Monday, 20 July 2009



Traces of Summer.

These are the traces of my last summer. They were mainly done while I was listening to wonderful music and feeling the heat of the season. Such lazy days~~ Together with my brushes and paint music is always inevitably there. So, when I had to make the dedicatory, I could not help but thanking the artists of my heart: all members of L’ Arc~en~Ciel, VAMPS and Placebo and many others that are always present in my mp3 player ^^ and shelves. They always help me incredibly.

It was interesting to elaborate to unknown people about my works. Hopefully, they sympathized with my point of view regarding the present visual art scene. I am glad I could convey my point of view. Though, I think it’s half a lie an artist theorizing his/her own work. I believe most of the things we do, we do in complete blindness. Of course, there’s the knowledge we manipulate in our benefit but the real essence of it, the part we could call art is mysterious even to us… So, while theorizing, the artist takes the role of a mere critic or an art connoisseur, nothing but that. However, I tried my best. I was really embarrassed to give out the details of the conception, then I was pretty superfitial. It was like being naked in front of unkown people at some point; really embarrassing. But, as I said, I gave my best!

Oscar Wilde has his own point of view about art and I sympathize with him a lot.

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

The highest as the lowest form of criticism is a mode of autobiography. Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault.

Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty.

There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.

The nineteenth century dislike of realism is the rage of Caliban seeing his own face in a glass.

The nineteenth century dislike of romanticism is the rage of Caliban not seeing his own face in a glass. The moral life of man forms part of the subject-matter of the artist, but the morality of art consists in the perfect use of an imperfect medium. No artist desires to prove anything. Even things that are true can be proved. No artist has ethical sympathies. An ethical sympathy in an artist is an unpardonable mannerism of style. No artist is ever morbid. The artist can express everything. Thought and language are to the artist instruments of an art. Vice and virtue are to the artist materials for an art. From the point of view of form, the type of all the arts is the art of the musician. From the point of view of feeling, the actor's craft is the type. All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril. It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors. Diversity of opinion about a work of art shows that the work is new, complex, and vital. When critics disagree, the artist is in accord with himself. We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely.

All art is quite useless”.

OSCAR WILDE- The Picture of Dorian Gray- AUTHOR’S PREFACE


Studies on paper (they're quite rough, just to adjust things and try to search for new ideas)

Acrylic painting on canvas...

This one took me a lot of time and work. I had no idea what I wanted, so I had to change it a lot!

Almost done. The last photo is not the completed work. I worked much more on it. And I finished up all the velaturas, so the final result is darker. Somehow, I can't help thinking one of hydeist entries when I look at it "shika no kashi" (laughs)

It took long time to finish this one. It was mostly done during last summer (January, February and March).

It's also not the completed work. I am happy with the lighting and the shadows.
I had the help of a friend who posed as model (modelo vivo), so I took pictures of him. It's much better when you can work with a real model. He was fantastic!!!
I wish he helps me once again. By the way, I saw a certain photo yesterday that made me fly~~~~ I had a beautiful idea because of that photo. Hope I can work on it soon. And I still have to work on my Ophelio as well.

Traces of summer~~END.


Friday, 17 July 2009



This tour is going really well. It seems to me everybody is having fun. And the shows are crazy. I am verry happy with this U.S.A Tour. I think my hopes of a South America tour is once again caressing my heart.


素敵な記憶だけ残してゆくから~♪ Yeah~~~~~~

そして、 私の宝物~!!

キャッーー イ・キ・ソ~★


VAMPS 4th SINGLE "SWEET DREAMS" will be released!!

The coupling song is "SWEET DREAMS unplugged".
The PV of "SWEET DREAMS" will be a video documentary filmed during the U.S.A Tour!!!!


2009.09.30 RELEASE!!

First Press: Designed Digipack: CD + DVD (2 disks)
1,000 yen


I am looking forward for the "SWEET DREAMS unplugged". What kind of song will it be? Somehow, it reminds me of one of Manpusu interviews when HYDE mentioned he'd like to release the ballad after the tour. So here it is.

And also,


"I had SEX with VAMPS"

I had to post this.
Seeing the people's excitement over VAMPS latest lives is making me really excited to enjoy lives over again. Unfortunately, good lives in Brazil are mostly scheduled to the end of the year... So, I have to wait a little more... What do I do with this repressed desire? hahaha

I want to have SEX with VAMPS!!

That's it. I've said it.

Though, SEX =attending lives.

However, the other acception is also correct for me. What?? I am madly in love, so that's how it's supposed to be.

I have to read this magazine now.


Let's Check it Now!


Thanks aleechan @ livejournal. I had no time to take pictures of my mag, so I am using your scans ^_^

Monthly VAMPS Vol.12

Let's Check it Now.

HYDE's Compilation

"It's an own from where?"


"Hakata Backstage"

"Sapporo Backstage"

"The season of lavenders is coming up, coming up"

"The field of flowers"

"Sendai Backstage"

"The Field of Flowers 2"

"Gift from Sapporo. Thank U zepp"

"A red flower"
"An yellow flower"

"In a twinkle"

"like flower"

"Miso ramen... " (** Sorry. I could not read what is written next. "Butsumin desu"?** If anyone can read, could you tell me ^__^)

"GIFT. Souffle is... yummy" (note: Sapporo souffle)

"Prize of my victory in the UFO catcher!
For a change, I caught it...
I am sorry for calling you idiot dog.
I didn't mean it like that."


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Felix Felicis


I've just watched it! It's really great. I had a wonderful time watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". I felt relieved because my favorite book of the series was transformed into a good movie. It was good to watch it and remember things I had already forgotten... Such as Felix Felicis!! There's a passage I love so much about it on the book that Professor Slughorn comments how he felt when he drank the luck portion a long time before. It's a beautiful passage on the book which came back to mind again.

However, as for must-have scenes, I'd say I was crazy to see the Bathroom/Sectumsempra scene. I loved it when I read the book. J.K. Rowling wrote the scene so accurately that it was really lively on my mind. Also, I really wanted to see Snape healing Draco (^__^) Oh, and of course, all the Horcruxes talks. I wish they included the past of Tom Riddle's parents. The Gaunt family is quite impressive, ne. Maybe I should read this book over again. I want to watch the "Deathly Hallows" soon.


It's a report. Very interesting.

This is veeeery cute. Handwriting~~*

Which reminds me...


『"3歩後ろ歩け" じゃなくて"かかあ天下"のほうがいいなと』


Monthly VAMPS vol.12

Break “H”’s Taboo! Ver. HYDE

Interview and text by Keisuke Kikuchi (Monthly VAMPS)

Translated by The Lady of Flowers

Could you tell me your view regarding love?

---- This time is the last monthly publication, by all means, we must have the "First Love~ View of Love" talk. However, I think this is a topic that the readers want to listen about.

HYDE: (while his look is gazing the distance) First Love... which one was the First Love, ne~

---- You made yourself sound like an extreme bohemian (laughs)

HYDE: When I think about that, I may say that I began to like the opposite sex by the time I was in the Kindergarten. There was this girl that I really wanted to go home together; however, things were only in that level. But, the house of the girl I liked was next to the Kindergarten, so it really seemed that whenever we were returning home or anything else, we ended up arriving immediately at her house. Then, I always returned home with a girl that lived close to my house. I picked frogs with this girl. I was not particularly in love with her, however, about the time of Junior High school, she became extremely beautiful. I thought, “I really can’t understand”. That is because tadpoles also turn into frogs, ne. (laugh)

---- In the time you were in the Kindergarten, you didn't think, inside yourself,that was love.

HYDE: That's right. That was probably not love.

---- And from about when you began to be conscious about love?

HYDE: Strictly speaking, reaching to the level of being in mental agony because of it, it was about the time of the 5th year of the Elementary School, I think. But, I don't have many memories of it. ..... When I was in the 5th year or the 6th year, I got to love a girl....

---- This was the First Love?

HYDE: Well, it was probably my First Love. However, it was an unrequited love. She was not that beautiful, but her temperament was kinda adorable. I think maybe she was a little like a leader? She was a person who felt like a gentle lady (** elder sister**). However, because it was a fairly well-known story that this girl loved OOOkun, there was no confession nor anything else at that moment, it stayed hidden.

------ It's a vague remembrance.

HYDE: Yes, it's vague. Coming to think of it, this girl was really a Christian. Now I remembered a line of something that she said. As the Pope seemed to come to visit Japan at that time, she really said something like:"This person is the one closest to God", "That’s fantastic". (laughs)

------- Then, in those days, your type was a girl that was likely to be someone that had leadership and stood up?

HYDE: Absolutely. After that, it is the looks. To think that looks are the main thing.

------ Well, any boy in puberty takes look as the main point, ne.

HYDE: But, even though I say "looks", that was my type of looks, that was not what the world called beautiful. Not so much showy. Probably, it was a little plain and simple face.

----- A girl that seems to have a clean and neat image, isn’t it?
HYDE: Exactly.

------- Then, now the talk will be a little more tangible. Your first date was when and in what kind of circumstances?

HYDE: The first date? Hnnn, it seems it was cycling. (laughs) By cycling I mean riding a bicycle and, well, we went to somewhere that seemed to be a park close to the sea. It was by the time I was a Junior High student. At a first glance, I think we were dating, but when I think about it from now, it was not a relationship at all.

------Such a date, riding bicycles by the sea, somehow feels like "youth". Certainly, you have a lot of impressions of the 1st date.

HYDE: For some reason or another, though. Ah, my most impressive memory is that she made an obento for me, but there was onigiri on it. And, when I ate it, there was nothing inside of that onigiri. Certainly, there must be also an onigiri like that, right? However, because I had never eaten one like that, it was a "cultural shock" for me. I was like: "What? That’s how she is?" (laughs). The common sense differs, because it was the first time I dated someone. It's possible that I got surprised by the difference in this common sense. The difference from the opposite sex. From someone that was not from my family.

------ Passing by such puberty, while someone is gradually becoming an adult, the view he has of women and his view of love will change. Nowadays, what are your thoughts about that?

HYDE: Yes, well, in the olden days, because I didn't know women that much, I felt that it was cuter if the woman walked 3 steps behind. But what is really that? It is probably a habit towards a domineering husband. It's possible I had an illusion it was something you could tell as being cool. However, at this moment of my life, this illusion has collapsed. I am like “who cares about that?” (laugh) After all, as for me, I think it will probably catch my taste looking for a style to be comfortable. Though, there are probably a lot of ideals. Actually, even if you try to encounter this ideal person, then, accomplishing doing that, it’ll turn into another problem if you feel comfortable with this person or not. It's not always true that the ideal person is necessarily someone's comfortable place. Because of that, when I was young, I had a lot of idealizations, but as the years pass, this ideal will gradually be better honed. The unnecessary things are steadily sliced out and what remains in the end is really restrict. Things such as being comfortably together. However, there are people that take "comfortably" in a bad sense. It does not mean having a comfortable life. It means being able to feel a bit more at ease, emotionally, but that should not be mistaken.

----- Because there are also people that think "being at ease" is something easy to accomplish.

HYDE: It's not that what I mean, I'd love being together and get to feel myself naturally accustomed with the other. I may say that this is already a cherished project of mine. Even though, I have here the reality of a dozen past years. Though it is connected to what we were discussing earlier, I still think that it's better the woman leading than the man leading. I think it's much better "she's the master of the house" rather than "walk three steps behind". However, because women are the ones who are supposed to be right, I think they can’t let this go to their heads. When the man quarrels, he's absolutely strong. Once his partner speaks in extreme logic, he's a wild beast. However, because the wild beast loves you, he'll not be violent to you, he'll treat you kindly. And then, this way, women shouldn’t get too confident, letting it go to their heads. Of course, men are also immature beings as much as they are also protective beings, so I think it’s possible that maybe, when there's no respect somewhere there, this relation ends up strained. The woman must have a portion of respect towards the man, because the cruelest things can be said, ostensibly. Otherwise, you can't probably say it's a good relation.

----- Knowing they're respected, men will also change the way they show and deal with love towards their partners. Then, though the direction of this talk will change a little bit, how do you think about all the female fans that won't stop adoring HYDE san? They think, in a certain sense, they’re in “love” with HYDE san.

HYDE: Of course, I am very happy by them saying "I love you" (**suki**) to me, I feel grateful, but, of course, this is also together with love and I can’t be apathetic to that. Because of that, as for me, I think what I can give my girlfriends is basically, though it is the same case with lives, making an absolutely good music. I think things such as looks are also important, but, logically, there are lots of cool people out there, so it would disappear rapidly, wouldn’t it? Because of that, I am not seeking to be a standard of someone cool. When it’s said that people who disappear lacked something in them, though they surely had talent; I think: “to what extent, did this person put effort on making his work?”. Because of that, to reward all the people that tell me they love me, it's surely with music, more than with something such as visual. Actually, I am making it (**music**) until now, believing only in that. In order not to slack off in music, I make what seems extraordinary for me and I should say that is the return answer to all these fans. If there were 10 people, their tastes will be different, so I can't make music to suit the taste of each person, however, I think it's important being able to think inside myself "Yeah! I did a good work!!", every time I do a new work. I want all the fans that say that love HYDE, when boasting about to someone else, say "But, the music is good!".

Monday, 13 July 2009

Monday, Monday~~★


Inside the car on the road No.100331 Author: HYDE 2009-07-14 05:36:58

Leaving Hartford, I've been trembling in the car for 5 hours.
About two hours ago, it was estimated the arrival in Columbia? Is that so? (**Columbia has the same writing as Colombia**)

However, the car is stopped because of an incident congestion~~ ..
5 traffic lanes are stopped.

Or, how should I put it, to be connected to the Internet inside the car on the road!
How innovative...

Oh No.100334 投稿者: HYDE 2009-07-14 05:39:03

There are people here!

Let's chaaat

I am waiting~~~~

GOOD NIGHT No.100508 Author: HYDE 2009-07-14 13:10:58

I arrived, ate Chinese food and I painted my nails, it's 12 o'clock now.
If I was in Japan, I'd feel the day would keep on for a little while from now, but
I am already drowsy...
Because yesterday I fell asleep at 10 o'clock...

Yesterday, just like today, I am relieved to be in a country area
I wonder if I am not good at cities.

By the way, tomorrow's starting time, as much as the time of performance will be announced a few hours before, so...
Without thinking deeply about it, having fun is a victory.

I'll sleep because I am drowsy.



I am beginning to be worried about my luck level now. HYDE joined the chat. Even though he talked to many overseas' fans and I was around here, I missed it~~~~~~ T-T
But I am happy because they could talk to him. Good lives for you, HYDE san~~~~

★私も眠~いです。 ハイドさんの夢をみるかなあ。。。

Thursday, 9 July 2009

New York, New York~☆


My love is online~

Good Morning No.98706 Author: HYDE 2009-07-09 21:51:20

It seems it leaked out already*

Here is New York.

Yesterday, I went to the Central Park to do sunbathing
I am strongly willing I won't have jet lag.

It was really hot.

But I think the mornings are cold~

I think the air-conditioner is not turned on~

Though I slept well, I am still pretty drowsy...


Is that jet lag...!!?

zepp No.98734 Author: HYDE
2009-07-09 21:59:41

Thank you for the zepp tour

It's completely finished now

It was much fun and it became a tour that I had lots of achievements

Thank you

I am very grateful to all of you.

Thanks to you, I have self-confidence to be able to play in America!

As for today No.98820 Author: HYDE 2009-07-09 22:12:06

Because of the interview to MTV, the equipments were checked previously and I'll enter the studio to practice

I am concerned how it's gonna be, since we'll use rental equipments from here
Because the amplifiers from this area make a good sound,

However, it should go in a good direction...

Well, then, I think I'll even take a walk~

When I am walking in New York, what is always flowing on my mind is "Englishman in New York"**... Though I am Japanese..

Well then, well then

I'll let the cage lighten up for a while~

Ahh.. No.98828 Author: HYDE
2009-07-09 22:13:21

I ended up pressing it two times...


I wonder how many hours later will it disappear~(laugh)


* someone mentioned in the BBS that Ju-ken posted in his blog about his arriving in NY

** A song by Sting (^_^)

Good Morning No.99727 Author: HYDE 2009-07-11 01:35:10

I rehearsed and went eating. When I came back, I ended up sleeping...

When I was in the Italian (**restaurant**), I had my favorite oyster.
It was not kumamoto, but, instead, it turned into kumomoto...
An Italian writing??

The equipments feel good and it seems they'll make it tomorrow.

Today, from now on, we'll do the last check.

See you later~

I'll turn off the cage.

But it seems he is playing with us letting the light still on. Somehow, he feels so close, ne. Yasashii haido~*


Good Morning No.100128 Author: HYDE 2009-07-11 23:21:27

I was as if fastened to the PC


At last, today is the first day of the U.S Tour.

I'll risk trying all sorts of preparations...

.. As usual, there's some jet-lag left, so I am just a little drowsy...

When I passed in front of the venue yesterday, there were already lots of fans there waiting for us.
Though the night should be rather cold...
I am happy!

I firmly accepted my mission.

Then, there I go! (** Ittekimasu**)





I am really excited now. I am truly looking forward to the live reports. Hope they're easy to find, ne. Much SEX BLOOD ROCK N' ROLL~~~~~~


Wednesday, 8 July 2009




NicoNico Douga

In a blink of an eye, it's already late at night (2:50)!!!!! I watched the whole video~~~~~~ Kakkoii!!! So much fun. Now I have to sleep and I hope to dream with my darling. Oh, my thoughts are getting strange... I'll go to bed now.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

又 V型インフルエンザ!!



Well, there are lots of things I want to write about, but time seems to slip through my hands (laughs) I want a day with 48 hours!!!

Well, last week I did something I've wanted to do since a long time. And I was truly influenced by my darling. Yes, though I am not easily influenced, I could not help but doing it. What have I done? Well, I'll explain in parts:

It began when I read all this:

Zepp Sapporo. 06/22. 5th day

MC 1

H:" Yeah, Sapporo"
H:"Outside is cold, but let's make it hot inside here!!"

MC 2

H:"When the live is over, I'll take a shower, ne"
Audience:(Will you get naked?)
H:"Yes. I'll take off all my clothes and I will be, so to speak, in nude"
Audience: (underpant, too?)
H:"Of course. I'll take off my underpant, too"
H:"And, I'll wash my hair and use the rinse, right?"
H:"The rinse stays, more or less, at this position" (approximately, at the height of his face)"
H: "It's a high position for the rinse, ne".
H:"So, when it goes out, pyuu~!! (he gestures that it spills on his chest)"

H:"Oh, it dirtied me all!(laughs)"
H:"And I think:'Ah, so I that's how it must feel' (**for the girls**). ..."

H: "This is a talk from Sendai, but here, in Sapporo, the body soap stays at this position , approximately (indicating the height of his belly)"
H:"So, it jumps up from below. Pyu~(laughs) . Until here (pointing his belly). Lately, I can't stop the blow of it... (laughing to himself)"

H:"And, there are two bathrooms, however, they always let me be the first to enter. Then, when I get out, I say: ' I'm out!'. And, after about 3 seconds, those 3 say, at the same time (pointing to Ju-ken, JIN san and Ari): 'I'll go first~'"

H: "Though I am saying that, everybody is very thoughtful to each other"
H: "'JIN san, please, go first'; ' No, you can go, because I was the first to have bath yesterday'"
H:"There have been these compromises since the last tour"
H:"I think today will also be this way"

H:Well, then, "SECRET IN MY HEART"

MC 3

H:"Piercing has come to fashion among the members,lately"
H:"Ju-ken pierced K.A.Z (K.A.Z begins to touch the area of his navel through his shirt)
Audience:(Kyaa---!! Stop it!! I don't wanna hear it!!!)
Audience:( I wanna see it!!)
H:"So, yesterday, we went to Don Quijote" (**It's a discount store**)
H:"When you go there during the midnight, you can see everybody sat there on the street way".
H:"In Don Quijote, the piercers stay by the side of the cash register. Do you know that?"
H:"So, we bought two of them"
H:"I thought of deciding who was going to be pierced or not by a batsu game (**the loser suffers a punishment**). When we were drinking, the person who succumbed should be pierced, but nobody wanted to join my idea..."

H:"It hurts in the cartilage, ne. So, everybody will pierce the nipples"
Audience:(Screams of disapproval, disagreement.)
H:"Hey, look..."
H:"There is only a fine line between pain and pleasure"
H:"Such is said by JIN san)" (JIN san gives a bitter smile)
H:"Won't you comeeeeeeeee"


In the Encore, after "LOVE ADDICT", before "GLAMOROUS SKY", HYDE entered the main stage holding, as if it was something valuable, one pink rose. He put it among the other roses in the microphone stand and, then, joined his hands together as in a prayer!!!


It was a wonderful MC!!!!! He talked again about the Pyuu event and piercing. I was really excited when I read all this. The pink rose event really caught my attention. Was it a Baby Romantica? But the live report said it was pink, ne. Baby Romanticas are kinda yellow... Oh~Truly cute. And to whom he was praying?

Then, I saw the live report of the next day:

Sapporo 06/23 6th Day

MC 1

H:"You're all too cute"
H:"Today is the last. Won't you come??"
H:"Because I won't come here in a while"
H:"I'm coming~~~~~~!!!"

MC 2

H: "Is there a virgin lady here? (laughs)"
H:"I was totally pierced yesterday..." (** Watch out your words, HAIDO san. I am a declared FUJOSHI!!!**)
Audience: (Hn?)
H:"Nowadays, piercing has come to fashion among the members"
H:"Do you know that?"
H:"You heard on the radio?"
Audience:(You said it yesterday~~~~)

H:"No, there must be people who didn't hear it"
H:" I think I also talked about it on the radio, but I don't know until where it was broadcasted"
H:"You even remember what I talked yesterday"
H:"You're not fools to that extent!!"
H:"The piercers were placed by the side of the cash register, in Don Quijote, right?"
Audience:(You went there~~~)
H:"And, then, everybody was sleeping on the street way over there"
Audience:(It's the first time we hear that~~~~)
H:"Because there are people who didn't come yesterday "
(**he is retelling the story**)"

Audience:(You are so gentle~~~)

H:"So, I was pierced yesterday. By the beast (** Yajuu = Ju-ken**)

H:"Around here? Around here? While he is saying that, I know he's planning to pierce me abruptly".

(Ju-ken gives a bitter smile)

H:"Because of that, I was pierced by surprise, but I was, of course, like this"

(he spreads a little his hands, open his eyes and takes aback, hardened)

H:"Generally, I think I have a composed expression, but, at that moment, I had a taken aback expression!!"

H:"K.A.Z kun was also pierced"
H:"By Arimatsu san"
H:"But, though we do it like a ritual or something, we were, generally, pierced by surprise (laughs)"
H:"When Arimatsu does it, he says 'It won't hurt'"
H:"It would be better if I was also pierced by Arimatsu san" (Ju-ken makes a face as if saying "What?!")

Audience: (Where did you pierce?)

H:"K.A.Z kun increased one more piercing in the ear".
H:"As for me, though I had one piercing in each ear, I pierced them once again, a little higher"
H:"I am planning lining up two red earrings. It will look like a bite"
H:"Yes, because I am VAMPS (broadly smiling)"

H:"Well, then, DEEP RED"

MC 3

H:"Won't you come, Sapporo!!!!"
H:"You are all good at talking and no acting. Won't you come up with anything seriously?"
H:"Try to dance like Ju-ken!!!"
H:"As for me, ne, I hate saving regrets"
H:"Leave your regrets behind-------!!!" (**Kui wo nokosuna!!**)
H:"Won't you comeeeeee!!!???"


H:"Let's love each other a little more"
H:"The position of these roses (the microphone stand's roses) is a little bit strange..."
Audience:(They're cute~~~~)
H:"I know it! (laughs)" (**Kyaa~~~~ Make me one of them!!**)
H:"Sapporo I won't come here for a while now"
H:"But if you all call me, I'll come..."
Audience:(We'll be lonely~~~~)
H:" Lonely,ne"
H:"I like Hokkaidou. I almost want to live here"
Audience:(Live here~~~~)

H:"There's a big river here, right? It's really beautiful".
Audience:(You can swim~~~~)
H:"It's possible to fish there, isn't it?"
H:"KAZ kun said he wants to fish in there"
H:"Fish Yamane??? Is it?"
H:"Ahhh, Yamame, ne. He said you can only fish Yamame in a clean river"
H:"As for the next song, I wonder if all of you can sing it?


At the end,

H:"See you next time~~~!!! Wash you neck and wait for me!!!!"


So, HYDE also pierced his ears, I thought. He has now two piercings in each ear, ne. I didn't know he had his ears pierced before. I knew about the navel and nipples's piercings. By the way, it's been a while he doesn't show them. It's good to see them, ocassionally? Actually, I'd prefer seeing them EVERYDAY (*o*)| (Shameless!)

Well, an idea began to play on my mind. However, it took real form when I SAW a certain photo.



Manager's Diary 2009.06.22 (mon) at ZEPP SAPPORO

Arrival at the Piercing BOOM! Sapporo, 5th Day

Yesterday, the "VAMPS radio" had a live broadcast open to the public, inside the VAMPARK!

During the interval, a petty oekaki? (**drawing**) While there's time,

he's scratching and scratching, together with his pal that has been with him since the day before♪

And, then, from this day on, the arrival of a Piercing Boom that came abruptly!

Firstly, KAZ pierced two holes.

The impression of KAZ, that was pierced quite a long time ago,seemed to be "It's an unpleasent pain".
Furthermore, this person, too!

After today's live performance, he was collapsing by the opening up of the piercing♪
Which means, as a matter of course, this person also collapsed!!

He disinfectes it perfectly (laughs)
After the application, it goes this way↓

Since the moment he was being pierced was captured precisely in movies and so on, eventually, it's possible it will become public somewhere (laughs)
All of a sudden, though they discussed about it after the live, it was prepared today a special stage, continuing what was done in Sapporo's 2nd Day's live!!!

The situation of having the audience at their gaze, as far as the eye could see, in all directions, surely must feel refreshing♪

Ah~, piercing... After a while, I am also wondering if I'd try it~~~~~...

Manager FA


HYDE's photo made me totally into it!!!!! I thought why not giving it a try. Yeah. Suddenly, I was extremely excited by the idea.

I had my both ears pierced when I was very little, still a baby. It's acommon custom here. It's rare to see a girl who does not have the ears pierced.
So, I could not figure out the precise extention of the pain(laugh)

When I arrived at the drugstore (ear piercings can be done in the drugstores here). I asked about it to the pharmacist and he showed me the earrings (They're also placed by the side of the cash register!) and I chose the red ones, because I wanted to follow VAMPS (blindly influenced). However, I may say the real reason must be because my hair is dyed in red, so the colors would match better.

The pharmacist brought me to another room and asked me to sit. The very first thing I asked was if I had to take any analgesic for the pain. I am such a coward, I thought (laughs). And the mister was like "Oh, no. There is no need". Oh~~~~

Then I said what I wanted: 2 piercings in the left ear, aligned.

And then he disinfected the area and everything. The liquid was so cold~~~~

"Does it hurt?"
"No, not at all!"

I tried to be brave. Then, he placed the piercer on my ear and I closed my eyes tightly...

"Oh~~ Iyaaa"

It's not pain, exactly. The area became extremely hot. It's kinda unpleasant, but not painful at all.

Then the second.

My eyes were closed long before he rearranged the piercer again on my ear. I think he was having some kind of pleasure with the whole situation!!! (Suspicious~)

The second piercing was done and he said I could see how it was in the mirror. And I was glad with the result!!! It was done Saturday (06/27). It used to hurt a little in the place, but now it's OK. So, pleasure and pain have a thin line between them, indeed (^o^)

The pharmacist said it's also beautiful having 5 aligned. I said those were enough for now. Maybe a navel piercing next time... Who knows?

Saturday, 4 July 2009

"Can’t wait to see you! Wait for a little bit more; I will bite your neck!"


From here

Be ready to get bitten! Because VAMPS is coming to the U.S.

Popular Japanese rock band VAMPS has planned a 10-city tour in the United States, beginning with New York on July 11, 2009, and ending with Los Angeles on August 1.

The 2-member band, which consists vocalist/guitarist HYDE (L’Arc~en~Ciel), and guitarist K.A.Z (Oblivion Dust), was officially formed in 2008. But the two have been working together on HYDE’s solo work since 2003. Their first tour “VAMPS LIVE 2008″ was played in various Zepp live houses throughout Japan – a total of 46 sold-out shows over a span of three months.

Not only are they touring the U.S. in 2009, their first self-titled album, which was released on June 10th in Japan, was also simultaneously released in the United States via iTunes.

But this is not their first time performing in America. Back in July 2006, K.A.Z has accompanied HYDE in his solo tour “FAITH” as his guitarist, performing four sold-out shows in California.

In addition to the planned tour, VAMPS will also be stopping by Otakon the day after their performance on Thursday, July 16th at Baltimore’s SONAR. They’ll be answering fans’ questions and signing autographs at Otakon, a convention of the “otaku generation”, dedicated to everything anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture! Otakon is one of the largest convention of its kind in the United States.

J!-ENT’s Wynne Ip was recently given the opportunity to interview VAMPS prior to their arrival in the U.S.



J!-ENT: Your fans in the United States are probably familiar with your music. But to those who are new to VAMPS, how would you describe your musical style?


K.A.Z: We both went through the golden age of Rock n’ Roll in the 80s and 90s, so we have absorbed various tastes. I think we created my own mixture by going though that era.

J!-ENT: Many of us are aware that the two of you collaborated on HYDE’s solo work and HYDE’s 3rd solo album “FAITH” in 2006. How did the idea to officially form a band come about? Who suggested it first, and how long did it take for you to decide? And why did you decide to form a 2-member band?

HYDE: Since HYDE’s second album, I have worked together with K.A.Z. When working together, I was thinking it would be fun to work with him, but let’s see how it goes… but his existence became so important to me that I decided to share one name with him, rather than using my own name.

K.A.Z: At first, I was a bit anxious while being excited about the idea. I was wondering what other people would think when my songs are created with HYDE as VAMPS’ songs. But I didn’t need to worry—It has been just fun.

J!-ENT: Who came up with the name “VAMPS” and why did you decide to go with this name?

HYDE: It’s from vampire. I love vampires. I like mysterious women, too [laugh]. I like horror.

J!-ENT: On June 10, 2009, VAMPS has released its self-titled debut album. What can we find in “VAMPS” that we cannot find from your previously collaborated album “FAITH”?

HYDE: We have more fun with sounds, say, sound effects. We created music especially for cool lives, so we have a lineup of good live songs.

K.A.Z: The fun part of this album is that it’s VAMPS’ first one [laugh].

HYDE: I think I am making the music that I used to dream of making in my teens. When I started the band, I liked hard-core bands with some horror taste. I feel like I am expressing the stuff I felt back then—maybe not really hard core.

J!-ENT: Can you highlight some of your favorite tracks on this album for us?


K.A.Z: I love them all! If I have to choose one, maybe “COSMOS.”

J!-ENT: Are there any interesting stories you can reveal to us during the production of this album?

HYDE: K.A.Z. likes spicy foods very much, but he is not good at handling them, so it was funny to see him screaming while eating.

J!-ENT: What was the inspiration behind covering songs such as “Life On Mars?”, “TROUBLE” on your recent singles, as well as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”?

HYDE: God.

J!-ENT: Now that you are returning in July for “VAMPS Live 2009 U.S.A. Tour”, what made you want to come back to play in front of your U.S. fans again?

HYDE: Four lives in America were fabulous. That’s why we could come this time again.

J!-ENT: You are stopping at ten different American cities from coast to coast with venues of different capacities. When did you first start planning for this tour? How did you decide to tour these specific cities?

HYDE: Since the 2006 tour, we have anticipated this kind of tour.

K.A.Z: There are many places I’ve never been, so I look forward to visiting every city.

J!-ENT: In your mind, what would be a successful “VAMPS Live 2009 U.S.A. Tour”?

HYDE: I’m excited to visit cities for the first time and try new things. First of all, I look forward to lives in front of the American audience.

K.A.Z: I can feel how much American audiences enjoy the live. Their cheering voices are so loud! We get excited by that.

J!-ENT: We had asked some of your fans to send us some questions and comments for VAMPS. Mariko from San Francisco wanted to know if HYDE’s part as Kei in “Moon Child” has anything to do with the name “VAMPS”. She wanted to know if HYDE and K.A.Z believe whether real vampires exist.

HYDE: I love vampires and an intrigued by their never-ending lives.

J!-ENT: Jess from Ottawa, Canada, wanted to know what you think, if any, are the advantages and disadvantages for Asian artists to break into the North American market. What are your biggest challenges so far in this regard?

HYDE: I see more Japanese-American musicians, so I guess the music scene has been changing, but we don’t get the same treatment as American artists yet. There is no point of doing the same things that American bands are doing. I believe our band will be appreciated — judging from my own sensibility. Without living in America or lots of passion, it’s difficult for Japanese to obtain English skills. I might want to live there…

K.A.Z: Of course the language is important, but I don’t think you can’t make music without learning the local language. Because it’s music that counts.

J!-ENT: Last but not least, please say a few words to those who are coming to watch your shows in the U.S.

HYDE: Can’t wait to see you! Wait for a little bit more; I will bite your neck!

K.A.Z: Let’s have a fun party!

Kyaa~~~~ Oh, mysterious women!!! JUST BITE ME!!!! It's only one week for the lives, ne. It's terribly exciting.


「いつの日かきっと 叶うと良いな 笑顔のままの君で居られるように」~♪


"L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE IN PARIS" Broadcast Confirmed on NHK WORLD Premium Channel!
"L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE IN PARIS" Broadcast Confirmed on NHK WORLD Premium Channel!
The special program "L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE IN PARIS" broadcasted by NHK on May 29, 2009
will be broadcasted in overseas by "NHK World Premium Channel"!

Date: 2009.07.08 (wed) 24:10 - 24:53 Japan Time

*The date and time differs by country.
Check the following website to see how to watch the program and check TV lineup.
*"NHK World Premium Channel" is TV service for overseas by NHK.
Able to watch on cable TV, satellite TV and at hotels in 100 countries.

*Not able to watch in Japan

Clich here for more information.

I am very happy~~~~


Friday, 3 July 2009

" Summertime will be a love-in there"


Heading to USA! (laughs)

I love all these songs so much. They remind me my early childhood. I wasn't born by that time, though, I feel terribly nostalgic over that time. Specially 60's and 70's.

I remember my parents used to listen to this kind of music a lot, so I began to like it. The same for Beatles (^__^) and many others. Now, I listen to these songs much more than them!! When I have children, will they like Laruku, VAMPS and Japanese music? They'll be my heritage.

This video is soooo funny!

"If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there"




Some videos. I am truly crazy about the niconico video. I was not at home by the time, so I could not watch it. Hope anyone can upload it at youtube.

Hyde dried K.A.Z's sweat with his sleeve!!!! Oh, kawaii. He also wrote a comment saying he was going to watch the Evangelion movie. And when he was asked what he'd like to be if he reincarnated, he said he would like to try not being Japanese. Kyaaaa, I want to reborn next to my darling next time!!! <--- (If you believed in reincarnation, ne, Vi!!) Well, from VamproseChannel !!

I want to go to USA~~~~~~

Old videos:


Hitting his head on the microphone is so kawaii ^^

That LADY GAGA's outfit is truly awesome, ne. Sugee~


In the Girls's High School, in Sendai. It's a radio show. There's a girl who confesses her love to HYDE~So cute. HYDE and K.A.Z give advices to the girls about their future. Very nice. I've just found it.

1st part:

2nd part:

3rd part


And this one deserves to be here again. I was just watching it and I got terribly excited (^__^) It's all crazy!!! So good~~~~




Thanks to the VAMPS Mixi Community (^_^)

VAMPS LIVE 2009. Zepp Tokyo- 07/02- 5th Day

MC 1

H:"Have you waited with your neck washed?~"
H:"Can't I come? Tokyo~!! Can't I~!!"

MC 2

H:"Aren't you feeling good today?"
H:"Be a fool! Just a fool!"
H:"Nowadays, I am doing the tattoo everyday, after the live,ne~
That hurts.... It hurts almost amazingly..."
H:"There's pain, but... there's also a wise saying about it, doesn't it?"
Audience: "a saying?"
H:"Yes, a wise saying"
H:"But there's this famous phrase that says 'the extreme pleasure is pain'"
H:"I keep saying for myself, with all my might, 'Ah, now it'll feel good', but... sometimes, I seem to succumb (laughs)"

Audience:(Haido M!!!!) (Do M!!!!!!) (*** They're calling HYDE a masochist***)

H: "(laughing) Though I try to convert it this way... It surely hurts! (laughs)"

Audience: (Don't cry~!)

H:"I won't cry"
H:"I wish I can make it complete until the tour is over"
H: "Will you all heal me? Make it gently, ne" (** Kyaaa~I'll surely heal you gently, dear!!!!**)
H:"Ah, later!"
H: "Today, there are cameras, but they will only show the energetic people! People who want to appear are energetic. Let's come a lot!"

MC 3

H:"Well, your time has come!! Do you get it?"
H:"I'll show you a cool place!"
H: "Won't you come! VAMPADDICT!"
H:"People who don't have self-confidence, stay back, now!"
H:"Let's be fools together~!!" Let's be fools!!"
H:"Let's hunt together! Let's hunting!"

MC before the Encore

H:"Let's get wild!"

(people are totally excited W)

H:"... You're just fools! (laughs)"
H:"I'll treat you kindly! So, let's go mad!!!"


It seems that during DEEP RED, HYDE was over erotic (*o*)
The live report says that while he's singing it, he traces with his finger the microphone in an over sexy way.He caresses the tip of it, gently. Then, during the second part of the song, he penetrates with his finger one of the roses that decorates the microphone stand!!!! Pe... penetrates!? What the f &%$#!!

一所懸命 あの薔薇にナリタイんですよ★ 口先だけじゃないんですよ。


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

『Monthly VAMPS Vol.12』



I'm a little sad. My beloved まんぷす (Manpusu) finds its last issue this month. I was aware that it should last during 1 year only, but I believed it would go on because of its success and the lives and the album. Well, vol.12 is the last issue. It will cover the lives done in Fukuoka, Sendai and Sapporo;there will be an interview conducted by HYDE& K.A.Z and the latest photos!! It seems this month's a wonderful issue, so run and get it soon. I've already ordered mine.

Though this one is the last issue,

It's planned to be released around Fall, the real last issue, vol. 13, where there will be a compilation with articles from all the 12 manpusus. It comes with a Flash anime DVD by Mr. KIMSNAKE, those 2 T-shirts that HYDE and K.A.Z wore in "Manpusu vol.06", a poster with all the art of the cover of the 12 magazines. It will be sold by mail order. Price: 11,000円!

I am a little sad. I cry at the ends~ But I think now "we" will have the TIMES from VAMPADDICT, ne. So, maybe, we will keep with all the information and wonderful pictures. However, I do think Manpusu was an easy way to ALL the fans have a little contact with our beloved band. We just needed to order it through Internet, so it was quite accessible, ne. I don't know how it is going to be from now on. Hope all the parts have fun ^^

I am waiting my order to come fast. Come fast.