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Manager's Diary 2009.06.19 (Friday) at ZEPP SAPPORO

I'll do it "torn"! Sapporo's 3rd Day!!!

Because yesterday was day-off, like last year, they went to " a certain place"
I'll open to the public a little part of that!
It felt like this ♪

It was one day loaded with the lavender field, Rotenburo (**open-air bath**) and golf.
It sounds too much fun, doesn't it(laughs)

The golf's result was...

K.A.Z's overall victory~~♪

And, in today's backstage...

He is drawing with a magic marker in the Polaroid photos that he took yesterday♪
By the way, the dog that is hanging in the cell phone is a stuffed toy he got in the UFO catcher, yesterday.

Is it the nude socializing in the Rotenburo's fault? In the live's preparations, everybody is equally intimate friends.

Just before the performance, he goes without missing to limber up!

Immediately after today's live beginning, a shock wave ran through HYDE!
The shock was because of HYDE's lower OO!

He confessed this in the MC. Later, it was presented to everybody in the backstage, but he was disclosing it wide open (laughs)
Here was FA who, while was taking notice of it, for some reason, felt the Rock when he overlooked it, resolute to keep on "torn" (laughs)

★Manager FA

I felt really happy by this EXTRA. They went to an onsen! Kyaaaa~ Somehow, I can't help but thinking of the image I posted here some days ago (from my BL mangas). Are our thoughts bonded together by the line of love? (laughs) In one of the MCs, he even mentioned yukata! It seems K.A.Z and HYDE has a thing with girls in yukata. Could you help me dressing my yukata, HAIDO san? (*-*)

People stay completely naked in onsen, ne. I would feel extremely ashamed to go to one of them. But if it's with HYDE san... Oh, I want to go to an onsen with HYDE san, too ~ I want to see my love in yukata, too. Oh~~~~ Onsen and yukata and... CALM DOWN, LADY!!! 裸の付き合いなどをしたいんで~す. YEAH!

The Lavender's field is so beautiful, ne. HYDE also fits lavender. I want to see the photo he took with the lavender field in the background. Will it be inside this month's Manpusu? I hope so.

And going to the live with his trousers torn *there* is such an audacious attitude. For me it's possibly like going to an onsen... Oh, it really feels like Rock n' Roll.

Though Sapporo seems to be a cold place, it seems pretty hot for me.



It's raining right now here. But I am OK with my hot chocolate cup. Itadakima~su!

It seems that this month's "Monthly VAMPS" vol 12 will be released in 06.30. So, while I am waiting more exciting photos + interviews + reports, I'll point out some photos I really liked from Manpusu vol 11. Not all the photos, since there are other good ones, but these are really dear to me. To tell the truth, this issue made me really moved somehow. In the moment I opened it and saw the image below, I became incredibly happy and excited. It must be really fun to be a musician and do lives. I can feel the live spirit of VAMPS, somehow, alive in the photo below, so, I think I felt really happy for them ^^

I love this issue, really. And I am looking forward the next issue~*


Look, my nails are still in the VAMPS live mode. They're black in this photo ...

My dearest in action~*
K.A.Z san and his Flying V.

I got a little surprised when I saw K.A.Z interview's headline which said:"Fly me to the 'V'". "What!? Fly him to ME?", I thought. "Please, do come", I thought. <--- With much respect, of course. I am HYDE's, after all (^_^) Well, the headline is actually referring to his new main guitar which is a white Flying V. He said John 5, the guitarist from Marilyn Manson, uses the first Flying V model made by this firm and that his was made by the same time. This was the one used in the "VAMPS" recording, but in the lives he's using another Flying V model, slightly different, adjusted to the lives.

Rock n' Roll angle.

If I stretch my hand...

This photo reminds me that in one of the Sapporo's recent lives (The 3rd day live), HYDE torn up his trousers while stretching out before the beginning of the live. However, he decided not to change clothes but doing it that way, anyway (hahahaha. It's Rock n' Roll, baby!) He played about it with the audience . I wonder if anyone could see anything (*__*)
I want a live with that feeling here, too.


Gakura~~~~n!!! Isn't he cute wearing gakuran (*__*). Will I ever deserve the second button of your gakuran, Haido kun?

I can't read what it says :-(

Oh, it was really "¡Que linda!" .So it's Spanish, ne.I can tell because there is no such inverted exclamation mark (¡) in Portuguese.

I loved these photos ^^ I wonder if HYDE likes girls with tattoos. Do you, HYDE san? I don't have any, though I do like tattoos. I think I am reluctant about having a tattoo not because of the pain or anything; but because it is quite definitive, ne. I wonder if I could love that drawing on my skin forever... If I did a tattoo now, I would like to do some "sakura" (cherry blossoms)~* Since I am the Lady of Flowers and I do love flowers, I'd sure do some. (^_^)

I love this photo so much. If you look carefully, you can see lots of references to great rock musicians. Just like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Red Hot... and VAMPS, of course ^^ So cool.

Oh, my fingers intruding over again~



An android and a vampire. ^__^



Wonderful pic!

Oh,I love his back, specially when I can see the wings!

So cute. アタシにも見せてくれる??


Let's "Check it" Now!!

K.A.Z's Compilation

"Ari's new drums. It has a marble design and what can be seen in white is silver. It's extremely beautiful!"

"For some reason, Ju-ken is playing drums and Ari is tuning. They're half (Pig) brothers! (laughs)"

"JIN chan's pencil box. It has his name perfectly written".

"In the boarding house, the blue sky I saw when I was walking"

"The new guitar! It's the white V. It's not that the body is this small, that's just because I'm taking the photo from the above (laughs)"

"A sexy shot of the person who is playing the drum!"

"A poster of 'Genki hatsuratsu' (** A famous slogan of the drink Oronamin C**). The guy I used to see when I was little".


HYDE's Compilation:

"'Manpusu'(** Monthly VAMPS**) back cover, 1st part ~!"

"'Manpusu' back cover, 2nd part~!"

"Single's surface, the 3 ones together~!"

"Single's inside page, the 3 ones together~!"

"Acquiring a tattoo,
3rd day!"

"5th day!"


By the way, I wonder how is HYDE's tattoo now. Will I see my desire of roses on my dearest's skin fulfilled? Tanoshimi ni~ Oh, his collarbone is so sexy. I love that photo

Sunday, 21 June 2009



Oh, I had only a few minutes of pleasure. It seems HYDE was online from 19:00~20:15 (Japan time). And the web camera was on! It seems they were recording a radio show, so people could see VAMPS on stage or something. I could not see it because I was too late :-( And today there were no blood-stained messages. But I am happy to see the light on, though.

Since it's around 8:00 in the morning here, I have my cup of hot coffee next to me. However, the arousal made by the brilliant light in Hydeist was much hotter. I was so busy writing in the BBS and checking the web cam that my coffee got cold, though.

No messages. No camera. An evanescent light. And a cold coffee. ZANNEN! Oh~~~~~~


Tuesday, 16 June 2009


It's been so cold here recently. We had really cold days and I can see the Winter approaching with long steps. It terrifies me. I can't say I hate it, but I am truly trying not to succumb to its coldness. I am truly sensitive to winter. Nowadays, it seems I am lacking energy for almost everything. Even my movements are getting slower. I know that if compared to a European country, this coldness is a mere breeze! Oh~ I have to get rid of the Winter depression fast. So, what about hot chocolate?


First cup:

My first cup comes from my recent purchase. Some BL mangas. I am addicted by them. This time, I bought 2 by the same artist: Machiya Hatoko. I've known her since 2006. She's a wonderful artist. Her characters are truly humans and her stories have an interesting intimacy so nicely refined by the growth of the characters’ relationship. Sometimes, her stories remind me of the suave atmosphere of Shimizu Yuki's mangas. Machiya sensei is really in that high level!

The first story, which is also her first comic, is “Mata Ashita” (See you tomorrow). It's lovely. I like both main characters, Manaka kun and Kinoshita san, soooo much. Unfortunately, it's only formed by 3 stories. It'd be a long series. The last story is cute and has no dialogues, so I thought of posting it.

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 6
page 7
page 8

In the comic there are also some other little stories. They're all short but very good. One that I really like was a very short story that won me by one mere scene. It's called "Ai ha Furitsumoru" (Love falls thick like snow). It's really sweet.

Ai ha furitsumoru

The scene that I fell for is this one when their hands are seeking for each other's. Holding hands is so romantic, ne. ^^

Image 3

I am also reading another comic by her. It's called "Shachou to hisho, Ai no Shoumei" (The company president and the secretary, Proof of love). I know, the tittles may be quite funny. But this story is also good. I like the uke because he is very seme ^^ I always love ukes that aren't too passive. It's an office story. The two main characters are colleagues who become lovers. It's pretty good, but I still haven't read the entire comic. One strong point in Machiya sensei's mangas is the rabu rabu scenes (the love scenes). They're like poetry. Really. Well, it's difficult to explain, but she gives much emphasis to it, and she prepares the flow of it in a very peculiar way. They're intense and sooo sweet. Really beautiful, sometimes. It's like music, all coordinated. It's art,after all. It's highly recommended.

When I read the yahoo interview I translated in the previous post, I couldn't help thinking of this scene, since HYDE's way of treating us is also by "ame to muchi" (Candy and whip). Very funny. My imagination is running wild because of this phrase. Yabai~

Yoshizumi san: "Osanai, I love y..." (<--- in the middle of the practice of 1 'I love you' per day)

"Concentrate on work, please"

Yoshizumi san: "OK. OK"

Osanai:"When you finish this work, let's go to a hot spring or somewhere else in the weekend?"

Please, make it, quickly. Let's make love wearing yukatas(**chothes used in onsen, hot springs. hahahaha**)

Yoshizumi san: "Osanai's love is candy and whip..."


Oh, my chocolate is getting cold. Need another cup!