~~~(laughs)

H:"The volume of information is so big that I end up forgetting... There are so many things...."

H:"But we really went to various places. The impression that remains in my mind is.. not even one~~ (laughs)"

H:"Where was I?"

Audience: USJ~~~!!

H:"Ah, yes, yes, and I also went to America, ne"

H:"Ah, you were there?" (Looking at Ju-ken who burst into laughter while nodding in affirmation)

H:"But I really... have no memories~~~(laughs) Ahh, there's a memory of getting cheated in 10 bucks in America"

Audience>> uproar

H:"The tattoo sticker... I bought was said to cost 10 bucks but it cost me 20 bucks (laughs). It's regrettable even now to think of it! Next time we meet again, I want to set fire to that store!"

H:"Because of that, I thought of turning him into a vampire~! Well, but he was just a filth old-man (laugh)"

H:"Hn, then, I'm coming~! Ahhh, today we have lots of cute girls here, I think I'll end up eating you all~~~~~. I'm gonna eat you all~~~!!!" (** Kyaaaa~~~Hai,douzo**)
H:"Let's go hunting together~~~! LET'S HUNTING!!!!!"

MC (before the encore)

(HYDE enters the stage holding a stick like this)

H: "Are you enjoying~~~~? Hn, this~~~? (so he begins to agitate the stick in the air) te tte ttererere (Singing the beginning of LOVE ADDICT) "

H:"The summer vacation is over, ne. It feels like someone saying "It serves you right!" (laugh) But it has nothing to do with us... Maybe only the traffic jam...? Well, but my summer vacation won't be over yet! My summer vacation start from now on!" (saying that with a triumphant expression, pointing the stick to the camera and drawing the V sigh)

H:" You haven't come yet~~~! You still can't come~~~!?"

Audience:We will come~~~~!!!)

H:"Well, then, there are a lot of people here and it feels so good......What? No....."

H:"Hn? There are people who like to make it in large places? (laugh) You are thinking too much (laugh) You are thinking... (He burst into laughter)"

H:"Well, then, a song that feels good making in a large place, listen to it, please"


Thoughts (of the person who wrote the report & mine)

* HYDE's smile was so cute. He looked like a child. Really cute. (** Well, we all know that**)
* The wing tattoo could be seen clearly (** Oh~~~**)
* It seems he was wearing some kind of sexy blouse, open on the shoulders and on the back... (**I am crazy to have a good look on that as well !!! Haido san, I need photos, pleeeease **)
* And in his every movement, because of his vests, his abdomen could be spotted...(*__*)
* And his underpants!!!!!! It was grey, by the way. (** Pantsu mo mitemitainaa~**)
* Because of the black light, K.A.Z's eyes were glittering and the tattoos,too. They are using some kind of special make up that glitters in black light.
* When HUNTING began, HYDE went walking until K.A.Z and he suddenly knelt before him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(~~~~~~Oh, no. My imagination is torturing me right now T-T My fujoshi thoughts are killing me right now. Haido san~~~~~don't~~~~~~~)

* K.A.Z had a big smiling face. It could not be said if he was happy or perplexed by HYDE's behavior. (** Maybe he was delighted??? Kyaaa~~~**)
* HYDE was also laughing with a self-satisfied look (** I'm gonna die!!!**)
* And sometimes HYDE looked above, finding K.A.Z's gaze (** Moooou, shindeimasu yo~~~~~~**) (** I have the same feeling of the girl who wrote the report. I want to be in K.A.Z's place to see that indecent HYDE looking at me**)
* And at some point, HYDE approached K.A.Z from behind and placed his chin on K.A.Z's shoulder (** God~**)

* The girl who wrote the report wanted to see them kissing, as for me I am already done *___* Already in Heaven. Byaaaku!!**)
* It seems K.A.Z was OK with all that and HYDE was all similes. He looked pretty happy.
* But he drew close to K.A.Z's cheek as if he was going to kiss him. (** If I wasn't a BL lover, I'd be jealous of K.A.Z now**)

OMAKE (DEEP RED) ~~ My dream came true~~~~


The music begins.
The lights makes it feel like a strip/pole dancing show (** Oh, yes~~~~**)
Hyde is shaking deviously his hips from left to right in a totally erotic way.
He's not holding the guitar, so his movements can be clearly seen.
He holds the microphone with both hands as if wrapping it up.
Sometimes he traces its outline with his hands.
He rubs the microphone with his fingertips!!!

(*** Kyaaaaa My dream came into life. That's my dream~~~~~~***)

The movements of his hands are indecent (** Yeah!**)
Sometime, he listlessly combs his hair back and the nape of his neck can be seen (** mou dame da~~~~~**)
And, at the end... HYDE LICKED the microphone. Greedily!!!!! (** Yamete. Shindeshimauyo!!!~~~~~Yabai. Mata ikuyo. Mou~~~~**)
His tongue movements were awesome!
It was as if he was indecently eating an ice cream!!!

I want to turn into this microphone. Who wants to be HYDE's microphone during DEEP RED, raise your hand (*V*)/

HYDE san seems to know it pretty well. Well, how to handdle the microphone, I mean. That was the dream I had some days ago. My dream was pretty clear. In my dream, HYDE san looked as if he was doing that kind of job on the microphone. There is this Latin word for that, right?? It's fe~~~~ (Enough, V!!! You'll end up saying some really dirty stuff hahaha I am out of controoool). The DEEP RED, performance was exactly like my dream. So it was really a premonition. So, when I get the VAMPS LIVE 2009 DVD, I have to take care of it, or my parents can really watch it, so my dream will totally come true. That's dangerous. they'll get to know the secret in my heart ^__^

That was the best~~~~ Hope someone from VAMPS crew filmed this. HYDE san, put it on the DVD, please~~~~~~

My week was really brighter after reading about the first day of live in Tokyo.

I wanted to be in this live. Also the set list is wonderful~~~~

And this is a live report of the America Tour. Very, very good one.