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「より深く深みへと沈む」~♪ Part 2


VAMPS in TIMES (Hard Bitten)

Music Japan (What did the two earn from the tour?)

"――Now that you’ve completed your U.S. tour, are there any other countries you’d like to go next?

HYDE: When we had first announced that we were performing in America, we found there were lots of fans in other countries who wanted to see us too. So we’re thinking about going to some of those countries to make up. Maybe South America, Europe, and Asia."

Music Japan Seasonal Survey Q&A

VAMPS LIVE 2009 Arena Goods

I should have post these links before. I am not very organized with Internet stuffs, so I easily lose things. It’s easier having them safe, posting here. I hope that some time in the future, when I see my old posts I’ll go like finding a real treasure. Oh, I didn’t remember that! Oh, this thing happened, I can recall it now~~~~ That’s one of the main points of keeping a blog for me. My memory is really weak and I can totally picture myself being over again excited about HYDE’s MCs some time in the future~~*
Some weeks ago, I had a dream of my dearest HYDE san ^^ It was really a nice dream. Though, unfortunately, we were, as always, separated by the silver screen. And , looking from this point of view, it should not be quite interesting…. But it was!
Well, it was a premonition, maybe. I was suddenly watching TV and on the TV HYDE was singing DEEP RED (So, I can presume I was watching the VAMPS LIVE 2009 DVD!!). It was almost criminal the way he was singing. The dream was quite short but the sensation of it was quite intense ^^ well, HYDE was singing DEEP RED while deflowering (!!) his microphone with his tongue. Deepening deep, really going deep.
I entered the room and my eyes were caught by this scene, of course (^^) I was enjoying the whole thing when I realized it was being watched by my parents!! I felt extremely uncomfortable. They were astonished. My father asked my mother “Is that what she likes?”, but my mother was in silence watching it quite interested. And, on my mind, I answered my father saying “ that’s one of the aspects of it”. I remember I was quite concerned that they could listen to the musical work, too. Somehow, I didn’t want them to be distracted by the deflowering thing ^^

What would Freud tell me about this? What interpretation would my dream have?

HYDE= profane= sin=desires= art=unconscious
Family= judge=conscience=reality=morality

The sin must not be discovered, so it must be not shared. However, I was concerned about the artistic aspect of it, to preserve HYDE’s art legitimacy.
Freud would elaborate quite much about seeing my parents in my dream. Maybe my parents are the real world outside the TV, judging how could that be in harmony with my “real” self. When did HYDE’s presence in my life became this complex? hahahaha

Let’s put it simpler, V.

“Is that what she likes?”

Oh, father, YES!!!! I am terribly in love with all of him~~~

“DEEPER DEEPENING GOING DEEP Immorality is the adequate spice” ^^

Maybe that was all to make me answer this simple question.

Though, HYDE’s presence in my life has become a little complex, indeed. Somehow, I’ve been listening to his voice saying:”The prince riding the white horse won’t come!!!” hahaha Really. HYDE san is haunting me~~~~ The ghost in my room!!!!
I think things get values if you find their values. I could read interviews, read mangas, watch animes and absolve just what are given to me. Though, I try to go deep in the issues, so I can find good things to think about or to transform in some kind of inspiration even if it may look like rubbish to someone else. I hardly discard things. So, when I read that interview, of course, I tried to have a point of what they were discussing. And this very sentence made me think a lot along the days. It’s a common phrase. It’s a well-known subject, but somehow, it comes frequently to my mind…

“Is that what she likes?”


By the way, have you seen the Arena goods? The Snoopy is so cute~~~~ When I was a child I watched the Peanuts anime everyday. I like all the characters. My brother and sister used to call me Lucy and I used to get really angry with them, though. Snoopy and Charlie were my favorites. I felt happy seeing Snoopy on the goods. I also liked the Music Box. Oh, it sings SWEET DREAMS, ne. Kawaii~




Thanks to all the live reports at VAMPS' Mixi community. I tried to mix some of them.

VAMPS LIVE at Universal Studio Japan (USJ) 2009.08.19

While Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 could be heard, Love Addict intro began.
HYDE and K.A.Z happily entered the stage riding a bike, doing the "V" sigh. (HYDE in the front and K.A.Z on the back)



H:" Osakaaa~ Tadaima, Osakaaaaa~"
H:"I'm home, Osakaaaa!"
H:"Is that OK~!? Isn't that OK!?
H:"Let's do it at Universal!!"
H:"Won't we Osakaaaaaa?!!!!
H:"Are you fucking ready!?"
H:"Today, I'll treat you nicely"

H:"Isn't it too crowded around there? How does it feel having soooo many people glued to you?”
H:"Isn't it hot? It's like having Ju-ken here (on the right shoulder) and Ari here (on the left shoulder) (bitter smile)"
H:" Quite crowded, isnt it? We did the rehearsal here yesterday, but it was crowded”
H:"Well, it's been a while we've performed in Osaka, so, if possible, let's get along well, please"
H:"It's very nice, the feeling of summer, I came here to look for cute girls in swimsuit (laugh)"
H:"Let's HUNTING!!!!!"

07.GLAMOROUS SKY (Japanese ver.)

H:"Let's sing together~"
H:"Let's go crazy~~~~!!"

(HYDE is holding a huge hose to water the audience ^^)

Ju-ken MC

J:"Are there people who have been to USJ before?"
J:"Today I could take a look around. It's my first time. Well, I'd like to hang around with all the others big brothers but it’s not that easy to get a free pass. Well, even if you see us wandering around here don't go screaming "Haido~~~~" or "Kazu~~~~". Let it be in secret, please"

J:"Hn, what is my big brother carrying? (Haido is holding a camera, filming the girls who are wearing bikinis. Their breasts!! It seems what he was filming was being displayed at the big screen next to the stage)

Audience: A camera!
J:"Big brother is good at filming, ne (laugh)"
J:"Well, then, if you want to be filmed by my big brother, then do as I say~"
J:"The most healthy people~"
J:"People with the most strange face~"
J:"Hey, don't you all go doing a strange face (laugh)"
J:"People who loves VAMPS the most jump~"

Then Ju-ken made a big wave, followed by the audience, running from side to side of the stage. He had a happy triumphal face. When the wave stopped:

H:"OK,we'll begin the next song now"

In a good atmosphere, the sun was setting when the 5 members were gathering in the middle of the stage.

H:"This song fits pretty well with this atmosphere. I practiced it really hard yesterday"

09. SHALLOW SLEEP (Acoustic ver.)


H:" It feels so good seeing the sun setting, doesn't it?” HYDE looked in K.A.Z's direction and wiped his sweat with a towel ^^
H:"We must be good friends, right (laugh) But that's only on the stage (laugh)"
H:"I also practiced the next song very hard, so please, listen to it"

10. SWEET DREAMS (acoustic ver.)

JIN san's keyboard was in dissonance.
JIN:"Let's do it once again?"

HYDE began again, but the keyboard was in dissonance again. (laugh)
After the 3rd time trying.

H:" It was planned to be mistaken 3 times! The next will be perfect, I think".

Everyone was in expectation and it successfully worked right, so everyone clapped hands.In the big screen it could be seen the SWEET DREAMS PV!!! (** It seems there's a HYDE's bath scene in it *___*Oh….Mitemitaina~~**)

11- BITE


H:"It's very nice to talk in Japanese. Sometimes you don't see what is under your nose?..... Hah? (Thinking out loud) (laugh)
H:"Because I couldn't talk much there (in America). When you go overseas, it seems you understand everyone's value... Sometimes you don't see what is under your nose?....Right? We end up becoming accustomed to be treated kindly...
H:"No, it's not that something particularly unpleasant happened overseas (laugh) Well, I am just saying that sometimes we can't see what's under our nose, right?

H:"Over there is the Water World, isn't it? Won't you go there now?"
H:"It reminds me that the E.T. is missing,ne. Oh, but I loved it so much~~~. Is there something in its place there now? Oh, nothing~~?"
H: "In Las Vegas, we rode a very famous rollercoaster. Its higher edge seemed something alike to Tokyo Tower. Ari was the cutest. He was like a child 'kyaaaa~~~~ ' (laugh)"
Audience:"Were you afraid?"
H:"Yes, I was afraid (bitter smile). But that was great"
H:"What's the USJ attraction you guys like?"
H:"This way we can't talk. Try to talk properly occasionally"
H:"I still haven't ridden the Hollywood Dream, but you can listen to Love Addict while riding it"
H:"Let's move to the next"
H:"The next song I am going to sing is an indecent song. This song was a song that was not performed in America and nowhere else. It came back with its chastity preserved~~~. Since there are parents with their kids here, I can't say it out loud, but it's called DEEP RED" (Whispering)
Audience: "DEEP?" (With their hand next to the ears as if trying to hear)
Audience:"RED~~~~" (Shouting)



"Let's hear some grateful words from the master"


K:"I ended up letting my cap fall..."
K:"Are you guys having fun?"
K:" It's so dazzling, I can't see. Have you already been here at Universal?"
K:"Well, then, are there people that have been to our recording at the Water World? By that time,I left an wise saying".
K:"My nose is the Water World (laugh)"
K: “However, my nose is a Water World even now" (with a happy face)
H:"Have you caught a cold?"
K:"No. The tension is getting higher"
(K.A.Z is looking for his cap, looking down)
H:"What. Only this? (laugh)"
K:"I have no cap (laugh)"
H:"You’ll find it sooner or later W. Well, then, let's go to the next?"
(** It's a dirty joke, ne. I think they are playing with the nose bleeding thing, right??**)

20.YOU (Oblivion Dust)


H:"Do you all know OBLIVION DUST~? However, this one is the band I like the most in Japan.
I think I felt like singing it~ I wanted to sing it~. May I sing?

"Zutto nagameteita~ Tooku osanai koro kara"

21.HONEY(Laruku ^____^)

H:"Let's go to the space~ Will you sing together with me?"


H: "Mata ashita naa~" (** Hope to see you tomorrow**)

And in the end, there were fireworks bursting in the sky

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「だから、結婚できないなんて……よっぽど変態なのかなぁって(笑)。もしく は結婚したくないか、ね」


Thanks to sweet Julnyes~~~*

Translated by: The Lady of Flowers

Vamps Times vol 1. Talking Special
The Secrets In Their Hearts! The Midnight Boys Talk Time

A certain night in the rehearsal's camping. As a suggestion of HYDE, the drinking meeting after the rehearsal will be secretly recorded. Can something like this be made into a report!? So, please enjoy (?) this talk over alcohol that gets close to the limits (with the exception of HYDE, nobody has the slightest idea of any of this). * JIN is absent due to the work on the studio.

Ju-ken (Mentioned below as J):"Dirty jokes are risible and amusing"

----- It depends on the degree. There are such harsh ones that are a little too.....

HYDE(mentioned below as H):"Well, then, here’s a risible one! The studio that JIN chan is using was close to a SM club. That place was located a little far from the commercial center and that SM club was also located in a well hidden place; but, in a certain day, in that neighborhood was build an station (laugh) Because of that, it ended up becoming the SM club in front of the station (laugh) So, JIN chan passed by it everyday, right? And doing so, he knew there were always bizarre things happening. Since there were only about 3 rooms on the same floor; they were the SM club, the waiting room of the SM club and the studio"


H: "One day, he thought he listened sounds outside, and when he sneaked a look through the peephole of the front door, there was a naked mister doing.............piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. ‘That’s really exciting’"


J:"Ahahahaha. I've also seen something like that. In a video that came to my hands from somewhere...........Piiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

-------Ah, this is no laughable..... It became grotesque.....

H:"Enough~, that was grotesque!"

J:"It was a bad example~ I am sorry~"

H:"My story was OK, wasn't it. It had no mysteries of the Orient (laugh)"

-----The world is very diversified (bitter smile)

(Here, they put some super-hot sauce on the snacks and eat them)

Arimatsu(mentioned below as A): "Ah! (Sinking)"

H:"(Fainting in agony while beating intensely the table) This is hot!"

J:"Great! Hot!"

H:"But it's really hot! (tears) Arimatsu san, it's spicy!"

(Here K.A.Z, who's finished his work, makes his appearance)

H:"Ah, K.A.Z also came"

K.A.Z (mentioned below as K): "Yes, I wonder if I should order some wine"

H:"Well, Ju-ken is full of energy"

----- Today, in the dinner, he ate the entire 500g steak.

J:"That was because I was being hostile to the mister of the restaurant. He was talking a little too much with me and it was annoying, wasn't it?"

----- Because of that you told him to bring you a steak of 500g?

J:"The steak came and I immediately ate it, right? There's a saying of Gal Sone chan that says: ‘Gluttony is speed’.I watched on the TV saying that you must go before the satiety center gets filled up...."

H:"And why is that for, do you have to fight? (laugh)"

J:"Well, because today I was thinking if I had money to pay, I had 10000 yen on my pocket. So, seeing the menu, a steak and soup.... ‘Yes, I have enough for those!’, I thought. ‘Good, I won't run through shame here’, I thought because an engine was started inside of me. Then, Sugimoto san, from the staff, is a hard good eater, right? I didn't want to be defeated by him"

H:"Definitely, Ju-ken, you were fighting. You don't talk almost anything and, moreover, you don't take notice of the accompaniment, you are just eating the meat. Maybe, you were thinking ‘I'll finish this off!’ (laugh) (**HYDE is doing a dirty joke here. It's a pun. It can also be understood as "I'll finish this person", in a nasty way, of course ^^**)

----- Ahahahahahah

J:"Ah, that reminds me, have you listened 'VAMPS' album? As for me, I was surprised. The big bother's song is extremely sexy. Amazing. Terrific! Errr, it has a melody like Dou~ndou~ndou~n doudoudoun (note: as in DEEP RED)........."

----- I didn't get it"

H:"I got it"

----- What? And K.A.Z san, you understood?


----- Clever.

J: “The world of the lyrics and the sounds match a lot, moreover the singing style is extremely sexy. I really think it's amazing! (Excited)"

H:"That was because I sang it while I was making"

J:"(laugh) That is really indecent"

H:"However, it was just recorded next to K.A.Z that was making. Because he likes to be observed, and I like to observe (laugh)"

(Here, begin to sing Michelle Branch's 'Life on Mars?')

A:"This is Michelle Branch, isn't she?"

H:"That's true. Somehow, it feels like a version sang by a girl. Man, the song is really not far behind from mine (laugh). Ah, the guitar solo is as it is. But, this is truly difficult other than this melody. And besides, the chord is something abnormal. It's a chord that seems to fit only this guitar solo's melody. If there was not this melody, the chord would be disordered"

J:"Recalling, this one was pretty hard"

H:"I think it's a chord that seems to be made from that guitar solo's melody. Because of that, I think that maybe it's a melody thought by David Bowie; as for the guitar solo"

K:"The guitar is totally Queen"

----- Certainly.

H:"But, well, what do girls get excited about every time they go out drinking?"

A:"When the girls go out to drink, they get excited with men’s talk, don't they?"

----- However, we don't do dirty jokes (the person in charge of the secret recording is a single woman, around forty-years)

H:"Then, why do you get excited?"

----- They're really a little bit.... lighter....


------ No,no. They don't feel that real.....


------ (laugh) I’ve said no~~~~

A:"But, well, it’s said that women have more dirty talk than men"

K:"In my opinion, I think maybe it's because of the presence of the opposite sex. When there's someone of the opposite sex,it feels kinda harsh"

H:"Surely. It’s like ‘don't have a cold talk on the North Pole’ (laugh). When there are men, the light erotic talk feels like heavy. I already chat care freely. But, the girls have a little bit of this inside the light parts, don't they? Am I wrong?"

----- No, the eroticism will not run into the conversation (categorically)

H:"What!? That means you are being opposite to those around you, isn't it? Then, maybe you think of us as opposite sex?”

-----I don't get to the point of thinking of you as opposite sex, but.... But even so, how should I put it… I can't say something alike "I know, I know" when I am with you.....

H:"What about trying that occasionally? Like 'I know, I know'. 'Yes, that's it~'"

J:"Well, women try to keep at distance from such talks because they don't want it to lead to a real situation, right? When they’re talking to men, it seems they don't want it to go from an erotic talk to an erotic mode"


K:"I think maybe you are wrong"

H:"Off the mark. I think you're sooooo naïve, Ju-ken"

J:"Ahhh~(feeling down)"

H:"Well, but I really like that. I like such inexperience"

K:"But, I think I can understand it. Light erotic talk is good, but, I won't take one step forward and be the first to begin the dirty talk".

H:"There's such thing in K.A.Z, ne. K.A.Z, that's so impenetrable".

K:"How should I put it, when it becomes concrete, it becomes to feel a little impure"

H:"Oh, I didn't know you are so conservative" (** He says conservative in English**)

----- Conservative? (**in English**)

H:"Hoshuteki" (**conservative**)

J:"You like Ishida Junichi, don't you?"

-----Because I am not that conservative!

H:"Well, but I think I have it in my own way. But, we can't go to both sides at all. Then, even if I am said "no, this is prohibited", I am helpless when something is said to be prohibited, because I am someone who likes penetrating down deep. (**literally: I like devouring everything**). I go like 'why is it prohibited~' (looking happy). I say 'What exactly?', 'What exactly?'. It’s enjoyable"

----- I see~

H:"By the way, do you want to get married?"

___.....................I do.

H:"Ah, you have such aspiration?"

___ I suppose so!!!!!! (Irritated)

H:"Ah, do you want to? What are you doing in order to get married? As for things that would lead you to marriage"

-----Well, nothing.........( ̄ェ ̄;)

H:"Ah, he'll come, eventually? The prince on the white horse! You are expecting him to come!!"

----- I am not expecting him to come, but I am really doing nothing.

H:"He won't come. Even if you keep on waiting forever. If I really wanted to get married, I'd absolutely enter in some kind of matrimonial agency. I don't see any reason not to enter. There are people that wouldn't do omiai, right? Why wouldn't they?” (** omiai=arranged marriage**)

----- I want to start from love.

H:"This is almost naïve! Look, it doesn't matter how it started. It's a miracle having met this person. And I think, to fulfill that purpose, you can use any means. Because I think the people you meet during your lifetime are almost countable. At these times, the world is presenting us opportunities, but without using such systems, I, stubbornly, keep on saying I want to meet someone naturally. It's a waste. Having a computer, it feels like going to a bookstore and searching for a book!"

____......Everybody made a big silence when you were talking so emphatically, don't you think?(laugh)

H:"They are really in silence (laugh). Well, but, when we watch such programmes on TV, it seems interesting, right? Such Omiai programmes. I think matrimonial agencies are interesting, too"

____Getting to the point of spending money is......

A:"It really takes money. If you go to a matrimonial agency or if you have a normal romance"


K:"I think that maybe this idea is not related. Because money itself is not the main point"

H:"If I think that by paying a little bit of money my possibilities will extend greatly, why wouldn't I use such great thing?"

K:"Undoubtly, it's really antiquated"

----- Well said, K.A.Z san!

K:"It's not really the idea of paying money to have a date. It’s possibly because it feels like Japanese old customs".

H:"Well, I think you are a pleasant person that even get along well with people at work just like this. Because of that, the very idea of you not getting married..... I wondered if it's because you're too hentai (laugh). Or if it's because you don't want to, ne"

----- I don't really feel it depends only of me doing something.

H:"I know I know. But..... If you try putting a little more effort on that (laughs)"


(The tiredness from the rehearsal is something like this. The late-night's banquet keep on going on and on...)

("I don't know about Erly (**Ari**), you surely want to live in Furano in the future, in a house of stones...?" "....................................")

(He won't be defeated by some super-hot sauce!)

Ah~, it's so hot~ (HYDE writhing)


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MTV Iggy Music Interview 1

MTV Iggy Music Interview 2

Two very nice interviews. I loved seeing them answering those questions in the second interview and I didn't know the climate of the place could affect the sound. Very interesting, ne.

Something curious happened, though. When I was watching the second video, I just got stuck at HYDE's answer to this question:"One thing you can't leave Japan without". Maybe because he sounded too cute or maybe because he said the word "naked" and it caressed my perverted imagination shamelessly or, what I think is more likely, because somehow it reminded me the chat he had in Hydeist some days ago and a certain part of the conversation (just about pajamas) . Somehow, exactly that part of the chat visited my mind some times during the day today for some reason. And, since I don't really believe in conscidences.... I got stuck to this answer...

『裸で眠れないんで、 風邪を引いちゃうぐらい。 なんか可愛らしいやつ。』

"I can't sleep naked... because I end up catching a cold. I am kind of a kawaii guy"

"I can't sleep naked". Oh, no. 裸の方がいいんじゃないですか? Naked is better!!!! We have to work that out, Haido san!!!!

"because I end up catching a cold". Too kawaii~~~~* Come on, let's share the blanket ^^ Or, I'll take care of you if you get a cold. After all, you have to be used to it, because there will be lots of colds, hopefully... (since I'll make sure the first statement becomes false!!!)

"I am kind of a kawaii guy". I know that. Pajamas are OK, honey. Too cute.

Hyde entered the chat late at night (he was still in U.S.A) and he talked a lot there. With his fans Well, one of the girls asked him what he was wearing (** wonderful question for a chat during midnight**) and he answered he was wearing pajamas. Then, the girl asked if it was a leopard printed one (**!! This question is the one that make this part of the chat remarkable to me. Imagine! I can imagine... Sexy leopard ^^**) . HYDE said no, but that he was wearing a long sleeve back shirt and black shorts. Yes, HAIDO san went to bed all in black like a stylish rock singer. Black is sexy, anyway (*__*) Well, then someone said it was too hot to dress long sleeves, then he said that in America, it was cold.

By the way, I have to make a summary of this chat to post here. It's really interesting. The girls there are rather prepared to chat with him. Too many puns... very enjoyable ^^ And I felt like in a spy movie to get the data of this chat. I should say that I got notice of the depths of hydeist.... hahaha Kinda.

And I am very excited by the possibility of a vampire outfit in the Halloween live!! But K.A.Z sounded too mysterious to me. How can someone be dressed of pumpkin????? It reminds me Snoopy's Big Pumpkin (^^)

"Vampire". I'll finally see HYDE dressed as Armand! When was reading the vampire chronicles, I liked picturing Armand as HYDE. Principally, with his looks from the Heavenly period. Armand, well Amadeo, is one of my favorite characters in this series. I am looking forward to Halloween.

I love this picture.

Well, since I am almost going to bed now (wearing pajamas ^^) and I am still crazy to put my hands on Hydeist Times, this little tease that I got some days ago have to be here. Thanks to the Web!

I want to have dirty sweet dreams tonight~~~~~~ As sweet as this candy! Which candy do I mean???


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Manager's Diary 2009.07.25 (sat) at Grand Ballroom at the Regency Center

Good Afternoon from San Francisco ♪

It's been a little while since the last live.

During all this time, VAMPS were very busy with photographing and the flood of interviews!

Even so, because they got one day-off, they all went to a winery and enjoyed this day drinking and drinking wine.

Though I feel anxious to tell about how it was like, I have plans of touching this point, reporting about it, in the next "VampsTimes"♪
Drinking wine, eating cheese and buying souvenirs made the day quite full.


Today's venue.

The backdrop that was used in Kawasaki is playing an active role here♪

Being quite spacious, the ceiling is replete with chandeliers and it's quite stylish.
And,to say the least, San Francisco is...


The breath becomes white smoke! Is it July? Is it summer??? I am surprised!!!

With all such things? Also, in today's venue there are many dressing rooms and because of that, though it's rare being this way, everyone can spend the time until the
live in separated rooms.

He's in deep thoughts while looking at the set list.

Even after the rehearsal is over, he is doing a remained practice(?) alone on the stage.


Everybody's movements are extremely intense, making it impossible to focus(laughs)


1 minute before the performance's conclusion!!
It's a current thought of mine, but, when the live is over, it feels like the time passed in a blink of an eye.

And then, what is great in the end, you can see on photo!

There is no "Fight a lot"!! (laughs) (** He meant there were no energy drinks **)

It is becoming a custom everybody handshaking at the end of a live.

There are 3 lives left!

Next is Las Vegas!!

I'm focusing on becoming rich quickly (laughs)

Manager FA @ U.S.A.


Manager's Diary 2009.07.27 (mon) at Wested Space at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Good Afternoon from Las Vegas♪

We've been in the city of the American Dream, Las Vegas, since yesterday.
There's no need to say that yesterday all of us, staff and the members, stayed until dawn in the casino.

It felt like this the whole time since before heading to Las Vegas by airplane♪

Before the check-in counter, they're dancing (laughs)

As soon as they arrived in Las Vegas...


They're already playing the slots!!!

Here is still the place in the airport where you receive your hand luggage.
All the slots are placed everywhere, since the instant we arrived at the airport.
That's just what you'd expect from Las Vegas!!
Because this day was meant to be only for the migration, in order to do a little bit of sightseeing, they went riding a certain "Roller Coaster".

How great it is! Everybody was letting out screams while riding on it.
After this, JIN san is...


not making a tattoo!!!

It was painted with a spray on him.
HYDE was taking photos of it for him, as a memento.
And then, the day of the performance!

Today's venue is located inside the hotel and is becoming a curious location that can be totally seen from the outsides and it can be also seen while we're playing on the casino.


The backstage is this spacious.
It has posters, attached on the walls, of the bands that made lives there so far.

Today's stage, but the distance to the audience is so close!!!
Similar to all the venues until now, since there have been no barriers in the front of the stage, the distance makes it possible to touch easily the members' legs if you stretch your hand.

It seems that musicians use it a lot in private parties; the previous day , just to check it out, we went to see the live and the artists and, together with the attendants, we got involved in the fuss and drank intensely!


VAMPS' live today will also not be defeated~~~~
Since it started, until it's finished, the screams of joy and cheers of the audience were non-stop the whole time, and it turned out into an exciting live.


Because the members also embarked on the excitement and raised their spirits, I thought if we'd see the HYDE's dive we haven't seen since the MEN ONLY in Kawasaki; I was in stand-by behind the stage, feeling anxious (laughs)

There are two places left.
In the next one, we're going to San Diego!!!

Before the performance, they're taking a ceremonial photograph with the photos of the big stars on the back♪

Manager FA @ U.S.A.


Manager's Diary 2009.07.29 (wed) at Soma

Good Afternoon from San Diego♪

VAMPS has entered San Diego since yesterday.
From the incandescence of Las Vegas, they came to a pleasant city that a nice wind blows.
When they arrive from the migration, all the members bite off ice pops, because it's so hot.

Whenever there's a break, he's eating any of them.
This time, it's an ice bar that he can enjoy various flavours.
In the next break...

It's a frozen♪
Given that, today.

Showing the guitar that is being used nowadays in the lives and discussing about the instruments, K.A.Z and Ju-ken san.
This is the feeling of today's stage♪


In the middle of the rehearsal.

When the rehearsal is over, if something to be concerned about appears, he hurriedly goes modifying the set list!

In the left side of this photo, the staff is desperately making a new set list.

Today's live was also not defeated by the Las Vegas' live the day before and it showed a tremendous excitement.

Perhaps because the distance to the audience was so close, after the live, when I looked at the leg of HYDE, a ribbon with a message was fastened to it (laughs)



The next one is the last!!!

The U.S.A. Tour, which was short but seemed so long, will also finally meet its last moments.

There's no mistake that the compilation of the day after day in America, recorded by the cameras, will be able to be seen!!

Manager FA @ U.S.A.



Manager's Diary 2009.08.01 (sat) at Wiltern Theater

Good Afternoon from Los Angeles♪

The end of the series (?) "Good Afternoon from OO"!

The 10th memorable show in America is the final one and it's in Los Angeles.

VAMPS' name is perfectly engraved!

Entering the venue together with the tour car that has been together with us since the west coast.
A long line of people was already formed in front of the venue.

They are looking at a book that was received as a present. Photos of the cosplays done by the fans are spread in each page of it, but if you see the similarity of Ju-ken san's cosplay!! It was such a deed that even us, when looking at it, would think "What?? It's him???"(laugh)
By the way, the portrait of Arimatsu san, which was another present received, was the number one hit work today.
More than questioning its similarity to the original, we'd go like "Doesn't it look like he kills people?(laugh); it was a suspicious workmanship almost like the original♪

Being the last day, JIN san asked to have his hairstyle high-spirited more than ever .
By his side, HYDE is thinking about today's MC.

One frame of HYDE and K.A.Z in the backstage.
"You're telling me that just now...?", says HYDE while questioning K.A.Z about guitar playing.

The last rehearsal in America.
I ended up remembering various things that have happened until today...

One minute before the start of the performance!!!
He's already in the Battle mode!!!
Because today there were a lot of people from the camera crew,
it turned out into a final that the audience and the members were all in high spirits.

I thought I'd be immersed in sentiments of "Ahh, it's already over...", but the next thing to do immediately is to go meeting people in Taiwan and Japan.
VAMPS, that got a power-up in America! will be able to be seen. Be prepared!!
I am expecting an intense outburst, so fierce that makes me unable to say how "the American fans were amazing"♪

By the way, this DIARY is being written while we are inside the airplane back to home.
We're all together saying "what am I gonna do when I get back to Japaaa~n~???"(laugh)

Manager FA @ U.S.A.


I would like to post it before the L.A. live but I couldn't. So I am posting it now. I was waiting for the EXTRA about L.A. but it is not up yet. I only posted some photos today. I simply love the photo Ju-ken is giving his hand to HYDE and the one HYDE is with an ice pop. Kawaii!!! In Japan, during the Zepp tour, he used to deviously lick lollipops, but, in America, he was cutely sucking on ice pops~~(*o*) Stop it, Lady!!! OK, OK, OK.

Though I was a mere report reader, I felt a little down yesterday when I was reading the messages on the USA forum. It was like "so it's really over".It was so fun since the very beginning. Even the unexpected visits of HYDE at hydeist in unbelievable hours for the Japanese fans but so finally normal for me (^__^) Just one hour of difference made me feel like we were closer.And we were geographically,at least!! Though it may sound foolish, I'll miss that.

However, they still have more lives ahead, right. And we'll hopefully taste the tour on the DVD. And there is hope for a comeback next year. And I've heard that maybe next year we'll ALL be truly delighted by VAMPS lives. My VampsTimes has not arrived yet, so I can't tell for sure but I've heard there is something very special on it that made me really really happy. Will South America finally be granted??? Will I finally make love with VAMPS and, more importantly, with HYDE san~Kayaaaaaa~~~~~~ I am so happy about it, I've already found myself scratching my outfit to the occasion!!
Maybe is there also going to be a second album next year???? I do hope so. A new album and more lives!! This year was so fun reading news about the album and their intentions for lives. I've learned a lot about music making from the interviews. Somehow, made me really excited seeing their excitement. A second album means, of course, more new songs... That's really exciting! So, thinking about all that makes the end supportable, ne~~*


In the meanwhile, some videos ^^

Very good~~~~

There is something in this one that made me fall for it. Maybe is the low quality of the image... It looks very interesting for me. Maybe it's because it reminds me some old laruku videos? Well, I don't know... it also reminds Nirvana somehow. Specially the very beginning of the video...

A veeeery long line~~~~ Well, I have to be brave when VAMPS comes to South America.When they finally come to Brazil, I have to be in the first row, centre. So, a long line can't defeat me!!! (^__^) I'll be brave~~~~***