Sunday, 31 May 2009

『次の街へと向かう いつの間にか遠くまで』~♪


Though I could not watch this show today, I am extremely happy right now!!!!! So happy that all those fans sent requests to have VAMPS as guest in the show. Thank you, Gabyta, dear ^^ Unfortunately, I didn't know about this show, so I could not help with letters, nor photos or sweet words to them. But, yet, all of you guys made a good job. A big kiss in your hearts. (^O^). Arigatou.




And Hyde's special message gives us all hope for a future tour in other countries!!!!
He says:

"Like these fans, we are told from many places: 'come here, too, please'. This time, when the America tour was announced, people from other countries were in a~ big suspense, but I thought it was truly inexcusable (*from our part*). Being that the case, I think you are really waiting for us. So, I hope we'll be able to also go to you in a next chance ".

Note: "In a big suspense" = sugoku jirashi wo motteru . I think I translated it right this time. "Jirashi" is a tough word for me. I can't help thinking it means "teasing", so...


Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~He's soooo lovely while saying that. It's like he's flirting with us? Is it my happiness that is making me seeing things?He looks really sweet. He's the sweetest. We'll treat you nicely if you come here, VAMPS. Be sure to come. We love you ^^

Today, I had my seventh omen! No one can defeat me now. I have a shining patronus right now. YEAH.

Saturday, 30 May 2009



The King was online today. Like last time, he let the light on during VAMPS first live in Sendai. So great ^^ I missed this light on! happy. happy.

Arriving at Sendai No.96968 Author: HYDE 2009-05-30 16:45:43

Hakata was really fun
Thank you
Thanks to that, I got fat!
I am feeling a little relieved
Look forward because it'll get even more awesome!

Then, arriving at Sendai!

I won't kill the achievements we had in Hakata!

I may say that the set is getting awesome over again...
Particularly, the guest's seats...

I'll eat up Sendai~

Yesss~ No.97168 Author: HYDE 2009-05-30 21:24:53

It's over~

I felt impatient because today the guitar started not sounding~

But I had fun~

From now on, I will fully enjoy Sendai

I am looking forward to it.

Last year, I went to the sea~

I wonder where I am going to this year~

Well then, I am Gyuutan, best reguards


(**Gyuutan is a typical Sendai's dish. It's cow tongue. It's very popular. HYDE is playing this way because there used to be a key chain that when you pressed his belly he'd say 'I am Gyuutan' <---- Haido talked about this in the live of this day in Sendai. He said he likes to remember that. Kawaii~~~~)


Wednesday, 27 May 2009




Translated from What's In Monthly VAMPS website:


Being a secret until the very day, the "VAMPS LIVE 2009" 's CLUB CITTÀ Kawasaki- 5th day had speculations and much expectation flying about from everywhere. Before the opening, there were innumerous conversations, coming from the long queue, such as:"Isn't it OOOO?" "No, It's ●●●!" Listening to these voices, and realizing the prediction of the great majority, I got surprised by the strength of their insight. And so started the "VAMPIRES VS CYBORGS" ="VAMPS VS acid android" and, as a result of their deeply mutual appreciation, it gave birth to an overwhelming synergy, displaying an enthusiastic performance from both sides. If we assume that acid android is the blue flame, VAMPS is the deep red flame and the rock spirit within which one of them was burning out. And then, the headlight is in the last session "It's a fine day vs REVELATION"!Though it is a terrible impolite way of speaking, frankly, the people who missed it should regret! At least, I want you to feel some self-admonition by reading the report & story of 「Monthly VAMPS Vol.11」. In connection with this, among the gravure photos on this issue, the under wear wore by the foreigner female with HYDE and K.A.Z's designed tattoo is a precious gem of Mr. GOGH IMAIZUMI who has been in charge of the illustrations of the Back Cover Complex since last issue. Since it's been on the market, buy it by all means, if you feel pleased.


The girl with tattoos all over the body is superb!!!!!!! I loved it so much. I am looking forward to see the photos. I’ve already ordered my issue. Hope it arrives fast.

You can see the under wear designed by Mr. Gogh Imaizumi here:

The under wear names are so interesting. And they’re lovely, too. Such a precious gem. The 2005’s “QUE LINDA” caught my eyes because “QUE LINDA” is Portuguese (and Spanish) for “How beautiful”. And now, looking carefully… The girl on Manpusu is wearing this very one!!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa. It’s my next omen!!!!!

Also, the EXCLUSIVE “HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH” made me all excited because I love this movie!!!! And it’s not very known. Chosugee~

Also, by searching for GOGH IMAIZUMI, I think I definitely met my fifth good omen for this decisive week!!!! I found some very interesting Art sites. And interesting artists, too. I am so sorry that I am in a hurry right now and I can’t look carefully all the works and links. But I could see some works with references of Shunga (I love Shunga *___*)<---- That’s my good omen! And they are pretty interesting. Vanilla Gallery

The first work of this link is obviously based on a painting by Waterhouse. It’s Ophelia! It’s veeery good. When I get some spare time, I think I’ll do some photo shootings as painting studies having Ophelia in mind. It’s an old idea… Ophelia as a man… But would a man die for love by being drowned on a lake. Death by drowning is very female like, ne~ I have to think over it better…

Thank you HYDE san for always being so inspiring, even indirectly ^^

Oh, my forth omen of the week happened some hours after I wrote the post below. It was late at night and I went to sleep because I was sooo tired and… the King visited my very dreams ^____^ It was so cute. He talked to me very friendly. I talked to him in Japanese but his responses were all in English! And fluent English. Perapera. His voice was so close and clear. He inclined close to me to hear what I was saying ^^ I asked him about some thoughts I had by reading VAMPS recent news and he answered me so nicely. We were sat on the same sofa side by side *__* He was as VAMPS and K.A.Z was around, I could tell, and it seems to me they were touring overseas ^^ Is it an omen for a future live in South America? I hope so. My whole week is sweeter by this unique sweet dream.

Recalling my week’s good omens:

1- 666 from Japan

2- Ibara

3- Erotic facial expression

4- Sweet Dream





Sunday, 24 May 2009

Expecto Patronum

Since I don't believe in coincidences, seeing this right when I go check the news was surely a good omen for good things to come...

666 from Japan ^__^ Hyde san visited my blog? Well, let's keep the hope.


We can see something of HYDE's Ibara in the Manager's Diary of 2009.05.19!!!! Hope it will also have roses in his tattoo's design ^^ It's getting cool, Haido~

"Today, HYDE performed a petty design on JIN san's head.

He's doing something with this serious face...
The other members, and the cameramen were watching attentively. A few minutes later...

The completed job is here!!!

It's the Apple mark (laughs)"

It's really the Apple mark. It's really cute. And quite accurate!

By the way, Lady Oscar seems to be trying to keep in contact with me nowadays (laughs). It seems she's everywhere I look. And she does remind me that I would love to see HYDE dressed as Lady Oscar in a future Halloween Live !!!! It would be great!!!!!


「薔薇は薔薇は 気高く咲いて
薔薇は薔薇は 美しく散る」~♪


Manager's Diary 2009.05.20


Arrival at the venue= meal
So, the very first thing they do in the backstage is supplying their energy .

Last night, they ate 'mentaiko", so they won't eat it today.
Today, in addition to the meal, they also ate something like this♪

The trick seems to be licking but not putting so much the tongue out (laughs)
Slick, what an erotic face ..."

This reminds me of the mobile message of 05/21:

"Though we'll not do, come"

And the sweetly indecent message of 05/19:

『福岡LIVE1本目!!姿体 下井 死体 支隊 慕い 舌慰』

"First piece of Fukuoka's LIVE!! Shitai shitai shitai shitai shitai shitai"

He writes "shitai" (I want to do) with different kanjis which mean:

1st- appearence + body
2nd- bottom + well (*the noun*)
3rd- dead body
4th- task force
5th- yearn for; love dearly; adore
6th- tongue + consolation; amusement; seduce

Raise your hand if you feel seduced by his tongue! (*-*)/

With this feeling, I'll begin my week. Isn't it a good omen? And this week, I am really in need of such omens.

Oh, I've daringly posted restricted HYDEIST contents here~~~~~
And what if I am prosecuted? \(^O^)/ My defence must be mental incapacity caused by HYDE's erotic licking face!!!! Then, I think I'll be the one to prosecute him ^^ If so, what would be the punishment~

Take care with these photos, girls. It's for personal use only!!!! <---- Should I ask for more precaution, then? . . .

Thursday, 21 May 2009



At last, we all can speak freely about VAMPS OFFICIAL WEBSITE: VAMPADDICT!!!!!

Hydeist members have known about the Fan Club since 4/10, but it was supposed to be a secret, so we were not supposed to post about it anywhere. Gomen.

The site will open starting from the suggestive 6/9!!! What should we expect?

All the HYDEIST member receives the free access to the new Fan Club. So, who is already HYDEIST does not need to be concerned about membership applications. That's a special treat for all HYDEIST members. Both sites, though connected, will have their own contents. Hydeist will stay pretty much the same with its special contents and updates.
The login and password to enter the VAMPADDICT site is the same as that you already have to enter HYDEIST, but the initial letters from the member ID will change from "HNC-" to "VNC", so pay attention when you try to login VAMPADDICT from 6/9 ^^ . I liked this "VNC"!

VAMPADDICT members will also have 「VAMPS Times」. There will be 4 issues in a year.

I think those are the most relevant information.

My wish is that it will be an international site, so that everybody can join!!!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


It begins ~ No.96129 Author: HYDE 2009-05-19 13:26:20

I'm kind of feeling it starts from today
Looking those people waiting to enter
Made me think of waiting here~
When I enter the venue, I'll feel how I missed
the people that attended last year that will be there
and I’ll wonder if the trip started~

The set is perfect,
because it is also the start of our public performances in Zepp

Something alike Disneyland...
How far will it go?
When I get to do more than this, it will almost become like a collection of items that don't match


Will the next time have a different vector~? (*direction*)

Oh, well No.96141 Author: HYDE 2009-05-19 13:34:52

Don't worry, since my physical condition is quite satisfactory

Fukuoka Day 1 No.96645 Author: HYDE 2009-05-19 22:37:02

I am eating with everybody, now!
Today was too great~
Thank you
I wonder if this sake will end up making any advance~
Because there's another (*live*) tomorrow , I'll drink moderately.
I am enjoying this~

"When I get to do more than this, it will almost become like a collection of items that don't match"- I think he's saying that each day of live will be completely different from the other, so we should always expect something different in each live.

The second message was a response to the people saying that he must take care of his healthy and do not succumb to the influenza.

I was at HYDEIST yesterday by that time and didn't see the light on!!! Oh~ But I did listen to the wonderful new album!!!!! How great!!!!!!! It's so good that I am listen to it in full rotation. It sounds like live performance, even though being a studio recording... Awesome!

Good work, honey ^^ Have a nice live today, too (^o^)


Sunday, 17 May 2009



many thanks to Kaname Harisen's site for all the info!!!! (^__^) . I almost collapsed for the second time at her site !

This What's In issue is superb!!!! The photos are awesome. I am totally impressed by the quality of these photos.
I read in What's In website that HYDE composed the art with the skull !!!!

HYDE san is really a terrific artist, ne. It's a very nice composition! This representation of EVANESCENT is quite interesting. Cherry blossoms also have a fleeting existence, so they fit the word evanescent pretty well. Evanescent is something that is dying in some way, so we have the skull to straightly enforce the death image. However, cherries may also have a sexual connotation. The sexual climax is also something evanescent (!), since it’s, theoretically, some seconds of pleasure that vanishes little by little. And dying may also connotes getting to the sexual climax. Then, we have a Hagebara!!!!!

It’s quite late here. I’ll complete this later.





I am not someone influenciable. But I followed VAMPS' fashion.
I painted my nails last Saturday because of the beginning of VAMPS lives. I was so excited. Though, it's been a time I'd like to try to paint one nail each color, Ju-ken made me more into it:

The image is from here: Ju-ken The Blog!

I heard that in the COUPLES ONLY live HYDE had black nails *__* I think I'll change my nails colors right now... V, you are supposed not to be easily influenced!! hahahaha

Also, my cell phone's wallpaper is often BL mangas or HYDE!!!! The message displayed used to be L' Arc~en~Ciel since my very first cell phone, but I've changed for VAMPS for now ^^ Is it all influence?

"Kumachan stares Hychan..."

"Oh, no. Kumachan is trying to kiss Haido chan!"

"Kumachan seems to like Hyde's Sally cosplay"


These last photos reminded me of Junjou Romantica!!! Usagi sensei's Suzuki san ^^
If Hyde san was a Junjou character which one who'd he be? Which pairing? Romantica, Terrorist or Egoist? kyaaa~

Saturday, 16 May 2009

さらけ出す愛を繋ごう 抱きしめ合い確かめ合い


NHK総合 2009年5月29日(金) 25:10~25:53 予定
「L'Arc~en~Ciel LIVE IN PARIS」


『L'Arc~en~Ciel Museum』開催決定! (2009.5.1)

L'Arc~en~Ciel初のドキュメンタリーDVD『DOCUMENTARY FILMS ~Trans ASIA via PARIS~』
「TOUR 2008 L'7~Trans ASIA via PARIS~」パリ公演の模様を収録したLIVE DVD
パリ撮り下ろし写真集カジュアル仕様『a Paris』

in akasaka Sacas


There is a video in the LARCOM site. I cried watching it. Oh, I love L' Arc so much. I cried watching the Documentary and I feel that I'll cry watching the Pari live, too. It's already 11 years of L' Arc, ne. My very first song was Honey!!! I got knowledge of Laruku because I saw 1998 April's issue of Shoxx and I fell in love with HYDE. No kidding! キューン!

Well, when I had the opportunity, I searched on the net about Laruku and I knew properly this wonderful band. I used to let my friends listen to their songs to hear their comments. I used to fool my male friends showing HYDE's photos (mostly from Heavenly period) and asking them if "she was a beautiful girl". All of them replied "YES"!!! hahahaha That was so funny.

Honey, Kasou, Shinshoku... 11 years!!!! And I was awaken last year by an electric KISS!!!! Oh, T-T

Hope the NHK programme is broadcasted internationally 楽しみに★

恋する乙女、 ハイドさんに


Oh, there are so many things I want to talk about!!!!! Although my whole week was full loaded, of course, I kept following VAMPS’ tracks. The lives have been wonderful. All the costumes and themes, GAKURAN,IBARA, Yukki chan, REVELATION, THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, Lyrics and MCs!!!! I got crazy because of some of HYDE MCs. What was that MEN’S DAY???!!!! I was really looking forward it ever since I saw the Hydeist lives’ dates. If I were in Japan, I’d had to control myself of not trying to attend it disguised! That was the very first idea that crossed my mind in the very moment I read MEN ONLY. However, after, I saw the disclaimer saying that it was necessary to show the ID, so… Wonderful lives. Lots of dirty jokes and great performances.


I’ve just watched it. It’s hilarious. I laughed a lot by knowing Hyde’s obsession in SOBA!!!!! Sorry if there are mistakes. I’ll try my best to make a general synopsis of what happened.
The talk theme suggested by VAMPS was “SOBA” (a Japanease dish made of noodles. Everyone knows it, V!).
Well, HYDE said he loves SOBA and that it makes him completely excited and impatient. It’s the same feeling he has with slopes (He said before that he has a thing on slopes), said one of the hosts. “You stay impatient because of SOBA?”, asked the male host. Aoki san was trying to guess why “impatient”, and kinda of asked HYDE. So, he said that SOBA keeps the hold of his heart. Then the male guest said:”But it’s only food!”. Then HYDE replied:”Do you hate food?” <>The male host says that he likes food and asks HYDE if he likes SOBA like he likes women or if it’s different. Then HYDE say that of course it’s different. All the hosts are like “Ohh, it’s different”. Then the male hosts says:”So, don’t go saying you get impatient!”. So, Hyde begins to explain that, since some time ago, he has had SOBA for breakfast every morning. He always orders SOBA for the meal delivery service when he’s at work. He also says that there must not be lots of people that ask for SOBA so early in the morning, so it is delivered fast. He says that he has extra-sensory power to predict the time the SOBA arrives downstairs in the building. And that is another reason for him to feel good. Then the host says that he is happy for it coming fast. And HYDE says he becomes happy even though he’s very busy. So the host says that he eats it at once, before the work is done. Then he says he also has SOBA late at night, occasionally. The host says it’s a bad thing. “Such as on the way to bed , you have to make an order”, says the host. Then HAIDO is kinda of ashamed and says: “This is…”. They burst into laughter. A host says:”What you’re secretly…”. Then, HYDE grasps his breath to say: “It keeps the hold of my heart”. “So, that’s at home that you feel impatient (*in a hurry*)!”, says the host. Then HYDE changes the direction of the talk saying that he often asks the manager if it was already delivered but the manager says “no, not yet”. K.A.Z says: “you get anxious”. And HYDE agrees. He also explains that he’s anxious by the sound of the bell of the elevator. He says that he pays attention to who is coming and is like;”Oh, it’s the mail service!” or “Oh, I got it wrong. It’s not it”. “Then, because of that I push the button number 1 (*1st floor*)”.Laughs. “So the elevator returns to the first floor”, says the host. “Though it’s not a girl, you are totally into it”, says the host. Then, HYDE replies:” I am a young lady in love”. Then the host completes: “with SOBA” and HYDE agrees. Then the host asks K.A.Z, since he’s someone close, about HYDE’s obsession and K.A.Z says that, since HYDE eats SOBA everyday, he asks him what he’s going to fight against. “Maybe he can win, since he eats SOBA”, says K.A.Z. Then HYDE is asked what he likes to accompany SOBA and he says he generally likes to turn the menu into something original, so he may order a tempura with no shrink but vegetables to substitute it. Then one of the hosts asks if it won’t take time to order this original meal. Then HYDE says that everybody in the SOBA shop doesn’t know it’s him. “It’s a lie”, says one of the hosts. They even say “Good Morning”, says HYDE. Then HYDE says that he also likes wasabi a lot, but he thinks that SOBA is really the best. So, their combination is even better, says HYDE. He also says that he uses wasabi like when eating sashimi: he takes a portion of wasabi, then a portion of SOBA and eats. Every portion of SOBA, has a portion of wasabi. He also says that he almost eats 2 portions of the quantity that is often served! Aoki san says that he really likes it and he agrees. K.A.Z says that he does not put wasabi on the food when he eats. And HYDE says that he takes his part of wasabi.

The second video:

I’ll resume it a little more.

Hyde is asked if he goes to the shop to buy SOBA. Then he says that sometimes when he calls the shop and nobody answers the phone, he chooses to wait, since it’s still early in the morning, so he gets impatient. But, then he tells that he went to the shop, because it was by the time of New Year and the shops should be crowded, so he thought of taking a look but when he got there and began to choose, but he was said the shop was closing (*very resumed*)

Then they change topics to what HYDE would bring with him to a deserted island and he answers that he’d bring a SOBA nut, so that it’d grow. The second thing, other than that, would be a knife, since he saw its importance by the time he used to camp (when he was a student). Then he was asked why he does not camp anymore and he’s voice is distorted at the answer. There’s a break. Then he’s asked again and he says the reason he does not camp anymore is because it’s dirty. And everybody laughs. (*I don’t know if it’s another pun or not. Sorry*) Nishino san says something I can’t hear about camping. Then Aoki san asks what on earth happened to him getting to that point of not camping anymore. And HYDE replies, obscurely:”What should have happened?”. Then they ask what K.A.Z would bring to a deserted island and he says that he loves fishing, so he’d take a fishing rod that would help him living there. “I think he’s really cleaver when I hear that”, says HYDE. “Wiser than a SOBA’s nut”, says Aoki san. “If there’s no SOBA, it’s useless. You’re gonna die”, says another host.

Is HYDE that sukebe to play with food? Didn’t his mommy say not to play with food?

ハイドさんはそんなにやらしいなんですかなぁ? そばって入ったら、なんか汚いじゃないんですか? でも、 汚いなら、きれいにする事が出来るんですねー。 ハイドさんはそばすごく好きですから。 すべてを食べられるから。なくなるまで。。。 えー やばい!!! もしかして、 あたしよりもスケベなんですよ☆

Well, I am like K.A.Z san about wasabi. I don’t eat it, but I am like HYDE over ginger. I do love ginger when it comes to Japanese food’s spices. I eat more than a lot of the portion that is served and I even get the portion of my friends (I use to go to Japanese restaurant with my friends) because they don’t like ginger. But wasabi is so strong… Hyde san is a rare person of a rare taste ^^

At last but not least,

This performance really made me feel emotional. I could not help but singing along. It's powerful, ne. I want to go to the lives!!!!! I love the anger when he says:

夏へ向かって行くのは 何て眩しい"

Is this the performance that HYDE mentioned in Manpusu? I think so. It seemed so at the end. Ohhh~ I love you so much.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

ふっと思いやら VAMPS やら セクシイ服など


While I am trying to wait in patience NHK’s MUSIC JAPAN to start, I am searching live reports of the recent VAMPS lives. And what I’ve heard so far made me mesmerized!!!!
Hyde’s new hair style is described as beautiful by all the fans. It seems to be a long (?) curled reddish hair. Oh~~~~~ Long curled hair is enough to arouse me.
This excerpt is from this blog about the Genepro’s event:

On HYDE's hair style

"I opened my eyes and glared HAIDO chan's new hair style. It can’t be Carry chan!!! (Actually, though the hair’s second half's waves got sleeve and were dancing in the wind, I got extremely excited when he appeared). "It seems he's wearing a leather vest", said my partner that was by my side. “I think it really fits Heavy Metal”, I immediately thought. "We got Glam Rock !?", I thought having a few seconds of arousal. But, on the way, my partner corrected:"No, that's the Princess of Halloween!" (laughs)
But, still, he was totally cute. ( To the extend of I daring to write in red)
I was almost thinking, "Was this person this cute??????". His small face covered by the hair was absurdly cute. That was enough!!”

Hahahaha I can understand this girl. I’d go crazy if I ever see him as flamboyant as glam rock. However, pondering this desire, I came up with some thoughts.

In terms of appearance, Hyde san (and some other Japanese artists) may be even more flamboyant than Glam Rock’s artists ever were. Concerning his appearance, he’s always gorgeous on stage! And, of course, it’s unprecedented having a famous and terrific leading singer rock star daringly dressing up as a woman (in school uniforms, as a bride… or as Sally ^^) just out of fun. Isn’t that the transgressive Glam Rock’s spirit??? Maybe HYDE’s easy attitude is even more transgressive since it’s not intended to shock or contest. It’s as natural as part of his own art. And it’s this unconsciousness that makes me love these different aspects of Japanese Art even more. Maybe it’s the same feeling with BL mangas and mangas in general or fashion. Maybe that’s what makes this Japanese way of expression so unique and attractive for me. Well, of course, Japanese Art’s expressions have a formerly different understanding and appreciation toward dressing-up and costumes than we possibly could have here; maybe because of the traditional Noh? Well, what I know is that costumes use to loose our behavior’s restrictions, so that’s probably why they’re almost necessary in some performances. I think these lives are going to me crazy, anyway. Tanoshimi ni!!!!!!

This is a synopsis of the live report written here:


02. IT'S SAD


H: No no no (slowly and unwillingly)
I am kind of.... feeling shy (laughs)
No, no, no
Today, it’s a GENEPRO... Though, it's more of a Production. (The right word is GENERAL PROBE). But you guys here don't know it.
It's a Rehearsal, but when the audience participates, it surely ends up getting hot, ne.
K.A.Z kun is already hyped-up, hyped-up!
(K.A.Z broadly grinning)
We'll also perform tunes that we never performed in lives and it's possible there will also be clumsy parts, but enjoy it!



H: You’re not feeling hot at all?
Audience: We are feeling hot!
H: Kinda.... wet? (laughs)

He also talked about this event that only people who bought “I GOTTA KICK START NOW”’s first press and won a lottery could participate. So he guessed there were only Japanese people or people living in Japan. Then he began to call the cities names. However it seems the was a Russian, too. So he began to wonder how that happened since the application was through cell phone’s company docomo.


The illumination was red and pink making a lascivious atmosphere.

08- New song

Hyde’s vocal was overwhelming. The high-pitched tones were beautiful!

10- New Song
11- Life On Mars?


Hyde talks about the members. Ju-ken kept doing lives. ‘Jin-chan” has a Mohicans’s hair style. And, though it’s a long time the audience has no see of KA.Z, HYDE says they were together all the time (laughs)
Then, he introduces the new song:

“The next tune is easy, so remember it. Can you remember it?
Though I think there are many air headed people here, follow Ju-ken’s example”. (He makes a gesture as passing the task to Ju-ken)

"Hi! Ho! Let’s Hunt! Ne"
Audience: Hi! Ho! Let’s Hunt!
H: (As if surprised) "You’re smart, han!"


The lyrics are really only those words, but it’s really enjoyable!
More than being just a tune, it feels like connecting to the other tune, HELLO.





H:"Before going to MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION, the tune I made to knockdown MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION.
Act violently as if leaving all your regrets behind, without hitting each other".


It's easily to get into it. It's surely a rock n' roll's tune.
It raised the voltage to the next!

The last one.

It’s said that HYDE wore the HYDEIST’s uniform jacket in the HYDEIST ONLY day and, what almost made me die in desperation for photos, a gakuran!!!!!!!

Gakuran looks like this, but HYDE's seems to have a cap, too!!!!! Oh~~~~~Long waved hair beauty wearing a gakuran. My BL dream. Kyaaaaaaa.

Going to lives such as these may be far too dangerous to my heart. I’d die if I were there. No kidding!


I want to see it, too!!!!!!! I want to see photos!!!!!! Well, about the gakuran, I read from someone that HYDE looked like a sexy teacher (*x*). It's surely outrageous.

Do VAMPS like Apples?



Pre-distribution scheduled at iTunes from 05.13 of VAMPS's 1st Album "VAMPS" !!

Simultaneously with the release of the 3rd single "EVANESCENT" in May, 13 (Wednesday), all tunes from the 1st album, "VAMPS" are scheduled to be pre-distributed at iTunes Store!

This is a surprise from VAMPS that is currently touring!

Pre-distributing all tunes before its traditional release, 1 month before, is something unprecedented!

iTunes Store (VAMPS)

The 1st Album "VAMPS"'s all tunes' distribution will open to the public from 05.13


Such exciting news!!! We'll be able to listen to the whole album before the release ,from this Wednesday. That's really unprecedented, ne. I don't know about other Japanese artists but VAMPS are using pretty well the Internet in its favor. That's future!


Thursday, 7 May 2009


Oh, I was going to write an entry about Monthly VAMPS when I saw all the VAMPS’s preview at VAMPS’ website. I am disoriented right now. The songs sound great. I am so excited that I am not sure if I can keep my coherence. These guys know exactly how to excite me. That’s dangerous. Ohhhhhhhhhhh~

I had a nose bleeding when I saw the new Monthly VAMPS. All this unbearable sexy cuteness can kill this young heart ^^ Hyde san is soooooo cute. Since images, sometimes, speak more than words, I have to display some points where my nose bled with more intensity ^^

"Sexy shot's............. different angle!"

"Shot's charming mistake.
When you look carefully, it becomes 3 photos"

"Octopus' kiss"
タコハイ~☆ そのタコを食べたいなー (艶笑)

"Today's obento". "Today's sweets". "Oyasumi punpun" (manga)

超カワイイー ☆

This issue of Manpusu is really good. I still haven’t read it entirely, though. My week was so full that translating the whole EVANESCENT interview is my proof of love ^^. Seriously. Though I am neglecting things I should be doing, somehow, I feel so happy!!!!!

This isssue has the talk about what Hyde thinks about money. I just gave a look and it seems pretty interesting. However, I don’t promise to translate it for now… Well, by what I’ve read, he says that money doesn’t bring happiness. That if he could buy something, he’d buy time. That the first thing he bought with his own money was a bicycle. That he is not of an eccentric type that buys everything, but he does buy what he considers beautiful. He said that if he has to buy something, he chooses the things by its looks and quality. He says that buying clothes is an important thing to him, since he thinks it’s an important part in his work; so he spends time while shopping, choosing carefully. He says that he no longer finds happiness in buying something, like when he was a kid and bought his bike and felt happy doing so. Well, that’s all I remember ^^

(We think similar in many aspects, Hyde san. I’d like to go shopping with you on a date. I’d like to be allowed choosing you clothes. That’s one of my HAIDO’s fetish^^)

"VAMPS LIVE 2009" tour will begin in a couple of hours. It’s so exciting. I wish I was there. Well, there was aゲネプロ(genepuro)<<>> some hours ago. People told that the new tunes are great. Hyde talked to the people who attended it, winning a promotion. Well, I also heard HYDE has a new hairdo. I have been kinda waiting for that since I saw the Tour’s goods ^^ Hayaku mitemitai!!!!

Oh, by the way, the tour’s goods are very pretty. I would like to get the scarf and a black, purple and pink T-shirt. Oh, a pink Tote Bag, too. ^^ And all the QPs. They are all so cute.

It seems we, international fans, will be able to buy them? The sites are opening 2009.05.08 (FRIDAY) at 19:06!!!!! Let’s check it out!


~*~~Let's all have fun, VAMPADDICTS~~*

I'm dying of excitment~~☆

All the album preview!!!!!!! Its perfect!!!!!!! I am so excited with absolutely ALL of them!!!!!



01- BITE


Translated by: The Lady of Flowers

Monthly VAMPS vol.10


The 3rd single by VAMPS, that will be released May, 13, differs in taste from the lascivious rock approach of "LOVE ADDICT" and "I GOTTA KICK START NOW", just because it is an elegant and sweet medium ballad. These lyrical melody and lyrics, as the name suggests, have an ephemeral feeling, but, in consequence, they hold the strength to be engraved in the heart eternally. HYDE, the composer and lyricist, talks about this world.

text by Yuichi Hirayama

--------This time, even though being the 3rd single, we have a tune with a pop approach that differs completely from the previous singles. However, I think that, for the fans, it's an amazingly "warm-hearted single".

HYDE: Unexpectedly (laughs)

-------- It's how it feels.

HYDE: But I think that maybe I went a little too close toward the fans than I expected.

--------(laughs) That was not your intention.

HYDE: No, not that. This tune has a lot of versions. At first, when I went to do the arrangements, it was not that I wanted to lead up the melody to the direction that someone could steadily feel moved to it. Working that way, the melody was steadily becoming more pop. Although it already had an approach from hard rock in the beginning .It was recorded having the feeling of a typical guitar's riff, but I thought that the tempo was somehow not striking me at all, so, while I was researching, it became steadily fast. I wondered if I'd do a heavy arrangement of middle tempo, but it was getting continuously faster. I wanted to do something that felt as if the emotions were working up. That quite didn't work. Then, while working on that, the tempo became the actual one. That’s why, well. It's rather different from the initial idea, though.

--------But people who listened to it certainly think it is a great final result to be glad about.

HYDE: I think that maybe there are a bunch of people who like it that way. As for the aim, it was to be a tune that can be perfectly listened popularly, even though it is a hard tune.

--------- As for the song (*vocal melody*).

HYDE: Yes, as for the song, I should say that it penetrates into the heart. Or maybe I should say that it feels like what Japanese people seems to like. I intended aiming something around that, though.

--------- The lyrics are also easy to understand.

HYDE: Yes, they are.

-------- A really easy-to-understand love song. I wonder if the time came where VAMPS can also make a tune like this, unpretentiously.

HYDE: That’s it. Comparing, I think that this tune may be close to "TIME GOES BY", the coupling of "LOVE ADDICT", the first single. Because of that, I think it's really something that VAMPS holds from the very start. But I think all the fans already understand that (** <>The fans made me a nice favor understanting that**)

-------- By the way, about that great number of versions you mentioned, the melody was not changed and what about the sense of tempo and etc?

HYDE: The melody also changed slightly, such as the sense of chords or something else in this area. Such as the combination of the chords. I should say about the sense of chords that, when I changed the tempo, I thought that the possibility of this becoming a typical popular song was extremely high. I should say that the tension was of avoiding getting to that point, as much as possible. I bore that in mind when I was making it. How should I put it, it was a feeling that “I won’t play at easy”. And this is not only for musical performances, it is for songs, too. I think it will make an immense difference even if I am not aware of it. What would that be.....

--------- Is it better to say "a feeling that I can’t sing peacefully"?

HYDE: It's not that I am talking bad of popular songs, but, for me, the popular songs have, somehow, an image that you don't sweat while performing it. In the olden music TV programs, the people who are in the back doing a live performance make it feels like they don't sweat. I think there differs from Rock. I think that a tune is not good when it does not go to that point. Because of that, I can say that, at a certain point, the hot feeling of a performance or of a song made my eyes shine. As for the tune, it's possible that I intended going to a popular song, but I had this vigilant feeling telling me once a time: "you're not going".

----------- It means that, in relation to the TEMPO and melody, you tried a variety of 3 or 4?

HYDE: No, no, much more. There are already a pile of different versions. By the time it was finally chosen, I think there were about 5 patterns, more or less. Though, I made it, at first, feeling like a middle heavy.

----------- The sound is of Hard Rock, but this song can be sung by everyone. There was a theme like that?

HYDE: Rather than that, having an album in waiting to come next, I thought that a song that would reach everyone's heart would be better. When I thought about that, I thought it'd be better being a hard tune, even though being melodious. I think that all the singles until now followed an energetic line, but this time, rather than energetic, I thought that it’d be better if it was hard and melodious. I think that everyone likes tunes like that, somehow (laughs). Looking around, I think there are not many people who hate this kind of song. I should also say that, in the beginning, I thought that a ballad would be really good, but I also considered it was still too soon.

------------ A VAMPS’s ballad is also awaited.

HYDE: Yes, yes. Actually, we have a conception, but it is a little to soon releasing it at this timing. It is what it seems to me.

------------ A "Substantial ballad" (*Dobaraado*), ne.

HYDE: Yes, the VAMPS’ "Substantial Ballad". So, this time I felt like aiming something in the midway. I thought that a ballad would not emit, once released before an album, the band’s sound that also has its furious portion. I want to release it after the tour.

----------- You want to perform it only in the tours.

HYDE: Of course, of course. I'll present it in the end, desiring to share with everyone the emotions of the tour.

------------- In that sense, it's really possible that it would be premature releasing a ballad as a single at this timing.

HYDE: Yes, that's it. The main point is that we haven't done a proper tour yet, so it is premature singing the emotions of the tour. I should say we're still green, it seems like we still haven't done a tour properly (laughs)

------------- Isn’t it because the album is not released yet. (laughs)

HYDE: (laughs) Because I have enrolled in innumerous tours in my life, but I still haven't enrolled properly being VAMPS. At this point, it is still premature releasing it. I want it to be released when we get done with this time big tour. It'll be maybe as if we finally got concluded with that.

-------------- In that sense, as for a tune, it's not independent since you want to entrust with all your heart the tour's emotions to this ballad. If that is done, it becomes a "Substantial Ballad". Of a type that relies on a melody of big scales, in a substantial rhythm. And there is also the method of thinking a melody, from the previous back recordings.

HYDE: This method is present even now in several places. Unexpectedly, I should say that it became a present situation. For example, we’ll use it, with a big possibility, in the melody that was placed on the instrumental melody made by K.A.Z.

--------------- You’re saying that in K.A.Z kun's instrumental was attached a different melody?

HYDE: Yes. It's possible that, inside K.A.Z, he was planning to attach a melody after it was done, but at the end, the situation was that he had no melody. So he came to me. "Ah, it would be great if this had one melody attached", sounding as if there were a lot of melodies. That is the so-called "Metal’s way of doing things", ne.

------------- Metal is like that?

HYDE: Metal is really like that.

--------------Having the riff, you think the melody out of there.

HYDE: L'Arc~en~Ciel was also like that in the initial stage. I attached all the melodies from the 1st until the 2nd (*album*), approximately. The method was of attaching the vocal melody, having a Karaoke's situation. Although we followed this method in the beginning, on the way, I said it was impossible. It's already impossible. “It's impossible making, simultaneously, the melody and lyrics until the deadline” (laughs) From then on, everyone who composes a tune came to think perfectly about its singing melody.

---------------- That was rough, ne. So, already having a ballad’s conception means that the album and tour’s whole picture can be already seen.

HYDE: Yes, for sure.

----------"EVANESCENT" seems that will become an important tune in the tour. The scene will have a new face with this song.

HYDE: Probably. Actually, this tune is not harmonized to the band perfectly yet. Though the song was finished and we recorded it, practically, it has not been performed properly yet. Recently, we got together once to the recording of a TV program, but, at that moment, I found myself too involved emotionally with this tune. Though I am the one who is saying that, I think it's really a good song (laughs). I became emotional while I was performing it.

------------- I am looking forward to it. In that sense, following your initial target, you did a great job, since the touch of the song and performing are exciting. From my point of view, for VAMPS, it's interesting releasing a song like this.

HYDE: At the end, K.A.Z also said that it would be good if this song were in a single.

-------------- Because "LOVE ADDICT", from the 1st single, had this "let's-burn-out line" up to here, I feel that VAMPS has walked a very long way. I should say that the boarders are loosing. By the way, I loved this song's bass, but who was playing it in the recording? Ju-ken?

HYDE: It's not Ju-ken. It's Chirolyn.

--------------- It has a good touch. And, of course, this time’s coupling song came absolutely to me, since I am an elder (laughs) The veteran star David Bowie's "Life On Mars?”. Have you performed this song before in a live or something?

HYDE: I haven't. Actually, I don't know David Bowie myself. I know almost nothing. But, since the olden days, I have been told a lot by the people around me: "You must like David Bowie".

--------------- I suppose so (laughs)

HYDE: So, I used to say: "No, but I like David Sylvian (The vocalist of the English rock band JAPAN)".


HYDE: I should say that I had no chance or timing. The talk of doing a David Bowie cover this time came by chance.

-------------- Was there something planned?

HYDE: A plan, I may say, but it is still a secret (laughs). "Why don’t we try a tune by David Bowie", it was said to me by a staff and I said "OK". But I was told by this staff that he wanted doing a "Ziggy Stardust"’s (Bowie's masterpiece); so we gave a listen to it and he was like "well, wouldn't it be better to get this one from ZIGGY san?" (laughs). Otherwise, STARDUST kun.

---------------- That’s DAIGO kun (laughs)

HYDE: Considering them, I thought of doing something different. So, as I did an overall listening to the others tunes, the one that caught me up the most was this tune. I thought it was great.

---------------- This one is surely a great tune. How wonderful that it was chosen! (laughs) And the VAMPS’ version is so cool, especially the development that comes from the singing. What, you look like you don't want me to get to this point (laughs)

HYDE: (laughs).Well, we decided to do it and, I thought of copying the original, but some things such as the chords' arrangements would be more crazy. I did a great method of modulation (changing key). It gets extremely crazier only when being performed, but at that point, by the moment that the melody was added, it was already awesome.

----------- It means the final result is good.

HYDE: Yes, yes. It turned into a piece of art. I thought it was really splendid and genius. I am still now feeling sorry for thinking that David Bowie was not great at all (laughs)

----------- Feeling like you failed in recognizing him?

HYDE: "How could exist someone like this", I thought.

----------- It was really a fortunate meeting (laughs). The daring synthesizer of the VAMPS's version is also terrific. It was quite surprising. There was no opposition in making the synthesizer a big feature to that extend, was there?

HYDE: Not at all. It’s somewhere in the midway of a metallic sound. In the original song there was an electric guitar’s solo, but being that solo's melody extremely perfect, I thought there was no way but imitating it. I thought that it would not be quite amusing if I did that, since it's already a copy. So, when I thought of a different way of doing things, that sound was the best for me.

------------- The right solution, ne. That part is truly great. Before, it was said that the coupling songs would probably become a cover series. However, by saying that they were not going to be something pop like the previous work by Shampoo, you thought there'd be something like this one (laughs). Had you talked about Bowie by that occasion?

HYDE: Maybe I had (laughs)

-------------It's also quite surprising that you said you'd do covers, but I didn't imagine coming up something like this (laughs). Are you going to perform it in the lives?

HYDE: Well, we haven't thought about it yet.

------------- I guess it will be awesome doing it in lives.

HYDE: Yes, I have such feeling.

------------It will seem outrageous when coming in a row with tunes like "JESUS CHRIST", for example (laughs). It will seem happy if coming early in the live. I wonder if K.A.Z kun knows Bowie very well?

HYDE: K.A.Z was very busy with composing and arranging, so, this time, it feels like the cover was all done by myself. And, if it were to be a David Bowie’s, I should say that I already could not think of any other tune except this one. I thought this tune was the best one and I told K.A.Z: "I'll do this tune but is it OK?”. "It’s a good tune", K.A.Z replied. I said "Leave the arrangements to me" and confined myself to do the arrangements. At the end, I felt like if I received it from K.A.Z to make the final corrections.

------------ While doing the arrangements on your own, when you had this guitar solo that was not irremovable, for example, there was not something like considering that K.A.Z kun could play it or not.

HYDE: Well, I was hooked on it; I think it’s similar to vocal melody. Almost like a song, there were also what I could call pretty tough moments besides that guitar's melody. After, I thought of being compared to the original if it was the case of making the same guitar’s solo. Being that the case, I decided that I wanted it to be better than the original.

----------- The reason is because the music fans have been listening to that guitar solo for a long time.

HYDE: Yes. However, in the moment I listened to the original, there was not only the guitar; I thought it was really pretty when that metallic sounds appeared. Because of those, I thought of going in a different direction.

------------- It means that you enjoyed a lot doing this cover. Inside you, is there a feeling such as "I did it!"?

HYDE: Yeees, but, well, isn't melody A the first laborer? Changing the whole chords means to also change the atmosphere. But I think that maybe the core of this cover is somewhere around there. After, already thinking that anyone could do it (laughs) I felt like I could do it, too .

-----------------No, no, no. It's not probably something that anyone can do (laughs). What about the album? In the last interview, you said "I want to do something typical of a 1st album", but does it seem to be turning that way?

HYDE: Yes. It’s possible that only a little different of what I thought. The tunes became rich of an unexpected variety (laughs) I am thinking that this will differ a little from that image. Because of that, now I am planning of splitting a bit the sense of variety in the tunes’ order. When I am thinking about the sequence of the tunes, I consider doing the tunes' order having a little more sense of unity.

---------------- The album has in total about 13 songs?

HYDE: Yes, 13 songs. However, it contains an instrumental and also a SE, so I may say there are 11~12 songs in essence.

---------------- There will also have the K.A.Z kun' s instrumental of great activity?

HYDE: Yes. But it’s nothing like a Guitar Hero's thing.

----------------- And, what about heading to the tour? You truly haven’t thought about that yet?

HYDE: No. We are soon going to a boarding house. This time, we have open air places. As for Osaka, we're performing in the Universal Studio Japan.

----------------- It reminds me of last year's open-air (laughs). How damn hot it was, Osaka's "SUMMER SONIC 08"

HYDE: (Laughs)

------------------- What about the tour’s band members?

HYDE: The tour will have the same members from the last time. It’s Ju-ken on bass. However, only in the recording, Chirolyn made about half of the bass part for us.

-------------- It's more fun when it's the same members, ne. I wonder what kind of band this would become getting together for a second turn.

HYDE: Because it's troublesome making a band from zero, of course. More troublesome than I thought; I was obliged to realize that through the last time. Thinking too much about it or keeping waiting for a good opportunity would take unpredictable time. The rehearsal ended up putting an end to this. The vital point was that when I am in L'Arc~en~Ciel, even though we stay a long period of time without being together, when we begin rehearsing, we're really done with a snap, in 2~3 times of rehearsing. So, because of that, last time I felt like "Ah, is that so, that's truly what a band is like when it is not active for a looooong time?". If they (the members) changed frequently, I think it'd be unpredictably troublesome getting to the level of standard that the tunes already have now.

------------ And now, the album’s tunes are mostly done?

HYDE: Of course.

------------- By the way, the ballad that we mentioned before will be in the album?
HYDE: It will be.

------------- Though this time's tour begins from the Città (*live house*), there’s a different everyday planning. I wonder what day I should attend, concerning my age and being a Hirayama (laughs)

HYDE: Well, isn't it the "Guy's Day"? Città is a little design-like, though. After, we'll do lives alike the previous (*done in the Città*), straightly.

------------------- Since the Città is small, you feel like wanting to face the fans at close quarters? Or even better, feeling alike the Halloween, more party-like?

HYDE: Well, something in-between. While we are having fun, I should say that I feel like lighting up the engine. From now, it seems like I am not up to enroll a tour. While we are having fun, I get struck with the thought of how good it feels to be able to do lives.

---------------- I am looking forward the album as much as the tour. Thank you very much.